Venus Transit In Cancer On July 7th 2024

In this planetary transit of 2024, Venus the planet of love and serendipity, is set to move from its friendly sign, Gemini to its comfort sign, Cancer on July 30th, 2024.

Cancer is ruled by Moon which is a benefic planet and Venus transit in it is considered as auspicious and Cancer signifies Mother, care, emotions, domestic peace, assets, comforts, luxury, creative emotions etc.

In this article, I will cover each aspect of this Venus transit and will give the predictions for it.

Now, let us understand what planet Venus represents in astrology: -


Venus is one of the most important planets in Vedic astrology. It represents abundance in matters of love, wealth, youth, beauty and prosperity. The planet Venus is one of the most potent planets which help the natives to get great wealth and love. Venus rules over the themes of love, beauty, art, creativity, passion, lust, luck and knowledge.

Since Venus is a natural beneficent planet, it gives results regardless of your basic nature. It doesn’t disappoint you if you have a good placement of Venus in your birth chart. As a result, you get success in love, luck, fame, work, relationships, wealth creation, beauty and childbirth happen. 

To a large extent, a native’s prosperity depends on the placement of benefic in his/her natal chart. So, I would tell you to check the placement of Venus in your birth chart before you proceed to read this transit. Then, you can see which remedies or precautions you must take to enhance the effect of benefic Venus. You can seek the blessings of a debilitated Venus after strengthening it with the use of remedies. Remedies may include wearing a gemstone, donating some articles, worshipping goddess Lakshmi, etc. You must consider talking to an expert astrologer before doing any remedy or wearing a gemstone.

Now, before I tell you about the effects of Venus’s transit in Cancer for your Ascendant sign, first let’s understand how the planet Venus works in Cancer sign: - 

Significance Of Venus Transit In Cancer Sign

Venus is known to work best in the water signs, Cancer and Pisces. Since, Venus itself, represents the Jala tattva. Venus is symbolic of the Shukra Dhatu in the human body. It represents the semen in the human male and fertility fluid in the human female. The water sign, Cancer is ruled by Moon which also rules the Jala tattva or the water element in the human body. Venus in the Cancer zodiac takes on the layer of intense emotional expression. This Venus represents the qualities of the moon in its nature such as commitment, motherly love, care, loyalty and deep attachment. It also symbolizes the comfort of a home and a mother’s lap. It is nurturing and nourishing in nature. It craves deep, valuable and heart-to-heart connections with people. The major themes that this Venus transit will highlight are: -   

  1. Heart-felt connections
  2. Deep love
  3. Commitment and concern
  4. Motherly love and care
  5. Over-bearing relationships
  6. Promise of a lifetime
  7. Childlike innocence
  8. Sensuality and Intensity 
  9. Emotional sensitivity 
  10. Purity and spirituality
  11. New beginning in love
  12. Pause and reflection

Now, let’s see how this transit of Venus will affect each Zodiac sign: -

Effects For Aries Ascendants

For the dynamic Aries, Venus will be transiting to their 4th house of the horoscope. It is a favourable transit for the Aries natives. The planet Venus holds the lordship of their 2nd and 7th house in their chart. So, naturally, Venus rules over the following significations associated with these houses: - 

  1. Home environment 
  2. Family income and fixed assets
  3. Self-worth, values and possessions
  4. Face, mouth & teeth
  5. Committed partnerships (marriage & relationships)
  6. Business and foreign trade
  7. Spouse and business partners
  8. Known contenders and adversaries
  9. Sexual & urinary organs

When Venus tours through their 4th house of home, mother, ancestral property, luxury and happiness, it ensures that the native is blessed with all kinds of resources, wealth, nourishment and happiness. The natives will be receiving a lot of support from their mothers and home. During this period, they will acquire plenty of wealth and resources in the form of money. This is the right time to buy a vehicle if you have been waiting to buy one for a long time. They will be meeting up with their future partner for lunch dates. Those already in a committed relationship will have a sweet and fulfilling time with their partner. These natives’ health will be a cause of concern for them, as they can catch colds, allergies or coughs. They need to be vigilant during monsoons. They will invite people to their homes and have frequent get-togethers. They will be the life of the party. Their honour in society and public status will increase. They will experience true bliss and comfort in their homes and also in relationships with their loved ones. They will enter business contracts that will increase their net worth and be fruitful in future if there is supporting Dasha going on or Dasha of benefic planets is running in the life of the native.

Remedy: Offer white flowers to Durga maa and seek her blessings.  

Effects For Taurus Ascendants

For the Taurus ascendants, Venus is transiting over their 3rd house of the horoscope. In their chart, Venus holds the lordship of the 1st and the 6th house. This makes Venus responsible for the following significations: -

  1. Self, personality and public image
  2. Head, brain, intellect
  3. Co-workers, enemies and diseases
  4. Health, routine, duty
  5. Competitive exams
  6. Job preparation  
  7. Kidney and intestines
  8. Pelvic region 

Venus is a benefic planet for the Taurus ascendants as it is the ruler of the 1st house and it also rules over their job, duty and service areas. This will be a favourable transit for them as Venus will go into their 3rd house of courage, initiative, brothers and skills. They will be expanding their horizons by taking up new study courses. They can learn new skills and enhance their personality. They will be facing challenges from their relatives, their neighbours or co-workers. They will take up new hobbies and will work towards strengthening their bonds with their friends, siblings and cousins. They can feel greatly motivated to pursue any physical fitness regime such as a sport, exercise at the gym or yoga. They can gain popularity and will be getting opportunities for work through their community. They will have some impromptu meetings with their female friends. They may take a short trip to a beach, a water body or a cosy hill station. They may spend money rather easily on recreation, sports, get-togethers or on younger siblings. This time will bless them with opportunities to maximise their potential and be ahead of everyone else in their circle if there will be supporting Dasha running for the natives.

Remedy: Wear white on Friday and offer pink flowers to Maa Lakshmi.   

Effects For Gemini Ascendants

For the Gemini Ascendants, this transit of Venus will be happening in their 2nd house of the horoscope. It will affect their finances, fixed assets and their immediate family. Planet Venus holds the lordship of the 5th and 12th house of their horoscope. These houses represent the following significations in the lives of Gemini natives: -

  1. Children and Creativity
  2. Love and romance
  3. Education and school 
  4. Spirituality and divinity
  5. Old age and death
  6. Dreams, sleep and the astral world 
  7. Hospitalisation and loans & debts
  8. Foreign lands and isolation

It will be a favourable transit for the Gemini natives as far as money is concerned Their fixed assets and income will see a rise. They may spend money on insurance or may put some money in mutual funds, fixed deposits or investment plans. There will be a sudden increase in their purchasing power and that can be a signal of good finances. Their health needs to be taken care of. They may encounter some issues relating to teeth, bones or face. They may need to take extra care of themselves as it will be a period of ups and downs as far as their health is concerned. They may have a sweet tooth or eat a lot of sweets. Again, the natives must avoid any kind of overindulgence in food. They may easily catch upper respiratory infections due to colds, seasonal allergies, etc. They may gain money from an inheritance or shared assets if there is supporting Dasha running for the native.

Remedy: Native should worship Maa Matangi daily.

Effects For Cancer Ascendants 

For the Cancer Ascendants, this transit of Venus will be happening in their 1st house of the self. It will be a very important transit for them. It will affect their individual development and their approach towards the world. The planet Venus rules the 4th and 11th house of their horoscope. Hence, it rules over the following significations: -

  1. Mother and homeland
  2. Movable and immovable property
  3. Ancestral property and vehicles
  4. Core beliefs and foundation
  5. Elementary school
  6. Happiness and luxury
  7. Material gains
  8. Wishes and wish fulfilment
  9. Elder siblings

This transit will bring a wonderful period in their life. This will be a period of wish fulfilment for them. They will attract a lot of good opportunities in life. They may meet their potential partner through their friends’ circle or through traditional match-making. They will be experiencing a positive change in their health. Their personality will grow and they will glow from within. They will feel closer to their homeland, and mother and will experience a deep connection to their roots. They will get a lot of attention from the opposite sex. Some of these natives will get engaged or start a new venture, work in a large organisation or form their own group or community of like-minded individuals. Remember, results will vary depending upon whether the mahadasha running currently is conducive for the events or not.

Remedy: Wearing a jyotish quality Pearl on pendant will bring benefic results.

Effects For Leo Ascendants

For the Leo Ascendants, this transit of Venus will be happening in their 12th house of loss, debts, hospitalisation, old age, death, foreign, and spirituality. This will be a period of mixed results. This time will depict a kind of loss in their life. The planet Venus rules the 3rd and 10th house of their horoscope. Thus, it also rules the following significations: -

  1. Younger siblings, cousins, relatives
  2. Courage, initiative and skills
  3. Communication and writing
  4. Sports and extracurricular
  5. Career and work
  6. Job and public arena
  7. Social status and recognition
  8. Authority and bosses

When Venus travels to the 12th house of the horoscope, it signifies a certain loss, it could be the loss of health, material wealth, money, personality or possessions. They will be experiencing one or more of these losses. They may catch colds, allergies, coughs and viral infections. They may struggle with proper sleep and might experience vivid dreams. They may be drawn towards spirituality. Their public image will have a layer of spiritual wisdom in it. They may profess spirituality or may take up meditation courses. They may spend their time in isolation or in worshipping God. They will have a huge expenditure on siblings, their younger cousins, or on luxury items. They may buy spirituality books, spend on luxury items in the house and will become a little lazy. This transit will make Leo natives a little more disconnected from the world. Although, they might gain from foreign clients. If they are associated yoga industry or spirituality, they will gain good money from it. The results will vary depending upon the running mahadasha whether the Dasha supports the events or not.

Remedy: Offer milk sweets to the little girls and old people.  

Effects For Virgo Ascendants

For the Virgo Ascendants, this transit of Venus will be happening in their 11th house of wish fulfilment, all kinds of gains and elder siblings. They will have a wonderful transit. The planet Venus rules their 2nd and 9th house. Hence, Venus also rules over the following significations that these houses represent: -

  1. The immediate family
  2. Fixed assets and income
  3. Voice, speech and throat
  4. Truth and wisdom 
  5. Spirituality and Philosophy
  6. Teachers and father

Virgo natives will be gaining a lot of insight into how to manage their finances well and make use of their natural talents. Their luck will benefit them during this transit. They may arrange meet-ups with their friends. They may plan to meet and spend time with their elder siblings. They may gain some money or receive gifts from their elder siblings or father. Most of the time will be spent in socializing or in the community. They may spend a significant amount of time with children or engage in some study projects. Their income sources will be numerous and they may gain from more than one source. They may grow a side hustle, in addition to their main job. With this, they may be gaining recognition in their community or making a good amount of money. Their health will be great, and their creativity and mental abilities will be enhanced. They will be able to use every skill and knowledge in their favour. They may encounter a lot of females getting attracted towards them. They will have success in love relationships, creative pursuits, betting and stock market investments provided it is promised by the supporting Dasha.

Remedy: Worship Mata Lakshmi and offer white flowers on Friday.

Effects For Libra Ascendants

For the Libra ascendants, this period will be a favourable one. Venus will be moving to their 10th house of work, career, profession and public status. The planet Venus holds the lordship of the 1st and 8th house of their horoscope. This makes it rules over the following significations: -

  1. Physical Body, head, brain, mind
  2. Intellect and mental capability
  3. Self- Personality and image 
  4. Longevity and Health
  5. Spouse’s family or In-laws
  6. Research and hidden sciences
  7. Past life karmic debt 
  8. Long-term illnesses 
  9. Transformation
  10. Shared assets and spouse’s wealth

When Venus transits to the 10th house, these natives may crave to establish themselves in their workplace. They will gain power and position in their workplace. They might get promoted to a much-desired higher position. They will make the best use of their power and influence. They might gain from their bosses or the government. They will enjoy both personal and professional life. They will attain true bliss and happiness in their personal lives. Their honour, wealth, fame and dominance in society will increase. They will experience a deep fulfilling exchange of love and conjugal bliss with their partners. Their resources will be used up in acquiring luxury and convenience items for home and comfort. There are high chances of them receiving favours from the state government or getting a job posting near a water body or coastal area provided there is supporting Dasha or Mahadasha of the benefic planet running. 

Remedy: Drink water from a silver glass. 

Effects For Scorpio Ascendants

For the Scorpio ascendants, this transit will be happening in their 9th house of religion, luck, teachers and father. This will be an auspicious transit for them. This transit will attract a lot of good luck in their life and open the doors of opportunities in their life. Venus holds the lordship of the 7th and 12th house of their horoscope. So, naturally, it also governs the following significations in their lives: -

  1. Committed partnership 
  2. Business and foreign trade
  3. Marriage and spouse 
  4. Spirituality and divinity
  5. Death and Afterlife
  6. All losses
  7. Seclusion 
  8. Sleep and dreams 
  9. Hospitalization and debts

The planet of luck moving to the house of luck is a good sign. This transit will be an important time to reclaim the lost opportunities. During this time, they will be bombarded with new beginnings in careers, jobs or work. They may start a new job or enrol in a higher education course. They may take a long-distance trip to somewhere quiet with a scenic view. They may benefit from visit to a pilgrimage, a temple or their ancestral village. They should take notes of their dreams, the recurrent ones might contain some crucial information about what they need to do next in life. They may be blessed by their teachers and father. They will have good energy to accomplish any task at hand. They may get a suitable marriage proposal during this transit that might actually turn into marriage provided there is supporting dasha and mahadasha of the benefic planet running for the native.

Remedy: Offer Rice kheer to the elderly people and their blessings.

Effects For Sagittarius Ascendants

For the Sagittarius ascendants, the planet Venus will be transiting through their 8th house of In-laws, shared assets and longevity. This is the trickiest of all transits as the results are a mix of good and bad. The planet Venus holds the lordship of the 6th and 11th house of their horoscope. This makes Venus responsible for governing the following significations: -

  1. Health and short-term illnesses
  2. Routine work & hobbies
  3. Kidneys, Liver & intestines
  4. Duty and Service
  5. Conflicts and litigations 
  6. Competitive exams & job preparation
  7. Wishes and desires
  8. All kinds of gains- material & spiritual
  9. Elder siblings, right eye
  10. Friends’ circle and networking

The planet Venus will bring a lot of ups and downs during this time. The natives may receive some benefits from the inherited property or from their immediate family or In-laws. Their emotional bond with their partners will strengthen through this time. They may, however, have to take care of their spouse’s health. Their own health might get disturbed because of a lack of routine. They must take extra care while handling money matters, as they may mistakenly spend on the wrong insurance policy, or mutual fund or buy shares that might result in loss. They should be extra careful if they invest or do online trading. The results might vary as per the Dasha /antardasha which is running for the native.  

Remedy: Recite Sri Suktam every Friday to receive the blessings of Maa Lakshmi. 

Effects For Capricorn Ascendants

For the Capricorn ascendants, this transit will be happening in their 7th house. It will be an important transit for them. It will have a positive effect on their relationships and job. Planet Venus is the yoga karaka planet for the Capricorn ascendants and holds the lordship of the 5th and 10th house of their horoscope. So, naturally, Venus also governs over the following significations: -

  1. Love and romance
  2. Children
  3. Creative Expression
  4. Play and youthful energy
  5. Stomach, pancreas, spine
  6. Manipura chakra
  7. Good deeds of past life
  8. Work and social status 
  9. Life path and public image 
  10. Career & Success in Goals

This transit of Venus will bring positive results related to finances, jobs, public image, love life and relationships. The natives will be blessed by the benevolent aspect of Venus on their 1st house. They will receive positive proposals of love which will eventually turn into long-term partnerships. They will attract a lot of business and foreign clients. They will gain from business or personal partnerships. Their personality will become charming. Finally, they will be able to spend money on themselves. However, they should watch over their health and should limit their sexual desires to keep their energy preserved for more important tasks. 

Remedy: Worship Maa Lakshmi and offer her red flowers.

Effects For Aquarius Ascendants

For the Aquarius ascendants, this transit of Venus will be happening in the 6th house of their horoscope. This will affect their competitive spirit, their job, service, money and health. Venus is the yoga karaka planet for Aquarius ascendants, and it will increase their monetary gains from their work. Venus holds the lordship of their 4th and 9th house, two of the most important houses for prosperity, happiness, luck and fame. Naturally, Venus rules over the following significations: -

  1. The homeland & mother
  2. Ancestral property 
  3. Foundation/ structural beliefs 
  4. Happiness and satisfaction 
  5. Teachers, spiritual gurus
  6. Philosophy, Religion, law
  7. Higher education/ wisdom/ higher mind
  8. Fame and luck
  9. Foreign travels 
  10. Father

Venus will bring all kinds of luck and monetary gains from their homeland, superiors, bosses, mother, father or teachers. They may gain hold of some ancestral property after putting up a good legal fight which will result in them winning. There will be a lot of enemies and friends that might oppose and support them respectively, in their struggles at the workplace or in court. Whatever may the challenge or conflict or legal situation, they will be able to overcome that by using legal support and tactics. They will find themselves tied up in their routine. Their spouse’s health will be a cause of concern for them. They should avoid partaking in fights or conflicts at the workplace. They will be dedicated towards their bosses. They will be immersed in their work and will put themselves ahead of everyone in the workplace. They must keep track of their gut health. The results might vary depending upon the running Dasha whether it is supportive or benefic to the natives. 

Remedy: Use fennel seeds in cooking or in tea or eat after meals.

Effects For Pisces Ascendants

For the Pisces ascendants, this transit will be happening in their 5th house of love, romance and children. It will be a mixed transit. The planet Venus is a malefic for their horoscope. It rules their 3rd and 8th house of the horoscope. Naturally, it rules over the following significations: -

  1. The younger siblings
  2. Courage, tactfulness, abilities 
  3. Skills and mental capabilities
  4. Sports 
  5. Schools, neighbourhood and locality
  6. Short-distance travels
  7. Writing and communication
  8. Occult, hidden things, death
  9. Longevity and spiritual transformation
  10. Long-term illnesses- past life bad karma

The planet Venus will bring some of the hidden things to the surface. It will be a good transit as far as money is concerned. They will be expanding their business to a higher level. They will be thinking big and making progress in terms of income. They will gain new perspectives regarding their sexuality, obstacles in healthy relationships and bonding with their partner. They will be focused on their children. Their children will bring them emotional security and comfort. Some new love and romantic encounters can take place. They will gain money from betting, gambling or mere luck and chance. They will receive the support of their friends and elder siblings. 

Remedy: Use natural scented perfume when going out.


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