Saturn Transit Is Important

Saturn transit is slowest in Vedic astrology and have deep lasting impact on us.

No analysis is completed without giving weightage to Saturn transit.

Though we need to see Horoscope from any angles and we should use more than one dasha &  custom techniques before making any conclusions.

Retrograde Planets In 2022- Date|Time|Predictions

In Vedic astrology, there is a special significance of retrograde planets and they are known to bring results in an unexpected manner.

These results are always strong and have the capability to change the dynamics of our life.

Each retrograde planet works in a different manner and has a certain natural pattern in them. 

For example, the natural pattern of transit Mercury retrograde is unreliable communication whereas retrograde Venus transit causes an imbalance in emotions. 

Since the role of the planets varies from ascendant to ascendant.

The retrograde planet in question also acts as per their rulership in the natal Horoscope and this leads to completely different dynamics. 

Plus the sign where the retrogression is happening also has a say in the effects of the retrograde planet.

 We all are aware that a planet in transit is always moving from one sign to another and their retrogression sign also changes. 

For example, Saturn takes 2.5 years to transit through a sign and currently, Saturn is in Capricorn sign & is retrograde also.

The next time Saturn will enter Aquarius is after 30 years and it will take this much time when you will witness the retrograde motion of Saturn in the Aquarius zodiac sign.

This means each year their retrogression brings different kinds of results.

So, now here I will be discussing retrograde planets in the year 2022 and the following will be covered in it.

Retrograde Planets Calendar 2022: Date and Timings

It is interesting to know that year 2022 started with retrograde Venus in the sign of Sagittarius and the year 2022 will end with the retrograde motion of planet Mars.

Both of these planets are related to passion and relationship.

Retrograde Begins On
Retrograde Ends On
Zodiac Sign
Friday 14 January 2022
Friday 4 February 2022
Tuesday 10 May 2022
Friday 3 June 2022
Saturday 10 September 2022
Sunday 2 October 2022
Friday 29 July 2022
Thursday 24 November 2022
Sunday 19 December 2021
Saturday 29 January 2022
Sunday 5 June 2022
Sunday 23 October 2022
Sunday 30 October 2022
Friday 13 January 2023

What Is Retrograde Motion Of Planet?

Before we go ahead with this article, it is important to understand the concept of retrograde in astrology.

In astrology each planet moves at a certain speed which is mentioned below:

When a planet, slows down at its natural speed, we call it its retrograde state.

But why, a retrograde state? Why don't we simply call it a slow planet?

Because in astrology we are the observer and we are the subject of these planets. 

When a planet, slows down, others are moving at their regular designated speed. The slow planet appears to move back.

You can compare it from the example of two trains i.e. Train A & Train B, running parallel at speed of 100 Km per hour.

When Train B slows down to the speed of 80 KM per hour, it will start to lag behind and will appear to move backward. 

While in reality, train B is just slowing down, it is just an observation effect for the passenger sitting in Train B.

Now one question can arise here, which train the native is considered to be sitting on?

The answer in astrology is that the native is not sitting in any of the two trains. 

The native is standing far from them, while these two planets are circling around him.

This is what exactly happens in astrology.

The planets revolve around us and we are their subject and point of focus. 

The phenomenon of retrograde motion applies to Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter only.

Since Sun doesn't move in the same orbit as these planets, it doesn't go on the retrograde motion.

Rather these 5 planets go in a retrograde state because they can't match up the speed of Sun transit and can not go beyond a certain degree from the planet Sun. 

This explains the conditions for retrograde which is as follows:

Whereas Moon, also transits in a different orbit than Venus, Mercury, Mars, Saturn, and Jupiter. Which keeps it free from retrograde motion. 

Also, Moon is considered as queen in astrology, while Sun is the King.

Whereas Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn are their ministers, soldier & workers for them.

What about Rahu & Ketu?

They are always in retrograde state and are imaginary points.

Actually, Rahu & Ketu are the two points where Moon's orbit intersects the orbit of the Sun around us.

Check the image given below to understand this concept.

retrograde planets

Having understood the concept of retrograde motion of planets, let's move on to the effects of retrograde planets in the year 2022.

Mercury Retrograde 2022

Mercury in retrograde motion tends to create havoc & confusion in areas of communication.

Be it verbal or electronic, nothing remains unaffected by it. 

Mercury is the significator of many important areas of human life. 

From basic education, skin, and nervous system to paper and books. When Mercury goes in a retrograde state, our daily activities and functioning gets affected the most.

Naturally, Mercury is a fast-moving planet and is considered a planet for mischief.

In the retrograde state where its speed is slow, the natural nature of Mercury gets disturbed a lot and no planet can work effectively when it is working against its natural traits.

Planet Mercury goes in retrograde state 3 times each year.

The past two events of its retrogression are gone and they ended on 4th February 2022 and 3rd June 2022. 

The last retrogression of Mercury is pending and will start on the 10th of September 2022.  

Already the retrograde Mercury has caused a lot of issues this year, especially in the stock market and prices of cryptocurrency got affected badly.

Up ahead in the year 2022, the retrograde state of Mercury in the sign of Virgo will cause lots of damage.

Native of all rising signs will be affected by it and most notably Aries, Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio natives will see severe damage from the last Mercury retrograde of the year 2022.

Venus Retrograde 2022

Venus is the planet of luxury, relationships, senses, desires, clothes & women.

In its retrograde transit, all the significations of planet Venus get affected badly.

It brings an element of excessive Venusian traits in the native and exposes him to the dark sides of desires and lust. 

The year 2022, started with the retrograde state of Venus in the sign of Capricorn and caused a lot of issues in marriages.

The combinations for bad marriage got activated due to Venus retrograde motion and this led to disappointment with spouses for many natives.

Now no more retrograde motion of Venus is pending but the other destroyer of the relationship planet Mars retrogression is coming ahead.

Let's see about Mars retrograde in the year 2022.

Mars Retrograde 2022

Mars is a malefic planet in astrology and is the significator of wars, passion, aggression, blood, male lover, amplification of desires, and quarrels in relationships.

The retrograde transit of Mars is never good and has never given good outcomes in any area of life.

When Mars goes into the retrograde state, it causes a rise in aggression and leads to violence. 

It affects our patience, courage, and strength which leads to an imbalance in our activities to reach our goals.

Career, relationship & health sees negative events and it can cause significant troubles with long-lasting effects. 

In the year Mars will turn retrograde on the 30th Of October 2022 in the sign of Venus.

This clearly shows some severe troubles which come in the domain of Venus and the sign Taurus. 

Plus the houses ruled by planet Mars will also see some significant damages and issues.

Only the wisdom of planet Jupiter can save the native from its negative effects. 

The role of Jupiter's retrograde becomes very important here because Mars will turn retrograde right after when Jupiter's retrograde period will end.

Let's see about retrograde Jupiter in the year 2022.

Jupiter Retrograde 2022

Jupiter is the divine protector of humanity and is the element of God in astrology who is kind and merciful. Jupiter rules over wisdom, wealth, kindness, good health, good marriage, kids, husband for a woman, and all pious places of the earth.

The retrograde transit of Jupiter is essential and it happens each year.

It lasted for 120 days approximately and protects us from the evil forces. 

During its retrograde state, Jupiter's divine grace becomes amplified and the area of its ruling lordship also becomes strong. 

In the year 2022, Jupiter will turn retrograde on 29th June and will stay in a retrograde state until 24th November 2022.

During this retrograde state a lot of new developments will happen and those who have a benefic Jupiter in their natal Horoscope.

They will benefit the most from it.

In order to know Jupiter retrograde 2022 effects for all zodiac signs, click here

This article will state Jupiter's retrograde in Pisces, and its effects in detail.

In order to harness the opportunity given by Jupiter retrograde, it is important one have a favorable transit of retrograde Saturn. 

Let's see some details of Saturn retrograde this year.

Saturn Retrograde 2022

Saturn is the most malefic planet in Vedic astrology and its retrograde state causes intense effects on us.

Saturn has the slowest planetary motion among all and during its retrograde state, its effects become more intense.

Saturn is karaka of delays, misery, hardships, chronic health issues, and losses. 

During its retrograde transit, planet Saturn causes a variety of issues in our life.

It brings frustrations and breakdowns in life. 

Saturn retrograde can act as a deciding factor and can be very result-oriented. 

Saturn went into the retrograde state on the 5th of June 2022 in the zodiac sign of Aquarius.

Its retrograde motion will end on 23rd October 2022 in the sign of Capricorn.

Clearly, Saturn retrograde 2022 is bound to cause a significant impact.

It can affect career, wealth, and health plus the significations as per its lordship in a Horoscope. 

For example, Pisces rising sign has Saturn as lord of the 11th and 12th houses. Currently, Saturn is in the Capricorn sign.

This will lead to a significant impact on the significations of these two houses which are gains, networking, abroad, sleep, and losses.

It can happen that Pisces ascendant native goes abroad or face losses.

All will depend on the individual Horoscope and running dasha of the native.

You can check the predictions & effects of Saturn retrograde 2022.


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Most of them were not so good and big hopes are in Jupiter retrograde transit ahead.

It is important to understand that retrograde transits are very important and plays an important role in astrology.

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