During the planetary transit of 2024, the transit of the Sun through Leo event that holds significant influence over various aspects of our lives, according to Vedic astrology. As the Sun moves through the zodiac sign of Leo, its effects are believed to vary depending on one's ascendant sign.

This article delves into the specific impacts of the Sun's transit through Leo for each ascendant sign, offering insights into how this astronomical phenomenon may shape career prospects, financial situations, relationships, health, and overall well-being.

By understanding these astrological predictions, individuals can gain valuable insights into the potential opportunities and challenges that may arise during this transit period.

Let's explore the unique effects of the Sun's journey through Leo for each ascendant sign, providing a comprehensive overview of its influence on our lives.

Effects On Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant, the planet Sun is lord of the 5th house and is an auspicious planet for them. Planet Sun will be entering into their 5th house which represents the following areas of their life: Children Education Fame Past life punya Honors Passion Love affair The transit of planet Sun in Leo is looking very auspicious for them and will give good results to them. Career - On the career front, there will be good results. If promotion is due then this transit can bring a rise in career. On top of that, there will be an increase in performance and their efforts will be appreciated at the workplace. For those who are in business, the time is looking auspicious and there will be growth and if there is a plan to start something new or for expansion, then this transit will bring wonderful opportunities. Transit Sun will be aspecting the 11th house of gains from the 5th house and surely it will affect the finances positively. There will be a rise in income and new sources of income will also be there. Gains from speculation are seen and the native will be able to cash in on the opportunities very well.  The impact of this transit over the relationship is looking favorable. First of all, if the native is looking for a marriage partner then this transit can bring such opportunities. Also, if the native is looking to convert his love affair into marriage, then this transit again will prove auspicious for them. There are chances of childbirth also and there will be progress in the life of children of the native. If there are issues in the married life, then this transit can give some temporary relief, if the Horoscope of the native has combinations for a bad marriage, it is best to do a marriage analysis. The 5th house from where the planet Sun will transit is 12th from the 6th house of illness. The benefic impact of planet Sun here will help the native to deal with current health issues effectively. Also, it will bring vitality and newfound energy to the native. They will be able to focus better and will have good performance. Good chances are that the native will enroll in a new exercise program and will give more attention to health. Since planet Sun is a hot planet, in the 5th house of the digestive system, it can bring stomach-related issues but they will be minor in nature.

Effects On Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant natives, the planet Sun is the lord of the 4th house and is mild benefic because as per the rule of the lordship, malefic or mild malefic when rules the Kendra house they tend to give benefic results. During this transit, the planet Sun will enter their 4th house which rules over the following significations:

  • Mother.
  • Mental peace.
  • Assets.
  • Domestic environment.
  • Basic education

This transit is looking Auspicious for them; let's see in detail how it will affect them.

The direct aspect of the planet Sun over the 10th house is indicating good growth in career. If the native is associated with the government sector then this transit will boost their position and their image will see a makeover especially among their seniors. Gains from real estate will come and old investments will be giving good results. Domestic peace will prevail and health with the mother will become much better. Relationship with the spouse will become much better and the possibility of an auspicious occasion at home is seen. Health will see a marked improvement with newfound energy in the body. Mentally, the native will be at his best.

Effects For Gemini Ascendant

The native is going to see an improvement in motivation and courage will rise. The native will be willing to take risks and may change jobs or organizations in this transit. The possibility of switching to a business is also seen. Lots of short-distance travels will bring exposure and new friends. The native may relocate to a new place which will fulfill all the expectations. The native will increase the business and will be giving more efforts to improve the outcomes. The ability to assess the situation will become better, and the native will be able to defeat enemies. The relationship with siblings and father will improve. With the spouse also there will be good communication. The native will be very clear with words and intentions. More time will be spent on outdoor activities and strength and stamina will increase.

Remedy - The native should increase the strength of the ascendant lord to utilize the opportunity given by this transit.

Effects For Cancer Ascendant

As the 2nd house lord, this Sun transit in own sign will lead to an increase in finances and more income sources will be made for the native. Finance sector, banking, rent income, singers, and artists will see more benefits from this Sun transit. The native will be taken seriously by co-workers and seniors and will be rewarded for efforts. Business especially when Family is involved in it will see positive results. The presence of Sun, Moon, Mars, or Jupiter will yield more results. The direct aspect of Sun over their 8th house will bring gains via inheritance. Auspicious news in the family front will come, and a childbirth in the family is seen. The native will be having good domestic peace and existing issues among family members will resolve. Health and the status of Father will improve, and the native will benefit from it. The native's own health will improve, and Sun as maraka will protect the native from possible injuries. But the liking for spicy food will increase leading to heartburn and stomach aches.

Remedy - To gain blessings of planet Sun native should worship Sun daily in the morning through chanting of Gayatri mantra.

Effects For Leo Ascendant

Sun as the ascendant lord and that too in own sign will prove game-changer for them. All areas of their life will be seeing auspicious influence. If Jupiter or yogakrakra Mars is also present in their 1st house then the results will bypass all expectations. The native will become popular among masses and will be very confident to undertake projects which felt impossible earlier. There will be support from all corners and a leadership position will be offered. The native can receive an eligible marriage proposal. In marriage, there will be a good response from the spouse, and mutual respect will increase. The native will gain a sense of responsibility and will be a good father, brother, husband. In short will be playing his role perfectly. Health will see good improvement, and the native can lose weight along, improvement in looks will happen. Relief from existing health issues will also come.

Remedy - The native should wear One mukhi rudraksha in a necklace.

Effects For Virgo Ascendant

The transit of Sun in their 12th house in own sign will bring new opportunities from abroad, and matters related to foreign land will bring favorable results. The native can relocate permanently provided placement for the same is present in their natal horoscope. There can be some enemies at the workplace, but the native will defeat them. This period will also support clearing of exams and competitions. The native will receive favors from peers and seniors. Expenses will come under control and it will lead to better financial health. The native's investments will bring good results, and more investments can be made. Romantic encounters will bring more sensual experiences. The native will spend a lot of time in these pursuits and if Mars or Venus is present in the 12th house then there will be hassles and controversy. The native's sleep will improve now, and the native will visit a retreat center.

Effects For Libra Ascendant

For them, Sun as lord of the 11th house brings stability in their finances and brings fame and recognition for them. The native receives favors from government, authority, and seniors. If dasha is supportive then promotion can happen or the native can get the department of own choice. There will be association with powerful people who will help the native to gain more mileage in life. This transit will bring more gains in the form of salary hike, better return from investments, or via more profit through a business. Paternal property in form of inheritance can come under native entitlement. The relationship receives a new lease of life, and the native can lead a love affair towards marriage. The spouse will give a good response and will act better towards the native. There will be mutual respect and support. The native can travel with the spouse to a far-off place. Children will perform very well in their school and career. Chances of having more children are also quite bright. If Venus or Mercury is placed in the 11th house then the above-mentioned effects will give more auspicious results. Health-wise a very beneficial period it is going to be, and the native will regain strength and will lead a healthy lifestyle. Despite that, there can be minor stomach-related issues. Sun is bhadkesh for them, and the presence of Rahu and Ketu in their 11th house can increase their maraka efforts.

Remedy - The native should recite Surya Ashtakam daily.

Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

This transit will boost the career prospects, and the status of the native will increase. The placement of Sun or Jupiter in the natal horoscope will increase the auspicious results by many folds. For political gains, this period can prove the necessary means and conditions. For other powerful positions in the government also this transit is helpful. Natives who are trying to associate with the government can finally find success in it. The native's reputation increases, and at the workplace, the native is seen as a leader and an enforcer. Gains from Father and paternal property come easily, and real estate income also rises. The native's business peaks in this period, and fortunately, some events bring good leads. The relationship improves with everyone in the family. Father, siblings, and spouse, all show support and give the native the required due for the efforts. Health-wise, no major issues are seen, the native feels the same as earlier times, and becomes more interested in outings and activities such as yoga and meditation.

Remedy - The native should visit Surya temple and perform fire rituals.

Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

Sun as the best benefic brings amazing results for them. The luck factor supports more than ever, and the native sees success in everything he lays his hands on. Promotion is a sure shot provided the dasha is also indicating the same. If Jupiter or Mars is present in the 9th house then massive fame and popularity can also be bestowed. The native gets an opportunity to lead a team or in politics, it can bring a desired position. The native also travels to far locations and meets new people who help the native to grow more than ever. Growth comes in business, and profits rise more than ever. The native can invest more in it and receives good returns. The relationship improves with everyone, and the native is seen as a respected figure within the family. Father's status rises, and his health and career become solid in this timeline. Auspicious ceremonies are performed at home which clean the environment and bring joy and happiness. The native can also become a parent provided the dasha is supportive for the same. Health improvements bring a rise in energy level, and the native takes interest in physical activities.

Remedy - To increase the good results of the transit native is advised to wear a Jyotish quality Red Ruby.

Effects For Capricorn Ascendant

Sun transit in their 8th house in their own sign creates a formidable aura around them. The native gets unexpected good results in career, some outer events lead to benefic results for native i.e someone else loss can also become native's gain. It is very beneficial for fields of insurance, occult, research, and mining. Inheritance-related matters solve in favor and bring more wealth and assets. The relationship becomes better, and job, health, and overall well-being of the spouse see a rise. The relationship with in-laws improves, and the native gains financially from them. Equation with Father also improves, and the native becomes his favorite. Health-wise this period boots longevity and is supportive for those in critical condition. Overall energy level becomes better, and the native takes more nutritious food due to the aspect of Sun over their 2nd house.

Remedy - The native should do Surya namaskar daily to improve the results of this Sun transit.

Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

This strong transit of the Sun will bring marriage chances for them. Married life will improve, and mutual love and respect will increase. The spouse will be seeing improvement in own life where the career of the spouse will peak, and health will also become better. Native own career will be seeing improvement, and a conducive environment for growth will be achieved. Native ability to solve a problem will increase, and leadership quality will also see enhancement. Financial condition will improve significantly during this period. Gains and property from Father can also come. The native will be making smart investments which will bring desired results in the future. The role of Sun as maraka planet will give good results and will protect physical and mental well-being of the native. There will be an interest in maintaining good healthy habits which will bring more rewards in the future.

Remedy - To make results more better native should donate items related to the Sun.

Effects For Pisces Ascendant

Transit of Sun in Leo will boost the reputation of the native, and people will see the native as hardworking and a go-getter individual. There will be good mental strength, and no task will be impossible. If Mars is present in 6th house of horoscope then native will be unbeatable. An excellent opportunity to clear exams and excel in sports or politics. Co-workers will be supportive and will trust native ability and decisions to run a project. Finances will improve, and income from abroad sources will rise, business in a commission-based model will prove very beneficial. There will be an amicable relationship with loved ones and father, maternal relationships will favor the native. Health will see a marked improvement, and native immunity will increase, and interest in bodybuilding and physical activities will be keeping the body in shape.

Remedy - Native should recite Aditya hridayam stotram daily to increase the benefic results of this transit.

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