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Venus Transit 2022- Date|Time|Effects

Venus is the planet for luxury, sensuous pleasure, and attraction and controls our desires and our efforts to achieve them.

Which means in all planetary transit of 2022, this one will decide the wealth and prosperity in major way. 

It is exalted in the sign of Pisces which is ruled by planet Jupiter. 

Whereas, sign Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus. The importance of Venus in today's context is very high because it controls most of the things for which we make efforts on daily basis i.e. money, relationship, and luxury.

All this means that the transit of Venus is very important and you need to check the effects of Venus transit 2022.

The transit of Venus is around 23 days in a sign unless it goes in retrograde state and the total duration to complete its cycle through all the zodiac signs is approximately 276 days.

Venus Transit 2022 Dates & Time

The year 2022 started with Venus in sign of Sagittarius and will be in sign of Capricorn at the end of year 2022.

The transit of Venus was intense, especially in the month of February and March, its union with planet Mars was intense.

You can see the date and time for Venus transit in year 2022.

Planet of Transit
Transiting From
Transiting To


February 27, 2022
10:37 AM

March 31, 2022
08:54 AM

April 27, 2022
06:29 PM

May 23, 2022
08:39 PM

June 18, 2022
08:27 AM

July 13, 2022
11:01 AM

August 7, 2022
05:31 AM

August 31, 2022
04:29 PM

September 24, 2022
09:14 PM

October 18, 2022
09:50 PM

November 11, 2022
08:20 PM

December 5, 2022
06:07 PM

December 29, 2022
04:13 PM

Factors Which Will Affect Venus Transit 2022 Effects

Any planetary transit in astrology never works alone.

There is a standard way to read the transit in Astrology. Multiple factors will work in unison, which means effects of Venus transit 2022 will depend on many factors.

Let's see them now.

1. Functional nature of Venus: Planet Venus may be a benefic malefic depending on its lordship. This will affect the results of its transit in big way.

2. Condition Of Venus In Horoscope: Any transit works as per the condition of that planet in the Horoscope. Which means study of planet Venus in natal chart and divisional chart is a must.

3. Dasha: The running Dasha is a factor that will control the results of Venus transit 2022. If Dasha is not favorable than results of the transit will also be malefic in most cases.

4. Transit Of Other Planets: It is well known that transit of Saturn, Jupiter and Rahu-Ketu are the main transit in astrology. These transit along with Venus transit 2022 will create dynamics together to impact our life. You can read about major transits of year 2022 in links given below.

Lets see the effects of Venus transit 2022 for all ascendant signs.

Aries Ascendant

The transit of Venus will start from the 9th house and will continue its transit in subsequent houses on their designated date. The transit of Venus in year 2022, indicates that, Aries ascendant natives will start the year with enjoyment of luxury, travels and new opportunities at work place. There will be opportunity to go abroad which will help the native to excel in life. Relationship with spouse and family will improve and happiness will prevail in life. The confidence of the native will see a rise and performance of the native will improve at workplace. Health will also be fine and major issues won't come. Venus transit will thoroughly support the growth of the native in year 2022.

Taurus Ascendant

The transit of Venus will start from their 8th house and it shows negative indications for them. Issues in marriage will be there and native may keep secrets and will treat the spouse badly. Marriage is surely looking to suffer in Venus transit 2022. On career the native may get sudden opportunity and depending on the dasha native is in, the results can be moderate to good. Wealth is surely looking to rise and chances of getting money from unexpected source is seen. Matter related to inheritance will get solved and native will get his fair share. Overall the Venus transit in 2022 is looking average in beginning and with time it will pick and bless the native with gains.

Gemini Ascendant

Venus transit 2022 will start with the transit of Venus in the 7th house, this will bring opportunity for getting married and will improve the existing marriage of the native. Native charm will become better and the feel-good factor will be there. Native ability to enjoy the life will become enhanced and native will indulge in pleasure related activities. All these activities will be done with spouse. On career native will see, new opportunities and a gap to slip in. Native will be able to make a mark in his field, the exposure on native will increase which will support the growth. The finances will also rise and become better, gains through spouse will happen. Health of the native will also be good and native skin and aura will shine more than ever. Overall Venus transit 2022 is looking very auspicious and is going to give superb growth.

Cancer Ascendant

Venus transit 2022 will start from the 6th house which is not looking well at all. This will cause issues in career, finances and health of the native. There will be enemies which will cause obstruction and will plot against the native. The situation can go out of hand if native don't plan to tackle them or remain careless about it. There can be a abroad opportunity but native will have to face a stiff competition. Depending on which Dasha the native is in success or failure will be decided. Native need to watch the health and issues can arise in lower part of the body. The energy will be low and lack of enthusiasm for work will be there. Native need to be careful because Venus transit 2022 is showing lots of negative indications.

Leo Ascendant

Venus is lord of the 3rd and the 10th house and its transit always affects the career of the native. Venus transit 2022, indicates good success in business and rise in influence of the native. There will be growth and new opportunities which will come natives way. Promotion is seen and same time native will find new avenues to make more income. Relationship will also improve and chances of marriage is seen. Existing marriage and relationship will also improve and good equation with spouse is seen. Native may have a child birth and domestic peace will improve. The health of the native is also looking well and major issues are not seen.

Virgo Ascendant

Venus transit 2022, indicates possessions and new gains for the native. Real estate is looking a bright area to invest. Native will get into enjoyment and will have a feel-good factor. Career will be smooth and chances of getting a promotion is seen. There will be monetary benefits and native will learn new ways to make income i.e. trading and speculation. Native may travel far for enjoyment and will bring family all along. Shopping, eating outside and visiting popular places will be the theme of Venus transit.

Libra Ascendant

Venus is lord of the 1st and 8th house and is a benefic planet for them. Transit of Venus in year 2022 indicates rise in courage, progress and efforts for expansion. Native will face some criticism but will take it in a positive stride. Venus transit 2022 can bring opportunity to become a new person and shed the old self for good. All this will give good results in career and gains will also rise because of that. Relationship will become better though with sibling some confusion and tension will arise. Health of the native will be good and existing health issues will improve. Overall a good transit is seems and progressive Venus transit 2022 is going to be.

Aries Ascendant

Venus is lord of the 7th and 12th house and is a maraka planet. Venus transit 2022, indicates issues in marriage because of faulty approach in marriage. Native will give bad treatment to spouse and this will cause issues in his marriage. It is important to watch this throughout 2022. Native career will become stagnant though opportunity to go abroad will be there. There will be expenses and native may develop a habit of overspending. Health will remain good and new found energy will be there. Mentally also, native will feel sound and will be able to perform well at the task given to him. Over all this transit can teach native a lot and all events in it should be taken in positive stride for better learning.

Sagittarius Ascendant

Venus is a malefic planet here and year 2022 will start with Venus in ascendant and than as per the timeline Venus will move to 2nd, 3rd house and so on. All this is indicating a need for keeping a balance. Native will surely see a rise in income and wealth will come. But the relationship with spouse seems to be getting affected. Native, will need to make sure that spouse is well taken care. On work front stress will be there by opponents who will try to harm the native by their tricks and methods. But native will need to maintain composure at all cost. The evaluation for Venus transit 2022 is not that negative, a lot depends on the Dasha native is in and condition of the Venus in natal horoscope and divisional charts.

Capricorn Ascendant

Venus is Yogakaraka planet for Capricorn ascendant and the transit Venus 2022, shows that Venus will be in 12th house of expenses and losses. This can lead to expenditures of unnecessary nature. Native will spend over his comforts and traveling which may not be required at the moment. On career there will be competitive streak in the native and chances for a position in abroad will come. Native will see that, he is able to make good decisions and confidence on own abilities will be there. Marriage and relay likely to get affected and there can be physical distance between spouse and the native and can be due to work-related commitments.

Aquarius Ascendant

Venus is a Yogakaraka planet for Aquarius ascendant and Venus transit 2022 indicates that gains and big financial transactions, which will prove good for the future of the native. Native friend circles will rise and new associations will be formed. This looks good for the career of the native. Relationship will also improve and love relationship can start. Marriage will also become better and birth of a child can happen. All around progress and success is seen for them.

Pisces Ascendant

Venus is a malefic planet for Pisces ascendant and year 2022 will start with Venus in the 10th house and this can cause issues in their domestic peace. Native will need to keep a balance in his married life. High changes of getting treated badly from spouse is there. Native need to exercise caution especially when combinations for bad marriage is present in the Horoscope. Career will be affected and some setbacks can come. Stagnation in career is expected to happen to need to plan accordingly. On health also, there can be issues, native may feel lazy and may postpone work a lot which will make situation worse for the native. Overall Venus transit 2022 seems to be affecting the native negatively and lots of cautions are required.

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