Mars transit this year will be very impactful and will gives variety of results for us. Can't ignore Mars at all who can gives troubles and same time can bless us with sucess.

Mars Transit 2023-Dates|Time|Effects

Planetary transit of year 2023 are going to affect us in their unique ways and the transit of slow moving planets like Saturn, Rahu, Ketu and Jupiter will decide the broad outcome in our life along with planetary dasha running in the Horoscope.

Once the outcome is decided by major slow moving planets and the dasha, the role of planet Mars becomes very important because planet Mars is our energy and will power and it defines on how the event will take place.

Or sometimes a strong Mars in the natal Horoscope gives on courage and sense to avert the event or amplify the positive results.

Each year the transit of Sun moves to a different sign in middle of each month and creates variety of effects and this year its transit will start in the sign of Taurus.

In this article, I will talk about the details, dates and predictions on Mars transit during 2023.

Let's start with the meaning and the significance of Mars transit first.

Meaning Of Mars Transit In Astrology

In Vedic astrology, Mars is considered to be one of the most important planets as it represents strength, courage, energy, ambition, and passion. Mars is also known as Mangal or Kuja in Sanskrit and here are some significations of Mars in Vedic astrology:

1. Strength: Mars is the planet of action and is associated with the qualities of a warrior. It represents physical strength, courage, and the ability to take risks.

2. Leadership and authority: Mars is associated with authority and leadership. It gives the native the ability to take charge and make decisions.

3. Ambition and drive:
Mars represents ambition, drive, and the desire to achieve one's goals. It helps the native to be focused and determined in their pursuits.

4. Aggression and conflict: Mars is a fiery planet and can be associated with aggression and conflict. It can make the native confrontational and argumentative.

5. Physical health and vitality: Mars is associated with physical health and vitality. It governs the muscular system and can indicate the native's energy levels and stamina.

6. Passion: Mars is also associated with sexual energy and passion. It governs the reproductive system and can indicate the native's libido and sexual desires.

Planet Mars is a malefic planet and is fiery in nature. Mars is karaka of fire, rage, passion, aggression, sexual drive, power, strength, vigor, courage, etc.

Mars transit for 45 days in a sign and is neither a fast nor a slow transit in astrology and it gives good results when transit from 3rd, 6th and the 11th house.

But that is just a basic way of seeing things, depending on the natal horoscope and rising ascendant, transit of Mars can give good results in 1st or even in the 8th house.

Mars when well placed in Horoscope or transit gives natives the ability to excel and a drive for success.

It can bring wonders the life of native and can lead to massive positive changes.

I always pay attention to the transit of Mars because it has the ability to raise the native from a low point of life and give him the courage which is essential to survive.

But for that, it is very important to have a well-placed Mars in the Horoscope because such Mars can help one to deal with crises and come gain victory over enemies.

You can read more on Mars transit and learn more on its details.

Mars Transit 2023 Date and Time

It is important to keep a track of Mars transit through different signs. Because in each sign the transit of Mars will create a different impact. Mars transit in 2023 started with Mars transit in Taurus and around mid March, Mars will enter the Gemini zodiac sign. Mars transit in 2023 will end with its transit in Sagittarius sign in the Month of December.

Let's have a look at the dates and times of Mars Transit 2023 in detail.

Date & Day

Transiting From

Transiting To


13 March 2023, Monday



05:33 AM

10 May 2023, Wednesday



02:13 PM

01 July 2023, Saturday



02:38 AM

18 August 2023, Friday



04:13 PM

03 October 2023, Tuesday



12:37 AM

16 November 2023, Thursday



11:04 AM

28 December 2023, Thursday



12:37 AM

General Effects Of Mars Transit In 2023

Planet Mars transit is divided in 6 phases, in simple words planet Mars will transit through 6 zodiac sign in 2023 and depending on which house Mars will transit, the native will experience the effects accordingly. I have mentioned the general effects of Mars transit throughout 2023 and they are super basic in nature because in order to figure out the effects of Mars transit in 2023, one need to see its impact through each zodiac signs. For the references use the links given below where I have given the transit effects of Mars through different zodiac signs separately.

Mars Transit 2023 For Aries Ascendant Sign

Planet Mars is lord of the 1st & 8th house and is a benefic planet for them. Mars signify the following for them:

1. Self-Identity and Personality: Which means planet Mars represents our self-identity, physical appearance, and personality traits for them.

2. Health and Well-Being: It means Mars rules over their physical health and well-being.

3. Self-Expression and Confidence: The first house is also associated with our ability to express ourselves confidently.

4. Leadership and Initiative: Mars represents leadership qualities, self-initiative, and self-motivation.

5. Perception and First Impressions: The first house indicates how we perceive the world and how others perceive us due to which Mars is the most important planet for them.

6. Transformation and Rebirth: The eighth house represents transformation, death, and rebirth.

7. Hidden Secrets and Occult: Planet Mars is associated with secrets, occult knowledge, and hidden matters for them.

8. Inheritance and Shared Resources: Due to 8th house lordship planet Mars signifies inheritance, shared resources, and joint finances for them.

9. Mystical and Spiritual Experience: Mars signifies mystical and spiritual experiences due to its lordship over the 8th house.

10. Longevity and Sudden Events: The eighth house is also associated with longevity, sudden events, and unexpected changes which makes Mars a important planet for them.

Transit predictions for Mars 2023 indicate that there will be good events in all spheres of them. Native will get a good opportunity in the month of January when Mars will be in the sign of Taurus and the whole duration will bless the native with confidence, growth, wealth, and progress.

Chances of getting married will also be there. Mars in its transit will enter the sign of Taurus in Gemini 2023 and  

It is important to slow down and rethink what is happening and how to bring changes in them.

Good relief will come when Mars in its transit will enter the sign of Gemini in the middle of May 2023.

This phase of Mars transit indicates that there will be a rise in the courage of native.

Native will be confident enough to start and new project and give good results in it. There can be a negative impact on the relationship with a younger sibling.

On 30th October 2022, Mars will retrograde in their 3rd house and will enter the 2nd house again on 17th November 2022, with this movement it is very advisable that native take cautions over his health and marriage.

There can be tough situations and can cause server issues. Mars transit 2022 will not end on a good end.

Mars Transit 2023 For Taurus Ascendant Sign

For the Taurus sign, Mars is lord of the 2nd and 7th house and is a malefic planet for them. Due to the lordship of Mars rules over the following significations comes under it.

 During Mars transit in 2023, it seems that the Taurus ascendant will struggle a lot in their relationship. The center point of their focus will be over the relationships and it is mostly the area of marriage where they will be seeing struggles.

There can be a downfall in their career and finances and native needs to make sure he takes the best caution to safeguard himself.

On 27th June Mars will enter their 1st house which can bring small surgery like teeth issues and bone-related issues. The relationship will improve in this timeline but as soon as Mars will enter the sign of Gemini on the 10th of August 2022. There will be health and relationship issues with the native. Native food intake will become troubled and the tendency to eat bad food will be there.

Caution is required in this part of the year 2023. On October 30th, 2022, Mars will turn retrograde and will enter the 2nd house again which can bring severe health and marriage issues to the native.

Mars Transit 2023 For Gemini Ascendant Sign

For Gemini natives, Mars is lord of the 6th and 11th house and is a malefic planet for them. The transit of Mars in 2023 is indicating a lot of issues for them. Health and finances are the two main areas where care is required. From June onwards Mars transit will cause expenditures and unnecessary travels. It can also give sleep-related issues and health troubles to the native. By the end of year, native situation can turn worse because Mars transit 2023, will be effective over the 1st and 12th house.

Mars Transit 2023 For Cancer Ascendant Sign

For Cancer natives, planet Mars is a Yogakaraka planet and rules over the 5th and 10th houses. The transit of Mars is very important for them and it brings a variety of good results to them.Native will experience a rise in wealth and status due to Mars transit over the 11th house in the middle of the year 2023.

Along with time the transit of Mars will become more significant to bring gains from abroad directions. By the time year 2023 ends the position of the native will be strong in career and finances.In relationships, indications of a successful relationship are seen, marriage will improve and a new person can enter native life. Health will improve by a big margin and a good energy level will be maintained.

Mars Transit 2023 For Leo Ascendant Sign

For Leo natives, planet Mars is lord of the 4th and 9th house and is a Yogakaraka planet for them. The transit of Mars in year 2023, shows good progress and massive success in career. Native can get a chances to lead a new project and performance of native will be very good in delivering the results. Relationship will improve and chances of getting married is there. Spouse of the native will see good progress and growth. Possibilities of childbirth is also very high. Health will remain good but some minor injuries can happen at the end of year when Mars will turn retrograde in its transit.

Mars Transit 2023 For Virgo Ascendant Sign

For Virgo natives, planet Mars is the most malefic planet and rules over the 3rd and 8th houses. The transit of Mars in 2023 will bring a variety of issues for them. There will be obstacles and a lack of luck. Native will suffer from enemies and the displeasure of seniors and bosses will be there. On the personal front also, there will be issues and native marriage will suffer due to ego clashes. Along with that, there will be health issues for the spouse. Native own health won't be good and will need visits to doctor to keep them in check.

Mars Transit 2023 For Libra Ascendant Sign

Mars is lord of the 2nd and 7th house and is a maraka planet for them. Mars can be termed as a malefic planet for Libra natives.  Its transit in this year, indicates issues in marriage and health mainly. Mars transit 2023 predictions indicate that native marriage will see some tough time. There will be issues with the health of the spouse also. If the Horoscope has combinations for bad marriage then native need to be careful. Mars transit in 2023 can trigger them especially when Mars will enter the sign of Taurus in the month of August.  Health also needs attention and the chances of getting injured are very high. The best is to lay low especially around Mars retrograde period in the month of October.

Mars Transit 2023 For Scorpio Ascendant Sign

For Scorpio natives, planet Mars is lord of the 1st and 8th house and is considered a benefic planet for them. Mars transit 2023, indicates troubles over marriage mainly.  During the second half of year 2023, planet Mars will transit in the lower half of the Horoscope and will be over the 7th and 8th house mainly. You will see spouse native getting aggressive and spouse treatment towards you won't be fair. You will need to make sure that you keep your cool and maintain your composure.  On the Job front things will be ok and opportunities to go abroad will be there. But still native can not be careless and will need to double-check things.

Mars Transit 2023 For Sagittarius Ascendant Sign

For the Sagittarius sign, planet Mars rules over the 5th and 8th house and is a benefic planet. Mars transit 2023 predictions indicate that native need to watch finances and avoid taking debts. There can be enemies in the workplace who will sabotage the native reputation. Relationships will see troubles and spouses will ask for more attention. Health will also see downtime and there can be chances of injuries.

Mars Transit 2023 For Capricorn Ascendant Sign

Planet Mars is lord of the 3rd and 11th houses and is a malefic planet for them. Mars transit 2023 indicates that there will be material growth and the flow of wealth will be better. Native will buy a property and will invest money for long-term return. There will be growth in career and chances of going abroad will be there. But expenses will be there which can be managed with good decisions.

Mars Transit 2023 For Aquarius Ascendant Sign

For Aquarius natives, planet Mars is a malefic planet due to lordship over the 4th and 11th houses. But Mars is important for their finances and assets.  The transit of Mars in the year 2023, is looking beneficial to grow their money and career. Native will seek rise and it will come effortlessly. Gains will also be there and investments will be made by the native. Relationships will see ups and downs but no major negativity is seen over it. Health can cause problems but it will get better with time.

Mars Transit 2023 For Pisces Ascendant Sign

Mars rules over the house 2nd and 9th house and is a benefic planet for Pisces natives which means by default planet Mars have benefic nature for them. Each transit of planet Mars affects the significations of the 2nd and the 9th house and same time Mars brings those significations to the house where it will transit

The indications of Mars transit 2023 are related to relationship issues for mostly. There will be crises in marriage and native will experience troubling times with spouses. If such issues are already in the Horoscope then native need to stay alert and take some actions to safeguard against them. 

Career seems to be ok and the impact of Mars transit will be beneficial in this area. There will be an opportunity to go abroad or a relocation as per the need of native will happen. Income will rise and will bring stability in life. In the beginning of 2023, it can happen that native may buy a house or land or get success in land related matters.

The health of the native will see positive developments and the native will go through a physical transformation. Along with that the energy levels will be staying up and native will experience a rise in courage and enthusiasm to bring positive changes in life.

The year 2023 will end on a positive note with some good developments on the horizon and native will be able to carry on the momentum to next year.

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