Mercury transit in Cancer on June 29, 2024

In my series of predictions for transits of 2024

Today, I am going to mention the effects of Mercury transit in Cancer which will be happening on

Cancer is the sign ruled by planet Moon which consider Mercury as friend where as Mercury have enmity towards Moon.

This means when Mercury transit in sign of Cancer, its natural significantions flourishes along with the functional ones.

But Mercury damages the significations of Cancer sign of at least causes issues with them.

Following effects are observed when Mercury transit into Cancer sign:

Generally, Mercury represents communication, intellect, and mental agility. When it transits into Cancer, a sign known for its emotional depth and intuition, the following effects are often observed:

1. Emotional Communication: There is a tendency to communicate more from the heart, more focus on emotional expression over logical analysis. 

2. Mental Processes: Thinking becomes more intuitive and less structured. Native might find themselves making decisions based on feelings rather than facts.

3. Business and Work: Challenges come in maintaining a balanced approach to business and work-related matters. New opportunities may arise, but grasping them could require extra effort.

4. Personal Relationships: It's generally a positive time for relationships, with an increased focus on spending quality time with partners and expressing care.

5. Health: Mental health requires monitoring, as there might be feelings of insecurity or a lack of concentration during this period.

Above mentioned effects can become intense depending on the role and position of Mercury in natal horoscope.

Let's see how this year transit will play out for ascendant of different signs.

Effects For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant natives planet Mercury is lord of the 3rd and the 6th house and is considered as malefic planet for them.

Mercury rules the following significations for them:

  • Courage.
  • Siblings.
  • Effects.
  • Strength.
  • Short-distance travel.
  • Debts.
  • Legal issues.
  • Enemies.
  • Maternal relations.
  • Health issues.

Mercury transit in Cancer will be happening over their 4th house which rules over the following aspects of their life.

Let see how this transit will affect them in detail.

The nature of Mercury is malefic for them and its transit is going to be over a very important and sensitive house. Though we still need to account the natural benefic nature of Mercury here.The direct aspect of Mercury over the 10th house will bring desire for something new and obsession for growth.

For example it can put seeds of a business a business in natives mind and for those who are in job, there will be efforts to raise their ranks. But there will be conflicts, enemies and struggles at work place.

Environment is not going to be peaceful which will affect the natives peace of mind. Very competitive vibes someone is going to give and can make native restless. In business also, suddenly native will find some new competitors and but native will be taking more actives steps for growth of business.

Though there can be issues of debts in the business and same time native will get success in getting a loan for its expansion or for fixing the issues. As such no major improvement in finances are seen, rather expenditures on account of property development, fixing damages over car, house or gadgets.

In relationship, there can be tussles with people in family and health of mother can suffer during this transit. Domestic peace won't be a good but things will come under control with efforts. Native will be feeling restless due to all the hustle and bustle but will be able to manage

In the health area, native may feel chest burn or related issues. Ashtama patients need to be very careful now and the possibility of getting complications can become high. The possibility of having anxiety is also seen for them.

Remedy: Native should pacify planet Mercury by donating green color items to the needy. Native should also recite Vishnu mantra "om namo narayana".

Effects For Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant, planet Mercury is the lord of the 2nd and 5th houses and is an auspicious planet for them. Mercury rules over the following significations for them:

  • Earning.
  • Family.
  • Moral values.
  • Speech.
  • Food intake.
  • Education.
  • Creativity.
  • Speculation abilities.
  • Stomach.
  • Children.

Mercury is a benefic planet for them and its transit Cancer will be happening over their 3rd house which stands for the following:

This transit is looking very auspicious for them and will bring solid movements in their career. Native will be having a progressive mindset and will be working hard to achieve goals. Chances of auspicious events at career is quite high, like they can get promoted or can be given a new task.

More  favourable for those who in field of writing, traveling, publishing and speculations. Even social media entrepreneurs will be seeing benefits from this movement of Mercury. Those who in business will be getting results of next level, from seeing rise in sales to new investment opportunities, everything will be coming to their way.

Also, process will be easy for them and it will allow them to secure deals which they have been imagining. Business in field of stocks, books, traveling is likely to grow more.

Wealth wise, native will be seeing good impact. Mercury rules over the 2nd house which is the house of income and this transit is going to make it stable.Native will be getting suitable advice to invest and save money.

Purchasing of valuables like God or silver will also happen. Native will also invest in stocks and bonds. Combined income in house will rise due to raise in salary of family members. Chances are there that siblings can provide help if required by the native.

Relationship wise, this is again looking good and native will be be experiencing marital bliss and peace at domestic front. The auspicious influence of Mercury over the 2nd house of family is capable to bring stability and more good people in circle.

Native speech will be smoother and will exhibit convincing power to draw people more closer. Existing issues in family will solve and relationship with spouse will also improve.

Health, 2nd house is very valuable for health and related matters. Native will be become aware of what needs to be done for a good health.

If any existing health is bothering then this transit can bring much needed relief for the native. Also, there will be good good habits and healthy lifestyle will be adopted by the native. Eyes related issues can be there or issues like pimples can also occur.

Remedy - Native should wear a Jyotish quality Green Emerald to make ascendant strong because a strong ascendant is important to counter the negative impact of transit and allow one to benefit more from its good impact.

Effects For Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 3rd and the 12th house and is a malefic planet for them.

Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Short travels.
  • Younger siblings.
  • Strength.
  • Courage.
  • Efforts.
  • Abroad.
  • Isolation.
  • Expenses.
  • Sleep.
  • Dreams.

Mercury transit in Cancer will be happening over their first house which is the most important house in Vedic astrology and cover all majors areas of life from health to wealth to career everything gets affected when a transit happens over the first house.

Let's see what colors Mercury is going to bring in their life.

On career the impact will be mixed in nature, due to its lordship over the 3rd house, Mercury transit will promote positive steps and will bring required courage to make progress in career. Native will be making steps to make things moves now.

Abroad significations will become highlighted and native can get a change to move abroad or will get a assignment where dealing with abroad will occur. If the dasha is negative then we can predict negative events like stress, over burden of work, lack of performance etc. In business it will be giving stable effects for growth and innovation. Native will be making steps to make business grow and will travel also.

Those who are looking for sales from abroad will benefit from this transit. But over expenditures on work related matters like cost purchase and travel expenses should be checked.

Finance wise this transit can bring rise in expenses on account of health issues, travelling and malfunction of car or gadgets. It can also deny the native a opportunity which could have made them money in future. So a opportunity for wealth can be lost in this transit. No major gains or rise is seen on their financial condition.

Relationship wise, there the direct aspect of Mercury over their 7th house will bring physical and emotional disconnect with the spouse. If native have placements for bad marriage then there issues will be more pronounced and will be visible.

Native hectic and demanding schedule will also play its part here. With other members of the family there will be much positive response either. Native should stay calm and don't expect major improvements in this area of their life.

Health, health wise native is going to feel a bit low and energy levels will not be at their best. Mental peace will also be at stake and existing health issues will go out of control. Skin and nerve related issues like pimples, rings, neck and back pain will be there. As mentioned earlier expenses will rise on health and some hospital visits are going to occur.

Remedy: Native should give additional strength to planet Moon via a Jyotish quality Sea water pearl on a silver metal pendant.

Effects For Leo Ascendant

For Leo ascendant natives planet Mercury is lord of the 2nd and the 11th house and is the planet responsible for their good wealth.

Planet Mercury rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Family.
  • Morals.
  • Values.
  • Ideology.
  • Income.
  • Maraka.
  • Large gains.
  • Elder siblings.
  • Paternal uncles.
  • Friends.

Mercury transit in Cancer will be happening over their 12th house of losses, abroad, sleep, expenses and isolation.

This transit is like a double edge sword for them and let's see how things will play out for them:

Career wise, there will be opportunities to move abroad and do things which have not be done by the native. Some of them can even change into a new company for better perks and possibilities. But native can feel a decline in their performance, there can be mistakes at work and low energy will be experienced. All this can lead to lack of interest in given work and they can disappointed their seniors due to that.

On their financials side, Mercury have a major role and its transit in the 12th house is going to bring mixed results. First of all expenditures will rise on account of traveling, buying luxury items etc. But same time if native is associated with abroad then there will be gains and finance will become better. But still element of expenditures will be there. So native should make sure that, money is spent on the right cause. The natives who are in spiritual practices and believes in donation will be abl giving more then ever during this transit. Mercury will bring the best from them because Cancer is a very spiritual zodiac and combined with the aspects of the 12th house, there will only be compassion and gratitude.

Relationship wise, there will be lack of peace in domestic life. Native will not be able to spend quality time with family and will be far from them due to work. Also, in marriage issues can happen on account of miscommunication and evil eye. Spouse health won't be be good and will require immediate attention. Plus native won't be able to feel good and will not be at best of behaviour which will affect the  reputation.

Health wise this transit shows a careless attitude and native will be having not so diet. Also, during this transit natives will be feeling off and will not be at their best. This can lead to variety of issues in them. From lack of energy to disturbed sleep. 12th house is of sleep itself and Mercury being a maraka can bring sleep issues for them. Natives should also make sure that if any existing health issue is there then they should try to do best to not let it grow over the limits.

Remedy: Since Sun is lord of the ascendant it is ideal to worship Sun and the best way is via reciting Shri Aditya hridayaam stotram daily in the morning.

Effects For Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant Mercury is lord of the 1st and the 10th house and is a benefic planet for them. Mercury rules over the following significations in their Horoscope.

  • Self.
  • Physique.
  • Career.
  • Karma.
  • Status.
  • Maraka for father.
  • Kness.

Transit of Mercury will be happening over their 11th house which stands for the following:

  • Gains.
  • Friends.
  • Networking.
  • Friends.
  • Associates.
  • Paternal relatives.

A benefic planet transit in 11th house is always considered as good but since Moon is a fast moving planet, the transit of Moon should also be tracked.

Let's see what effects this transit is going to bring for them:

On their career this transit can bring events of big magnitude. They can get their dream promotion especially those who are in the end stage of their career and are waiting for that one promotion which can bring a good end to their active career.

Young native who are just starting out will find solid opportunities which will grow faster than ever. Native will be meeting people of high calibre and the learning experience for them will be good. They can get assigned to right people who will guide them and will polish their future. For business also this transit have very positive indications.

There will be rise and expansion in sales and deals. Native will be able to get good response from policy makers and new policies will prove beneficial for them. Those who are looking to get funding will get lucky in this time frame.

Finance wise this can prove a game changer for them. Existing financial issues will be solved due to the sudden rise in gains. Native will be getting money from multiple sources. Gains from speculation and business will bring best for them.

Relationship wise, the direct aspect of Mercury over the 5th house is good for love and children related matters. Native will be able to convert love into marriage. Those who are looking for childbirth will find luck on their side. Issues in family will resolve now and matters of property will find a positive impact.

Health wise this transit is again looking good and being ascendant lord, the transit of Mercury through Cancer is good for their health. It potential to bring recovery from current illnesses. It is required that they keep attention over their digestion and food intake. Those who suffer from hormonal issues will find some troubles due to which mental health can get affected.

Remedy: Native should give strength to the ascendant lord which is Mercury itself. This can be done via use of Jyotish quality Green Emerald of 2.5 carats in right hand smallest finger or on silver metal pendant.

Effects For Libra Ascendant

For Libra ascendant natives planet Mercury is a benefic planet due to lordship over the 9th and the 12th house and it rules over the following significations:

  • Long distance travels.
  • Father.
  • Teacher.
  • Religion.
  • Abroad.
  • Isolation.
  • Mediation.
  • Hospital visits.
  • Sleep.
  • Dreams.

Transit Mercury will be over their 10th house which is a very significant house in Vedic astrology and rules over their career, karma, father income, status and knees.

Career wise the biggest impact will be over this area only. Native will be seeing auspicious events like promotion, getting important assignments etc. Bosses and seniors will recognise their efforts and native will be rewarded for same. Fame is also seen during this timeline and Business wise things will become great. Native will get a opportunity to invest in sometime important. Sales will rise and gains will be there in large sums. Native can travel also for business related matter. Abroad significations will become more good and changes of getting placed in abroad for work can happen.

Finance wise, this transit will lead to events which will bring gains in future. But during the transit native won't be getting substantial gains or money which can make them satisfied. Money making ideas will come and there will be gains from them in future probably when Mercury transit in Leo.

Relationship wise, there will be great response of people towards them. Friends and family members will adore the native. Any planet in the 10th house brings massive influences in perception of other people towards us. Plus planet Mercury brings humour and good behaviour which increases the compatibility with relative and family. Native who are having issues in marriage will certainly see improvements. Chances of marriage can also be there and gains from Father and Mother will happen.

Health wise, there will be improvements and native will be feeling healthy and happy. Both physical and mental health will improve. Existing health issues will become stable and new hopes will arise. Native will change life style and will develop positive and good habits.

Remedy: During this transit native should worship Tulis planet or can even plant one in house of at Temple.

Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant planet Mercury is the most malefic planet due to ownership over the 8th and the 11th house. Mercury overall rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Longevity.
  • Chronic illness.
  • In laws.
  • Spouse income.
  • Secrets.
  • Travel by sea.
  • Gains.
  • Fame.
  • Elder siblings.
  • Uncles.

The transit of Mercury will be happening over their 9th house which is the most auspicious house and signifies father, luck, long distance travels, teachers,religion, faith and luck.

As mentioned earlier Mercury is a malefic planet and its transit will be happening over the most auspicious house. Now here transit Mercury significations will become better but the significations of 9th house can suffer. Let's see how this transit will act out for them.

On career, there will be changes of traveling and native will be able to see positive events like promotion or getting a important project. Though success will come after initial struggles and some glitches. Bosses and seniors will be more demanding but native will be able to please them. If dasha is of negative planet then more negative can happen. Chances of making a massive mistake is also high.In business sudden issues can arise like delay in supply of raw materials. Bad weather or issues from government. Native should be ready for such hassles though in the end native will be able to get through them.

Finance wise, Mercury rulership over the 11th house is going to bring money which is stuck for quite sometime. If someone owes them any amount then there this time they will return. Native will be making efforts for more money and will be getting success in it. Sudden gains can also happen and matters of inheritance will be solved.

On relationship, native will be seeing blocks in communication and hesitation around people. Willingness to communicate the issues won't be there. With Father and siblings things will be tight whereas with spouse also relationship can turn sour. It is important that native keep a check on speech and communicate effectively. Mental blocks can harm their domestic peace.

Health wise, there will be improvements and chronic health issues will find solutions. Native will explore new things about health and own body and will be taking steps to make body and mind better.

Remedy: Since Mercury is most malefic planet for them, native should pacify it via reciting of Vishnusahatranaam.

Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendant natives, planet Mercury is lord of the 7th and the 10th house and rules over the following significantions for them:

  • Spouse.
  • Maraka.
  • Business partner.
  • Marriage.
  • Career.
  • Status.
  • Dignity.
  • Father's wealth.
  • Karma.
  • Knees.

Transit of Mercury will be happening over their 8th house which rules over the following significations:

  • Longevity.
  • Chronic illness.
  • Obstacles.
  • In laws.
  • Inheritance.
  • Legacy.

Now the transit of Mercury here is not looking good for them though

Mercury is the only planet whose transit works good in the 8th house

So let's see how it will affect them:

On career there is a chance that they will be seeing sudden rise but for that dasha in the Horoscope of native should indicate the same. If dasha is not supportive then there can be downfall also. Chances of denial of promotion can happen and native may not experience the results they are expecting for some time. It is important to understand that they can go through unwanted postings which can affect their interest at work. In business also there can be losses and unnecessary obstacles which can affect the growth of the native. Those who work in insurance sector, medical or in drilling of mining will benefit from this transit. Native who are in research and stats will also be seeing positive responses.

Finance wise, there can be gains of unearned nature. Gains from spouse will also be there. Natives own money will be spent unnecessary on  things. They can also spend on social obligations like maintaining status etc. It is not advisable to invest money anywhere right now. Giving command to elder or even spouse is the best idea until this transit is over.

On relationship, since Mercury rules over the 7th house of marriage, native will be having issues in marriage. There will be miscommunication with spouse. Health of spouse can also suffer and compatibility among them will be missing. With other people also native will be finding troubles in compatibility and will find hard to understand their intent and emotions.

Health wise, Mercury rulership over the 7th house makes it a very important planet for their health. It is a maraka planet in the end for them. Its transit over the 8th house is not going to bring any good. There can rise in a new health illness of there can be issues with their current health issue. Native should take care of skin and nerve related troubles during this transit.

Remedy: Native should wear a Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire in right hand index finger or on pendant in silver metal.

Effects For Capricorn Ascendant

For Capricorn ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 6th and the 9th house and is an auspicious planet for them. It rules over the following significations for them:

  • Enemies.
  • Debts.
  • Health.
  • Ability to heal.
  • Injury.
  • Maternal relations.
  • Luck.
  • Teacher.
  • Religion.
  • Long distance travels.

Transit of Mercury in Cancer will be happening over their 7th house which is a very important house and any transit in this house leads to major changes in life.

Let's see the possible impact on them:

On their career there will be rise and new events which will propel the native to new heights. Those who are working in banks, finances will benefit the most. Changes of traveling to abroad or a new place will also be there and native will enjoy the changes. In business, there will be good impact and native will be able to scale it into new heights, if native is looking for loan or funds for expansion then time will be supportive in this regard. Enemies can arise at workspace but native will be able to win them.

Financially, native will be seeing positive developments and debts will start to erased by native. More income will come from promotion and through business. Even trading or some skills of the native can add up to their wealth. Spouse will also be making more now and the combined wealth will become good.

Relationship wise the 7th house transit of Mercury is looking auspicious and will bring events like marriage, if native is already married then surely there will be good time spent with the spouse. Native will also be able to fix old issues with friends and family members and will experience positivity at home.

Health wise the nature of Mercury can cause some issues but only if the native is in negative dasha. Here, assuming that positive dasha is in operation then it will lead to awareness over health and fixing of old issues. Plus native mind will be at peace and will be looking for actives to sharp brain and overall personality development will happen.

Remedy: Native should offer water to planet Sun who is the lord of the 8th house of obstacles this way native will be able to get most from this transit.

Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius ascendant planet Mercury is lord of the 6th and the 8th house. Mercury nature is benefic for them and it rules over the following significations for them:

  • Victory over enemies.
  • Debts.
  • Maternal relations.
  • Health.
  • Immunity.
  • Injuries.
  • In laws.
  • Occult.
  • Longevity
  • Spouse earnings.

Mercury transit will be happening over their 6th house which is considered as a malefic house and it covers the significations such as enemies, debts, maternal relations, theft, debates, pets.

This transit is looking negative and will affect the negative in following manner:

On their career, there will be obstacles and tensions at work space. Enemies will arise and stiff competition will also be there with someone who native don't like. Bosses and seniors will also give cold vibes to the native. Native can lose a opportunity for promotion or can be demoted to a less important one.

It will be particularly negative if native is in legal profession, doctor, accounting or working in a financial institution. Everything should be double checked and no error of margin should be left by the native. In business chances are there that debts will arise and losses will happen. Some legal issues can happen also and workers will not follow instructions properly. This transit should be watched very carefully because element of miscalculations is seen in it.

Wealth wise, this transit is going to bring troubles, chances of losing property, defaulting on loans, theft and forgery is very high. Debts will arise and expenditures on health and fixing gadgets will also happen.

Relationship wise again negative indications are observed, native should keep temperament in control. Also native can speak things out of fear and insecurities. If there are issues in married life then this transit can act as kerosene on fire. With Father and material relationships there will be enimity. It is advisable that native keep stay humble and grounded and respect the elders. High chances are there that natives of this sign will be making enemies which can bring harm for them.

Health, Mercury is represents nervous system and its transit in 6th house of illness is going to affect nervous system and can cause back and neck pain. Being 8th house lord it can cause accidents and major troubles. Possibility of a major negative is seen only when native is in dasha of a negative planet. It is advisable that native stay low and don't push luck during this time frame.

Remedy: Native should donate Peacock feather in Krishna temple (sourced ethically ) on Wednesday.

Effects For Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces Ascendant, planet Mercury is lord of the 4th and the 7th house and rules over following significantions for them:

  • Home.
  • House.
  • Domestic peace.
  • Mother.
  • Mental Peace.
  • Luxury.
  • Spouse.
  • Marriage.
  • Business partner.
  • Maraka.

Mercury transit in Cancer will be happening over their 5th house which rules over significations such as progney matters, education, learning abilities, fame, past life karma, ministership etc.

This transit is looking very auspicious for them and it will bring honor, promotion and rise in career. 4th and 7th house have a huge role in progress in life and career. This transit is going to bring the happiness and satisfaction with the career.

Native in job will be able to feel comfortable and will justify the role they are given at their workplace. 

For freelance, writers, artists and traders this will be a supportive period. For natives who are in business will be finding support from luck and expansion is seen in it. Native's understanding of market will grow and native will be able to make more progress in career.

On wealth the impact of this transit is looking quite good, the direct aspect of Mercury over their 11th house is going to bring more consistent gains. Those who are making money via social media, business and speculation will be seeing tremendous growth now.

Income of spouse will also increase and more gains will come in family. If native is looking for money to solve a crisis which is going on, then this time spouse can step up to ease the situation by lending money to the native.

Relationship, Mercury is the 4th and 7th house lord which is most important for happiness in relationship and family. There will be peace and serenity in domestic front. Marriage will become good and current issues will solve. Chances of getting a child birth is also high. Marriage like situation will form and this transit is going to support natives love life and native will be able to convert it on marriage. Relationship with Mother will also improve and her health issues will get better.

Health wise, again Mercury have a huge importance due to its lordship over the 7th house. Its transit through a auspicious house is going to increase native vitality, will freshen up the mind. Both physical and mental health will benefit by this transit. Native will engage in spiritual practices and meditation will be very helpful. Artists skills will also allow native to see world and life with a different lens.

Remedy: Native should make Moon should who is lord of the Cancer sign and it can be done via use of Jyotish quality Moonstone or Sea water pearl.

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