Saturn Transit Is Important

Saturn transit is slowest in Vedic astrology and have deep lasting impact on us.

No analysis is completed without giving weightage to Saturn transit.

Though we need to see Horoscope from any angles and we should use more than one dasha &  custom techniques before making any conclusions.

Saturn Transit 2022: Effects & Predictions For Taurus Zodiac Sign

Saturn transit 2022 is very important for Taurus ascendant because planet Saturn is a Yogakaraka planet for them.

Taurus is the 2nd sign of the natural zodiac scheme.

It spans 30-60 celestial longitudes, owned by the planet Venus which has a beautiful planetary friendship with Saturn and Mercury.

An Earth sign forms the Kama Trikone and Virgo & Capricorn characters.

It is one of the most potent and successful signs.

In addition, Taurus ascendant natives tend to reach a higher position faster than the other signs.

The bull represents Taurus, and here despite the rulership of Venus, they take things aggressively.

They want growth, and they don't joke around and believe in hard work and the smooth execution of their plans.

Planet Saturn is yoga karaka here, whereas Mercury is lord of the second and fifth house. When well placed in the natal Horoscope, magic is bound to happen.

Saturn simultaneously lord rules over the 9th & 10th houses and rules over the following significations for them:

  • Luck.
  • Religion.
  • Spiritual advancement.
  • Father.
  • Seniors at the workplace.
  • Father's income.
  • Status in society.
  • Job-status.
  • Knees.
  • 3rd child.
  • Long-distance travels.
  • Father.

In 2022 planet Saturn will be over the 10th house, and the aspects of Saturn will fall over the 12th, 4th and 7th houses, affecting the following areas of their lives.

  • Father status.
  • Your status.
  • Well being of Mother.
  • Mental Peace.
  • Properties.
  • Domestic environment.
  • Spouse.
  • Married life.
  • Maraka effects.
  • Abroad.
  • Expenses.

Let's see in detail the effects of this transit in 2022.

1. CAREER- The Saturn transition will ideally impact the Career.

There will be sudden opportunities coming your way, and you will see positive changes in the people around you.

Stagnation in your Career will ease out now, and required luck will be on your side now.

Sure shot by August 2022, you will have a chance of promotion or salary hike.

This Transit is looking suitable for both the service and business sectors. You will notice an increase in courage and make some bold movements.

You won't hesitate before making decisions on big financial deals. Your business partner will have a favorable agreement with you.

Relationships with seniors at the workplace will also improve, and you will start to see a good change in his attitude towards you. Finally, Saturn transit 2022 can be a blessing for your Career; Saturn was in the 8th house and had been grinding you for the last 2.5 years.

Now is the time to rise and shine because other major transits of Jupiter and Rahu transit are in your favor now.

2. WEALTH- Saturn will be expecting your 11th house in 2022. 

So there is an indication that finances will shoot up now, and the blockages will start to clear.

Your money stuck up somewhere will see clearance, and that cash flow will also improve. 

So a win-win situation is seen for you here now.

Chances of getting gains from friends and elder siblings will be there. 

If you see an opportunity or offer which you think can lead to gains in the future, then grab it with both hands.

Overall, the best Saturn transit you will have, you are likely to gain money from Father.

3. RELATIONSHIP- Gemini ascendant natives are more prone to marriage issues, and even a slight presence of deadly combinations for marriage can trigger troubles in marriage for them.

If you have such combinations in your Horoscope, this Transit of Saturn in 2022 can save you from negativity.

Relationships will also be improving now, and you will be seeing positive responses from the spouse.

Your spouse will likely enjoy good career growth, and their finances will also shoot up.

The 9th house where Saturn is going to Transit is 3rd from the 7th house of spouse and marriage. 

This means there will be the right decisions taken by your spouse, allowing them to gain good in life.

With Father, things will improve now, and you will see betterment in his health. At the same time, your relationship will also be becoming healthy.

With Mother, things may not be that good, and she may suffer from chronic health issues, or if she is already having some, then there are chances that it may aggravate further.

Your younger sibling is likely to gain a lot from this Transit, and their life will be coming to track effectively.

If you are looking for a child, this Transit of Saturn can bring good news.

I think children are looking very well and are likely to perform very well at school or in their Careers.

I see a lot of good events in this regard.

4. HEALTH- I am sure that the past three years were not great for you, and you were facing health issues here and there, but in the year 2022, you will see some promising developments on the health front.

One main reason for the same is Jupiter transit which is favorable now.

You will be able to find the right kind of treatment for your existing health issues.

There will be newfound energy and a sense of good health, and finally, you will be able to live with a newfound zeal.

The year 2022 is the year of rejuvenation for you. When planet Jupiter enters your 11th house, you will see a transformation in your look and how you feel about yourself.

REMEDIES- Remedy-wise, you should wear Jyotish quality Emerald or Peridot on the smallest finger of your right hand or a Pendant. It will allow you to gain new opportunities, and the old blockages from the past will start to clear now.

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