Rahu Transit In Pisces & Ketu Transit In Virgo Year 2024

Rahu Ketu transiit 2023

Rahu and Ketu are the nodes of planet Moon, where one represent materialism and the other represents detachment.

Rahu and Ketu are super important and have the ability to bring either a rise or a downfall in life. Together, they are always creating a push and pull in natives mind and 

Their transit in 2024 will be in Pisces and Virgo sign respectively and since they have settled in their respective transit signs, there will be massive changes in our lives now.

In this article we will learn about all aspects of this Rahu and Ketu transit and following will be covered in it.

About the planet Rahu and Pisces Sign

Rahu is a shadow planet who always moves in retrograde motion and is a node of the planet Moon. It is also known as the North node of planet Moon.

Each year its transit brings new changes for all of us.

In today's materialistic world the importance of Rahu is paramount. Rahu is hidden thoughts and desires and in order to figure out the nature of a person, the position of Rahu and Ketu is important along with the Moon & Rising ascendant sign.

Rahu basically rules over Maya, desires, foreign, poison, and far of places. and its other important details are mentioned below:

  • Nature: Natural malefic.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Caste: Outcaste, Foreigner in today's context.
  • Direction: South-Western.
  • Places: Anthills, Mother goddess temple.
  • Own Sign: Aquarius.
  • Exaltation: Taurus.
  • Debilitation: Scorpio.
  • Mooltrikone: Gemini.
  • Friends: Mercury, Venus, Saturn.
  • Enemies: Sun, Moon
  • Gemstone: Hessonite.
  • Aspect: 5th, 7th & 9th.
  • Stone: Hessonite.
  • Metal: Lead.
  • Grain: Black Gram
  • Colour: Honey Brown.
  • Taste: Astringent.
  • Relation: GrandFather.
  • Element: Windy.
  • Temperament: Harsh & Cruel.
  • Age: Old about 100 years
  • Dasha period: 18 years.
  • Nakshatra: Ardra, Swati, Shatabhisha.
  • Karaka: Abroad, poison, snakes, gambling.
  • Speed Of Motion: 3 min in a day in retrograde motion.

In Vedic astrology, Pisces is known as “Meena” and is the twelfth sign of the zodiac. Here are some key characteristics and traits associated with Pisces in Vedic astrology:

1. Ruled by Jupiter: Pisces sign is ruled by the planet Jupiter (Brihaspati), which imparts qualities of spirituality, wisdom, and benevolence to those who are born under it, either as Ascendant or Moon sign.

2. Element and Nature: The Pisces sign is a water sign. Natives born under this sign are emotional, sensitive, and intuitive. They are deeply in touch with their feelings and often have strong empathetic abilities.

3. Dual Nature: Pisces zodiac is considered a dual sign, representing both the material and spiritual aspects of life. Natives ruled by this sign can struggle with the duality of their nature, often torn between their dreams and practicality.

4. Symbol: The symbol of Pisces in Vedic astrology is two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the duality of their nature. They are known for their adaptability and flexibility.

5. Positive Traits: Natives ruled by Pisces are often creative, compassionate, and artistic. They have a strong sense of empathy and are inclined towards helping others. They are imaginative and often drawn to artistic pursuits. Natives ruled by Pisces sign excel in careers related to art, music, spirituality, and healing professions. They are intuitive and can connect with people on a deep emotional level.

6. Negative Traits: The negative side of the Pisces sign can make one overly emotional and sometimes prone to escapism. It can bring struggles with decisiveness and practical matters due to its dreamy nature.

8. Relationships: Pisces natives are often romantic and seek soulful connections in relationships. They are loyal and caring partners but may need someone who can provide stability and grounding.

9. Compatibility: The Pisces sign is most compatible with other water signs (Cancer and Scorpio) and earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) because the Earth element can balance their dreamy nature with practicality.

Whereas Rahu is one of the lunar nodes, often associated with desires, obsessions, and unconventional pursuits. It also represents illusion, greed, and other negative aspects. When Rahu will transit, the following is expected to happen:

Significance Of Rahu transit in Pisces

1. Spiritual Inclination: Rahu's transit in Pisces can create a strong attraction to spiritual and mystical matters. There can be a deep interest in meditation, yoga, and esoteric knowledge.

2. Imagination and Creativity: Pisces is a sign known for its creativity and artistic abilities. When Rahu transits in Pisces, it can enhance a person's imaginative and creative talents. Natives who have placements for success in the creative field will excel in artistic fields such as music, art, writing, or filmmaking.

3. Intuitive Abilities: Pisces is a highly intuitive sign, and Rahu amplifies these intuitive qualities. Rahu's transit in Pisces will enhance psychic abilities and give a heightened sense of intuition.

4. Emotional Sensitivity: Pisces is a sign associated with emotional depth and sensitivity. Rahu's transit can intensify these emotions, making natives highly empathetic but also emotionally vulnerable. This means natives with an afflicted Moon can find it hard to deal with emotions.

5. Escapism: Pisces is known for its dreamy and escapist tendencies, and Rahu's transit can amplify this trait. Rahu's transit in Pisces will make natives prone to escapism through various means, such as daydreaming, fantasy, or substance abuse.

6. Challenges with Reality: Rahu is an illusion and gives false hopes. Now, with transit Rahu in Pisces, there will be a struggle to differentiate between reality and illusion at times. In order to avoid this, natives need to ground themselves and stay connected to practical aspects of life.

7. Interest in the Occult: Rahu has a deep connection with occult and hidden activities. Now, its transit in Pisces will spark an interest in occult sciences and mystical practices. Natives will explore astrology, tarot, or other metaphysical subjects. Some will even start a career in it.

8. Unconventional Beliefs: Planet Rahu represents unconventional beliefs. Rahu tends to push boundaries and explore unconventional beliefs. When it transits in Pisces, natives may get drawn to unorthodox or non-traditional spiritual and philosophical views. More engagement in conspiracy theories will be seen.

9. Karmic Influences: Planet Rahu is associated with karmic influences and past-life connections. Its transit in Pisces indicates karmic lessons related to spirituality and emotions. Natives with an afflicted 5th or 12th house will find themselves in situations that will be karmic in nature.

It's important to note that the overall impact of Rahu in Pisces can vary depending on its specific house placement in the birth chart and its aspects with other planets.

About the Virgo Sign 

In Vedic astrology, the Virgo zodiac sign is known as "Kanya Rashi." Here are some key characteristics and attributes associated with the Virgo Zodiac:

1. Ruling Planet: Mercury is considered the ruling planet of Virgo, which influences their intellect, communication skills, and attention to detail.

2. Element: The Virgo zodiac is ruled by the Earth element, indicating practicality, stability, and a grounded nature.

3. Nakshatra: The Virgo zodiac sign is associated with the Nakshatra (lunar mansion) called "Uttara Phalguni," which emphasizes qualities like creativity, responsibility, and a desire for self-improvement.

4. Modesty and Humility: Natives ruled by the Virgo sign are seen as modest and humble individuals who may not seek the spotlight but excel in their work quietly.

5. Precision and Analytical Abilities: Natives ruled by the Virgo sign are known for their meticulousness and analytical thinking. They pay close attention to details and have a keen eye for spotting errors.

6. Service-Oriented: The Virgo sign gives a strong inclination towards helping others and serving society. They often find fulfillment in roles that allow them to be of service to others.

7. Health Conscious: Vedic astrology suggests that Virgos are health-conscious and should pay attention to their well-being. They may be prone to digestive issues and should maintain a balanced diet.

8. Practical and Organized: Virgo individuals are practical in their approach to life. They are excellent organizers and planners, making them valuable assets in both personal and professional settings.

9. Critical Thinkers: Virgo natives tend to be critical thinkers, which can be an asset but may also lead to overthinking or worry at times.

10. Love for Learning: Natives with the Virgo sign have a strong love for learning and self-improvement. They continuously seek to expand their knowledge and skills.

Significance Of Ketu transit in Virgo

Rahu Transit In Pisces & Ketu Transit In Virgo Year 2024

Ketu's transit through the zodiac sign of Virgo, also known as "Kanya Rashi" in Vedic astrology, can have various effects and significances depending on an individual's birth chart and the specific house in which Ketu is transiting. Here are some general significances of Ketu transit in Virgo:

1. Spiritual Growth: Ketu is often associated with spirituality, detachment, and the quest for higher knowledge. When Ketu transits through Virgo, natives may experience an increased interest in spiritual pursuits and a desire to detach from materialistic concerns.

2. Analytical Insights: Virgo is a sign known for its analytical and detail-oriented nature. When Ketu transit through Virgo, it can enhance natives ability to dig deep into details and gain insights into complex matters, both in practical and spiritual aspects of life.

3. Unconventional Approach: Ketu represents the unconventional and non materialistic aspects of life. Its transit in Virgo may encourage natives to take a more unconventional approach to problem-solving, work, and daily routines.

4. Karmic Impact: Ketu is often associated with karmic influences and past-life connections. During its transit in Virgo, natives with specific karmic lessons related to service, health, or analytical skills may find themselves facing situations that trigger karma.

5. Detachment from Routine:
Virgo is a sign associated with routine and service. Ketu's transit in Virgo can sometimes make natives feel detached from their daily routines and responsibilities. This detachment may lead to a reevaluation of one's work and service-related commitments.

6. Health Considerations: Virgo is also linked to health and wellness. During Ketu's transit in Virgo, individuals may need to pay extra attention to their health, especially digestive and nervous system issues. It's a good time to explore holistic and alternative health practices.

7. Focus on Self-Improvement:
Ketu's influence can drive individuals to focus on self-improvement, both mentally and spiritually. This transit can be a period of self-discovery and personal growth, as people seek to understand their deeper motivations and desires.

8. Reevaluation of Skills: Ketu's transit through Virgo may lead natives to reevaluate their skills and talents. Natives may question the practicality of certain skills and may be drawn toward developing new, spiritually aligned abilities.

9. Detachment from Materialism: Virgo is an Earth sign associated with practicality and materialism. Ketu's presence in Virgo may encourage natives to let go of material attachments and embrace a simpler, more minimalist lifestyle.

10. Challenges with Organization: Virgo is known for its organizational skills, Ketu's influence can sometimes disrupt this aspect. People may find it challenging to maintain a structured routine during this transit.

It's important to remember that the exact impact of Ketu's transit in Virgo will vary from person to person based on their individual birth charts. It is important the specific house placement of Ketu and its aspects with other planets in natives birth horoscope.

Effects for Aries Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Aries ascendant, Rahu will transit over the 12th house, which rules over the following significations:

  • Abroad.
  • Expenses.
  • Sleep.
  • Dreams.
  • Feet.
  • Mental peace.Isolation.
  • Abroad.
  • Poverty.
  • Spirits.

Now Rahu will be out of their first house, and now its effects over the 12th house will be mixed in nature. On the career and financial front, the native will be getting lucky to find an opportunity abroad.

Those who have desires to settle in foreign lands will find a conducive environment. Those who are waiting for their residency status will be able to get it now.

Despite how it may look easy, it is important to pay attention to the placement of the 4th and 12th house lord, and at the same time, supportive dasha should be running in the native's natal horoscope. Enmity at the workplace will rise, but the native will be able to squash the enemies.

Expenses will rise, and the native will find savings getting drained. Also, a requirement to get debts will arise. It is important to keep a check on expenses along, and there should be good backup plans for emergencies. On the relationship front, things won't be much good.

The native will be forced to live far from family. Lack of pleasure and romance will be there. Issues with a love partner can arise. During such transit, the negative placements regarding marriage can get triggered.

But if the native has Venus over the 12th house in the natal Horoscope, then this transit of Rahu will provide an opportunity to travel abroad with the spouse. Events like a honeymoon happen in such transits. Considering the Jupiter transit over the 1st house indicates marriage. So perfect alignments are there.

Though the native should be in dasha supportive of such a thing to happen. The 12th house is the house of paternal grandparents and has something to do with dead ancestors also.

During this transit, there can be health issues with them or some inconvenient conversation with them. With the mother, there can be issues; there can be either health issues for her or the native will have to live far from her. 

On the health front, the 12th house has strong importance. Rahu there can bring visits to the hospital due to injury or some discomfort over health. Expenses will definitely rise due to health concerns. Bad sleep, lack of mental peace, and pain in feet can be there. In any circumstances, health won't be good.

Remedy: The native should pacify planet Jupiter; strength should be given by a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire in the index finger on the right hand.

Conclusion: Rahu will be in the 12th house, and a lot will matter where Jupiter is placed in the house. Abroad-related opportunities will come, though enmity will arise, but the native will handle the situation. Expenses will rise, but if the native is abroad, more money will come. The health area will be quite negative. Old issues will arise, and along with the hospital visits will be more than usual.

Effects for Taurus Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Taurus ascendant, Rahu will transit over the 11th house, which rules over gains, victory, elder siblings, paternal uncles, networking, influence, friends, hopes, and aspirations, etc.

Now, since Rahu will be out of the 12th house, significant relief will come into the life of the native. The native will become very ambitious and will aspire to have a good life.

Luckily, things will be in the native's favor, even though the transit of Jupiter through the 12th house will still keep the native on their toes and won't allow them to get the best from this Rahu transit. But still, success will come in the form of a promotion or a much-awaited position. It is looking very supportive for a career in the fields of IT, sports, and politics.

The native will be able to solve issues at the workplace through diplomacy, but there is a need to avoid cunningness.

Business will improve, and expansion will be there. If the native's business is related to the abroad direction, then a conducive environment will be there. It's a good period to buy raw materials from abroad and important machinery or machine parts.

There can be issues with the business partner, but once Jupiter comes into the zodiac sign of Taurus, things will get better. Saturn's influence over the 10th house will surely push their career and wealth. On the relationship front, some improvements will come.

But the native will be required to not follow impulses that can be a bit unorthodox and over the top in nature. Chances of separation from the lover and the spouse are quite high.

Current issues in marriage can become larger. The possibility of having affairs is also there, provided if the native has afflicted Mars, Venus, or the 8th house.

Paternal uncles and elder siblings won't be on the same page as the native. Issues in childbirth will be there, but the possibility of children going abroad is very high. Health-wise, the native will feel energetic and will be into exercise and outdoor activities. Old issues can flare up now, and digestion-related issues will bother the native to a large extent.

Effects For Gemini Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Gemini ascendant, Rahu will transit over the 10th house, and Ketu will transit over the 4th house. The impact of Rahu-Ketu transit will now end for their 5th and 11th houses, creating a new pattern of events for them.

The transit of Rahu will occur over their 10th house, which governs career, ambitions, karma, father's health, and status. Rahu's 5th aspect will be over the 2nd house, related to family, income, moral values, speech, and food intake. Rahu's transit will also affect the 6th house, which deals with enemies, debts, health issues, maternal relationships, and immunity.

Ketu will transit over the 4th house, associated with mother, mental peace, luxury, assets, sense of security, and basic education. During its transit, Ketu will aspect the following houses:

  1. The 8th house, connected to occult matters, in-laws, sudden events, tragedies, matters related to inheritance, taxes, shared resources, mysteries, challenges, and transformation.
  2. The 12th house, related to spiritual growth, isolation, hidden enemies, solitude, hospitals, prisons, foreign travels, distant places, unfamiliar cultures, liberation, hidden motives, etc.

Let's explore in detail how these transits will affect them.

The transit of Rahu through the 10th house is generally considered favorable, as it brings significant changes and influences to the native's career, reputation, and public life.

Rahu, being associated with desires, obsessions, and unconventional approaches, intensifies the desire for career success and recognition. The native will become highly ambitious and driven to achieve career and wealth goals. 

This can lead to both positive advancements and potential challenges because the native may pursue recognition at any cost.

They might explore non-traditional career paths, technology-related fields, or areas that involve innovation and risk-taking. Public image becomes important during this transit, and Rahu can elevate their reputation. However, the native should be cautious of unethical or deceitful practices that could harm their reputation.

On the negative side, Rahu's transit can bring challenges and unexpected changes in career and wealth. These challenges may involve power struggles at work, changes in leadership, or disruptions in their career trajectory. It's advisable for the native to adapt and stay flexible during this transit.

During this phase, Ketu's transit may negatively impact the native's relationships. There may be a lack of peace on the domestic front, and expenses may increase due to health issues of the spouse and mother.

Changes in family dynamics or the family environment are possible during this transit, but there will also be opportunities for reevaluation and transformation within the family.

Ketu's influence may reduce the native's attachment to material comforts and possessions, leading to a greater inclination towards spiritual and emotional fulfillment over materialistic desires. There may be changes related to property, real estate, or living situations, possibly involving moves or renovations that enhance the sense of security.

Ketu will also encourage spiritual pursuits and practices, with an interest in meditation, yoga, or other spiritual activities to find meaning beyond the material world. Ketu's impact on the 4th house may trigger memories from past events related to family.

Health-wise, issues related to health, nerves, and the neck may arise, and old health issues may resurface. While major physical health issues are not seen, mental health may require attention.

Conclusion: Career opportunities will improve with new prospects on the horizon, including opportunities abroad. The native's social standing will also improve. However, there may be challenges in relationships, and the mother's health may not be robust. The native may prefer solitude and isolation. Travel opportunities will arise, with a deep interest in exploring new cultures. Health may suffer due to an imbalance in the vata component of the body.

Remedies: To mitigate the negative impact of this Rahu-Ketu transit, the native should strengthen the ascendant lord by wearing a Jyotish-quality Green Emerald of 2-3 carats on the smallest finger of the right hand.

Effects For Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer ascendant, which is ruled by the planet Moon, the transit of Rahu becomes highly significant. Additionally, Ketu's transit is also noteworthy for them because Moon is eclipsed by Ketu. Let's delve into how the Rahu transit in Pisces and Ketu's influence will impact their life over the next 18 months.

Rahu's transit in Pisces will occur over their 9th house, which is associated with religious inclinations, long-distance travels, the father, guru, religion, banking, pilgrimages, higher education, and more. Rahu's aspects will extend over their 1st house (ascendant) and 5th house (education, progeny, digestion, children, past life karma, ministership).

This transit will bring auspicious effects to the native's career. They will become very courageous and determined to attain their goals. Work-related commitments may lead to opportunities for travel. New prospects will arise, particularly benefiting careers in sports and politics.

The newfound courage will help them overcome existing career challenges. Additionally, this transit will spark a strong interest in spiritual matters and philosophical ideas. They will be drawn to various spiritual teachings, practices, or meditation.

Rahu's influence will lead to a desire for adventure and exploration. The 9th house's connection to higher education may prompt them to explore new subjects or pursue advanced degrees.

However, they should be cautious not to become overly engrossed in academics at the expense of practical learning.

This transit can foster an interest in different cultures and belief systems, possibly leading to foreign travel or cross-cultural interactions that broaden their horizons. Relationships with their father may face challenges during this period, so they should pay attention to their father's health and well-being.

They may encounter influential teachers, mentors, or gurus who guide them on their spiritual or intellectual journey.

However, it's crucial to strike a balance, as Rahu's influence can lead to overindulgence, whether in material pursuits or spiritual practices. Legal issues might also arise during this transit, but influential friends may help them navigate these challenges successfully.

Now, let's discuss Ketu's transit, which will occur in their 3rd house, related to courage, siblings, short-distance travel, energy levels, and strength. Ketu's aspect will fall on their 7th house (spouse, marriage, partnerships) and 11th house (gains, victory, influence, friends, networking, elder siblings, paternal uncles).

This transit will temporarily detach them from regular communication and networking. While this may not be ideal for their career, they will manage it with some struggle and still achieve success.

They will be less interested in casual conversations and small talk and may experience a shift in how they express themselves. Their intuitive and spiritual faculties will be heightened, allowing them to perceive underlying truths and hidden meanings in various situations. Issues may arise with siblings and close relatives due to Ketu's presence in the 3rd house.

Ketu's aspect on the 7th house could lead to issues in marriage and marital disharmony. They may also experience health issues related to the shoulder, back, or neck.

Conclusion: Despite challenges, there will be opportunities for promotion and the possibility of relocating abroad. Careers in sports and politics will receive strong support. The native will undergo a change in approach, and their views and values will gradually shift. Relationships with siblings may be strained, and marital issues could arise. Overall health will be fine, but some discomfort in the shoulder and neck is expected.

Remedy: To counter the negative effects of Ketu's transit, the native should wear a Jyotish-quality Sea Water Pearl in a silver pendant.

Effects on Leo Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Leo ascendant, Rahu's transit will occur over the 8th house, signifying occult matters, mysteries, in-laws, longevity, shared assets, sudden gains, and sexual fantasies.

During this transit, Rahu will aspect the following houses:

1. 12th house, which represents matters related to abroad, expenses, sleep, hospitals, prisons, grandparents, dreams, and isolation.
2. 4th house, connected to mother, inner peace, savings, family assets, property, mental peace, emotional well-being, roots and heritage, and vehicles.

Ketu's transit will take place in their 2nd house, which pertains to family, speech, food habits, moral values, family wealth, income, maraka (houses of death), self-worth, investments, early education, and facial features.

Ketu's aspects will extend to the following houses:

1. 6th house, dealing with health, debts, enemies, legal issues, maternal relatives, careers in service, pets, healing abilities, and the ability to overcome challenges.
2. 10th house, associated with career, karma, knees, father's status, leadership, authority, success, father, authority figures, public life, professional challenges, and ambitions.

The overall important influence of the Rahu-Ketu transit will be as follows:

This is going to be a challenging transit in every aspect. Natives will face difficulties at the workplace, and there may be times when their job and position are under threat. The work environment will be harsh.

The presence of Ketu in the 6th house and Rahu in the 8th house will bring unexpected issues, possibly even conspiracies against the native, leading to victories for their enemies. Caution and vigilance are required.

Although it may prove beneficial for those working in fields like insurance, mining, and the occult, the positive effects will be limited to skill enhancement. Significant career expansion is unlikely.

Similarly, the impact on wealth will be negative. Savings will dwindle, and situations like job loss can disrupt the native's financial planning. Losses in business are also likely, and it's advisable not to start new businesses or invest in anything during this period.

Disputes over inheritance matters are highly probable, and those already in such disputes may find this time unsupportive.

In relationships, troubles may arise, and the native may have difficulties with their spouse and in-laws. Major issues can surface, potentially triggering negative aspects related to marriage in the natal horoscope. Family members may not get along with each other, leading to arguments over financial matters and assets.

Health matters will be significantly affected. The native may suffer from chronic ailments, with particular prominence given to issues related to private parts and the mouth.

Unhealthy food habits may lead to digestive problems. Additionally, there is a high likelihood of the native experiencing evil eye and spirit-related issues.

Conclusion: This transit is not favorable, and challenges such as job loss and unfavorable work situations are possible. Relationship issues may arise, along with health problems for both the spouse and in-laws. Health will be the most affected area, with chronic issues likely to emerge.

Remedies: To mitigate the challenges during this transit, the native should strengthen the ascendant lord Sun by chanting the Aditya Hridayam stotram throughout the Rahu & Ketu transit. This will help them endure the challenges that come their way.

Effects on Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, Rahu's transit will be happening over the 7th house, which relates to the spouse, marriage, maraka (houses of death), shared assets, contracts, foreign ventures, etc.

Rahu's aspect will also affect the following houses:

1. 11th house of gains, network, friends, influence, social circle, hopes, wishes, elder siblings, technology, innovation, etc.

2. 3rd house of siblings, strength, short-distance travels, bravery, shoulders, self-expression, early education, communication style, etc.

Ketu's transit will be happening over the 1st house, which is the most important house in Vedic astrology. A major transit over the 1st house is considered very impactful.

Ketu, in its transit, will be aspecting the following houses:

1. 5th house of children, education, digestion, past life karma, progeny matters, mantra siddhi, minister-ship, etc.
2. 9th house of father, religion, long-distance travels, higher education, guru (spiritual guide), divinity, etc.

Let's see how Rahu-Ketu in their transit will affect the native's life.

The native will experience a shift in their approach to career and wealth-related matters. They will be more ambitious than ever before. Rahu's transit aspects over the 3rd and the 11th house will increase desires for a better position and wealth prospects.

However, Ketu's transit influence will encourage detachment from superficial aspects of life.

The native won't be concerned with societal norms but will still seek success. Their focus will increase, and they will become sharper. A change in job may occur, and a perfect opportunity for moving abroad can arise. 

Those natives looking to pursue a career in the entertainment industry, acting, or photography will benefit the most from this transit. In business, Rahu's influence can push them towards forming unconventional partnerships. It is important to be cautious about being overly impulsive in your decisions during this period.

Regarding career and business collaborations, this transit can impact your business partnerships. You might be attracted to innovative ventures, but it's essential to carefully evaluate opportunities before committing.

Additionally, Rahu's presence can create challenges from open enemies or opponents. Be mindful of potential conflicts and try to avoid unnecessary confrontations during this period.

Effects for Libra Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Libra ascendant, Rahu's transit will be happening over the 6th house, which encompasses enemies, debts, legal issues, theft, maternal relationships, injuries, pets, servants, services, and blue-collar jobs.

Rahu's aspect will extend to the 10th house, which governs career, status, knees, father's income, father's health, and achievements. Additionally, Rahu's influence will be felt over the 2nd house, related to family, income, moral values, savings, mutual funds, speech, and food intake.

Meanwhile, Ketu's transit will occur in their 12th house, affecting matters associated with abroad, expenses, solitude, isolation, meditation, hidden enemies, sleep, and dreams.

This new transit of Rahu and Ketu will bring relief from existing issues. Rahu's transit will play a special role in improving their lives. Natives will become hardworking and take their work very seriously.

New goals will come into sight, and they may find themselves in competition with co-workers. If natives are seeking a promotion or career advancement, Rahu's transit will be supportive.

However, Ketu's transit may compel changes in their location, which could impact their finances due to potential overspending. Ketu's aspect on the 4th house may cause uneasiness about these changes.

Despite the challenges, this career push will ultimately prove beneficial. Natives may encounter workplace enemies, especially if they are in business, leading to unnecessary hassles and potential legal issues, including notices from the government.

In terms of relationships, natives may find their busyness and new opportunities keeping them apart from loved ones. Those dealing with legal issues related to divorce or inheritance will face twists and turns and should seek advice from experts. Domestic peace may be elusive, and health issues for the mother may arise.

There may also be crises involving the father, either in the form of career or financial issues. Issues related to children, including their education and careers, may also surface.

The 6th house's association with health issues means that Rahu's transit could lead to injuries and hospital visits. Individuals with Mars, Rahu, or Ketu in the 6th or 12th house may be at risk of accidents or surgery. Old health ailments may resurface, so it's important to make plans and have a backup.

Conclusion: Libra ascendant individuals will experience career growth, albeit with a change in location. Expenses may spiral out of control, potentially leading to the loss of a home or car. Physical distance from loved ones is likely, and legal matters within the family may intensify.

Remedy: To navigate the challenges of this transit, individuals should worship Goddess Durga throughout the Rahu and Ketu transit period.

Effects for Scorpio Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Scorpio ascendant, Rahu will transit over the 5th house, which governs love affairs, past life merits, stomach, digestion, education, passion, creativity, high position, and speculative abilities.

Transit Rahu's aspect will extend to their 10th house, which relates to career, karma, status, father's health, and father's income. Additionally, the 9th aspect of Rahu will fall on the ascendant, making this Rahu transit in Pisces especially significant for them.

Ketu's transit will take place in their 11th house, which pertains to gains, networking, elder siblings, paternal uncles, victory, and influence.

Transit Ketu's aspect will reach their 3rd house, involving siblings, efforts, courage, short-distance travels, and strength. Ketu will also influence their 7th house, which deals with spouse, marriage, partners of all kinds, residence abroad, social life, and the desire for companionship.

During this transit, the influence of Rahu will make them very outgoing and passionate about their career. Their ambitions will soar, and they will achieve success in reaching their aims and goals.

Native will shine in their endeavors, possibly earning a long-awaited promotion with the assistance of an influential figure. Those involved in business, politics, or cinema are likely to excel the most.

Rahu will enhance their diplomatic skills, enabling them to execute crucial deals. Business expansion and investments will follow, leading to increased income and strong financial stability.

In terms of relationships, native may embark on a new love affair, and current love partners will respond positively. Marriage-like situations could arise, and married individuals may experience renewed romantic feelings toward their spouses. Child-related issues may surface, but the time will be favorable for pursuing education abroad.

While relations with parents will remain normal, conflicts with elder siblings may arise. Overall, native's health will be good, although they may experience stomach-related issues, including bloating. Occasional neck and shoulder pain may also occur.

Conclusion: Scorpio ascendant individuals will achieve significant success and an increase in wealth during this transit. Opportunities for exposure to foreign lands will present themselves, and both new and existing love affairs will flourish. Stomach-related issues may arise, along with occasional neck or shoulder pain.

Remedy: To strengthen the 5th house lord Jupiter, individuals should wear a Jyotish-quality Yellow sapphire in a silver ring on the index finger.

Effects for Sagittarius Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Sagittarius ascendant, Rahu's transit will take place over the 4th house, which represents matters related to mother, mental peace, luxury, real estate property, assets, and vehicles.

The transit aspect of Rahu will extend to the following houses:

1. The 8th house, associated with occultism, mysteries, in-laws, longevity, inheritance, transformation, shared resources, psychic abilities, research, and investigation.
2. The 12th house, linked to losses, foreign travel, sleep, dreams, isolation, meditation, and secret enemies.

Ketu's transit for them will occur in their 10th house, which governs career, karma, status, achievements, father's health, father's income, and knees.

Transit Ketu's aspect will reach their 2nd house, involving family, speech, food intake, maraka (houses that cause death), moral values, and upbringing during childhood. Additionally, Ketu's aspect will fall on their 6th house, related to enemies, debts, maternal relationships, injuries, health, pets, and servants.

This Rahu and Ketu transit will bring a mix of experiences. Rahu's impact on their 4th house could lead to opportunities for travel abroad, especially for those with astrological indications of such journeys.

Native's career may encounter some obstacles due to Ketu's presence in their 10th house, but with favorable dasha periods, new opportunities or a change of workplace is possible. However, the transition may involve some challenges.

Financially, the impact seems average. While there will be gains, expenses related to cars, houses, and gadgets are expected. If the 4th house or Moon is afflicted or weak in the birth chart, native may face financial difficulties.

In terms of relationships, Rahu's transit may bring turmoil. Native's impulsive nature may become more prominent, leading to jealousy and complications within family and among friends.

Mental peace could be at risk, and conflicts with mother may arise. Maintaining domestic peace will be important, and rash decisions should be avoided. Spending quality time with spouse and children may become challenging.

Father's health could be affected due to Ketu's transit over the 10th house. Mental health issues may have a significant impact during this transit, especially for those with weak placements of Venus, Moon, or with Saturn, Ketu, or Mars in the 4th house. Health problems related to the knees, spine, and mental health could be prominent.

Conclusion:This transit will offer a mixed experience. Rahu may elevate desires and ambitions, but delays in achieving results could lead to frustration. Abroad residence and job changes are possible. Relationships may become complex, marked by intense emotions, greed, jealousy, and possessiveness. Health issues related to knees and mental health will need attention, and impulsive actions should be avoided.

Effects for Capricorn Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Capricorn ascendant individuals, Rahu's transit will occur in their 3rd house, which governs courage, valor, strength, siblings, short-distance travels, efforts, communication, writing abilities, determination, skills, talents, and neighbors.

The transit aspect of Rahu will extend to the following houses:

1. The 7th house, related to marriage, spouse, abroad residence, business partners, and social life.
2. The 9th house, associated with foreign travel, expenses, isolation, meditation, hidden enemies, hospitals, and bed pleasures.
3. The 11th house, signifying large gains, victory, influence, networking, uncles, and elder brothers.

Ketu's transit will take place in their 9th house, impacting luck, guru (teacher), father, government, religion, God, long-distance travels, and pilgrimages. Transit Ketu's aspect will also influence their 1st and 3rd houses, affecting various aspects of their life, including skin, health, overall appearance, short-distance travels, courage, efforts, strength, siblings, willpower, skills with hands, and determination.

This transit can be highly auspicious for them. They will experience a significant increase in courage and willpower, making them go-getters, innovators, and brave individuals.

This newfound determination will help them achieve their goals more easily. They can expect both short and long-distance travels during this period, with an emphasis on short trips if the 3rd house contains the ascendant lord or Mars.

Business expansion is on the horizon, leading to increased gains. Those involved in sports, politics, and adventure fields will reap substantial benefits. Additionally, this transit, supported by Ketu's influence, can be advantageous for careers in spiritual fields, religion, and teaching.

Marital crises will be more manageable during this period, and a new, fulfilling relationship may enter their lives. However, relationships with younger siblings may face challenges, and issues with their father may require the native's intervention. They will engage in regular outdoor activities and may take proactive steps to address existing health issues.

Remedy: To strengthen Venus, the lord of the 4th house where Rahu is transiting, they can wear a Jyotish quality White sapphire on the right-hand middle finger in a silver setting.

Effects for Aquarius Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

Rahu's transit will occur in the 2nd house for Aquarius ascendant individuals, which governs family, speech, food intake, moral values, family traditions, income, and can also be indicative of potential challenges for the spouse.

Rahu's transit aspects will also influence the following houses:

1. The 6th house, related to enemies, debts, legal issues, pets, servants, theft, and robbery.
2. The 10th house, associated with career, karma, status, father's income, knees, accomplishments, and ambitions.

Ketu's transit will take place in their 8th house, impacting areas such as occult sciences, in-laws, longevity, sudden events, inheritance, mystery, research, obstacles, and siddhis (spiritual powers).

Transit Ketu's aspect will extend to the 12th house, which signifies foreign travel, expenses, sleep, dreams, isolation, solitude, hidden enemies, and the subconscious. Additionally, Ketu's aspect will influence the 4th house, which relates to mother, mental peace, assets, home, domestic environment, emotional well-being, real estate, early education, and vehicles.

This transit period is likely to bring challenges and difficulties in various aspects of their life. Rahu's transit in the 8th house may result in obstacles, delays, and rejections, especially in career and financial matters. There could be a denial of promised promotions or positions, leading to project delays and unsuccessful work deliveries. Seniors may express dissatisfaction, and patience will be essential during this period.

Business ventures may suffer, and losses can occur. Property and real estate investments may result in financial setbacks. The influence of Rahu can lead to the development of new enemies and potential legal issues. Notably, individuals in the fields of medicine, mining, or pursuing PhD programs may face challenges.

While intuitive abilities may be heightened, relationships are likely to experience turmoil. Marital issues may arise, and existing problems within the family can intensify. Delays in marriage are indicated, and caution is advised for those already engaged, as breakups are more likely. Child-related matters may also pose challenges, and disputes over property are possible.

Health concerns may affect energy levels, mood, and overall well-being. Chronic health issues may arise, particularly for those with specific planetary placements in their 4th house or involving Venus, Moon, Saturn, Ketu, or Mars. Pain in private areas could be a concern, and impulse control related to smoking or drinking may increase.

Conclusion: This transit is expected to be one of the most challenging periods for Aquarius ascendant individuals. Issues in career, wealth, relationships, and health may arise. Promotions could be delayed, new enemies may emerge, and relationships may suffer. Health concerns, especially chronic issues, may come to the forefront.

Remedies:To mitigate the challenging effects of this transit, individuals should recite the Durga Raksha Kavach daily throughout this period.

Effects for Pisces Ascendant

rahu-ketu transit 2023

For Pisces ascendant individuals, Rahu's transit will occur in their 1st house, which is also known as the ascendant in a horoscope. The 1st house is the most important house, and Rahu's transit in this house will have a significant influence on all areas of their life.

Rahu's transit aspects will extend to the following houses:

1. The 5th house, which relates to children, education, past life karma, digestion, and ministership.
2. The 9th house, associated with higher education, father, guru (teacher), divine help, long-distance travels, and pilgrimages.

Ketu's transit will take place in their 7th house, impacting marriage, spouse, partners of all kinds, life abroad, and sexual experiences. Transit Ketu's aspect will also influence the following houses:

1. The 11th house, related to gains, friends, elder siblings, parental uncles, networks, and influential contacts.
2. The 3rd house, associated with younger siblings, short-distance travels, energy levels, courage, and shoulders.

During this transit, native's approach to handling situations at work will undergo significant changes. They will become more demanding and aggressive, displaying increased courage and a proactive approach to career and financial matters. The results of their efforts will depend on their dasha period or the specific planetary placements in their chart, particularly if Rahu is transiting over planets like Mars, Jupiter, or Venus (exalted). In such cases, massive career growth is possible.

Opportunities for working abroad and achieving success will be more prominent. Those in fields such as information technology, sports, gambling, or politics may experience significant advancement in their careers.

However, conflicts with co-workers and enemies may escalate, leading to potential negative consequences and a tarnished reputation. Despite this, the native is likely to benefit in the end.

Financially, there will be improvements, with gains from overseas sources, speculation, and lotteries. The native will also become more assertive in seeking love and may experience challenges in their marriage.

Ketu's influence on the 7th house could lead to negative events in the marriage, and the tendency to seek pleasures outside of marriage may increase.

Health issues affecting the spouse, as well as pain in the back and neck, may occur. Misunderstandings with younger siblings may arise, and domestic peace may be disrupted. While overall health is expected to be good, indications of issues related to private parts and blood pressure are present.

Conclusion: This transit represents a period of growth in career and finances. Opportunities for working abroad and financial gains are on the horizon. However, there may be challenges in relationships, including potential issues in marriage. Sibling conflicts and potential health issues should also be managed.

Remedy: To navigate this transit successfully, the native should worship Goddess Durga throughout the Rahu-Ketu transit period.

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