Sun Transit In Capricorn On 15th January 2024

sun transit capricorn

Soon on 15 January 2024 at 2:32 hrs, planet Sun will transit into the sign of Capricorn and with this event a new cycle will start which will favor most of us.

This will be the one of the most important transit of 2024.

In this article, I will discuss the various aspects of Sun transit in Capricorn and will mention the predictions for all zodiac signs.

About Capricorn Sign

Given below are important details on Capricorn zodiac as per vedic astrology.

1. Nature: Capricorn is considered a movable, earthy sign, known for its stability, practicality, and perseverance. It embodies the qualities of being disciplined, responsible, and hardworking.

2. Gender: Capricorn is a feminine sign, signifying receptivity, patience, and a methodical approach to life's challenges.

3. Caste: Capricorn is associated with the working class or laborers. Which reflects qualities of diligent effort and commitment to tasks.

4. Direction: Capricorn is linked to the South direction.

5. Places: Capricorn is affiliated with places like mountains, cliffs, and regions with rocky terrain. It symbolizes strength, resilience, and a steadfast approach to life.

6. Exaltation Seat: Mars the karaka of efforts, courage, energy and will power becomes exalted here.

7. Debilitation Seat: Jupiter the karaka of knowledge and wisdom becomes debilitated.

8. Friends and Enemies:
Capricorn is compatible with Taurus, Virgo, and Aquarius, and  conflicts with Cancer and Leo.

9. Metal: Lead is the metal linked to Capricorn, symbolizing durability, structure, and stability.

10. Grain, Colour, Taste: Capricorn is associated with grains like barley, colors like dark brown or black, and a taste for astringent food.

11. Element: Capricorn belongs to the element of earth, symbolizing practicality, grounding, and materialization of goals.

12. Temperament and Age: Capricorn's temperament is often seen as serious, mature, and goal-oriented, representing an old soul, wise beyond its years.

Understanding these attributes provides a holistic view of Capricorn's characteristics and influences which is helpful in dealing with transits in it.

Significance Of Sun Transit In Capricorn

Due to its ability to bring discipline, structure and organisation, this Sun transit is highly praised, it makes sense also because Sun is karaka of Soul and many of our habits are formed based on where Sun is placed in the natal Horoscope.

Whereas Capricorn is the sign of structure and discipline and its lord Saturn is a taskmaster who appreciates hard work and sincerity. Culturally in sub continent India, this transit marks the beginning of Uttarayan which is celebrated across the country in different forms.

It is seen that, this transit does brings challenges for the governments and new rules/laws are passed around this period.

Individually, this transit impacts us in a significant way because Capricorn is a natural sign of karma and career.

This year also, depending on the lordship of Sun and Saturn and their position it the natal horoscope, it is going to affect us in major way.

Given below are the general predictions for Sun transit in Capricorn.

Sun Transit In Capricorn 2024 Ascendant Wise Predictions

Effects On Aries 

For Aries ascendant planet Sun is lord of the auspicious 5th house and is considered as benefic planet for them. Sun rules over the following significations for them:

  • Education.
  • Past life merits.
  • Wisdom.
  • Creativity.
  • Authoritative position.
  • Digestion.
  • Stomach.
  • Cure of illness.
  • Childrens.
  • Mantra Siddhi.

Sun transit in Capricorn will be happening over their 10th house which rules over the following significations:

  • Career.
  • Status.
  • Father's position.
  • Knees.
  • Dignity.
  • Respect.
  • Honors.

In current era the 10th house is a very important house because life revolves around on what we do for a living.

In this transit the auspicious placement of Sun will bring native a rise in career. Especially for those who are looking to a hold a high authority government job. It is also auspicious for the business of the native. Native will bring new ideas on the table and will benefit from them in future. 

Students who are pursuing a course in political science, language or engineering will benefit from it and can land a good job due to this transit of Sun.

Its positive impact on career means that they will be making good money. From Father they can gain get gains and at same time Mother can bless with inheritance.

It is a good time and shows that native can fall in love with someone. 

In marriage the life of the native will become better. There will be happy times in family and native will be feel proud to give good time to native.

The health of the native will be good but mentally native will be very egoistic and proud to accept mistakes.

Effects On Taurus 

Planet Sun is lord of the 4th house and is considered as a mild benefic for them especially when placed in auspicious houses. The significations of Sun are over some important aspects which are mentioned below:

  • Mother.
  • Basic education.
  • Comforts.
  • Luxury.
  • Mental state.
  • Domestic matters.

This transit of Sun will be happening over the 9th house which rules over the following:

  • Father.
  • Teacher.
  • Long distance travels.
  • Pilgrimages.
  • Religion.
  • Luck.
  • Divine grace.

As you can see from the significations above this transit will make a connection between two houses which represents parents. This shows that it is a important transit and will bring good events for the native.

Native will get a opportunity to hold a important position at work. There will be a opportunity to travel abroad or a long distance place. These travels will be work related and will bring good fortune. Native can get promoted also and those who are in politics and administration will get extra support of luck. If dasha is supportive then native can become ministers also.

It is supportive for real estate, buy and selling cars, jewellery business.

Wealth of the native will see a sharp rise and large gains can happen for those involved in a business. Sun transit will provide them an opportunity to expand and they will get lucky to receive the necessary funds for it.

Native may buy a house or car in a time frame and it is an excellent period for investing in gold, silver and gemstone.

Native parents especially Mother will play an important role and chances are there that native may inherit a substantial amount from her. Initially in the beginning part of this transit, native may face issues with Father but with time it will sort out.

Relationships with spouse will be smooth and domestic peace will prevail, native will be getting along with seniors in all spheres of life.

Long distance travel is also possible with friends or family which can be related to meeting distant relatives, visiting temples or can be for leisure purpose.

Mental and physical health will be at its peak and native energy levels will be high and native will perform in top gears when it comes to physical activity. Existing health issues will sort out and a suitable cure will be found.

Remedy: Native should recite Surya ashtakam daily in morning with sincerity. This will take care of the negative impact of Sun transit in Capricorn for them.

Effects On Gemini 

For Gemini ascendant natives, planet Sun is lord of the 3rd house which rules over the following significations for them:

  • Courage.
  • Siblings.
  • Strength.
  • Writing abilities.
  • Short distance travels.
  • Communication skills.
  • Neighborhood.
  • Skills.
  • Media and information consumption.
  • Logical thinking.

Sun transit in Gemini will be happening over their 8th house which is considered as a malefic house and rules over the following significations for them:

  • Longevity.
  • Shared resources.
  • In laws.
  • Sudden gains.
  • Research.
  • Inheritance.
  • Transformation.
  • Obstacles.
  • Sudden events.
  • Shared resources.

This transit is looking negative and can cause issues in most areas of their life. Transit Sun in the 8th house can lead to unnecessary travels, hassles or even loss of Job. Most of these career related issues will arise from natives own lack of proper judgement.

It is highly advised that native should not make any decisions or take any important decision during this period.

Such transit usually leads to overconfidence and mistakes due to them costs very high. Natives in police force, politics, sports, writing, travelling will be affected negatively.

Business will also see down time and native expansion plans will come to halt. There can be events like denial of permit or license. Plus, native may receive a notice from authority like income tax or GST or anything relevant to their business.

Relationships will fail and native will not get along with friends and family. Miscommunication and misunderstandings will be the reason for this. Critical issues with siblings may happen and struggles related to inheritance can arise now.

With spouse, native can make some mistakes which will backfire, or native efforts won't be appreciated leading to dejection and disappointments.

Health of the father will suffer and chances of hospitalization are quite high.

Natives own health will need attention and chances of getting injured are seen. Native need to take care of the diet and care should be taken while doing physical exercises.

Remedy: Considering the fact that any planet transit in 8th house causes obstacle force in all areas of life, native should make ascendant lord Mercury strong via a jyotish quality Green emerald.

Effects On Cancer 

For Cancer ascendant, Sun is lord of the 2nd house which rules over the following significations such as:

  • Family.
  • Income.
  • Food intake.
  • Moral values.
  • Traditions.
  • Savings.
  • Oral health.
  • Eyes.
  • Liabilities.
  • Material comforts.

Sun transit in Capricorn will be happening over their 7th house which signifies important areas of life such as spouse, marriage, partnerships of all kinds, travel related to partnerships, social skills, social skills, legal contracts etc.

Both of the houses involved are related to growth and happiness and majorly involved with marriage and family. 

Let's see how it will affect them.

The transit of Sun will boost their ego and confidence which can be good or bad, native will be able to gain new contracts and positions. Business in partnership will bring lots of success and gains. New ventures will be started and native fame and status will rise. But due to native ego and aura a lot of people are going to be jealous and will hatch a plan against native.

Native will gain money through old investments, spouse, family business and will buy gemstones, watches and clothes regularly.

In relationships, there will be warmth with family members but spouse may get rude and native will have to give efforts to bring balance in marriage. Ego tussles are bound to happen during this timeline.

On matters of health, there will be stress stemming due to over working hours and expansion of business. Sun is maraka here and its transit in a maraka house can bring some health or injury concerns. If not careful, then fever and other seasonal sickness can disturb the routine.

Remedy: Native should read Surya ashtakam daily to appease planet Sun.

Effects On Leo 

For Leo ascendant, planet Sun is lord of the 1st house which makes planet Sun as the most important planet for them. The transit of Sun in Capricorn will be happening over their 6th house which signifies health, debts, theft, enemies, services, pets and maternal relationships.

The transit of the ascendant lord in the 6th house is not seen as good but the transit of Sun in 6th house is praised by texts. So, lets see how it is going to affect them.

During this period native will do lots of hard work and will be showing intensity at work and will be determined to achieve something in life. The 6th house also represents daily work, service, and employment. Sun transit in it can bring opportunities for recognition and leadership in the workplace. 

Native dedication and hard work will be acknowledged during this time. But, native will be facing obstacles and will have to push hard to cross the obstacles.  There will be an enemy at the workplace which will try to harm the native and will turn people against the native.

Despite all that, native will be able to see progress especially when the career is related to service, sports, and politics. If dasha is supportive then native may get a chance to go abroad.

For business and creative line of work this transit is going to create issues. Native, may face losses and will need loans to make things work.

Overall finances will be mediocre and expenses will arise, savings will be drained. If any legal case is going then native will win it but it will require a price.

On matter related to relationship, this transit will be posing challenges, planet Sun represents confidence, authority, pride or ego. During this period native will be rude and will be seeing power struggles at home. This will affect the environment of home and will lead to quarrels.

With spouse things will turn tight and lots of misunderstandings will happen.

The 6th house governs health, and the Sun's transit will bring attention to well-being. Native will be maintaining good health habits, but potential injury issue can arise, if native is in dasha of a maraka planet.

This transit will encourage acts of service and helping others. Native will find fulfillment in assisting those in need or engaging in activities that contribute positively to community. There will be discipline and a structured approach to daily routines. This could be a favorable period for establishing or fixing daily habits for better results.

Remedy: Due to Sun lordship over the first house, native should give strength to planet Sun via a Jyotish quality Ruby in ring finger on Sunday of waxing moon.

Effects On Virgo 

For Virgo ascendant, planet Sun is lord of the 12th house which rules over the significations such as abroad, expenses, sleep, isolation, bed pleasures, comforts, subconscious mind, dreams.

Transit of Sun in Virgo will be happening over their 5th house which controls significations such as education, position, children, digestion, fame, speculation and creativity.

This transit can spark an interest in foreign cultures, travel, or dealings with foreign countries. It could be a time when native will feel drawn to exploring different cultures or engaging in activities related to foreign lands.

It also mean that native will find a job in foreign place.

This will be seen as a good event and will favor their growth and future plans.

The current challenges will start to dissolve and native will be able to get off existing issues at workplace. Those working in creative fields like writers, acting and music will find their rhythm and some of their best work will come in this period.

Those who are in business will find more gains especially if it is related to export or import. 

In the area of finances, native will be seeing rise in expenditures on account of traveling, food and on luxury items.

On relationship, the impact is mediocre in nature, native busy schedule and absence will lead to some issues in relationship. With spouse, things are looking normal but with lover some misunderstandings will arise. Children mostly will be the cause of concern and their emotional needs and requirement will burden the native.

This transit will bring a temporary retreat from the limelight. Native will the requirement of rest, recuperation, and engagement in spiritual will increase during this transit of Sun.

Native will be engaged in introspection, meditation, or seeking solitude for inner growth and self-reflection. Which will prove beneficial for mental health.For physical health, native will be taking necessary steps for improvement. But, stomach related issues will bother native and if innatal horoscope native have weak or afflicted 5th house or its lord, then cautions are advised.

Remedy: Native should donate wheat on every Sunday morning throughout the duration of the transit.

Effects On Libra 

Here, Sun is lord of the 11th house which rules over the significations such as gains, network, friends, elder sibling, paternal uncles, fame, fulfillment of desires etc.

The transit of Sun in Capricorn will be happening over their 4th house of mother, land, assets, mental peace, domestic environment etc.

This transit of Sun in Capricorn is looking beneficial for them and will be giving amazing results which are mentioned below.

On the career front, this transit is going to bring new opportunities and connections for them. Native will be getting promotion or recognition for their work and efforts. But due to the low digbal of planet Sun these results may come with some hiccups. Natives in the field of real estate, finances, luxury items, and car businesses will get more favors.

For finances, this period will be beneficial, native will acquire real estate, vehicles, jewelry and other valuables. This is the period when someone gets rich but for that one should have suitable dhanyoga in the natal horoscope. Inheritance can also be obtained through the mother or her family.

Native will be bringing more gains through engagement in networking activities or gains through home-based businesses.

In relationship area, this period will bring fun activities with family members and native will enjoy materialistic pleasure like holidays etc. But deep down there may be absence of emotional bond. With spouse things are looking normal and native will be able to solve existing marital crises. But at the same time health concerns to the mother will bother the native. With Father there will be improvement in relationships and gains from him.

On the health front, maintaining emotional stability will be a challenge and stress-related health concerns, particularly related to chest can happen. It will become important to prioritize self-care and emotional well-being during this transit.

Remedy: Native should do Surya namaskar daily while reciting the mantras associated with each position.

Effects On Scorpio 

Here, planet Sun is lord of the 10th house which rules over the significations such as career, karma, status, ambition, kness etc.

The transit of Sun in Capricorn will be happening over their 3rd house of siblings, courage, short distance travels, strength, skill etc.

The transit of Sun in the 3rd house is considered positive and here planet Sun rulership makes it more beneficial for them.

On the career front, the prospects are set to soar now, native hard work will be recognized with promotions and special incentives, elevated status and earning commendation from superiors. Increased career-related travel will happen, proving fruitful and potentially propelling professional trajectory.

Natives who are looking for a job change will get lucky now and favorable offers will come. Sports, politics, travel agents, influencers, sailors, merchants will be seeing significant rise in income. 

This transit will enhance their communication skills and self-expression and native will be  more articulate, assertive, and persuasive in expressing ideas and opinions.  Which means, it's a favorable time for presentations, negotiations, or discussions related to career matters or funds raising.

In relationships, native again will be giving significant efforts to improve harmony in family and efforts will materialize also. Happiness will prevail and native will get love and affection from spouse, kids, parents and siblings.

In matters of health, their will be good routine and engagement in exercises and physical activities. Existing health issues will find suitable cure and finally native will be out of hardships.

Remedy: Native should do yagna and havan to gain blessing of planet Sun,

Effects On Sagittarius 

For Sagittarius Ascendant, planet Saturn is lord of the 9th house and is considered as a benefic planet for them.

Sun rules over important significations for them such as religion, father, luck, long distance travels, government and it is the most auspicious planet for them.

The transit of Sun will be happening over the 2nd house which rules over family, earning, maraka, food habits and speech.

This transit will bring auspicious results in all areas of their life. On the career front, auspicious events will be happening such as the gain of a new position and increase in business. Native will gain the confidence of seniors and will be on the good side of everyone at work place. Family business will see a rise in activities and new domains will be added in it.

The best impact will be felt on finances, native is likely to gain money from multiple sources. Investments will also be made which will secure the future, plus native will be able to gain money via inheritance from the father or from in-laws.

Since Sun will be in the 8th house from the 7th house, the auspicious nature of Sun will bring sudden rise for the spouse and will elevate the career also. The relationship with spouse will be good and there can be child birth to the sibling of spouse. 

The health of the native will be good and but some minor head and eye pain will be felt.

Remedy: Native should make the ascendant lord Jupiter strong via a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire.

Effects On Capricorn

Planet Sun is lord of the 8th house and is considered as a neutral planet for them. As per many, it is a a malefic planet but as per rules of lordship it is not unless it is afflicted.

The transit of Sun in Capricorn will be happening over the 1st house which is the most important house in Vedic astrology.

This means that planet Sun will impact strongly on them. Any kind of effect, positive or negative, will be felt strongly by the native.

The positive results of it are as follows:

  • Native will feel healthy.
  • There will be interest in the occult.
  • Native will get opportunities abroad.
  • Inheritance from Father.

The possibilities mentioned above will manifest as per the dasha native running in. 

The same way the negative impact of this transit will be as follows:

  • Bad health.
  • Troubles in marriage.
  • Loss of job.
  • Stress.

As you can see that this transit have both positive and negative shades hence it is must that the native should get the Horoscope analysed.

Remedy: A general remedy for this transit is to make ascendant lord Saturn strong via a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire.

Effects On Aquarius

Planet Sun is lord of the 7th house and is a maraka planet for them. Sun overall rules over significantions such as spouse, married life, maraka, partnerships of all kind etc.

The transit of Sun will be happening over the 12th house which rules over significantions such as abroad, expenses, sleep, dreams and far of places.

This transit of the Sun is going to pose a good amount of challenges for them and let's see how and why.

The first impact of its will be over their marriage and high chances are there that native will have issues in marriage. There will be physical distance between the native and the spouse. If native have combinations for bad marriage in natal horoscope then this transit of Sun can trigger its negative impact

On career & wealth the impact will be both positive and negative. Talking about the positive effects, the native may get a opportunity to go and work abroad. The native will have too much spending and won't be able to save much of it. Plus there can be losses in speculation and investments. It is best that native should not make hasty decisions about money in this transit.

The health of the transit will see troubles because as a maraka planet transit in the 12th house, it can make native prone to common cold, allergy and pain in joints. It is advised that native keep a watch on health.

Remedy: Native should appease planet Sun via Sun worshipping in any means.

Effects On Pisces 

For Pisces ascendant, planet Sun is lord of the 6th house and is a malefic planet for them. Sun rules over the following significations for them:

  • Enemies.
  • Debts.
  • Injury.
  • Illness.
  • Maternal relations.
  • Enemies.
  • Legal matters.

Sun transit in Capricorn will be happening over the 11th house of large, gains, elder sibling, connections, networking, friends, fame and many other important significations.

Let's see how it will affect the native.

The impact of Sun transit will bring a new found energy and aggression in native. The 11th house is the house of growth and transit of the 6th lord in it is considered as good. Native will excel in competitions and is a good indication for success in competitive exams. Native will get favor from government and will seniors which will allow good growth in career. 

For wealth it can be good but native will spend a lot and may take loans for a important project. The expenses can be on starting a business or in its expansion. 

Sun as a malefic can harm the significations of the 5th & 7th house. Its direct aspect on 5th house can bring troubles in the love affairs of the native and can cause stress from children's. The same time transit Sun trine position to the 7th house can affect marriage in a peculiar way. Despite the personal growth of the spouse, native will not find enough time to spend with spouse. 

The transit will a major impact on health because Sun rulership over the 6th house. Its transit over the 11th house will bring peak fitness to the native. There will be urge to fix things and adopt a healthy lifestyle. Though stomach related issues can be there but in the end native will manage it all. It is a very effective transit to overcome from illness or a injury.

Remedy: The best way to enhance the good effects of this transit is reading Aditya Hridayam stotram.

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