Sun Transit 2023: Date|Time|Effects

Planet Sun is king in the planetary cabinet and it rules over soul, government, health, vitality, and drive for success.

Planet Sun is responsible for our wisdom and also the ability to understand the essence of God.

In planetary transit of year 2023, this transit is the first one to discuss.

Since Sun is a mild malefic planet and Sun transit, gives good results in the Upachya house and similarly, Sun transit gives good results in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th house.

Each year the transit of Sun moves to a different sign in middle of each month and creates variety of effects.

In this article, I will discuss the details on the transit of Sun in year 2023.

Significance Of Sun Transit

Since planet Sun is considered as the king in the planetary cabinet, its transit becomes important by default. Depending on which house planet Sun rules in the Horoscope, during its transit that house and its significations get affected mostly.

During its stay in a sign which is of 30 days, planet Sun gives results based on two factors:

  1. Its basic significations.
  2. As per its lordship in the Horoscope.

Lets talk about them in details.

1.Basic Significations: Planet Sun rules over significations such as father, government, power, authority, health, soul, spiritual, mountains, etc. During its transit planet these significations get affected and the native experiences movements in these areas.

2. Lordship Significations: Planet Sun's lordship rules over Leo zodiac and depends on which house this sign falls in. Planet Sun becomes a malefic or a benefic planet. For example, if the planet Sun rules over the 9th house then during its transit, the effects will be related to the 9th house (mostly beneficial). The in which house the planet Sun is transiting to will further decide the outcome of the result of the Sun transit.

For more information, you can read the article on Sun transit in Vedic astrology.

Sun Transit 2023: Date & Time

Planet Sun transit duration is 30 days in a zodiac sign and its speed of transit is 1 degree per day. In 2023, planet Sun transit will start with transit of Sun in Capricorn sign and will end on the Sagittarius sign in December 2023.

You can check the dates of transit in table given below:





JANUARY 14, 2023

Sun transit in Capricorn


FEBRUARY 13, 2023

Sun transit in Aquarius


MARCH 15, 2023

Sun transit in Pisces


APRIL 14, 2023

Sun transit in Aries


MAY 15, 2023

Sun transit in Taurus


JUNE 15, 2023

Sun transit in Gemini


JULY 17, 2023

Sun transit in Cancer 


AUGUST 17, 2023

Sun transit in Leo


SEPTEMBER 17, 2023

Sun transit in Virgo


OCTOBER 18, 2023

Sun transit in Libra


NOVEMBER 17, 2023

Sun transit in Scorpio


DECEMBER 16, 2023

Sun transit in Sagittarius

How To Read Sun Transit 2023 Effects

In order to understand the effects of planet Sun transit in 2023 there are some key rules to be followed. Since Sun changes sign every month these rules should be applied each time when Sun enters a new zodiac. These are the standard rules of reading a transit but here I will mention some more steps which are applicable to planet Sun transit only.

1. The House Of Its Transit- The first and foremost impact comes from house from where planet Sun is making transit. Sun gives good results when it transit through the 3rd, 6th, 10th and the 11th house. Whereas in houses as such 8th and the 12th, it gives very negative results. so it is important to see which house Sun making the transit and its impact should be judged effectively.

2. Lordship Of Planet Sun- Planets gives results based on the their lordship in a Horoscope and similarly Sun also have lordship over a certain house which makes it a benefic, malefic or a neutral planet. It can happen that Sun is transiting through the 11rd house and once can expect good results from it. But if Sun is lord of the 6th house then the good results of its transit through the 11th house will not manifest. The rulership of Sun over the 6th house will rather cause issues with the significations of the 11th house thus bringing the bad results. You can check the rules of lordship for the rulership of Sun for all rising ascendant signs. Or simply follow the table given below to check where Sun is a benefic or a malefic.

Ascendant Sign

Lordship Of Sun



5th house



4th house



3rd house



2nd house



1st house



12th house



11th house



10th house



 9th house



8th house



7th house



6th house


3.Sun Transit Through Signs- This is the main factor which will bring different results for the transit of Sun in 2023. Planet Sun moves through a zodiac sign in a month and in each of its transit the effects will be different. For example the transit of Sun in Aries from 15th April to 15th May 2023 will bring different sets of results because planet Sun is exalted in the sign of Aries and gains strength in it. Whereas in the next zodiac sign which is of Taurus, planet Sun is not comfortable in it. Which means within a span of 30 days you will experience different results from the transit of Sun. Now how Sun will bring results in a particular zodiac sign will matter on the following factors.

  • If the zodiac sign where Sun is transiting through falls in the 8th and the 12th house then the results will be negative.
  • If the ashtakvarga score of planet Sun is more than 4 in the sign of its transit then the results will be good.
  • If Sun is making a transit over the malefic planets like Saturn, Mars,Rahu and Ketu then there will be results of negative nature.

4.Running Dasha- The results of any transit depends on the dasha native is in.On its own a transit of sun can mean anything. It is important to see what promises a dasha is showing and accordingly the transit will work in the direction to fulfill that promises. Every event triggered by Sun transit will be in line with the dasha of the native.

5.Other Planetary Transits: In vedic astrology all planets works in unison and the biggest example of it is double transit of Saturn and Jupiter. similarly all transit are interconnected with each other. It can happen that during 2023, Sun in its transit may join transit Mars or other planet which will trigger results of its own. In order to see the results of other planetary transit in 2023 use the links given below:

Let's see the general effects of Sun transit 2023 for each ascendant sign.

Sun Transit 2023 For Aries Ascendant Sign

Planet Sun rules over the very important 5th house and is considered a benefic planet for them. 

In Vedic astrology, the 5th house is considered to be the house of intelligence, creativity, progeny, romance, entertainment, and spirituality.

Let's see them in more detail.
1. Intelligence and Creativity: The 5th house represents intelligence, creativity, and mental abilities. It shows your learning abilities, intelligence, creativity, and originality.

2. Progeny and Children: The 5th house is also the house of children and progeny. It shows the number, quality, and nature of children one can expect in their life.

3. Romance and Love Affairs: This house is also associated with romance, love affairs, and entertainment. It shows the nature of love and romance in one's life, including the possibility of love marriage or arranged marriage.

4. Speculation and Gambling: The 5th house is also related to speculation and gambling. It indicates whether one is inclined to take risks and whether such risks will yield positive results.

5. Spiritual and Religious Inclinations:
This house is also associated with spiritual and religious inclinations. It shows the level of spiritual evolution, intuition, and psychic abilities.

6. Education and Learning: The 5th house represents education and learning. It shows the level of education, academic success, and intellectual growth.

Overall, planet Sun as 5th house house is an important planet in for Aries ascendant as it represents the creative, intellectual, and spiritual aspects in their life, along with their potential for children and romance.

In the year 2023, planet Sun transit will start from their 9th house will bring a variety of good results for Aries ascendant natives.

Around the 15th of each month planet, Sun will progress to the next house, which will create results as per the significations of the planet Sun, the zodiac sign where the Sun is transiting and the house also.

During the year 2023, the native will see a rise in his wisdom and will learn new subjects. Native abilities will increase and it will reflect in the work of the native.

All around growth will happen with ample amount of opportunities which will help natives to grow in future. Relationships and domestic peace are also seen for them. 

Native may get an opportunity of getting married and since Sun rulership is over the 5th house which controls love affairs.

The transit of the Sun will be very important in the year in matters of love.

Sun Transit 2023 For Taurus Ascendant Sign

For Taurus natives, Sun rules over the 4th house and as per the rules of lordship, Sun tends to work as a benefic planet for them.

The transit of the planet Sun in the year 2023 will bring good progress for them. The native will experience a change in residence and can buy a new property.

The chances of going abroad will be high and native will prosper there. Relationships will improve and a good domestic life native will experience.

Relationship with Mother will see ups and downs but they will be manageable. Overall good effects are seen by the planet Sun transit.

Sun Transit 2023 For Gemini Ascendant Sign

For Gemini natives, the planet Sun rules over the 3rd house and is a malefic planet for them. But the role of the planet Sun is very important and should be kept in mind.

During year 2023, planet Sun transit will bring lots of travel for them. It will increase the courage of the native and will give them the ability to fight adverse situations. Native will experience growth and gains only.

Each month of the year 2023 will bring new prospects for them. Relationships and marriage will improve, native spouse will act better towards the native. Domestic peace will be there and family outings will be there.

Sun Transit 2023 For Cancer Ascendant Sign

Planet Sun is lord of the 2nd house and is a maraka planet. Still, its role can't be said a malefic for them. Sun has the capability to bring good results, especially in the area of finances.

In the year 2023, the planet Sun will bless the native with good finances and growth in career. The native will see a change in his diet and food habits as per the sign Sun transit is in.

Native, can get new opportunities to make passive income and will work on increasing the margins.

Business will also run well and along with that, native savings will rise each month. Overall the transit of the Sun seems to be bringing good results for Cancer sign natives.

Sun Transit 2023 For Leo Ascendant Sign

Planet Sun is lord of the 1st house and is an important planet for them. The transit of the Sun in 2023 will control all areas of their life.

Native, will experience fluctuations in fortune and ups and downs in their career. Each month will have its own dynamics.

Native, relationship will also see similar graph. There can be troubles in marital life, bad health, and losses to the spouse.

Native will need to develop a new strategy and have to be innovative during the shift of the planet Sun in different signs.

Sun Transit 2023 For Virgo Ascendant Sign

For Virgo natives, planet Sun is lord of the 12th house which rules over abroad and losses. During the year 2023, native will experience a lot of abroad factors in their life. Especially when Sun will transit through their 1st, 4th, 7th and the 12th house.

There will be opportunities to go abroad and native can even settle in an abroad place. There can be expenditures and health issues but they will be under control. A lot will depend on the dasha native is in and since Sun is a neural planet, its association with other planet will modify its natural results. 

Overall transit of the Sun indicates that things will be progressive for the Virgo rising sign natives.

Sun Transit 2023 For Libra Ascendant Sign

For Libra natives, the planet Sun rules over the 11th house and controls their finances and gains.

During year 2023, planet Sun transit will bring good gains and expansion in their life.

Career will remain good and each month of 2023 will bring gains from new sources. 

Relationships will improve and native will form good associations with people in power and will benefit from their association.

Sun Transit 2023 For Scorpio Ascendant Sign

Planet Sun is lord of the 10th house and is a malefic planet for them.
Scorpio natives feel the direct impact of Sun transit and in the year 2023 also they will see a direct impact on their career.

Native will experience good growth in career and business.

Finances will also rise accordingly. 

There can be an opportunity to go abroad which native will be able to cash in. Health will improve each month in 2023 and relationships will also be smooth.

Good times are seen because Sun transit  has elements of progress for them.

Sun Transit 2023 For Sagittarius Ascendant Sign

For Sagittarius natives, the planet Sun is a lord of the 9th house and is the auspicious planet. The transit of the Sun in the year 2023, will bring good results for them. There will be spiritual growth, enlightenment, and gains in career.

Native influence will rise each month of the year, there will be visible growth and the planet Sun will play an important role via its transit.

Sun Transit 2023 For Capricorn Ascendant Sign

For Capricorn natives, the planet Sun is lord of the 8th house and is a neutral planet for them. The planetary association matters most with the Sun and it is important to see for them.

Accordingly, the results of Sun transit in the year 2023 will be very good for them. Overall it seems like planet Sun transit will bring good effects and the theme will be progressive.

There will be sudden gains and good news in the career of the native. Native will experience a good energy level and good health throughout the year.

Sun Transit 2023 For Aquarius Ascendant Sign

For Aquarius natives, Sun is lord of the 7th house and has the role of maraka planet for them. This makes planet Sun transit vital for their health.

Also, Sun transit has a direct impact on their married life and relationship with their spouse. At the beginning of the year, the planet Sun stays in the 11th house and shows possibilities of gains from the spouse.

It also shows that the transit of the Sun can be very beneficial for them. Only the entry of transit Sun in the sign of Libra can cause trouble for them. The rest of the positions are looking good and progressive for them.

Sun Transit 2023 For Pisces Ascendant Sign

For Pisces natives, the planet Sun rules over the 6th house and is a malefic planet and its transit is known to cause bad effects for them. The house where planet Sun transit will create negative effects for that house.

For example transit of the Sun in 7th house from 17th August 2023 to 17 September 2023, will cause issues over the marriage of the native, also it will bring troubles to the health of the spouse and native health will also be down.

During 2023 only the Sun transit in the sign of Leo from July 16th to 17th August 20223will bring good results. 

In other houses, Sun transit will cause issues with the significance of the houses severely.

During its course of transit in the year, planet Sun will pass over transit Saturn which is in the sign of Aquarius. 

At that time native will experience a loss of wealth.

In the same way, when Sun is in its transit will pass over transit Jupiter in Pisces, it will cause health issues to the native.

The worse will be when Sun in its transit will pass over Rahu & Ketu, these times are indicating severe marital crisis for the native. 

It is very important that the native keeps a track of Sun transit and plan accordingly.

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