Venus Transit In Leo On July 31, 2024

After its refreshing and benefis transit in Cancer, now Venus will enter the dynamic sign of Leo which is ruled by planet Sun, who is considered as the King of all planets in Vedic astrology.

Sun and Venus have enmity towards each other and Venus core values and significations gets distorted in it. But this transit does bring the element of flamboyancy in natives and is good for those who in filed of cinema and drama. 

Leo is natural ruler of the 5th house of creativity and Venus transit here is considered good for artists and those who are shy and timid by nature. This transit evolve the communication and social skill of natives. 

This is a important transit of year 2024 which will alleviate our emotions and senses. This transit can also give new opportunities in career fields and in general will promote cinema, theater, arts and other fields where utilisation of emotions is involved.

For various ascendant, this period will produce different kinds of results based on where Leo sign rises in their natal horoscope and where Venus and other key planets are placed.

Effects For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant planet Venus is lord of the 2nd and 7th house and rules over the following significations.

  • Family.
  • Maraka.
  • Earnings.
  • Maraka for spouse.
  • Spouse.
  • Marriage.

During its transit in Leo sign planet Venus will be coming over the 5th house of Aries ascendant. The 5th house in Astrology stands for the following significations:

  • Love.
  • Children.
  • Passion.
  • Creativity.
  • Past life punya.

Let's see what effects this transit of Venus will create in various areas of Aries ascendant native.

As soon as planet Venus enters the 5th house, there will be a very good chance of falling in love.

Whereas those who are looking to convert their relationship into marriage, then this is the time when things will start to take pace.

For married ones, this transit is helpful for getting a child. 

Peace and prosperity in domestic life is seen and this period can bringa fresh perceptive about life. 

It is also beneficial to revive old and most connections and can teach native to love more properly.

If Venus is transiting over their natal Mars then passionate encounters will occur and it is important to set up boundaries in it. 

Balance between work and personal life need to be maintained, this period will affect the focus and performance of native.

Output and result will be affected due to that. 

Laziness can also come and natives in service will surely not see comfortable period.

It will support business and freelancers and new ideas will come which will bring excitement in their work and they will be able to extract the best from themselves.

Abroad opportunities will bring desired changes and native will flourish in forigen lands.

Native energy level and mood will remain good and this period is beneficial for the cure of a existing illness.

But due to rise in indulgement they need to watch their diet to avoid digestive issues.

Remedy: Native should pour Panchamrit to Shivlingam daily.

Effects For Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant Venus is lord of the 1st and the 6th house and is the most important planet for them.

Venus rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Body type.
  • Color 
  • Height.
  • Behaviour.
  • Health.
  •  Enemies.
  • Debts.
  • Legal issues.
  • Maternal relationship.
  • Fighting abilities.

Transit of Venus will be happening over their 4th house of property, mental peace, domestic environment, satisfaction in marriage, mother, vehicles and gadgets.

This Venus transit will bring a harmonious balance to their professional life. They will find themselves more confident and ready to take on challenges. Career progress is likely, leading to recognition and upliftment in social status.

They will explore new opportunities during this phase and can change start to work for a new organisation.

In area of wealth and finances there is a solid indication of acquiring a new home or luxuries. A new vehicle might also be on the horizon but native may overspend on other unnecessary things. Especially when Venus is making a transit over natal Rahu or Mars.

Its impact on their relationships and family is looking quite. Venus governs rapport, aesthetics, intimacy and in its transit through the 4th house will enhance their emotions and interest in luxury and peaceful life.Native will experience warmth and compassion within their family circle.Possiblity of new romantic opportunities or deeper connections in existing relationships is likely to happen. Experience in marriage will become better and native will treat spouse very well. Native may feel pressure to keep everyone happy.

Healthwise this period bring a boost to their immunity and will contributes to their better health. Native will focus on self-care and will maintain a balanced lifestyle. Their interest in regular meditation and spending time in nature will enhance their well-being. Mental health will peak in this timeline and is a good period to overcome depression or anxiety.

Remedy: To enhance the positive effects of this transit, they can chant the Venus mantra:

_"Om Shukraya Namaha"_

Effects For Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant native Venus is the lord of the 5th and the 12th house and is a benefic planet for them. Venus rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Children.
  • Education.
  • Stomach.
  • Passion.
  • Creativity.
  • Abroad.
  • Expenses.
  • Meditation.
  • Isolation.

The transit of Venus will be happening over their 3rd house of courage, siblings, short distance travels and efforts.

Due to this transit of Venus there will be a rise in courage and native will be giving efforts for the right cause. Chances of promotion is very high and a short distance travel related to work will be happening. 

Venus gracing the 3rd house will also lead to enhancement of their communication skills and networking abilities. They will recieve respect and recognition at work, especially from colleagues and superiors.

Business will expand and they will experience profitability due to successful negotiations and better deals.

Their wealth and finances will also be getting positive impact and financial gains are likely increase during this transit.

Investments, especially in creative ventures, can yield positive results in future. But blind trust and over spending on a project should be avoided. It can also happen that this period brings a lesson through some financial losses.

Relationships wise, this period will bring native closer to family especially with siblings and they will be attending weddings and other special occasion for their loved ones.

They will be having more harmonious interactions with people around them and Venus bring a touch of elegance and warmth to their family bonds.

Single natives will be able to find new romantic connections within their social circle. Married life will improve and native will be giving significant efforts to make spouse happy. Possibility of traveling with spouse is also seen. Health of parents will also improve and their Father will be getting new opportunities at work.

Venus will promote their overall health, well-being and vitality. More engagement in activities that bring them joy and relaxation will happen.

If Venus transit is happening over their Ketu, Mars or Saturn then they need to take care of their throat and vocal cords.

Remedies: Native should make Venus strong via a Jyotish quality White Sapphire on their ring finger. Also, native can enhance the positive effects of this transit, consider reciting the **Shukra Beej Mantra** (Venus seed mantra) daily:  

Effects For Cancer ascendant

For Cancer ascendant, planet Venus is lord of the 4th and the 11th house and rules over important significations such as mother, mental peace, domestic peace, assets, gadgets, large gains, friends, paternal uncles.

Transit of Venus in Leo will be happening over their 2nd house of speech, family, moral values, capital gain and income.

Career wise, Venus transit will boost Leo can boost their confidence and charm, making them more likeable. Their efforts will be noticed by their peers and seniors.

There will be increase in their creativity and artistic abilities. Which will benefits them in arts of field, music or acting.Work environment could become more pleasant, and existing issues at work place will resolve for them. Family business will be at its peak and native will make solid plans for its expansion.This transit will increase their financial confidence and bring opportunities for financial gain. Native will also indulge in luxurious or beautiful possessions.They will receive unexpected gains especially through creative endeavors or investments. But they will also overspend on luxuries.

Surely, Venus will bless them with wealth and possessions. They may acquire valuable items or enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Investments in art, jewelry, or real estate could yield favorable results.

Relationship wise, they are going to foster harmonious family relationships. The native will experience warmth and love within their home. Their speech becomes more charming, leading to better communication with family members.They will receive financial support from family or close friends.

In matter of health this period will promotes overall well-being. They'll feel physically and emotionally balanced and will be able to maintain good health. Craving for sweet foods will increase drastically which can affect their diabetes.

Remedy: Recite Venus Beej Mantra "Om Shum Shukraya Namah"*. This mantra will enhance Venus's positive influence.

Effects For Leo Ascendant 

Venus is ruler of the 3rd and the 10th house and have control matters related to their courage, sibling, short distance travels, strength, neighbours, career, karma, status, knees and professional aspect of Father.

This transit of Venus in Leo will be happening over their 1st house. Native now will have a new found awareness and solid concentration over career goals. Significant efforts native will be giving and will plan it from fresh. Native will be able to figure out the solutions for existing issues at work place and will try to get along with other. Native will have to seek advice of mentor and seniors regarding choices for future.

If dasha of benefic planet is running in then promotion can happen and opportunity for a fruitful travel will come. This period is supportive to start a business and same time is good for expansion for the existing one. Financially this Venus transit have capability to bring some extra income and due to Venus role as 3rd house lord they will be able to fullfill some of their material goals. Relationship wise, those who are running in marriage giving dasha will find a opportunity to settle down.

The married one will have better understanding of emotional and physical needs of spouse. If there are any marital issues going on then it will get resolve in this period. Peace and prosperity is seen in family and native will indulge in shopping and dinning with loved ones and family members.

Its impact on health is looking fairly positive and in this period native may join a club or do some yoga related activities. Focus on self growth and improved is seen for them. Native may change looks and will focus on self care. Existing health issues can resolve depending on other factors such as planets in 1st or 7th house and the dasha they are running in.

Remedy: To extract the best from this period, native should donate white color clothes to children of young age.

Effects For Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo Ascendant, Venus is a benefic planet due to its lordship over the 2nd and the 9th house. In any transit of Venus significations related to these houses get influenced. These significations are family, speech, moral values, income, health issues of spouse, father, long distance travel, religious views and luck. 

Its transit in will over their 12th house which stands for abroad, expenses, luxury, sleep, isolation and poverty. 

Venus here is going to create good effects and will enhance the positive aspects of the 12th house. Naturally Venus do well in 12th house and its core significations flourishes in it. Native will get a opportunity to travel far distance placed and is good for career filed such as flim making, social media influencers and photographers. Work opportunities in abroad land will also come and native will be able to migrate in this time line.

Or atleast the process will start for them. Possibility of conflicts at work place can happen and if Saturn, Ketu or Mars are placed in the 12th house natal horoscope then there will be distractions and office politics at work place. Seniors and boss can put extra burden and native may feel pressurized. For wealth this timeline indicates expenses, some of it will be for useful purpose whereas some will be unnecessary in nature.

Slight improvement in income is seen but will be applicable for those living or connected with abroad lands. Over relationship, this period indicates a peaceful time overall. Native will be having comforts in life and will experience good events with loved one and family members. For love and romance this period is particularly very supportive. But if Moon, Rahu or Mars is placed in the 12th house then possibility of engaging into affairs will become high. Health wise some attention will be required and possibility of native over indulging and being careless about well being is seen. Existing health issues can flare up if native have Saturn, Mars or Ketu in the 12th house.

Remedy: To create protection from the negative effects of Venus transit, native should make ascendant lord Mercury strong via Emerald or Peridot. And same time should pacify Venus via donation of sweets on Fridays.

Effects For Libra Ascendant

Venus is ascendant lord for them and is the most important planet for their Horoscope. Transit of Venus influences them more then others. This time it will be happening over their 11th house of gains, influence, networking and siblings. 

This period will encourage them to fullfil their dreams and native will get opportunity to meet people who will prove instrumental in their growth. Support from peers and seniors will be come and native be able to gain a promotion provided the running dasha is indicating the same.

Particularly for business this transit will favor and native can expand it further. The steps taken for its growth will bring good results. Possibility of native receiving awards or appreciation is is also indicated. Financial situation will improve by a big margin and native will invest in profitable ventures and schemes. Existing debts will start to clear now and possibility of getting inheritance is quite high.

Relationship wise, native will find opportunities to connect with new people and love life will start to peak and will be smooth. Native will invest a lot of emotions in it, if Mars or Rahu are placed in the 11th house. Marriage will be smooth and domestic peace will prevail. Native can receive gifts from inlaw or may travel with them. Health wise, this period is indicating smooth experiences and mentally also native will be fitter then ever. Mind will be very creative and native will become more aware about health and its functioning.

Remedy: To gain the most from this transit native should wear a Jyotish quality white sapphire in right hand.

Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

Venus for them is lord is lord of the 7th and the 12th house and is a sensitive planet which controls following signification for them:

  • Spouse.
  • Marriage.
  • Partnership.
  • Abroad.
  • Expenses.
  • Sleep.
  • Dreams.
  • Isolation.

Transit of Venus in Leo will be happening over their 10th house of karma, career, status and actions. This period is going to prove good for them and will bring better work environment. Workplace issues will start to resolve and native will benefit from the kindness of their seniors and boss.

This period is beneficial for events and opportunities related to abroad lands. Freelancing it will also promote and native can make quite a mark due to creative talents. A favorable period for getting a partner on board for business and related activities. Financially there will be more support of luck and native will become money minded. If Moon is also present there then gains from Father and his family is seen. It will also give more income from business.

Relationship wise, things will go smoothly now and native will come closer to spouse and will be able to understand the demands and needs of a marriage. Existing issues can be resolved by showing care and expressing love. Parents will be happy and will be appreciate native efforts. Health wise, this period can cause laziness and native may delay develop stress by delaying important tasks.

Possibility of getting into a relationship is high and native will be able to attract people and will have symphony at home. On health area, significant improvements in physical health is seen. Native be paying attention on physical looks and can do cosmetic surgery to enhance feature.

Remedy: This period indicates there is a need to pacify Venus by chanting shukra mantra 108 times daily.

Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

For them, Venus is lord of the 6th and the 11th house and it covers significations such as enemies, debts, maternal relationships, conflicts, large gains, paternal uncles and networking.

Transit of Venus in Leo will be happening over their auspicious 9th house which controls luck, religius view, long distance travels, father and teacher aspects related to them.

Now Venus will become enhanced and will give good results of its natural and lordship. Native will excel in filed of arts and cinema and will gain popularity. Though some conflicts will seniors will arise but native will be able to resolve them. Short and long distance travels are seen and they will be bring benefits and gains.

Financially this period will give them best results. Bank balance will increase and debts will be paid in time or even in advance. Gains from Father is also seen and it will prove good for inheritance related matters. In relationship, this period will bring extra support of luck and the aspect of Venus over their 3rd house will lead to efforts on their relationship and love life.

Native will be able to understand the value of love and importance of family. Existing issues with spouse will resolve by large extent and native can give a new start to life. Over health area, this period will increase their awareness. Native will engage in physical and mental exercise. Possibility of joining a trip for retreat is also seen. 

Remedy: Native should wear a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire to increase the strength to their ascendant this will allow them to cash the opportunity coming from this transit. Same time Venus should be pacified via chanting Laxmi suktam.

Effects For Capricorn Ascendant

Venus is a Yogakrakra planet for them and controls matters related to children, stomach, love affairs, education, career, status, father income.

This transit will put Venus in 8th house which is a malefic house which rules over health of spouse, in laws, longevity, obstacles, delays, chronic health issues.

The natural results of Venus transit in 8th house are mediocre in nature. Considering Venus is yogakrakra it will bring good results of the 8th house and native can see sudden good events at work place. Though same time they will feel resistance and delays in execution of plans. Natives working in research, medical, mining and data analysis will benefit from this period. If Venus, Mercury or Moon are present in the 8th house then this period will not cause much stress on their career. Where as Mars, Rahu, Ketu and Saturn presence can lead to stressful period at work.

Particularly, Venus transit over natal Mars in it can lead to allegations and blames to native. Controversy it can also create and native will need to mind his business to avoid such events. Financially, this period is capable to solve inheritance related matters for them. Sudden gains are also seen and native can get lucky with loattary also. Relationship wise, cautions are advised for them because indications of difference in opinion with spouse can occur. Also, native will not get along with in laws.

Existing issues will become more intense and health of Father will also be affected. Over health, this period have both positive and negative impact. Native will develop bad food habits and can suffer from diabetes or throat related issues. Hidden issues can bother and mentally it is going to be tough. Laziness and procrastination will add up to their misery further.

Remedy: Native should make Yogakaraka Venus strong via Jyotish quality White Sapphire.

Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

Venus is a Yogakaraka planet for them and rules over important aspects of their life such as mother, mental peace, assets, domestic peace, gadgets, father, long distance travels, guru, religious views.

Transit of Venus in Leo will be happening over their 7th house of spouse, married life and partners of kinds.

The direct aspect of Venus over their 1st house is going to make them very lucky in matters of career and finances. Native will get new opportunities and will see a rise. Dreams will be fullfilled and they will take good decisions for their future. Support from seniors and peers will be recieved and native will be receive all the sport light. Business will also increase and real estate will give more gains. Mental peace will come for them and satisfaction in work will increase their productivity further.

For their wealth, this period is surely to bring new opportunities. Native will spend money on comforts and luxury. Buying of land, house or a car is also indicated. Native can also recieve expensive gifts from family members of friends. Relationship will see marked improvement now. Very ideal transit to create marriage event and native will be happy with the treatment of spouse. A lot of focus will be over romance and sex life. Improvement in relationship with Father is also seen and with Mother also native will come close.

Childhood memories will be refreshed due to visit to their native place. Health will also see positive impact and native will be feeling energetic and excited on the prospects of life. Mental health will be at its best and creative activities will keep native mind enraged on good things. Social life will get more benefits and native will be joining parties and get together quite often.

Remedy: To get the best from this transit native should wear a Jyotish quality white sapphire on a silver metal pendant.

Effects For Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant Venus is lord of the 3rd and the 8th house and is the most malefic planet.

The transit of Venus in Leo will be over the 6th house which signifies health issues, debts, theft, enemies and various issues which can be devastating.

All this means that, you need to be very careful because in this transit of Venus because some sudden issues over the health, expenses and enemies can arise.

Existing issues in your life can aggravate further and you will have to push hard to defend yourself from it.

Relationship will see tough time and controversy can happen, if Venus is transiting over their natal Mars, Saturn, Sun or Rahu. Legal issues are also seen and the affliction of the 7th house can result in seperation or similar kind of situation in marriage. In general native will prefer to stay alone and won't interact much with people.

Health wise, possibility of getting injured and getting a sickness of mysterious nature is seen. Existing issues will flare up and if Venus is transiting over natal Sun, Mercury or Sun then surgery can also happen.

Remedy: Native should pacify Venus by worshipping Goddess Laxmi everyday.

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