Planet Saturn went in into the sign of Aquarius in January 2023 and with that ended the transit of Saturn in Capricorn which was very hard on most of us.

Technically, Saturn transit in Aquarius is benefic in nature and is able to give relief from the ongoing issues in our life.

Now new transit and new hopes and expectations are there and we all are curious to know  how it will affect us.

In this article, I will be mentioning how to judge the effects of Saturn transit in Aquarius.

So here I am giving some solid techniques which can help you make predictions by yourself for this Saturn transit.

Let's see them now.

How To Read Saturn Transit In Aquarius

So you might be wondering what special I can tell you here, because a lot of data is already out there.

See data is there for sure, but what about implementation

So to make it easy for you, I have made a list of major points with a detailed explanation, which you should be looking for making prediction on Saturn transit in Capricorn sign.

And I have divided them into two major category where first is Static factors and Dynamic factors.

Static factors are those which are universally applicable to all Horoscopes and does not change.

Whereas Dynamic factors are those which changes from horoscope to horoscope and are most important in any kind of planetary transit analysis.

Even though I have written a guide on how to study transits but this one is bigger and better.

So let's check them out:

Static factors affecting Saturn transit in Aquarius sign predictions

1.  About Planet Saturn: It is quite obvious here that you should known the various aspects of planet Saturn.

If you don't, then follow the paragraph given below:

Saturn is considered as lord of Karma and ruler of the 10th and 11th house in a horoscope.

Saturn represents following in astrology:

  1. Profession.
  2. Labour work.
  3. Pain.
  4. Tragedy.
  5. Long term health issue.
  6. Delays.
  7. Denial.
  8. Knees.
  9. Iron.
  10. Masses.

Above list may sound depressing to you, but don't ignore the fact that without Saturn planet existence , we can not even breathe.

Even gravity also comes under Saturn.

And no success can come without blessings of planet Saturn.

Therefore don't take the list seriously, rather look on long term how Saturn works and can bless you with all round success through constant efforts, hurdles and improvements.

So once you figure out what significations Saturn rules in astrology, it will be easier for you to predict Saturn transit in Aquarius results.

Always remember it is always important to understand what you are dealing with.

2. General Effects of Saturn in Aquarius sign: Quite obviously, we should know about it because Aquarius will be  this sign where Saturn is going to transit in year 2023.

In short words here is what happens when Saturn passes through Sagittarius sign:

  • In general it is one of the best sign where Saturn can be.
  • Saturn gains authority here.
  • Saturn will be in own which means Saturn will have good powers to bestow its results be it good or bad.
  • It is considered as good for economy.
  • Saturn transit through Aquarius sign is once in a rare time which can bring social awareness.
  • It also brings some kind of practicality to individuals.
  • It is helpful to make advancement in new age technology like i.e.

3. General effects of Saturn transit over houses: Now this is very important and in fact the most important among all static factors affecting Saturn transit this year.

Here you need to pay attention on effects generated by transit Saturn over a particular house.

In general Saturn when transiting over 3rd, 6th and 11th gives good results to the individual.

Whereas its transit over 8th and 12th is considered as bad.

Same way there will be different interpretations for Saturn transit in different houses.

But nothing solid can be concluded just over this basis because as I said before it is a static factor and is universally applicable and can not be relied unless we mix dynamic factors to it.

Which brings us to dynamic factors which will help you to make predictions of Saturn transit in Aquarius sign.

To read more on effects of Saturn transit through various house use the link below:

Dynamic factors affecting Saturn transit in Aquarius sign

Before we go further ahead, you need to understand that these guidelines should be applied holistically on horoscopes.

So here it begins;

1. Your rising ascendant: This is the most important and vital factor of all because the tendency of Saturn both good or bad is judged based on this only.

In short, it determines whether Saturn is a malefic or beneficial planet for you and is the main key while making predictions for Saturn transit  because this factor alone brings the holistic approach to it.

I have written a article on this and you can refer to it to know if Saturn is beneficial or malefic planet for you.

You can also use the table given below to understand the role and nature of Saturn in your Horoscope.

Ascendant Sign

Lordship Of Saturn

Nature Of Saturn


10th & 11th house



9th & 10th house

Benefic & Yogakaraka


8th & 9th house



7th & 8th house



6th & 7th house



5th & 6th house



4th & 5th house

Benefic & Yogakaraka


3rd & 4th house



8th & 9th house



1st & 2nd house



1st & 12th house



11th & 12th house


Now you have determined the functional nature of Saturn in your horoscope and I should give you an example to make it more clear for you.

In year 2023 planet Saturn is transiting through 12th house for Pisces ascendant natives and we can read how negative things are predicted everywhere.

But just think, Saturn is still the lord of the 11th house and will be in own sign in their 12th house.

Which means, the 12th house for Pisces ascendant natives will become auspicious and good effects of 12th house will come on surface.

But Saturn transit over the 12th house is not considered as good.

So there are positive results also not just negative.

I hope you got this point clearly, if not then always feel free to ask regarding role of planet in your horoscope.

It is time to move to next step.

2. Position of Saturn in your natal chart (including navamsha and other divisional chart).

Honestly this can go extremely long and is all about judging Saturn in your natal horoscope.

And a question may arise in your mind.

Why are we dealing with natal Saturn while judging effects of Saturn transit in Aquarius?

It is because, Saturn in its transit will give you effects which are directly proportional to its auspicious or inauspicious nature in your horoscope.

Suppose during year 2023, Saturn is transiting through your 11th house(aries ascendant) and you may feel wonderful and highly optimist regarding its results.

But there are many individuals with Aries ascendant and if we have to make a assumption of number of people having Aries Ascendant then divide the world population with 12.

Here is this sweet calculation for you:

Approx worldwide population=8,70,000000
And now divide it with total no of ascendant signs which is 12.

You will get 72,500000.

If we take this calculation seriously, it means there are 72,500000 people with Pisces ascendant and not all are going to experience the same effects during Saturn transit in Aquarius.

Some are going through a good time whereas many are having distress in their life.

And this is the reason why you should calculate how auspicious is Saturn in your horoscope.

Take above calculation in good spirits, it can give you a good an idea and can take many fears out of your system like Manglik and Sade Sati fear.

Now you understand why you need to assess your natal Saturn, we can go further on it.

And depending on your basic understanding of astrology, all this exercise can go complicated also, because here you need to see every aspect of planet Saturn in your Horoscope and need to apply every possible rules of astrology over Saturn.

Because; this will determine the following:

  • Strength of Saturn.
  • Saturn's working in your Horoscope.

But as said before, it is very hard to describe each and every point here because every horoscope is unique and application of rules will differ from own to others.

How we decide the condition of Saturn in a Horoscope requires a different article but as for now understand that it is important to asses the condition of Saturn in natal and divisional charts.

For quick and easy reference, follow carefully what I have stated down below:

2.1. Zodiac sign of Saturn: Here, check the basic results of Saturn in the sign where it is posted in your Horoscope.

For example, Saturn is debilitated in Aries and definitely don't work effectively.

On other hand Saturn in Libra is exalted and works well with his all might.

So same way Saturn can be in any sign, and you need to know the basic results of Saturn through each sign.

I haven't made any article on this but sooner or later I will add a link for it.

Now, here so far, we have dealt with Saturn position in D-1 only, and to be fair we should be looking more then that.

Yes!! I am talking about divisional charts here especially Navamsha.

So, accordingly check the navamsha position of Saturn in your horoscope.

For example, Saturn in your horoscope can be in Aries where it is debilitated, but if it is in Libra in navamsha then it will be considered as good and a lot of modifications need to be made on the analysis you made through Saturn's D-1 position only.

Factors like Pushkar Navamsha, and techniques like Atmya Tulya Rashi or Rashi Tulya Navamsha should be applied effectively to planet Saturn.

Same way, Saturn should be judged in every divisional chart especially in D-3, D-7, D-10, D12, D-30 and D-60.

2.2. House position of Saturn:
It is quite similar to point number one and doesn't require much explantation.

Still, keep in mind that Saturn works really well in 3rd, 6th and 11th.

So give some extra weightage to Saturn if found in these houses.

#Tip, Don't forget to include zodiac placement of Saturn in D-1 and D-9.

2.3. Association of other planets with Saturn: All planets makes some kind of association with each other and there are quite a few ways for it.

And these associations tend to modify the results of planets.

For example association of Sun and Saturn in a Horoscope is considered as bad.Whereas association of Saturn and Venus is presided in most of astrology texts.

Also, don't forget to consider the lordship of other planets making association with planet Saturn.

If lord of 6th, 8th or 12th, these planets will make Saturn afflicted and we all known affliction is never good and creates issues in areas ruled by planet Saturn.

I think these points are enough to judge the effectiveness of Saturn in your horoscope.

See, you might be thinking why I am stating all these here? The answer to this is plain and simple "if Saturn is weak in your natal horoscope then no matter what, how strong Saturn transit looks in theory.

It will never be beneficial for you in reality.

Just think, how many times you got disappointed with the results of transits in past?
The disappointed came because you didn't consider the every aspect of Saturn in your horoscope.


Without judging that, you will never be able to predict any thing in astrology forget about Saturn transit 2023.

2.4. Relationship of Saturn with other planets in your horoscope: Here all you need to watch is how Saturn is interacting with other word.

Or in simple words, need to judge the effects of other planets over Saturn. And, for that you need to how planets makes a connection with other planets.

For example in your horoscope, Saturn is placed in 7th house in any sign. Then check how many planets are affecting Saturn via union, aspects or any other mean.

Once, you judge that properly, things will be very clear to you. Because, this excercise will change the analysis which you got from previous excersice.

Now since you have done the major work of assessing Saturn in your Horoscope, it is the time you learn the techniques which is specifically applied over transit aspect of Saturn.

2.5. Ashtakvarga score of transit Saturn: Now since we are doing analysis over a transit, it is very important to look over ashtakvarga too.

It is quite simple and effective and following needs to be done for it:

Check the total ashtakvarga score also known as samudya ashtakvarga of the house from where Saturn is transiting.

Keeping Saturn transit in Aquarius in mind, all you need to do is check how many points are there in Aquarius sign in your horoscope.

If more then 28 then it means Saturn is transiting through a strong house and good results of transit will be expected.

For your own reference, this is how, Samudya ashtakvarga table looks like.

Though it will differ from software to software but it is easy to figure out things, once you get the hang of it.

Check how many bindus Saturn had got in Aquarius sign, if more then 3 then Saturn transit will be favourable.

2.6. Effects of Saturn transit over other planets in your natal chart: Suppose Saturn is transiting over your 6th house through Sagittarius sign and planet Mars is already present there.

Then it can cause injury, debts issues,violent behaviour etc. Same way effect of Saturn transit over other planets should also be known. Now with Saturn's change into Aquarius sign the cycle of Sade Sati also got affected and it is must you include that in too.

For your knowledge, this is what happened with Saturn transit in Aquarius:

  • Sade Sati for Sagittarius Moon Sign ended.
  • For Capricorn Moon Sign, the last phase for Sade sati got a start.
  • For Aquarius Moon Sign, the second phase of Sade sati came to light.
  • For Pisces Moon sign, the first phase of Sade sati started.

Check the following table for the dates of Sade Sati ahead.





MAR-29, 2025

MAY-30, 2032


JUN-02, 2027

JUL-12, 2034


AUG-08, 2029

AUG-27, 2036


MAY-30, 2032

JUL-12, 2039


JUL-12, 2034

JAN-27, 2041


AUG-27, 2036

DEC-11, 2043





OCT-22, 2038

DEC-07, 2046


NOV-14, 2011

JAN-23, 2020


NOV-02, 2014

APR-28, 2022


OCT-26, 2017

MAR-29, 2025


JAN-23, 2020

AUG-08, 2029


APR-28, 2022

AUG-08, 2029

Now, the last part is very interesting and is related with planet Jupiter transit.

Saturn transit along with transit of Jupiter can trigger the events in our life as promised by dashes and is known as Double transit of Saturn-Jupiter.

And you should incorporate that too in you analysis of Saturn transit.

Now above I have converted pretty much on how you can make predictions for Saturn transit in Capricorn sign.

But you may question here weather these predictions techniques for 2023 will hold true for other years also?

My answer will be NO!!

Why? Because Saturn will change sign in navamsha during its transits through Aquarius sign.

Final Conclusion

You have seen how many factors are there which should be taken into account before making predictions on Saturn Transit in Capricorn sign.

You can pretty much use these rules on all planetary transits and while doing so do take their natural effects into account. 

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