Venus Transit In Taurus On 19th May 2024

The planet of love and luck will be transiting through the sign of Taurus on May 19th , 2024 for a period of 22 days. 

This will be the first transit in 2024 when Venus will be in its own sign.

Yes, finally, Venus will be out of its detriment position and will occupy its very comfortable home sign, Taurus.

First, let us understand, what Venus means, in totality.

About Venus 

Venus as a planet is represented by the Lord Shukra, the deity Lakshmi herself, and the element shukra dhatu (sexual fluids- semen in a male’s body/ vaginal fluids in the female’s body). It also rules the sexual and reproductive organs in the human body.

The seed in all creation, the foundational soil for all love, art, pleasure, beauty, harmony and union is Venus itself. Venus is, undoubtedly, a natural benefic planet and an important planet for all natives. If this highly potent planet is well-placed in the native’s chart then the results of all the activities related to Venus are increased manifold. But, if the native has an ill-placed Venus in his/her chart, the benefits of Venus are significantly reduced and the native has to struggle to find luck in love, relationships and earning a good income.

Now, let us understand what Venus acts like when it occupies the Taurus sign:

Venus in Taurus

Venus is the lord of the Taurus sign and it also rules one other sign which is Libra. The taurus sign is represented by the “Bull”. It is a fixed earth sign which occupies the 2nd place in the natural kaalpurush kundali. So, it naturally rules the significations of the 2nd house: the home and the family, the fixed assets and the self-worth of a person, the food, the nourishment and all kinds of luxuries that one needs to possess for a comfortable life. Venus, here, is rather comfortable and feels at home literally. Since, taurus is an earth sign, Venus feels all the more secure here and peaceful in its own territory. The undisturbed calm, practical, in tune perfectly in its own nature. Venus focusses on nourishment and security for the native when it transits through Taurus, with this transit comes long term fruitful results, since it is a fixed sign.  

Now, let us see one by one how Venus’s transit in Taurus will affect each ascendant of the Zodiac.

Venus transit in Taurus for Aries Ascendant

For the dynamic Aries, the Taurus sign falls in the 2nd house of their horoscope. So, naturally, Venus will be affecting their 2nd house. The planet Venus rules their 2nd and 7th house. The houses relate to the following signification in one’s life:

  1. Family 
  2. Fixed assets
  3. Possessions
  4. Self-worth
  5. Face; mouth; voice; 
  6. Committed Partnerships, marriage, spouse 
  7. Abroad trade/ business
  8. Open oppositions
  9. Sexual and urinary organs

When Venus transits through this house of Aries natives, it helps them feel good about their self-image. Together with contributing to their fixed assets, they can get money easily through inheritance and family members. Their voice and the throat chakra become illuminated with the power of Venus in Taurus sign. They might spend money to buy luxury items related to the house. This is a good time for those thinking about home makeover, their personal makeover and polishing their image. These natives should watch out for any over indulgences in food and extravagance should be checked. This transit of Venus will help Aries natives to acquire more in-depth knowledge of their professional field. They can gain from good partnerships at the work front. They will have to be careful about their health and practice patience in relationships. 

Remedy: Worship Goddess Brahmacharini 

Venus transit in Taurus for Taurus Ascendants

For the Taurus ascendants, this transit will be a favourable one as it will be happening in their ascendant sign- their 1st house of the horoscope and Venus will be making the very auspicious Malavya Yoga for them. The planet Venus rules their 1st house and the 6th house in their horoscope. These houses have the following significations:

  1. Physical Body, head, brain, mind
  2. Intellect and mental capability
  3. Self- Personality and image 
  4. Enemies, competition, daily routine
  5. Co-workers
  6. Hobbies, past life karmic debt
  7. Health and illnesses 

They will gain directly from partnerships, their own efforts and will become charismatic leaders at the work front. They can also get any relationship proposal, marriage prospects increase very much during this time as Venus will be directly aspecting the 7th house of marriage and committed partnerships. Although, they should be aware of their contenders at work, their competition and their daily work-life balance can give them a hard time as it be very unpredictable. The natives will be in good shape, health-wise, they just need to check their over indulgence in luxury and pleasure. The time will be a favourable one for money matters. Natives will gain money easily. 

Remedy: Worship Goddess Lakshmi   

Venus transit in Taurus for Gemini Ascendants

For the twin sign, Geminis, the transit of Venus in Taurus will be in their 12th house. The planet Venus rules their 12th and 5th house in their horoscope. These houses rule over the following significations:

  1. Loss, hidden enemies, 
  2. Death, old age   
  3. Spirituality and the divine
  4. Temples, foreign lands
  5. Hospitalization,
  6. Dreams and sleep
  7. Love and romance
  8. Creativity
  9. Children 
  10. Past life good deeds

These natives can bring out the best of this transit when they willingly engage in the activities of the 12th house and which they will be having a lot more of during this transit. The health can take a negative turn as there will be some sleep problems. Frequent visits to the hospital can be a theme for this period of the transit, they should take care of their health and be aware of the hidden enemies, at work and otherwise. The period will bring gains from foreign lands and deals with foreign clients will be fruitful. Money could be easily spent on bills, liabilities and old people. New beginnings or some upheaval can be seen in the romance and love life of the natives. They will be spending a lot of time on the bed, in seclusion or on a vacation due to illness or as a means to recharge themselves after a long busy month of networking. 

Remedy: Chant 

Venus transit in Taurus for Cancer Ascendants

For the cancers, this transit of Venus is happening in their 11th house and Venus is the lord of their 11th and 4th house. These houses signify the following things:

  1. Elder siblings
  2. Material and spiritual gains
  3. Desires and wishes
  4. Networking and Friend’s circle
  5. Mother and homeland
  6. Foundation of life
  7. Happiness and heart chakra

Since, their 11th lord is coming in the 11th house itself that means ultimate wishes and desires are going to be manifested soon. They will have a very favourable transit of Venus. The happiness and contentment will come through the fulfilment of their desires. They will find new friends or the old ones will bring some tangible gains. The natives will have a good flow of money but are advised to not gamble or trust unreliable/ unethical sources of money. Cancerians will have a fruitful time as their career will see some good growth and their health will over-all improve, the results can fluctuate according to the dasha and other transits.

Remedy: Native should wear Emerald in smallest finger of right hand.

Venus transit in Taurus for Leo Ascendants

For the Leo ascendants, the transit of Venus will be happening in their 10th house, the house of Kendra and will be forming an auspicious yoga called Malavya Yoga. This yoga makes them particularly very lucky in their career during this transit. Planet Venus rules their 3rd and 10th houses. These houses represent the following things in the native’s chart:

  1. Younger siblings,
  2. Communication and writing
  3. Short distance travels
  4. Preparatory school
  5. Competition and Sports
  6. Bosses and authority figure
  7. Public image/ status
  8. House of profession,

The natives will have an excellent period in their career as they will be getting a windfall of professional opportunities. They will have a certain inclination towards taking their professional life seriously. They will continue to make improvements in their home front and the relationships will also come into focus. Natives will be more in the public eye known for their work. They will get extra support and attention from their superiors at work. Their health will improve as they will feel connected to themselves within. The money will flow in and the contentment will increase provided supporting dasha and transits are running. 

Remedy: Native should recite Aditya hridyam stotram daily.

Venus transit in Taurus for Virgo Ascendant

For the Virgo ascendants, the planet Venus will be transiting through their 9th house. While, Venus is the lord of their 2nd and 9th house in their horoscope. These houses represent the following significations in one’s chart:

  1. Family, income, money
  2. Self-worth, 
  3. Possessions
  4. Higher knowledge, higher studies
  5. Foreign travels,
  6. Father and spouse
  7. Teachers, spiritual gurus
  8. Fame and luck

Virgo natives will have a fruitful transit of Venus in their 9th house. They will encounter new opportunities of going abroad/ going for higher studies. They can earn through foreign clients and teachers or if they are in teaching profession, it will take them to foreign lands. The flow of money will be good and it will also help them set new goals in professional front. The career will prosper will new beginnings and there could be a sudden shift of workplace/ job. There could be new relationships incoming and they will generally feel lucky in the world during this transit period provided supporting dasha and other planetary transits are there.

Remedy: Chanting of "om namo narayan" will prove helpful.

Venus Transit in Taurus for Libra Ascendant 

For the  peacemaker libras, this transit is going to bring mixed results, as their ascendant lord Venus is going to transit in their 8th house. As planet Venus rules their 1st and 8th house, the following significations are represented by these houses:  

  1. The self, the personality
  2. The intellect and mind
  3. The physical body
  4. The hidden things
  5. Occult and spirituality
  6. Research 
  7. Underground world
  8. Shared possessions
  9. Inherited wealth
  10. Unearned income 

The planet Venus when goes in the eighth house gives a mix of different results. It can bring some long-standing inheritance money to you. At the same time, you can incur losses also via 8th house things- spouse’s possessions, research work, etc. The natives will have a transformational period in their lives during this transit. Their personality, perspective in life and self will undergo a great transformation towards betterment in life. This is the time when librans will go deep into research of some sort. They may enjoy their privacy with their significant other and may progress to deepen those bonds with some carnal pleasures. 

Remedy: Worship the Goddess Brahmacharini  

Venus transit in Taurus for Scorpio Ascendants

For the Scorpio ascendants, this is a very fruitful transit of Venus in Taurus which will be happening in their 7th house. Venus here makes Malavya yoga for them, one of the auspicious yoga in vedic astrology. Planet Venus rules their 7th and 12th houses in their horoscope. These houses represent the following significations in one’s life:

  1. The spouse, marriage, committed partnerships
  2. Outside world, 
  3. Business & Abroad travel 
  4. Sexual & urinary organs
  5. Known competitors and contenders
  6. Dreams, sleep, astral world
  7. Hidden enemies, old age
  8. Spirituality & the Divine element
  9. Liberation (or moksha) 

This transit will open a pandora box of opportunities for them: all kinds of business, personal or professional partnerships, marriage and strengthening relations with the world and also the spouse are going to be the themes of the month. They will feel a certain attraction for females and can easily win over situations with the help of feminine energy. They will feel their existing relationship improve with care, attention and intentional acts of intimacy building a happy relationship. For money matters, this month is best as it will bring your business and professional deals to fruition. The natives will also take very good care of themselves and start grooming and building themselves up. 

Remedy: Chant the Sri Suktam daily. 

Venus transit in Taurus for Sagittarius Ascendants

For the spontaneous sags, this transit of planet Venus is going to be happening in their 6th house. Planet Venus rules their 6th and 11th houses. These houses represent the following significations in the native’s chart:

  1. Health and short-term illnesses
  2. Routine work & hobbies
  3. Kidneys, Liver & intestines
  4. Duty and Service
  5. Conflicts 
  6. Competitive exams & job preparation
  7. Wishes and desires
  8. All kinds of gains- material & spiritual
  9. Elder siblings, right eye

The natives will bring their focus on bringing themselves into a set routine, their sleep might be affected if they don’t pay attention to their routine. Scheduling tasks as per their priority would be a great help. They should beware of their enemies and should not take things to their heart in times of disagreement. They can get obstacles in their daily life. During this transit, they can shift their focus from their normal routine to preparation for their already set goals, dreams and wishes. They might take up a new hobby during this time. They will surely get help preparing for their competitive exams or any upcoming job interviews. They should avoid taking part in quarrels. 

Remedy: Worship Maa Lakshmi for better resolution of conflicts

Venus Transit in Taurus for Capricorn Ascendants

The planet of love will transit to the 5th house of Capricorn Ascendant natives. The hardworking Capricorns will have luck on their side this month, as the planet Venus will be transiting to their 5th house of love and romance and creative self-expression, it will directly aspect the 11th house of gains and can help bring the native some money through speculative methods. The planet Venus rules their 5th and 10th houses. These houses have the following significations in their chart:

  1. Love and romance
  2. Children
  3. Creative Expression
  4. Play and youthful energy
  5. Stomach, pancreas, spine
  6. Manipura chakra
  7. Good deeds of past life
  8. Work and social status 
  9. Life path and public image 
  10. Career & Success in goals

This transit is going to be a good transit in terms of financial growth and success in achieving the goals and aims set by the natives. It will create a positive environment in the life of a native and will encourage them to take risks in terms of overall growth. The natives will be feeling pleasant, happy and full of new energy to network and make new acquaintances and learn to build positive relationships. Native will be feeling healthy and with great will power and optimism in life. A new romantic relationship can enter their life, if not a relationship, then they will definitely be surrounded by their friends’ circle and community. 

Remedy: Worship Maa Kamala for solidifying your gains. 

Venus Transit in Taurus for Aquarius Ascendants

The Aquarians are going to have this transit of planet Venus on their 4th house of home land and mother. They are going to be feeling really lucky as this transit is making Malavya yoga in their horoscope as Venus will be posited in one of the kendra houses- the 4th house in its own sign Taurus.

Venus, here, rules the 4th and 9th houses of their horoscope. These houses signify the following things in the native’s life:

  1. The homeland & mother
  2. Ancestral property 
  3. Foundation/ structural beliefs 
  4. Happiness and satisfaction 
  5. Teachers, spiritual gurus
  6. Philosophy, Religion, law
  7. Higher education/ wisdom/ higher mind
  8. Fame and luck
  9. Foreign travels 
  10. Father

The current transit of planet Venus in their 4th house is very auspicious as Venus, here, gets directional strength in the 4th house and feels comfortable at home. It can sort out any disputes related property here. The natives will have an increased level of contentment within as Venus will bring them all the happiness related to home. Venus, also, aspects the 10th house directly from here and thus makes the individual proactive go-getters at work. They will feel at their best and their professional performance will be at its peak. Their liquid gains will increase and they can spend money on the house and buy vehicles etc. The situation of money is by far excellent but over spending should be avoided. Natives’ health will be good. Natives will be focussing on their core and their relationships will improve, their mother’s health will be good. As far as the results are concerned, there should be supporting dasha and other planetary transits should also be positive for the native. 

Remedy: Worship Maa Bhuvaneshwari and chant her beej mantra- “Hreem”

Venus Transit in Taurus for Pisces Ascendants

For the dreamy Pisceans, the planet Venus is going to transit through their 3rd house in the horoscope. While, it has the lordship of their 3rd and 8th houses in their chart. These houses represent the following significations in the native’s life:

  1. The younger siblings
  2. Courage, tactfulness, abilities 
  3. Skills and mental capabilities
  4. Sports 
  5. Schools, neighbourhood and locality
  6. Short distance travels
  7. Writing and communication
  8. Occult, hidden things, death
  9. Longevity and spiritual transformation
  10. Long term illnesses- past life bad karma

This is going to be a fulfilling transit in terms of connections with their community, short distance travel and of course, if the natives have a talent for writing then, it will be a wonderful time to hone those skills. This time will be well suited for publishing any writings and going ahead to strengthen new connections. The planet Venus will boost the natives’ courage and confidence to take up any task at hand and transform it into a grand success for people to witness. Their relatives and younger siblings can pay them a visit or they can get entangled in their business during this time. This transit will bring all eyes on the native- meaning they will have a lot of attention and recognition coming from every part of the world, if they deal with foreign clients. Financially, this month will be a strategizing period for them to multiply their gains and income. The natives must stay vigilant for any injuries through accidents. 

Remedy: Worship Goddess Durga or Dhumavati form. 


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