Mercury Transit In Pisces On March 7, 2024

Year 2024 transit scheme is going to witness the debilitation of Mercury on 07th March 2024.

This transit will make Mercury weak and will cause significant issues in areas controlled by Mercury in the natal horoscope.

In general when Mercury goes into debilitation the following effects are experienced no matter what the ascendant sign is.

1.Confusion: In Pisces transit of Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, causes confusion in mind and it leads to errors in work and misunderstandings in communication.

2. Unbalanced Communication:
It leads to rise in tendency for communication to be more emotionally charged rather than logical or rational during this transit.

3.Difficulty in Decision Making: Mercury transit in Pisces can influence native so much that it leads to challenges in making decisions based on facts and logic, leading to indecisiveness.

4.Lack of Creativity: This transit can lead to lack of creativity and affects the natives in innovation and in getting a breakthrough.

5.Lack of Intuition: Intuition becomes weaker and native relies over logic more but that also leads to mistakes and difficulties in making decisions.

6.Increased Sensitivity: Mercury transit also leads to increased sensitivity to the emotions and making natives more empathetic but also vulnerable to absorbing negativity around them.

7.Escapism: There could be a tendency to escape reality through daydreaming, fantasy, or indulging in addictive behaviors to avoid facing challenging situations.

8.Lack of Spiritual Insights: Pisces is a sign associated with spirituality and mysticism, and weakness of Mercury in it can lead to hindrance in spiritual growth and insights.

9.Difficulty in Focus: Mercury is the natural karaka of focus and its transit in Pisces makes it harder for natives to concentrate on tasks that require attention to detail, leading to scattered thoughts.

10.Corrupt Imagination: This transit can stimulate the imagination, but in negative manner and natives engages in imagination which are usually unproductive and harmful in nature.

Remember, these effects may vary depending on individual charts and other planetary influences and given below, i have mentioned the effects of this transit on all rising ascendant signs:

Effects For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant, Mercury is the most malefic planet due to the lordship over the 3rd and the 6th house.

Despite being a malefic, planet Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Short journey.
  • Courage.
  • Strength.
  • Arms.
  • Siblings.
  • Enemies.
  • Debts.
  • Illness.
  • Maternal relatives.
  • Aggression.

Mercury in its transit will be going into the 12th house of abroad, isolation, imagination, sleep and expenses etc.

Now this transit is looking very complicated for them. The debilitation of most malefic Mercury is not going to be easy in any area of their life.

In career font, there will be immense pressure to perform and the native will be making mistakes which can cost him job or a possible promotion in future.

Any fight or a competition for a rise in career will see a negative result. But native should not give up because times and transit always change and there will be more opportunities ahead.

One more thing to be added here is that, this Mercury transit in Pisces will have a element of "vipreet rajyoga" and there can be sudden good results after initial failures. For this element to work, the native should be running a auspicious dasha in the natal Horoscope.

Wealth wise, native will be experiencing heavy expenditures on unnecessary things. Those who are in business and speculations can face losses and it is advisable to keep a check on reality and don't go over board when taking risks.

Relationship wise, this transit have negative impact, though a possible travel with spouse is seen in it. But it will be filled with issues and end moment stressful situations.

The health of the spouse will need attention and care, any health related warnings by body should not be ignored. There can be eyes, skin, nervous and spine related issues.

Overall this transit is looking quite negative and native should exercise cautions throughout its durations.

Remedy: It is important native wear a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire in index finger in silver metal.

Effects For Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant, planet Mercury is a first rate benefic due to its lordship over the 2nd and the 5th house.

Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Family.
  • Speech.
  • Earnings.
  • Mouth.
  • Food intake.
  • Education.
  • Hobbies.
  • Past life good karma.
  • Children.
  • High position.
  • Digestion.

The transit of Mercury will be happening over the 11th house of gains, networking, elder siblings, paternal uncles etc.

Despite its debilitation state, Mercury in this transit have capability to do good for the native.

There can be a narrow opening for a promotion in the work place.

Native may be able to get a breakthrough provided the dasha is supportive.

It is also important to understand that, this is not the period to take risks in business and speculations. Best is to make the network strong and try to connect with people who can help the native in future.

Money wise, this transit can bring gains but in very medium level. Rather unnecessary risks can result in losses and can affect the native financial growth.

On relationship, the impact will be quite mellow, marital situation will remain as it is. Some issues in love affair can arise but with proper communication it can be resolved. It is also advisable that native doesn't get too emotional or rational either. A balance approach is required to solve a misunderstanding or a quarrel with the people around.

Changes of child birth is seen and this transit is beneficial in bringing a progeny due to its aspect on the 5th house.

Health wise, except for digestion related issues nothing major is seen. Native will be able to pass this transit easily.

Overall this is a transit which will bring results of medium level, there should not be any major expectations, thinking that it is happening in the 11th house.

Remedy: Native should make planet Mercury strong via a Jyotish quality Green Emerald in right hand smallest finger.

Effects For Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 1st and the 4th house and is the most important planet for them.

Mercury transit will be happening over the 10th house of career, position, father income, knees etc.

Technically speaking the transit of the 1st and 4th house over the 10th house is auspicious.

But here Mercury is debilitated and will bring false hope and opportunities which may not convert.

This can bring confidence down and it is important to not lose hope. This transit can put them in a shell and can make them lazy.

Also, health issues like cough and cold can happen.

On finances the impact will be average and expenses can rise due to malfunction in car or gadgets. A real estate deal which was looking promising can be bad. Some financial help can come from Mother or maternal relatives.

On relationship, the impact of this transit can either make things good or bad. A lot will depend on the dasha of the native. Generally speaking, the trend will be towards negative, like there can be arguments with mother or health can go bad. Same time with Father similar issues will arise. The issues with spouse will see some betterment and native will strive to fix issues by communicating the feelings. At such transit native can feel emotional and vulnerable and some childhood issues or trauma can come on surface.

Health wise, this transit is look ok, neither it is going to make native feel absolutely good nor it is going to make native sick. Whatever is happening will continue to happen, there won't be major change in lifestyle habits. Though it is recommended that native take active actions now because ahead the transit can bring good things life and native should be ready and prepared for it.

Remedy: Wear a Jyotish quality Green Emerald of 2 carats in a silver metal pendant.

Effects For Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer ascendant, planet Mercury is a malefic planet due to lordship over the 3rd and the 12th house and is a malefic planet for them.

Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Siblings.
  • Short distance travels.
  • Courage.
  • Strength.
  • Arms.
  • Abroad.
  • Isolation.
  • Expenses.
  • Jails.
  • Hospital visits.

Mercury transit will be happening over the 9th house of luck, father, religion and long distance travels and due to Mercury presence in the most auspicious there can be some damage control and some auspicious results in significations controlled by Mercury can come for them. 

During its transit the native may have to undertake an unnecessary journey whose results won't be fruitful. If the dasha is supportive then only the positive results can be expected but still the sequence of events will be difficult to handle.

Native may feel like to switch the job or take transfers. There will be issues with seniors and they will give some hard time to the native. All these hassles can lead to the idea of getting a job abroad and this is what this transit is going to manifest for them. 

Planets which are malefic by nature but are going through a auspicious house creates difficult circumstances first but same time creates opportunity also.

Wealth wise this period will bring rise in expenses and as you can see from the section above these expenses will be related to travels and processes related to migrating abroad. Also, native spends very carelessly in this timeline and can invest in places which only brings losses.

In relationship matters, this period brings disharmony at home and causes physical absence at home due to commitment related to work, quality of marriage also gets affected and there can be lack of communication and misunderstandings with loved ones. The health of Father can get affected and it is must that native takes care of him dearly. With spouse some relief is seen and native may be able to resolve old conflicts. Matters related to children can bring additional stress due to their bad performance in studies and issues in their personal lives.

Health wise, this period is looking pretty average and native will not be able to ignore the issues now. Native will be forced to seek medical advice and it is a must to do that or things can go out hand. Most likely skin, hairs, shoulders, knees or thighs can get affected. Mental health of native will remain good unless a malefic planet is placed in their 9th house.

Remedy: This period required strengthening of ascendant via chanting of Aditya hridyam stotram daily.

Effects For Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 1st and the 10th house and is a benefic planet which rules over health, wealth, career and all important things in life.

The transit of Mercury will be happening over the 7th house of marriage, spouse, business partnership etc.

Despite Mercury having a good nature for them, its weakness during this transit will affect their career growth. There will be false hopes and false promises. Like native will be denied of a sure shot promotion and will be given a new timeline by seniors. But in the end everything will be for native improvement and future growth. There will be a sense of understanding in this chaotic situation. Best way to deal with this period is to not make unrealistic goals and lay low. Native will have confusion and lack of communication with business partner and there can be errors made in calculations and accounts. 

Wealth wise, they will be caught up in mismanagement of money and will need to seek advice and guidance of elders and experts. If Mars or Ketu is placed in the 7th house then possibility is there that they may have to pay plenty over tax or due to  la error in a important calculation. Ego and misunderstandings over finances can arise with spouse. With business partner also native may not agree on a certain financial decision.

Health of native will be affected to an extent where lack of energy and focus will be felt. There will be confusion in choosing the right kind of exercise. Issues related to skin, hairs and nerves can bring hassles. If Ketu is placed in 7th house then spine or neck pain can happen. Mars here can cause speech related troubles for them.

Remedy: Native should wear a Jyotish quality Green Emerald in right hand smallest finger in silver metal.

Effects For Libra Ascendant

For Libra ascendant, Mercury is lord of the 9th and the 12th house and is a benefic planet by nature.

Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Religion.
  • Spiritual growth.
  • Pilgrimages.
  • Father.
  • Teacher.
  • Long distance travels.
  • Abroad.
  • Sleep.
  • Mediation.
  • Paternal grandfather.

Mercury transit will be happening over their 6th house of enemies, debts, injury and health.

This transit seems to be quite malefic for them and let's see how it will affect them in various walks of life.

The transit of Mercury in the 6th house is going to bring various kinds of issues in their work place. Enemies will become active and will try to defame the native and will hamper the growth. There will be obstacles in closing deals, finishing projects and meeting deadlines.
Due to this the pressure from seniors and bosses will be there. Legal issues can also happen if native is not careful in assessment of the situation and what actions are being done.It is best for the interest of the native that this transit should be passed with cautions.

For finances also, there are losses and high expenses during the whole duration of the transit. Native will have to travel for unnecessary reasons and will have to use savings and emergency funds due to a unforeseen situation.

In relationship, native will see some tough times, the pressure of career and finances will take toll on the native. There will be unnecessary arguments and bad behaviour by the spouse. Native will be the victim here and if in the Horoscope the combinations for bad marriage is present then this transit can trigger it.
Health of the mother should be given attention and arguments with her should be avoided at all costs.

Health wise, the transit of 12th lord in the 6th house that too in debilitation is a sure shot sign of a illness of a injury.

Spine, neck and skin issues can be there. Same time mental health won't be good and there will be anxiety and mood swings.

Remedy: Native should make the ascendant via Jyotish quality White sapphire of 3 carats in right hand middle finger or on pendant in silver metal.

Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant, planet Mercury is the most malefic planet due to its lordship over the 8th and the 11th house.

Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Hidden things.
  • Occult.
  • In laws.
  • Spouse income.
  • Inheritance.
  • Longevity.
  • Gains.
  • Father elder sibling.
  • Friends.
  • Networking.

Mercury will transit into the 5th house of speculation, children, speculation abilities, digestion and love affairs.

The entry on Mercury in Pisces clearly shows that the native will become prone to mistakes and the judgement ability will be clouded.

Mercury carries the malefic effects for them especially in its debilitated state.

At work native will make mistakes especially when the work is related with creativity, judgement, speculations and the work where native need to use creativity.

It is advisable that native takes care of this part because it can affect the career prospects.

Chances of promotion can be denied though the dasha will have the final say.

Native who are having good dasha in their natal Horoscope will be able to get a elevation at work but it will come with lots of efforts.

Though, this transit can prove good for researchers, scientist and those areas where number crunching and deep studies are involved.

Finance wise, this transit will make native lose money due to mistakes and overconfidence in own abilities.

Here, 5th house of reasoning is getting afflicted by Mercury and in such state, native won't be able to see what is coming ahead and will miss the red flags.

This is going to affect those who are in business, speculations and makes money via investing.

Native is advised to not take any risk during this transit.

On relationship, there will be mixed emotions and reactions to a particular situation with spouse, at home or in family.

Those who are trying for child birth may not get desired results.

The health of grown up children should be taken care of.

In love affairs there will be troubles due to lack of communication or miscommunication. Plus some secrets of your love partner can come out which can become too hard to handle.

On health, the impact of this transit will be mediocre , there can be issues on health especially in stomach region. Digestion can cause issues to the native and can affect the whole mood for the day. Changes of seasonal sickness is also there and same time there can be skin related issues.

Mental native may feel confused and can have mood swings and nervousness.

Those who have such combinations for anxiety in their Horoscope are advised to take cautions and care.

Remedy: Native is advised to donate Green color clothes to needy people.

Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 7th and the 10th house and is a very important planet for them due to its rulership over the following significantions:

  • Marriage.
  • Maraka.
  • Business partner.
  • Spouse.
  • Impression.
  • Career.
  • Status.
  • Father position.
  • Knees.

The transit of Mercury will be happening over the 4th house of mother, mental peace, comforts, luxury and domestic environment.

Here planet Mercury rules over Kendra adhipati dosha and in such transits,the negative side of it tends to show up.

On career the native will see some improvements but they will be very minor by nature. Despite a good opportunity in hand native can lose it due to lack of preparation and planning.

Here the 10th house lord is getting weaker which definitely need some attention and remedy.

Those who are going through a weak dasha can see some issues at work front.

Definitely \not a good time to pursue a risky project or gaol.

Effects For Capricorn Ascendant

For Capricorn ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 6th and the 9th house and is considered as a benefic planet in general.

Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Enemies.
  • Debts.
  • Legal issues.
  • Maternal relations.
  • Injuries.
  • General health.
  • Luck.
  • Father.
  • Teacher.
  • Long distance travels.

Mercury transit in Pisces will be happening over their 3rd house of courage, siblings, short distance travels, strength and arms.

In order to analyse the transit where the transit planet have lordship over a good or a bad house. The strength during the transit

On career, the impact of this transit will make native take actions but the weakness of Mercury can cause blunders.

Especially for those who are into professions related to writing and publishing.

It is best native don't take unnecessary risks for example don't try to get promoted and don't invest in a business or start it.

The transit will cause lack of measurement of situation and it can lead to losses.

With seniors there can be some issues and it is advisable to stay in good books with them.

For finances, this transit can cause worry on account of money and future financial growth.

But since other transits are in favor especially the Saturn transit things will come on track as soon as Mercury goes in Aries zodiac.

Some slight changes of gains from Father is there for sure but for that the dasha should be supportive also.

In a relationship, this transit is going to be a bit supportive. But again due to the weakness of Mercury, there can be misjudgement in gauging the emotions of spouse and people around.

Younger sibling will need some help and the native will feel pressure to provide the assistance.

On health, the best this transit can do is make native more worry and with the help of Saturn transit in the ascendant, native will start to get into good habits which in turn will bring good physical and emotional health.

Any illness which is running from past will need some care and cautions.

Remedy: Native is advised to recite Shri Vishnu sahasranama during the whole duration of the transit.

Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 5th and the 8th house and is a benefic planet.

Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Education.
  • Passion.
  • Children.
  • Past life karma.
  • Speculative abilities.
  • Inheritance.
  • Longevity.
  • In laws.
  • Spouse income.
  • Sudden gains.

Mercury will transit from the 2nd house which stands for speech, family, income, moral values and is a markesh.

The transit of Mercury in its debilitated sign will bring negative results of planet Mercury on surface.

Which means the native can experience issues in his career. Those with steady income won't be facing issues. But natives who are in business or contract will see loss of clients and income.

The existing clients will also be reduced by number.  There can be enmity at work and enemies will become active. There can be a conspiracy against the native which will need a strategy to handle.

Wealth wise this transit is not much supportive to bring massive gains. There will be losses also and native can make a bad financial decision during this transit.

Though chances of getting inheritance is seen but it will come with a hard battle and some legal help will be required.

In a relationship, there will be miscommunication and those who have combinations for bad marriage in their Horoscope will need to exercise cautions.

Also, the health of the native will need attention and some nerve related issues can happen. It is advised that native stays calm and handle things with patience throughout this transit.

On health part also, native will find it hard to maintain a balance. There can be pain related to teeth, skin problems and spine related issues. Also, native will experience some bad dreams and the quality of the sleep will be affected.

Remedy:  Wear a Jyotish quality White sapphire to make Yogakaraka Venus strong. This way native can have support of luck in such negative transit.

Effects For Pisces Ascendant

For them, planet Mercury is lord of the 4th and the 7th houses and rules over domestic and mental peace, mother, property, assets, spouse, sexual union, and partnerships of all kinds including business.

Transit of Mercury will be happening over their 1st house which is the house of self and is the most important house where any transit is capable of bringing massive results.

In their career, there will be a confusing state where the native will be indecisive over steps and plans. Stagnation in the career will be felt, and this period will be marked by underachievements and in some cases, even humiliations can also happen. The native may become a victim of office politics, and the environment at the workplace can turn toxic. It is also possible that they will be transferred to a location which will not be desirable for their growth and family. So, the native may have to go alone and face harsh realities. In business, there can be losses, and tuning with business partners will not be good.

In matters of wealth, there will be concerns due to over-expenses and lack of funds for buying things that can bring comfort. Another indication is that they may have to suffer losses due to car and house repairs. The native will be prone to making mistakes in their investments also. Disputes over paternal or maternal property can also happen. The native may find that someone is encroaching on their land or property. This will need legal intervention to fix it.

Relationship-wise, delays are seen in getting married, and the native will find it hard to make up their mind regarding it. The married ones will be facing issues on account of bad behavior or bad health of a spouse. A lot depends on the condition of Mercury in their horoscope and the condition of their 1st house. Placement of malefics like Rahu or Ketu will cause issues in their relationship. Whereas benefic planets such as Jupiter or Moon will not allow Mercury to give severe negative impacts.

Health-wise, the role of Mercury for them is paramount in nature. In fact, as mentioned before, it is a maraka planet. In its debilitated state, they will be seeing issues related to allergies, skin, and hair. In some cases where Ketu or Saturn is placed in the 1st house, the possibility of getting injured is also high.

Remedy: Native should donate green color clothes to the needy and poor.

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