Mars Transit In Pisces On 23 April ,2024

Planetary transit in 2024 will be seeing a special transit where two completely different elements will join together. I am talking about the transit of Mars in Pisces, where Mars is a fire sign whereas Pisces is a Water sign.  

The entry of Mars in Pisces is considered as a special event in vedic astrology, which have the ability to change the course of our life and can bring new meaningful events.

In this article, i will discuss the details of this transit and its impact on all ascendant signs.

Mars is considered as friendly towards the lord of Pisces i.e Jupiter. Mars here mellowed down and brings more thoughtful and strategic approach in our behaviour.

Effects for Aries ascendant 

For Aries ascendant, Mars is the lord of the 1st and 8th house, making Mars a functional benefic planet for them. Overall, Mars rules over the following significations for them: Health, looks, height, physique, Success, longevity, enemies, Sudden gains, inheritance, Sudden activities.

During its transit in Pisces sign, planet Mars will enter their 12th house of Sleep, expenses abroad, dreams, losses. Mars aspects the 6th and 7th house during its stay in Pisces. In general, the transit of Mars in Pisces is not considered auspicious, but it still has some good attributes. Let's see in detail how it will affect various areas of their lives.

Impact on Career & Wealth - Its impact on career & wealth cannot be said to be positive. The native faces adversity at the workplace, and there is resistance and hurdles faced from enemies.

The aspect of Mars to their 3rd and the 6th houses will bless them with courage and energy to handle it. All this leads to stress and hassles for them. If the native is running through the dasha of afflicted Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, or Mercury, then these workplace-related issues can lead to loss of job or an unfavorable transfer to an unfavorable location. Despite the negative attributes of this, there are some positive indications, such as movement abroad. Natives with placements favoring a shift abroad will find a favorable opportunity. Due to household expenses and losses, the native will suffer financial difficulties. Old investments will not yield profits, and the chances of getting a loan are also low. Expenditure will increase due to traveling and sudden plans.

Impact on relationships- This transit is not looking auspicious for relationship happiness for them. There will be a lack of warmth from the loved ones, especially the native will experience arguments & quarrel over small matters. Parents and siblings will not be supportive either. Health issues for family members are also foreseen, especially the health of the spouse, which won't be at its best. The 8th aspect of Mars over their 7th house will play its part for sure.

Impact on Health- Mars, as the ascendant lord, has the most say on their health. Its transit in Pisces leads to a lack of energy, chances of illness, and issues for them. Sleep is likely to be disturbed, and the possibility of visiting the hospital is quite high. "Native should drive or operate machines carefully.

Effect for Taurus ascendant

For Taurus ascendant, planet Mars is the lord of the 7th and 12th house. This makes Mars a malefic & maraka for them. Mars' rulership over said houses makes Mars ruler of the following significations for them: Spouse, maraka, Havrege, partnerships abroad, expenses, sleep, and dreams.

Mars, in its transit, will move through their 11th house, bringing gains, friends, and achievements. During the transit, the aspects of Mars will be falling over their 4th house, the house of family and property, and the 5th house of love affairs, digestion, and handling of love-related matters. Questions concerning debts, health issues, and relations may arise.

Mars, as a natural malefic, does well in the 11th house, but since Mars is a functional malefic, there is a need to look into its impact closely.

Impact on Career and Wealth: Mars' transit in Pisces is looking supportive for their career and wealth growth. Despite obstacles, the native will be able to increase their position and wealth. More support will come if the native is abroad or working in multinational companies. Business will also expand, and the native can get a new idea with a foreign element in it. There can be tussles with coworkers or business associates, especially when they are friends or relatives of the native.

During this transit, the native can achieve fame due to a heroic act. This prediction applies to natives who are in the fields of sports or politics. Due to Mars' rulership over land, chances are high that the native will be gaining land or substantial money from a real estate deal.

Impact on Relationship: This transit will do a lot for their relationship, as Mars is the Karka of attraction, and its aspect over the 7th house will bring passion to their relationship. The spouse will act positively, and the native is likely to enjoy marital bliss. Traveling abroad with the spouse is also looking possible. Popularity among peers and friends will also become high. Those who are planning for childbirth may face medical issues and complications.

Domestic peace is going to have a positive impact, though issues related to property can happen with elder siblings. Children's performance in education, funds, and career can also bother the native. But at the same time, if the child wishes to go abroad for education, then luck will be on their side. 

Impact on Health: Mars' primary role for them is health, and as a maraka planet, Mars has a main say in events such as injury and illness. During its transit in Pisces sign, the native is likely to feel healthy, and sleep is likely to be robust. Quality of life will improve, and laziness will not be there. Existing health issues will find a suitable cure, but the aspect of Mars over the 5th house can cause digestion troubles.

Remedy: Native should pacify Mars via chanting the mantra "Om hamu harmarte namah."

Effects for Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant, Mars is a malefic planet due to its lordship over the 6th and 11th houses. Overall, Mars rules over the following significations for them.

Transit of Mars in Pisces sign will be happening over the 10th house which stands For Cancer, status, knees, father, income, etc. During the transit of Mars, its aspect will be falling over the 1st house, which includes the self, physique, etc., along with the 4th house of mental peace, residence, domestic peace, and the 9th house of education, love affairs, digestion, etc.

Due to the natural and functional malefic nature of Mars, this transit is likely to cause negative events. But we can't ignore the role of Mars as the 11th house, so let's see how this transit will affect various areas of their lives.

Impact on Career and Wealth: This transit will bring a new sense of energy and ambitions. The native will pursue career goals with lots of passion. In most cases, they will be seeing success, but they will have to face enemies, which will cause stress and anxiety. Also, it indicates the native may have to compete for a post or project, depending on the dasha the native is in, the outcome will be decided. This transit is supportive for a career in politics, the military, sports, mainly due to its role as the 11th house lord; in this transit, the native is likely to gain real estate properties.

Impact on Relationship: There can be chances of sour relationships with the father. Additionally, a negative impact will fall over his health. Domestic peace will be at stake, and the aspect of Mars over the ascendant will cause anger problems for the native. Worries through children can also happen. The native is advised to maintain calm and composure throughout the transit.

Impact on Health: Mars' aspect over the first house is not supportive for physical safety and health, making chances of accidents quite high. The native can experience bouts of fevers and boils. Possibility of digestion and stomach-related issues are also there. Stress will be high, and the native will be prone to anxiety.

The favorable period to fulfill the ambition of doing body building. Native can consider taking a trip or a retreat for rejuvenation.

Effect for Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer ascendant, planet Mars is the lord of the 5th and the 10th houses, making Mars a key significator planet for them. Mars rules over the following significations for Cancer ascendant: Education, Children, digestion, hobbies, Karma, career, studies, knees, father's beauty.

Transit of Mars in Pisces will be happening over their 9th house of luck, religion, father, teacher, and long-distance travel.

This transit has lots of potential; let's see how it will affect them.

Impact on Career & Wealth: This will be an auspicious phase; the native will be getting full support from seniors and can get rewarded for the hard work. A promotion or salary hike is looking very prominent. Luck will favor more if the native is working in fields related to real estate, politics, authoritative power in government, etc. Chances of traveling for an important project are quite high. Existing restraints over growth will vanish, and the native will finally be getting hope and confidence that the future will be good. Such efforts can really bring a massive change in the outcome in career and wealth. Businesses will flourish, and the native will expand it further. Partners will also be happy, and revenue will rise. Mars' transit is supportive for financial gains through father.

Impact on Relationship: Relationships are going to improve now; there will be peace and harmony at domestic life will be observed. Natives who are struggling in their marriage will be able to find a suitable solution. Relationship with the father will improve, and good experiences with children will happen. The native will be liked by everyone, and popularity will arise. Chances of childbirth are also very high, provided the native is in the dasha of Mars or any planet aspecting the 5th house or the 5th place.

Impact on Health: Natives of Cancer ascendant are prone to seasonal sickness, but this time they will be feeling robust, active, and will be on top of their game. Any illness currently lingering will find its cure. Interest in healthy activities will arise, sleep will become sound, and energy levels will be up.

Effect for Leo Ascendant 

For Leo ascendant, planet Mars is the lord of the 4th and 9th houses. This makes Mars a yogakaraka planet for them. Mars rules over the following significations for them such as domestic peace, property, mother, mental peace, etc.

Transit of Mars will be happening over their 8th house of longevity, sudden gains, inheritance, and spouse's health. Transit of Mars through the 8th house of any ascendant is not considered as good. But since Mars is a yogakaraka planet here, there will be some positive results also; let's see how this transit will pan out for them.

Impact on Career & Wealth: Obstacles and reflection will be the theme of life during this transit. Native's plans will not work out effectively, and chances of scandals at the workplace can also be there, especially when in the natal horoscope native has Venus in the 8th house.

Similarly, controversy at the workplace can also occur if the dasha of afflicted Saturn, Rahu, & Ketu is running in the present.

There will be a lack of focus at work, which will result in bad performance. Goals will not be achieved in the set target timeline, which can result in disappointment from seniors. Sudden expenses can come, which will affect the plans of the native. On the bright side, the native can get inheritance matters solved during this transit of Mars.

Impact on Relationship: Mars transit over the 8th house is well-known to cause issues in marriage. The native will have disagreements with the spouse, and chances of the spouse having health troubles will also be there. The native won't be understood by family and friends. In-laws can become critical towards the native. Property disputes can arise, and legal battles can also happen.

Impact on Health: This transit will cause severe issues over the health area. Existing health issues will go out of hand. There are chances of surgery, so the native should drive or operate machinery carefully. Disruptions in lifestyle will happen, which can lead to the intake of unhealthy food.

Effects for Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, Mars is the lord of the 3rd and 8th houses, which makes Mars a malefic planet for them. Mars overall rules over the following significations for them: Siblings, courage, short travels, strength, neighbors, skills, longevity, obstacles, insurance, inheritance, occult.

Transit of Mars will be happening over their 7th house of spouse, partnership, etc. Mars will cast its aspect over the 10th, 1st, and 2nd houses, where the 10th house stands for career, karma, status, the 2nd house is all about health, appearance, and income.

Impact on Career & Wealth: This transit will make the native courageous and stubborn. Due to unreasonable and unrealistic expectations, the native will be facing disappointments. Promotion can get delayed, and hidden enemies will cause hindrance. The native will feel frustrated with career stagnation and won't get any relief from the pressure of work. The aspect of this Mars transit over their 10th house indicates scandals or conspiracies. A fall from position is also predicted. Unnecessary traveling can also happen, and during the travel, the native will encounter serious issues. Natives who are in business should be careful not to engage in fraudulent activities. Mars' aspect on their 1st house will tempt them, and the results of such actions can be grave. Depletion of wealth and the need for a loan due to that can happen. The native can face losses in investments done in past.

Impact on Relationship: Since the transit is happening over their 7th house of marriage, the native is going to feel the heat now. Such transits are fully capable of causing divorce or separation, provided the native has placements for marriage issues in the natal horoscope. The health of the spouse can also deteriorate, and the native will be facing expenses due to that. With other family members, things won't be good, and some major mishap can happen with family members. In-laws and people in the spouse's family won't be kind towards the native. Children won't obey instructions and can show their rebellious side. The transit of Mars over Venus or Rahu can cause a scandal-like situation. Affairs should be avoided.

Impact on Health: Mars, as a functional malefic, can give serious challenges in this department, especially for those in sports, the army, or other fields where danger is involved. They should exercise extra caution now. Chances of injury and sickness are high. Anger and stress will also play their part in making life miserable. Natives who are in filed of sports, army and other jobs where danger is involved should exercise extra caution now.

Effects for Libra Ascendant

For Libra ascendant, planet Mars is the lord of the 6th and 1st house. Mars is significant for their relationship and family matters. Apart from that, Mars is classified as a maraka planet. Overall, planet Mars rules over the following significations for them: Speech, food intake, morals, valuation, savings.

Mars will transit through their 6th house of enemies, debt, service, humiliation, injury, and maternal relatives. The aspect of transit Mars will fall over the 9th house of father, religion, long-distance travels, servants, etc. First house of self, physique, success. In fact, any aspect of Mars over the 1st house becomes very significant. Let's see how the transit of Mars will work out for them.

Impact on Career & Wealth: The 6th house is of service and rivalry, during this transit, the native will experience fierce competition at the workplace, but they will be able to overcome it. This period will prove auspicious for clearing exams, and students will benefit immensely. For sportsmen, political individuals, there will be support of luck from all corners, though the native will have to work hard to convince seniors and bosses. Now, the significations of the 2nd house will suffer, expenditures will arise, and there will be a lack of funds for the expansion of the business. The aspect of Mars to the 12th house will cause situations for which the native will be required to take debts. On the bright side, such a transit of Mars is fully capable of bringing the native to an abroad place, especially when native has Rahu placed in the 4th or the 10th house.

Impact on Relationship: This transit can wreak havoc in marriage and relationships. The native may go through a tough time with the spouse, and certain situations can go out of hand.Native with an afflicted 7th house or its lord will face some intense situations. If Mars is transiting over Venus, Mercury, or Rahu, then there will be scandals, and the native may engage in extramarital relationships. Remember, the transit of Mars over natural malefics causes more intense issues, and the same applies to functional malefics. The aspect of Mars over their 9th house can cause health-related issues to the father. Also, the relationship with the father will see some downturns. With other family members, things will be quite average, and maternal relationships will need extra care. Some old issues from the past can come alive.

Impact on Health: As mentioned before, Mars is a formidable planet for health-related matters. Now, its travel through the house of illness can cause troubles on account of sudden sickness. Chances of injury are very high. Natives who are in sports and drive regularly should exercise extra caution. Hospitalization is also expected, and expenditures will arise on account of medical bills.

Effects for Scorpio Ascendant

Planet Mars is the lord of the 1st and the 6th house and is a benefic planet which rules over the following significations: health, debts, enemies, maternal relatives.

Transit of Mars will be happening over their 5th house of love, emotions, digestion, education, passion, hobbies, past life karma, and ministership. The aspect of transit Mars will be falling over the 8th house of longevity, sudden events, shared resources, in-laws, inheritance.

11th house of gains, elder siblings, paternal uncles, and the 12th house of expenses, sleep, dreams, and abroad.

This transit of Mars is eagerly anticipated; let's see how it will change life for them.

Impact on Career & Wealth: This period will mark the dawn of good times. More income sources will come, particularly from creatives and speculative pursuits. Business will also see expansion, particularly in real estate dealings, with more favor. If Mars is transiting over natal Mars, Venus, or Mercury, then the native can achieve a significant rise. Depending on the potential of the horoscope, a position of power can also come, and the native's ability to solve complex situations and differences sharply will see a rise, giving them an edge in the workplace. Seniors will be happy with the native's performance and efforts. Native is likely to meet an influential figure who will help them scale new heights. Students will also see benefits, especially those in the field of mechanical engineering or pursuing medical education.

Impact on Relationship: During this period, chances of falling in love are quite high. The native will feel happy and passionate about loved ones, receiving an equal response from friends and family members. Marital issues will resolve, and the native may travel with their spouse for recreational purposes. The chances of childbirth are quite high, and grown-up kids will see progressive events, such as good performance in studies, etc. However, the aspect of Mars over the 8th house says a different story, indicating health troubles and conflicts with one of the in-laws. The friend's circle will increase now, and one of the old friends will prove instrumental in the progress of the native.

Impact on Health: The transit of Mars will lead to good health, and a rush of energy will be felt. The native will engage in creativity, bringing peace to the mind. Activities like swimming and hiking will prove beneficial for overall well-being. If Mars, Venus, and Mercury are well-placed, the native should benefit more and can use it to overcome any major illness when currently the 6th house is 12th from the 7th house, helping in recovery from health issues.

Effects for Sagittarius Ascendant 

For Sagittarius natives, Mars is lord of the auspicious 5th house which rules over education, parrion, hobbies, digestion The other rulership of Mars falls over their 12th house of expenses, abroad. dreams, sleep, meditation etc.

Transit of Mars in Pisces will be happening over their 4th house of mother, mental & real estate, domestic peace, and harmony.

Mars transit doesn't work well over the 4th house, but since Mars is an auspicious planet, there will be some good impact on it. Let's see how.

Impact on Career & Wealth: Mars direct aspect over their 10th house will bring sudden positive changes. The native can get an opportunity to go abroad and will be getting important projects. For business and freelancing, this transit has more positivity. Native creativity and courage will bring success and wealth. If Mars is transiting over natal Jupiter, then a massive promotion can happen for them. Media, speculation, acting, politics, real estate will get an extra boost. So, if the native is involved in any of these fields, then we can assume a solid run for them. Income from rental real estate work will rise, and chances of more investments will be there.

Impact on Relationship: Some disharmony at the domestic front can arise. The relationship with the mother can turn sour, and her health will need attention. With the spouse, some differences in opinion can happen, but passion and love will remain intact. Chances of finding a love partner are there, and the native can move to a new house. Within domestic matters, due to the native's movement abroad or to a distant place, there can be some.

Impact on Health: This transit and Mars can cause uneasiness due to high blood pressure. Those who are suffering from heart-related ailments should take extra care of themselves. Natives going through weak or afflicted dashes of Mars, Saturn, Ketu, or Venus should watch out for hospitalization. The good indication for the native of this transit is that they will become health cautious now which will lead them to live a healthy life in the future.

Effects for Capricorn Ascendant 

For them, planet Mars is the lord of the 4th and 11th house which conditions the following significations: home, mother, mental peace, domestic environment, large gains, elder siblings, parental relations, and wealth.

Transit of Mars will be happening over their 3rd house of courage, younger siblings, travels, strength. The aspect of this transit Mars will be falling over the 6th house of illness, enemies, debts, and maternal relatives, and the 9th house of father, seniors at the workplace, religion, long-distance travels, and the 10th house of career, karma, knees, status. Transit Mars works well in the 3rd house, whereas in Pisces sign, it is considered as average.

Impact on Career & Wealth: Mars transit is going to increase their courage, which will make them brave enough to take risks. If the native is running an auspicious Venus or Mercury dasha, then risks will pay off very well.

There will be inclinations to change for the native, and they might consider that now. Some friction with seniors and bosses will arise, but the native will remain unharmed. Some urgent travels can come up, which will prove beneficial. This transit is looking supportive for natives working in the army, sports, engineering, craftsmanship, and writing. For natives in the field of business, there is a need to take cautions because some fraud can happen with them. Also, output will be on the lower side now.

Impact on Relationship: There will be tensions with siblings, due to which domestic peace will suffer. Maternal relatives won't be peaceful and may go through some hardship. The native will be required to help them. Due to excessive traveling, the native won't be able to spend enough time with loved ones. At the marital front, things are looking smooth, but the health of the father in-law may suffer. The native will have to deal with their own father's health and rude behavior, especially when the planet Sun is weak or afflicted in the natal horoscope.

Impact on Health: The energy of Mars transit will be evident on the native's face and actions. But the same can bring the threat of an injury. Shoulders are looking vulnerable, and chances of accidents are also possible. If the native has Ketu, Rahu, or afflicted Saturn in the 3rd house, then the possibility of health issues is very high.

Effect for Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius ascendant, planet Mars is the lord of the 3rd and the 10th house, and it rules over the following significations for them: courage, siblings, short-distance travels. Transit of Mars will be happening over their 2nd house of family, speech, food intake, moral values, family traditions. The aspect of transit Mars will be falling over their 5th house of children, passion, education, skills, position, 8th house of longevity, death, in-laws, chronic illnesses, and the 9th house of father, teacher, long-distance travels. Generally, the transit of Mars is not considered as benefic for them, and we can expect some troubles during this transit of Mars in Pisces.

Impact on Career & Wealth: Now there will be a need for hard work, and the native will be able to understand this. If the dasha in the natal horoscope is of the yoga-karaka Venus or strong Mercury, then there will be a rise in rank, leading to more income and influence at the workplace. Though the native will be harsh in speech and behavior, which can cause enmity with co-workers. If the native is stuck with a legal case, then this period will bring a pace to it, and relief will also come, provided the 6th house lord is well-placed in the natal horoscope. Gains from family property will increase, and such transits are good for starting a business. Students should stay careful as there can be some distraction due to issues in health and emotions, but those who are looking for a job will get lucky in finding a suitable job.

Impact on Relationship: The house where Mars is going to make a transit is critical for relationships. Mars, as a natural and functional malefic, can lead to challenges and negative events, family members can get sick, and the elderly members need more care. Children-related issues will also arise, and guidance will be required. In marital life, some upheaval is expected. Natives with placements indicating marital disharmony should stay calm to handle things with care. The aspect of Mars over the 5th house indicates extra precaution is required in matters related to children. The grown kids may show disobedience and rebellious behavior, and some major arguments can arise with in-laws. Natives engaged in business with them should take care.

Impact on Health: There will be a rise in the tendency to eat unhealthy food, due to which the native can face aggravation. Chances of physical injury are also high, and surgery on the stomach area is also a possibility. Mental health will go haywire if the native has the moon in the 8th house, and women natives can go through gynecological issues. There can be situations where the native will have to take a loan to attend a medical emergency.

Effects for Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant, Mars is the lord of the 2nd and 9th house, which makes Mars a benefic planet for them. Mars overall rules over the following significations in their horoscope: family, speech, food intake, moral values, father, religion, teacher, etc.

Transit of Mars in Pisces will be happening over their 1st house, and its aspect will fall over the 4th, 7th, and 8th houses where the 4th house stands for home and family, the 7th house for marriage and spouses, and the 8th house for in-laws and sudden gains. Any planet in these houses will be influenced by Mars transit.

Effects on Career & Wealth: The native is surely going to get a lucky break. Improvement in job status and wealth will happen. Support from seniors and co-workers will come, and the native will be able to gain favors. Extra support is seen for natives working in politics, administration, religion. The real estate and insurance fields will also become suitable, provided the native is in the dasha of Moon or Jupiter. Wealth will rise, and gains from real estate deals will increase. The native is likely to gain inheritance from father or in-laws. Smart investments will also be made, which will help the native in the future.

Effects on Relationship: This transit will bring new relationships and the existing ones will also flourish. Native will be very passionate and will be showing love and affection boldly. Marital issues will be resolved now and children related matters will support. Chances of getting a child birth is very high and native can start to plan around this matter.

Effects on Health: Overall indications are looking good. Super healthy habits will develop in the native, and they will feel energetic. Any existing health issues will become better. Some anger can increase, but mental peace will remain intact.

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