Venus Transit In Gemini On June 12th 2024

Venus, the planet of luck and love is transitioning from its home sign to one of its friendly signs, Gemini on June 12th 2024.

In the transit scheme of 2024, this will be the first time Venus will enter the sign ruled by Mercury. 

Venus stays in a zodiac sign for a period of 26 days but here, in Gemini, it is staying for little longer than 26 days. 

It will affect all the twelve Zodiac signs in the matters of relationships and love. So, it becomes all the more important to check the results of this transit for all the twelve Zodiac signs.


Venus as a planet is represented by the Lord Shukra, the deity Lakshmi herself, and the element Shukra Dhatu (sexual fluids- semen in a male’s body/ vaginal fluids in the female’s body). Venus is associated with beauty, fertility, pleasure, and sexuality. It is believed that Shukra Dhatu holds the energy of Lakshmi, allowing us to create, manifest, and bring beauty into our lives. It also gives us the power to enjoy life and experience pleasure. It also rules the sexual and reproductive organs in the human body. Venus is also associated with creativity, passion, and sensuality. This energy helps us manifest our desires and bring joy and abundance into our lives.

The seed of all creation, the foundational soil for all love, art, pleasure, beauty, harmony and union is Venus itself. Venus is, undoubtedly, a natural benefic planet and an important planet for all natives. By promoting balance, Venus remains the cornerstone of all that is truly cherished and desired. Venus's energy helps us to feel connected to the world with a sense of love, harmony, and compassion. It also encourages us to express our creative power and explore our inner sources of beauty and pleasure. Lastly, it helps us to create healthy relationships with others and find emotional balance. If this highly potent planet is well-placed in the native’s chart then the results of all the activities related to Venus are increased manifold. The themes associated with Venus include relationships, love, beauty, peace, creativity, harmony, and pleasure. 

For example, someone with a well-placed Venus in their chart may be more likely to make aesthetic choices that bring them pleasure and joy, or to connect more easily with people on an emotional level. 

But, if the native has an ill-placed Venus in his/her chart, the benefits of Venus are significantly reduced and the native has to struggle to find luck in love, relationships and earning a good income. 

This can lead to feelings of loneliness, dissatisfaction, and frustration. The native will have to work harder to find balance and harmony in their lives. Additionally, they may have to work hard to gain the approval and love they desire.

Significance Of Venus Transit In Gemini

The planet Venus rules over the significations of love, beauty, wealth, money, luxury, artistic and creative things, the lust, the senses, generally, the soft side of passion. The sign of Gemini ruled by Mercury is an air sign. It is a friendly sign to Venus and thus planet Venus comes into its playful, creative and spontaneously communicative self, and gives excellent results for trade, business and social life. Some of the themes associated with this transit of Venus in Gemini are:

  • Pleasant voice and writing style
  • Wealthy and fortunate
  • Productive 
  • A social bee
  • Intelligent and adaptable
  • Religious and kind
  • Skilled in seduction
  • Blissful marriage
  • Youthful energy
  • Fleeting emotions

Now, let’s see the effects of Venus transit in Gemini for each ascendant sign one by one (you can also read for your moon sign, if you don’t know your ascendant sign): -

Venus in Gemini for Aries Ascendants

For Aries ascendants, the transit of Venus will be happening in their 3rd house, the house of courage, initiative, younger siblings, social media, community etc. The planet Venus holds the lordship of their 2nd and 7th house in their horoscope. So, naturally, it rules over the following significations:

  • Home environment 
  • Family income and fixed assets
  • Self-worth, values and possessions
  • Face, mouth & teeth
  • Committed partnerships (marriage & relationships)
  • Business and foreign trade
  • Spouse and business partners
  • Known contenders and adversaries
  • Sexual & urinary organs

When Venus transits through the 3rd house of their horoscope, it gives them a lot of courage and self confidence that they accomplish whatever they set their sights on. This transit is going to be a fruitful period for them. Their health will be at its best and they will be looking forward to complete all pending tasks. They will be prospering in the career front as they will be meeting with a lot of influential people. They will be moving forward with a goal-oriented mindset setting goals and reaching them. In the relationship front, they will have cordial relations with everyone including their siblings. They can visit their siblings or vice-versa. They will be engaged in a lot of short distance travels. They can receive offers of marriage and some can even take a step forward in new relationships. Financially, this will be a period of strategic investment into schemes that promise a good return. This is a very good time to start a new vocation, skill-based business, working to increase your skill-set for better opportunities. 

Remedy: Donate makeup items to little girls or poor women.

Venus in Gemini for Taurus Ascendants

For Taurus, this transit of Venus, their ascendant ruler is going into the 2nd house of their horoscope which rules over, self-worth, possessions, family income and fixed assets. The planet Venus rules over their 1st and 6th house. Hence, it rules over the following significations:

  • Self, personality and public image
  • Head, brain, intellect
  • Co-workers, enemies and diseases
  • Health, routine, duty
  • Competitive exams
  • Job preparation  
  • Kidney and intestines
  • Pelvic region

When Venus transits into the sign of Gemini, it means a time of financial prosperity for the taurus natives. Their income can see an increase and they can receive some inheritance money if they have been expecting it. They should, however, watch their health as their health may not be so stable. They can be prone to over-eating or indulging in sweets. In the career front, they will be solidifying already formed partnerships at work. They can be tempted to invest money into insurance policies. Their conjugal bond with their spouse will be strengthened and they can be spending a lot of time with their spouse and their family.  

Remedy: Donate books or study materials to poor and needy children. 

Venus in Gemini for Gemini Ascendants

For the Gemini ascendants, the planet Venus will be transiting through the 1st house of their horoscope. This period will be a fruitful one for them. Planet Venus rules their 5th and 12th house, which signify the following things:

  • Children, creativity
  • Love and romance
  • Education, school 
  • Spirituality and divinity
  • Old age and death
  • Dreams, sleep and astral world 
  • Hospitalisation and loans & debts
  • Foreign lands and isolation

When the planet of love moves to the 1st house of the Gemini ascendants, they get all the focus on themselves. Their life is filled with luxuries, wealth, they spend a lot on themselves and/or their spouse. Their personal charm increases manifold; however, they can struggle with some mental blocks as their 12th lord transits through their 1st house of self. They can make the most out of this opportunity to build their career and advance with any major decision in their life concerning their job, travel, business partnerships and marriage, etc. since, Venus’s benefic aspect will turn the prospects of spouse, marriage and business into a fruitful success. Financial gains through stocks, shares, trade market or through old people, foreign clients are indicated. Health wise, this month will be better than the previous months as now Venus is coming to their own sign, they will be feeling a lot better and full of new energy as it is their own birth month as well. 

Remedy: Recite Sri Suktam on Friday.

Venus in Gemini for Cancer Ascendants 

For cancers, the planet of love and luck will be transiting through their 12th house. While, Venus holds the rulership of their 4th and 11th houses, which correspond to the following significations:

  • Mother and homeland
  • Movable and immovable property
  • Ancestral property
  • Core beliefs and foundation
  • Elementary school
  • Happiness and luxury
  • Material gains
  • Wishes and wish fulfilment
  • Elder siblings

When Venus transits through the 12th house of the horoscope, it makes the native isolated, interested in spirituality, the dream-world, etc. there is strong indication of these natives taking some time off from the world and going on a pilgrimage or visiting temples etc. they are going to spend their money on home décor items, some luxury or convenience shopping. They will be having a month of different expenditures. In the career front, they will be having a lot of duties and responsibilities to fulfil and they can feel drawn to finishing all these tasks as soon as possible. Those preparing for competitive exams will have luck on their side. They will have to prepare well to clear all obstacles. 

Remedy: Donate white clothes and sweets to poor and old people. 

Venus in Gemini for Leo Ascendants

For the mighty Leos, the planet Venus will be transiting through their 11th house. while, it rules the 3rd and the 10th houses in their horoscope. They will be having a fruitful transit while Venus takes a tour of their 11th house of networking and wish fulfilment. Venus rules over the following significations in their horoscope:

  • Younger siblings, cousins, relatives
  • Courage, initiative and skills
  • Communication and writing
  • Sports and extracurricular
  • Career and work
  • Job and public arena
  • Social status and recognition

When Venus comes in the 11th house of their horoscope, it makes an auspicious yoga if the 10th lord is coming to the 11th house that means income from work and recognition at work. Also, it is their 3rd lord too which means that they can make their earning through writing, social media and communication. Some skills and abilities they have already mastered will be a great advantage for them, especially, during this time. Their elder siblings will also be very loving and generous towards them. Their relationships can suffer a bit as they will be on cloud nine and can mistreat or not give enough time to their significant other. The financial flow will be plenty during this month and their health will be a cause for concern as they will be very flighty and will find it hard to rest. Their creativity will spark and their natural talents will shine through them. A significant amount of their time will be spent with children or at school, or some learning institute. The only thing to worry is their gut health and stomach. They must avoid over-eating and watch their daily routine to keep themselves healthy. 

Remedy: Chant Aditya Hridya Stotram and offer water to the Sun God in the morning daily. 

Venus in Gemini for Virgo Ascendants

The planet of creativity and beauty, Venus will be transiting through the 10th house of their horoscope. While, it rules their 2nd and 9th house, which carry the following significations:

  • The immediate family
  • Fixed assets and income
  • Voice, speech and throat
  • Truth and wisdom 
  • Spirituality and philosophy
  • Teachers and father

When the Planet Venus takes a tour of their 10th house, their focus will turn towards completing their pending tasks. Their family and home will become the most important thing. Their happiness and contentment will depend on their career and health. Their bond with their mothers is going to be revisited. Their teachers will support them in their work and will guide them through all the obstacles. They will have a fruitful transit as they are only supposed to work on themselves. Their relationships will go through a mix of push and pull, their love and contentment will make the time worth. 

Remedy: Chant Durga Chalisa on Fridays.

Venus in Gemini for Libra Ascendants

For the Libra ascendants, it is a period of luck and divine light empowering them at every step of their path. This transit of Venus will be in their 9th house of the horoscope and thus a very auspicious period for them. The planet Venus holds the lordship of their 1st and 8th houses of their horoscope. So, naturally, Venus rules the following significations in their life:

  • Physical Body, head, brain, mind
  • Intellect and mental capability
  • Self- Personality and image 
  • Longevity and Health
  • Spouse’s family or In-laws
  • Research and hidden sciences
  • Past life karmic debt 
  • Long- term illnesses 
  • Transformation
  • Shared assets and spouse’s wealth

This Venus in the 9th house of their horoscope will bring about positive changes in their life by enhancing their skills and their communication. Their higher education might come to a completion or they can enrol in yet another new higher educational course of their choice. They will get guidance of some teacher or authority figure in their job or study. They will have a lot of short distance travels during this time. There could be a windfall of money through father as part of the inheritance. They will be assuming the role of a mentor for their siblings or will receive some important lesson through time spent with the siblings. They will be in excellent health but still should be watchful of their father’s health. They will be beaming with new ideas and visions to make their community better or be a teacher to the people around them. They will surely make a good name in the public arena due to their high ideals. Their career can kickstart with the power of Venus in their 9th house.

Remedy: Respect your elders and teachers and take their blessings. Take blessings of Maa Saraswati.

Venus in Gemini for Scorpio Ascendants

For the Scorpios, this transit of Venus is going to be happening in their 8th house of underground things, transformation and sex. It will be a transformational period for them. Venus rules their 7th and 12th houses in their horoscope. Naturally, it rules the following significations:

  • Committed partnership 
  • Business and foreign trade
  • Marriage and spouse 
  • Spirituality and divinity
  • Death and Afterlife
  • All losses
  • Seclusion 
  • Sleep and dreams 
  • Hospitalization and debts

When Venus transits through the 8th house, these natives can be entangled in secret relationships. The nature of the relationship will be such that it will be confusing to the native. The native must keep check on their health and should evaluate their actions. They can easily catch some disease of the reproductive organs. They should be watchful of any illicit or extramarital secret relations. They should be keeping a track of their money and the shared resources. This is a great time for any research or university students. They could get some inheritance money or could gain from business partners, spouse or old people or foreign clients.

Remedy: Keep a clean cupboard and try to declutter your home. Worship goddess Bhubaneshwari and chant her beej mantra- Hreem on Tuesday morning wearing green clothes  

Venus in Gemini for Sagittarius Ascendants

For the Sagittarius ascendants, planet Venus will be transiting through the 7th house of their horoscope. It will be a period of mixed results, in the sense that they could get their gains from business and marriage and their personal or professional partners. The planet Venus rules the 6th and 11th houses of their horoscope. So, naturally, Venus rules the following significations in their life:

  • Health and short-term illnesses
  • Routine work & hobbies
  • Kidneys, Liver & intestines
  • Duty and Service
  • Conflicts and litigations 
  • Competitive exams & job preparation
  • Wishes and desires
  • All kinds of gains- material & spiritual
  • Elder siblings, right eye

Venus moving to their 7th house might indicate a new beginning in their job/ relationship or they could be meeting up with a lot of females regarding work. Singles could get marriage proposals incoming or could be that they could be trusted by their superiors for a very much desired position at work. These good things happening doesn’t mean everything well, but since Venus rules over the co-workers the conflicts or litigations, this could very well mean that there could be some conflict coming into their work life/ relationships with the committed partners, business or personal. Their personality could be very charming and they will try to sort their relationships with speculative benevolence and a little trickery. They could also gain money from business deals, clients or their romantic partners could be very gracious towards them an could shower them with gifts or love.

Remedy: Donate red Masoor daal and eat fennel seeds after food.

Venus in Gemini for Capricorn Ascendants

For the hardworking Capricorns, this month, the planet Venus will be transiting through their 6th house of duty, health and daily routine. The planet Venus rules the 5th and 10th house of their horoscope. These houses correspond to the following significations in the native’s life:

  • Love and romance
  • Children
  • Creative Expression
  • Play and youthful energy
  • Stomach, pancreas, spine
  • Manipura chakra
  • Good deeds of past life
  • Work and social status 
  • Life path and public image 
  • Career & Success in goals

When Venus travels through their 6th house, there is a sudden increase in their workload, their conflicts, their daily routine needs a revamping. Their finances could go for a toss, so keep your expenditure in check. There could be a short-term illness, an old aged relative that could need attention these days. There could be a lot of conflicts at workplace which must be avoided at all costs. Financially, this period will be a little more constraining and there could be debts that need to be paid off. Natives need to check their health and health of an old family member that needs care. They will be making positive changes in their work life. They need to upgrade their lifestyle that helps their daily tasks. They will have to be more considerate of their relationship and communication with the co-workers so that no ambiguity or misunderstanding arises. Their children will attract most attention and will keep them on their toes. 

Remedy: Donate white clothes to old people. Keep a beautiful smiling picture of Maa Lakshmi with you at home and pray for the resolution of conflicts. 

Venus in Gemini for Aquarius Ascendants

For the Aquarius ascendants, planet Venus will be transiting through their 5th house and thus it will be a time when most of their wishes will come true if there is promising dasha and antardasha running for the native. The planet Venus rules the 4th and 9th houses of their horoscope. So, naturally the planet rules the following significations in their lives:

  • The homeland & mother
  • Ancestral property 
  • Foundation/ structural beliefs 
  • Happiness and satisfaction 
  • Teachers, spiritual gurus
  • Philosophy, Religion, law
  • Higher education/ wisdom/ higher mind
  • Fame and luck
  • Foreign travels 
  • Father

The natives will have many financial gain opportunities coming from all sides. This transit will bless the native with good creativity and childlike energy. They will be feeling their best only they need to eat in moderation to avoid upsetting their stomach. There could be a new beginning in love or they could be getting a lot of proposals in love life. There could be an important event in their life that involves their elder sibling or their friends’ network. They will be spending a lot of their time working on their goals or enhancing their knowledge of the stock market. There could be some speculative gains, through bets and gamble. They are advised to proceed with caution as the results could be reversed if there is not enough study of the market. 

Remedy: Donate Black Urad daal to the needy.

Venus in Gemini for Pisces Ascendants

For the Pisces ascendants, the planet Venus will be transiting through the 4th house of their horoscope. The planet Venus rules their 3rd and 8th houses of their chart. These houses correspond to the following significations:

  • The younger siblings
  • Courage, tactfulness, abilities 
  • Skills and mental capabilities
  • Sports 
  • Schools, neighbourhood and locality
  • Short distance travels
  • Writing and communication
  • Occult, hidden things, death
  • Longevity and spiritual transformation
  • Long term illnesses- past life bad karma

This will be a mixed transit for the Pisces people as Venus will get directional strength in their 4th house of the horoscope- the house of home, mother, luxury and happiness. But, since, Venus is the significator of the hidden things, the depth of their karmic debt will come at their face. Most of their time could be spent at home. They could be practising stillness in deep meditative states through this period. Their emotional turbulence will cause them to retreat from the world. Their work could be getting a lot of focus but they will try and be at peace for the time being. They could catch up with childhood friends or cousins. This will be a transformative period which will make them more aware of themselves. Their finances look good, money could come in through relatives or In-laws. Their relationship with the mother and their mother’s health needs to be checked. The hidden problems in their relationships can come up to shake their foundation. They need to address their relationship issues with their spouse head on and leave nothing for later which they do often. Unlike all other times, they should avoid escapism as a coping mechanism this time. They should not take things to their heart as it can lead to serious health concerns as well. Stress and tension can take a toll on their health. 

Remedy: Chant Sri Suktam to please the goddess Lakshmi and reduce stress and tension from life.

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