Mars Transit In Aquarius On 15th March 2024

In its transit journey of year 2024, Mars will enter the sign of Aquarius on 15 March ,2024. 

Mars now will be out of its exalted sign and will enter another sign owned by Saturn.This period will bring new kinds of results and generally Mars does well in this sign. 

All of us, will be seeing effects based on what role Mars have in our Horoscope and which house it is transiting from.

Let's start and see some vital details on this transit first.

About Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and is an Air sign which is ruled by the planet Saturn.

Aquarius is associated with innovation, originality, and sudden changes. Its symbol is of a  Water Bearer or the Water Carrier, representing the flow of knowledge and ideas.

Here are some key characteristics and traits associated with individuals born under the sign of Aquarius:

1.Independent Thinkers: Aquarians are known for their independent and unconventional thinking. They value their freedom and are not afraid to express their unique ideas.

2.Intellectual: Aquarians are typically intelligent and have a keen interest in intellectual pursuits. They enjoy engaging in conversations about abstract ideas, social issues, and future possibilities.

3.Humanitarian: Individuals born under this sign often have a strong sense of social justice and a desire to make the world a better place. They are drawn to humanitarian causes and may actively participate in social or environmental activism.

4.Innovative: Aquarians are natural innovators. They enjoy exploring new ideas and technologies and are often ahead of their time in terms of embracing progressive and unconventional concepts.

5.Friendly and Sociable: Despite their independent nature, Aquarians are generally sociable and enjoy spending time with a diverse group of people. They value their friendships and often have a wide circle of acquaintances.

6. Detached:
While they can be friendly, Aquarians can also appear emotionally detached. They may prioritize rationality over emotions, and this can sometimes make them seem aloof or distant.

7.Eccentric: Aquarians are not afraid to be different. They may have unique or eccentric interests and enjoy expressing their individuality through their appearance, lifestyle, or hobbies.

8.Progressive Thinkers: Being ruled by Saturn and Rahu, it is associated with progress and innovation, Aquarians are often at the forefront of societal changes. They may embrace new technologies and futuristic ideas more readily than other signs.

9.Challenges with Emotional Expression: Aquarius may sometimes struggle with expressing their emotions openly. They tend to process feelings logically and may find it challenging to navigate deep emotional conversations.

Now as you can see, Aquarius is an air sign whereas Mars is fire in nature. Both Aquarius and Mars have traits which bring progress and focus on action then thinking. Mars is benefic for Aries, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces ascendant sign and does well to the sign/house it is transiting.

Let's see how this Mars transit in Aquarius will give results to the natives of different rising signs.

Effects For Aries Ascendant

Transit of Mars through the 11th house will bring new opportunities for growth and a rise in career and wealth. The aspect of transit Mars over their 2nd and 4th houses is going to bring more money and gains from real estate, or an opportunity for the same will come now. Native influence will rise, and efforts will be appreciated by senior co-workers. The native will be blessed to get the association of people in power. Ability to speculate will rise, and more income from this area will come. Business will expand, and funding for expansion will come easily. This period will prove auspicious for making new investments in mutual funds and stocks. The combined wealth of the family will also see a sharp rise. Relationships will flourish, and chances of falling in love are seen. Natives who are "willing to marry will find the support of luck; chances of childbirth are high, making it a good period to plan children. Relationships with siblings and friends will become better. The native will surpass enemies in social life. Maternal uncles might face some adversity in their respective lives. Native energy levels will be high, and the native will exhibit raw passion in day-to-day life. Though stomach-related issues can arise, major issues are not seen.

Effects For Taurus Ascendant 

This Mars transit is going to affect career directly. It looks supportive for fields like army, real estate, money lending, sports, and politics. Businesses, especially in partnership, will flourish. If the native is looking for a promotion or any kind of positive development, then this transit can do the needful for them, provided the native is running the dasha of an unafflicted Mercury, Venus, or Saturn. Some negativity can arise if the native is of Ketu, Rahu, or afflicted Mars. Property-related matters, whether it's buying or selling, will take place. But the hot-headed aspect of Mars on the ascendant will cause unnecessary disturbances at the workplace and in business deals. Such Mars transit can lead to errors in judgments because Mars, as a malefic, will cast an aspect over the 5th house. Speculation should be avoided, and investments made in the past should be checked regularly. The same hot-headed nature of the native will cause troubles in personal relationships. Some mishaps can happen at home, bringing sadness or disharmony. Matters related to property and inheritance can escalate. The health of the mother will need attention, and the relationship with her can turn difficult now. With the spouse, matters will be average, and severe issues are not seen. However, unmarried natives are going to face challenges in matters related to love and relationships. Strain in the relationship due to the strict and stubborn nature of the father is expected. Children will also give sleepless nights. Their performance in studies can go down, and chances of fever and injury are high now. The native should be careful while driving, as road rage is expected, and harm can come to the native. Cautions around heavy machines and electric equipment are an absolute must. Stomach-related issues can be there. The aspect of Mars over the 4th house suggests heart-related concerns.

Effect For Gemini Ascendant

Due to affliction over the 9th house, lack of support from seniors and bosses will be felt. Resistance from hidden enemies will also be there, but still, the native can achieve glory and promotion. A lot depends on the dasha of the native that is currently running. For benefic effects of this Mars transit are ideal during the dasha of unafflicted Venus, Mercury, or Jupiter. Dasha of afflicted Mars or Ketu can bring stagnation and conspiracy at the workplace. This transit is looking more supportive for a career in the fields of sports, politics, and mechanical engineering. With the support of an auspicious dasha, the native can win over competitors and gain a new powerful position. Any existing legal case will find its solution, and the native can gain from such legal battle victories. The relationship with the father won't be smooth and can cause worries to the native. His health may face challenges. Any travel related to clearing legal debts, and meetings with relatives, or friends will result in gains and benefits. Marriage harmony will prevail, and the native will be able to resolve conflicts with the spouse. Children will be doing well in their respective lives. Some health issues may happen to the mother. Quarrel at home is there, but the native will not be involved, although they may have to go through the effects of it. In-laws' financial issues may require the native's help. Health-wise, Mars transit is going to do wonders. There will be awareness of one's body and its flaws. The native will engage daily in an exercise routine and will recover from any existing illness. The aspect of transit Mars in their 2nd house is very beneficial for their overall well-being. However, its 8th aspect on their 4th house will cause some stress in the mind. Some anger spikes can be there, but sports, hiking, and yoga will be helpful.

 Effects For Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer ascendant natives, Mars is a yoga karaka planet due to its ruling over their 5th and 10th houses. Mars controls significations such as children, education, digestion, fame creativity, speculation, career, knees, father's health, etc. Its transit in Aquarius will be over their 8th house, which rules over significations such as death, chronic illnesses, shared resources, in-laws, and obstacles. Mars transit over the 8th house is not considered auspicious, but here Mars is a yoga karaka, so it can provide relief to existing issues originating from the 8th house. The native may face obstacles and delays in their career and workplace. Promotion will get delayed, and the existing position at work may be under threat. Scandals can happen if Mars is transiting over Venus, Rahu, or Mercury. Plus, legal complications can bother the natives working in police administration, politics, insurance. They should be very careful. Interaction with the opposite sex can trigger controversy. Natives can face situations like harassment or behavioral misconduct. The above statement will hold applicable for those who have Venus in their 8th house.Property disputes can also occur. Inheritance-related discussions should be postponed until this transit is over. Financial losses are expected, and expenditures will rise. Health and relationships with in-laws require attention. Spouse-related matters will be negatively affected. Natives who have placements for a bad marriage will be affected badly by it. The native's harsh speech will bother friends and relatives. The eldest sibling will oppose and try to pick up fights, and chances of having some injury are seen. Native's teeth may encounter issues, eye pain, tonsils, energy levels will be low during this time, and irritability and bad mood will prevail.

Effects For Leo Ascendant

 The direct aspect of Mars over their 1st house is going to strengthen their courage. The native will get what they deserve, and goals will be achieved effortlessly. Luck will be supportive, and chances of a promotion or salary hike are seen. Time is looking very auspicious for fulfilling political ambitions. Real estate gains will happen, and the native will invest in various new ventures. Partnerships in businesses will bring more gains due to the partner's good efforts. Sudden gains are also seen due to the rulership of Mars over the 5th house. Luck will support more than ever now. Career streams like sports and mechanical engineering will get more favors. Long-distance travel is looking possible, and the likelihood of it being fruitful is quite high. The native will get lucky with legal matters will be in the native's favor, and they will be able to crush the enemies this time. Parents will be kind and good towards the native. Along with that, seniors and bosses will favor them more now. Due to Mars' influence over the 7th house, some issues in marriage can arise, but it will solely be due to the hot temperament of the native. Despite all odds, the native will be able to maintain and balance things out. Health-wise, a good period will come; the native will be all alert and courageous. Physical strength will be at peak. The native will be inclined towards physical exercises, though a rise in blood pressure and some hair fall will be experienced.

 Effects For Virgo Ascendant

Mars' malefic nature will be pronounced now. This period will be full of obstacles and enemies. Scheduled promotions will be denied, and chances of the native making a grave mistake are also high. Natives in professions such as 

Politics, doctor, sports, legal work will be prone to mistakes. Legal hassles can come, and native finances will be drained due to that. Loss of reputation can happen, especially when Ketu or Rahu is present over the 6th house. Chances of theft or fraud are seen, and the native can fall for false promises. The downfall in career will cause a financial crisis. The native may pile up debts and will have to ask for financial favors from friends and family. Old investments may not yield good results either. Relationship troubles are seen, and this transit is fully capable of activating negative placements to harm marriage. Divorce proceedings can happen, and the native's side will get weakened. Mars' nature and rulership suggest that an error in calculation can be made, which will prove costly. Chances of having surgery are quite high. The native may face fever and rashes on the skin, old health issues will start to bother the native again. Accidents or an injury is on the cards. All in all care & attention is required by all means.


Effects For Libra Ascendant. Mars transit impact is capable to smooth career path. Major drawbacks are not seen rather promotion or rise of position is seen. Native enemies will not be able to harm now, native will be using clever tactics to defeat them. Business will expand 2 equation with business Partner will become better. Gains from speculation will increase 2 investing in precious metals will yield large gains. Natives in medical field will benefit the most, especially those who are under the dasha of Mercury or Saturn. Someone in a relatively influential position will help the native plan for growth in their career. If the native has involvement of paternal relatives in financial activities, disturbances in business during this period can cause some rifts and disturbances, which in turn will strain relationships. This period is likely to increase passion in the native, and their emotions will be sensitive, leading to arguments and misunderstandings. Chances of falling in love and finding a spouse are quite high. The native is likely to marry, provided auspicious circumstances are available, plus muhurats are favorable, and the native is running a dasha connected with the 7th house or its lord. Chances of childbirth are high, though for female natives, surgery may happen. Health issues related to the spouse will resolve, and the relationship will strengthen. Basically, matters related to the spouse will give good results. The native's ability to enjoy small things will be enhanced, though some minor issues related to the stomach may arise. Overall, health will be good, and an active interest in sports and outdoor activities will increase.

Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

Mars transit in the 4th house is not considered as good, but here the nature and importance of Mars as the ascendant lord show significant promises. The native will gain focus and will take important steps for career advancement. If the dasha is supportive, then the native can expect important events such as a promotion or salary hike. Favorable changes in location are expected to happen for them. Sectors such as real estate, the automobile industry, and agriculture will benefit. Business will rise, and the native may or may not experience smooth relations with a business partner; it will depend on the dasha and conditions of Mars in the natal horoscope of the native. Seniors will be a bit hard and demanding, putting pressure. Relationships can go strained at home, and some challenges on the domestic front are expected to happen. If the native has Rahu in the 4th house, they may have to go far from loved ones. Mars transit in the 4th is not supportive for peace at home and can lead to quarrels with mother, father, or spouse. It can also cause health troubles to near and dear ones. Disputes related to inheritance are likely to happen. Mental peace will be at stake, and chances of health issues and injuries are high. The native can have issues with lungs and chest, and seasonal sickness is likely to cause discomfort.

Effects for Sagittarius Ascendant

 Mars transit is going to be very significant. During this transit, the native will be endowed with courage and determination. Luck will also shine, and promotion or a salary hike is expected to happen. Career streams such as sports, politics, and speculation will be supportive for growth. Native efforts will be appreciated, and rewards will come in the form of new opportunities. Chances of a distant travel will come, which will prove fruitful. If Jupiter is placed in the 2nd house, then a major event will happen for those engaged in fields like judiciary. Similarly, if Venus is placed there, then engagement in arts, music, or related fields will prove beneficial. Natives in sports and politics will also see auspicious events, particularly when Rahu is placed in their 2nd house. But if Ketu is placed there, then chances of injury are seen.

This transit is also good for writing. The native can create and publish the best of their work in this timeline. Relationships will flourish, and the chance of falling in love is very high. Marriage can happen provided the native is in the dasha of marriage-giving planets. The eldest sibling can go abroad or to a far-distance place, and chances of health issues for the father are also seen. The native's own health will be unaffected, and interest in exercises and healthy habits will be developed. Native mental health will be perfect, though anxiety may come due to unfinished tasks.

Effects for Capricorn Ascendant

The native is going to have mixed results. More hard work and efforts will be demanded. Resistance and obstacles will also come, but the native will be able to surpass challenges and gain victory. Natives in real estate field wealth management, the hospitality sector will benefit the most from it. The native will be required to maintain calm and composure, or unnecessary issues will arise. This transit can significantly increase the quantum of wealth; the native will secure major deals and gain large sums. They will make some bold decisions for the future, which will prove right and give drastic growth in the near future. Abroad-related significations like traveling and settlement will be happening. On relationships, utmost care and attention are required. Mars transit in the 7th house can result in serious marital issues and cause health problems for the spouse and in-laws. Negativity can even spread to the father, so the native is likely to experience stress and worries. Children will also rebel, and performance in studies won't be good. Grown-up children will face challenges in marital life. Native's food habits will be bad, and existing health issues will increase, including sexual fever and piles. Chances of diseases, especially when Venus is placed in the 8th house under the influence of Rahu or Ketu, are heightened.

Effects for Aquarius Ascendant

 Mars transit can bother the native's career on account of unnecessary travels. Though native courage and abilities will enhance, and they will gain willpower, allowing victory over enemies. An opportunity for promotion will come, and the native can get it if the dasha of Venus, Mercury, or Mars is unafflicted in the natal horoscope. Property-related matters will give large gains, and the native may invest in metals. The mindset will be quite positive and optimistic, especially when Jupiter is placed in the first house. If the native happens to have an afflicted Venus in the first or the seventh house, then there are chances of scandals through allegations.

For natives who are in sports or politics, good performance will come, and major achievements can be made. Property-related matters can cause some drama, most likely with in-laws, siblings, or spouse's relatives. The native's own domestic peace will be lost, and arguments with the mother can happen. The health of the mother will also need attention. Native's own health will have issues, and there are chances of surgery or injury, especially when Mars is present over the first house.

Effects for Pisces Ascendant

Now, the native will get an opportunity to go abroad, and this event will prove good for their future. But hustle and bustle will be there in the end moments plans may happen Native may encounter some enemies, but the auspicious nature of transit Mars will help them in winning them over. Expenditures will arise, but at the same time, income will also increase. Some legal issues can happen; natives who have Rahu or Ketu in their 12th house should exercise caution. The relationship area will be average, and the native may not be able to spend enough time with family and loved ones. Native aggression can cause more issues, and chances of having arguments with the spouse are quite high. Native's sleep will be affected, and a lack of energy can be experienced. Hospitalization can happen if the Sun is weak or afflicted, and at the same time, the dasha of a weak planet is running



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