Mars Retrograde In Gemini

Mars retrograde transit in Gemini sign which is ruled by its enemy creates lots of troubles.

As we are aware of the fact that, retrograde transit of any planet is very important and crucial in Vedic astrology.

It can triggers many important events in the life of the native.

Let's start with some details on the planet Mars.

Planet Mars is a natural malefic whose domain is over war, blood, anger, passion, courage, stamina, land, immovable assets, etc.

Planet Mars rules over Aries and the Scorpio zodiac sign and depending on the placements of these two zodiac signs, planet Mars can be a malefic, benefic, or even a Yoga karaka.

In the sign of Gemini whose lord is planet Mercury, Mars doesn't perform very well, and depending on which house of the Horoscope it is going through, the natives see issues in life.

How To Read The Effects Of Mars Retrograde

There is a seperate guide which deals with the astrology transit interpretations and most transits should be read with in those frame of rules.

As mentioned earlier planet Mars is a natural malefic planet and a natural malefic in a retrograde state becomes more malefic.

But since planets change their nature for a particular ascendant depending on its lordship.

So the first step here is to see which house planet Mars rules over the Horoscope.

Depending on that the nature of the planet Mars is judged.

For your convenience, you can check the table where it is mentioned for which sign Mars is malefic or a benefic.

Ascendant Sign

Lordship Of Mars

Nature Of Mars


1st & 8th house



2nd & 12th house



6th & 11th house



5th & 10th house

Benefic & Yogakaraka


4th & 9th house

Benefic & Yogakaraka


3rd & 8th house



2nd & 7th house



1st & 6th house



5th & 12th house



4th & 11th house



3rd & 10th house



2nd & 9th house


Then it is important to check in which sign planet Mars is going retrograde.

There are signs where the planet performs well like Aries, Leo, Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Pisces zodiac signs.

In the rest of the signs, Mars doesn't perform well, especially in its retrograde state.

Then in the natal Horoscope, we need to see in which house planet Mars is going retrograde.

In certain houses, Mars gives auspicious results like in the 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses.

This is not a hard and fast rule and depending upon the rising sign( lordship of Mars), the results of planet Mars in a certain house can change.

The last step is to see the correlation of other planetary transits, you will need to see the impact of other planetary transit and will need to see how they are related to them.

In general, the transit of Saturn and Jupiter dominates and sets a pattern to create an event that other planets follow and together there is a technique known as double transit theory

Once you apply the rules mentioned above, you will be able to make predictions of the retrograde Mars in the sign of Gemini.

Effects For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant planet Mars is lord of the 1st and the 8th house and is considered a benefic planet.

Planet Mars rules over the following significations:

  1. Body.
  2. Complexion.
  3. Mind.
  4. Health.
  5. Wealth.
  6. In-laws.
  7. Spouse health.
  8. Sudden gains.
  9. Longevity.
  10. Occult.

During its retrograde transit in the zodiac sign of Gemini will be happening over their 3rd house which rules over the following significations:

  1. Younger siblings.
  2. Courage.
  3. Efforts.
  4. Writing abilities.
  5. Short-distance travel.
  6. Paperwork.

The transit of Mars in its retrograde state is going to be beneficial for them.

3rd house is the house where planet Mars performs very well.

They will be feeling a rise in their courage, strength, and stamina.

They will be able to take and face challenges at their workplace and will be seeing victory over their opponents.

If they are in the middle of a competition for a position like a promotion or a new project, then they are likely to get it due to the positive influence of planet Mars.

Similarly, there will be a rise in their earnings, especially for the natives who are doing business.

They will be seeing more sales and more new ways to make money.

Though, their expenses will rise due to traveling and buying something expensive.

They may plan to buy a new vehicle or a property because Mars is the karaka of property and in its retrograde state it will build up this event.

They will be feeling bold and will be able to take active steps to make progress and uplift their career and business. Their efforts will be paying also and good growth will come for them.

Their position will rise and at the same time, there will be a rise in their wealth also.

On relationships, some caution is advised because due to Mars retrograde they will be pushing their partner and people around them.

Anger and over-excitement need to be avoided because most likely they won't be getting the expected response from people around them.

Health wise they will be faring very well and will be pumped up for their new fitness routine.

This is an excellent period to bring change in their physical presence and mental state.

Overall it seems to be an auspicious period for them.

Effects For Taurus Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 7th and the 12th house and is considered a maraka and a malefic planet for Taurus ascendant natives.

The following significations are ruled by the planet Mars for them:

  1. Spouse.
  2. Marriage.
  3. Partners of all kinds.
  4. Maraka.
  5. Abroad.
  6. Expenses.
  7. Isolation.
  8. Sleep.
  9. Dreams.
  10. Far-off places.

The retrograde transit will be happening over their 2nd house which rules over the following significations:

  1. Family.
  2. Longevity of marriage.
  3. Speech.
  4. Food intake.
  5. Salary.

As you can see that retrograde Mars will be present in a sensitive house. There can be health issues for them because Mars being a maraka will be retrograde over another maraka house.

It is advisable to not eat out much and exercise caution while driving and traveling.

If the native is in the Dasha of maraka planet then they can get face some threat to physical safety.

In my career, there will be an opportunity to go abroad and there will be good events at the workplace.

But there will be pressure from seniors or bosses due to the aspect of Mars over the 9th house.

Financially, natives will see more expenses than ever because of planet Mars lordship over the 12th house.

But at the same time native will be able to have more income which will balance things out for them.

In a relationship, there can be some ups and downs and it will all depend on the dasha native is in.

2nd house is 8th from the 7th house which means the spouse of the native will need some attention.

As mentioned earlier the planet Mars aspect will be falling over the 9th house, which means the native will need to take care of Father's health.

Overall this transition of retrograde Mars requires some precautions and the following remedies are advised:

1. The Native can give strength to their 2nd house lord where Mars is going to transit. This can be done via the use of Jyotish quality Green Emerald of 3 carats in the right hand's smallest finger.

2. Worship Lord Hanuman during the whole duration of Mars retrograde.

Effects For Gemini Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 6th and the 11th house and is considered a malefic planet for Gemini ascendant natives.

Planet Mars has the following significations for them:

  1. Debts.
  2. Health issues.
  3. Losses.
  4. Enemies.
  5. Injuries.
  6. Gains.
  7. Victory.
  8. Elder sibling.
  9. Father sibling.
  10. Friends.

The retrograde of Mars will be happening over the 1st house itself which is the most important house in Vedic astrology.

This means they will have the most impact on this transit on them.

For their health, the impact will be negative if the native has the planet Rahu, Ketu, or Jupiter in the Natal Horoscope.

Otherwise, it looks good but still caution is advised for them.

For those who are facing a health issue and are going through treatment, then this retrograde movement of Mars can prove harmful.

On career and finances, there will be good events building up and the native will start to see new opportunities on the horizon. 

If Dasha is supportive then they may be making very good money in the duration of Mars retrograde transit.

A promotion can happen if they try hard enough though it won't be smooth because of the lordship of planet Mars of the 6th house it will work out in the end.

Since there will be the direct aspect of planet Mars over the 7th house of marriage and the 4th house of domestic peace.

The native will be seeing issues in marriage and there can be health troubles for the spouse.

It is advised that they pass this transition to Mars carefully and keep their anger in control.

Effects On Cancer Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 5th and the 10th house and is a Yogakaraka planet for them. 

Mars rules over many important and auspicious significations for them and Mars transit always plays a vital role for them.

Mars will be going retrograde over the 12th house which is considered a malefic house and rules over the following significations:

  1. Expenses.
  2. Isolation.
  3. Hospital.
  4. Jails.
  5. Abroad matters.

The retrograde of planet Mars over the negative house can make Mars lose its auspicious nature for them.

And it can lead to issues like heavy expenses which will lead to financial issues.

At the same time, the direct aspect of Mars over their 6th house of enemies will aggravate their enemies and will cause rivalry at their workplace.

There will be pressure to perform and the native will face demanding needs from the boss and seniors.

All this can lead to a lack of mental peace and sleep-related issues because the 12th house which as mentioned earlier is the house of sleep.

The aspect of Mars over their 6th house can cause issues over their physical health also and there can be injuries or a minor accident with them.

On relationships also the impact will be negative again. The native may find it difficult to deal with the antics of the spouse and people in the family.

It is advised that native keep a low profile at the workplace and be understanding at home.

This way the issues won't bothering much.

Effects For Leo Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 4th and the 9th house and is a Yogakaraka planet for them.

Mars retrograde is generally auspicious for them especially when because it will be happening over their 11th house of large gains, fame, and influence.

As soon as Mars goes into the retrograde state in Gemini sign, they will start to see a rise in their gains and high chances of income from real estate deals.

Plus those who are in business will be seeing a good influx of money due to the retrograde transit of planet Mars.

They may even get promoted and will gain a good reputation due to their good performance.

Those who are in the field of sports or politics will be seeing success in their ambitions.

Relationship-wise, this is going to be great transit and there can be a love affair for the native.

An opportunity for marriage will also be there provided they are in the dasha which gives marriage.

Chances of childbirth will also be there and conception.

Overall it will be a passionate period for them.

With the spouse, they will be having a good time and will be going out with the spouse on a trip.

The old difference in opinion will be solved also.

Health-wise there can be some issues in digestion and stomach-related issues will bother the native.

Effects For Virgo Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 3rd and the 8th house and is the most malefic planet for the native of Virgo ascendant.

What makes Mars malefic can be understood from this article.

Mars will be going retrograde over their 10th house which is the strongest Kendra and planet Mars will have an aspect on the 1st, 4th and 5th house. All these houses are important and the aspect of retrograde Mars on them is not desirable.

The native will be very emotional and aggressive until Mars is retrograde in the Gemini sign.

This will lead to issues at the workplace and in their marriage. Also, there will be concerns over their health and chances of injury is there for them.

At the workplace, it can happen that they will face troubles from the seniors and there can be a situation like job loss also.

There will be losses in business and financial troubles will loom over the native.

Their native will be making financial mistakes and there will be heavy expenditures.

The aspect of retrograde Mars over the 4th house is surely going to affect their domestic peace.

Their Mother's health can also go down and their relationship with the mother can become bad too.

Over children also there will be issues and the native will need to exercise patience with them.

Those who are going through pregnancy will have to face tough times, and chances of surgery are there.

It is advised that natives of this rising ascendant take care of their life, they are going to be affected by this transit badly.

Effects For Libra Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 2nd and the 7th house and is maraka planet for them.

Despite of that planet Mars rules over the following important significations for them:

  1. Family.
  2. Speech.
  3. Food intake.
  4. Income.
  5. Marriage.
  6. Spouse.
  7. Maraka.
  8. Partners of all kinds.
  9. Family values.
  10. Mouth.

Mars will be going retrograde in the 9th house which is the most auspicious house in Vedic astrology.

This means that Mars's significations will be going positive due to its presence in the auspicious house and this will lead to positive events but suddenly and unexpectedly.

Native can get married around this time or may find a suitable partner for it.

Those who are married and are having some issues in marriage will find some issues in it.

This transit focus will be on family and marriage mainly hence the native must be aware of the situations completely.

There will be a rise in the income of the native which will be due to a positive event at the workplace.

An opportunity to go abroad can come to the native and frequent traveling will keep the native busy and engaged.

On health, the native need to be careful because Mars as a maraka will be in the retrograde state and this is not considered as positive as per the rules of Vedic astrology.

It is important to watch over physical safety because the aspect of retrograde Mars over the 3rd house can trigger situations like an accident in this time frame.

It is advised that they watch over their health and do pacification of planet Mars via the following ways.

1. Recite Hanuman chalisa daily.
2. Recite Hanuman Raksha Stotram.

Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 1st and the 6th house and is considered a benefic planet Mars rules over the following significations:

  1. Body.
  2. Complexion.
  3. Health.
  4. Wealth.
  5. Success.
  6. Debts.
  7. Enemies.
  8. Obstacles.
  9. Losses.
  10. Maternal uncle.

Planet Mars will be going retrograde over their 8th house which is considered the most dreaded house.

This retrograde transit will lead to a variety of issues. Most importantly over health, there can be sudden troubles that can be severe.

If the native is already having some health problems then in this time frame they need to be very careful.

On career and finances, there can be some issues due to sudden expenditures of unnecessary nature. 

The native savings can dry up and it is advised that they keep some emergency plans.

Relationship-wise also, the impact will be severe because the house where Mars will be going direct is 2nd from the 7th house and significations like the health of spouse and in-laws come under it.

Retrograde transit of Mars will cause troubles in these areas and the natives who are facing marital issues need to be very careful because things can go out of hand this time.

It is advised that they do the following remedies:

1. Wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire of 3 carats on the index finger or a Pendant.2. Worship Goddess Durga on Saturdays.

Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 5th and the 12th house and is considered a benefic planet. Its primary significations for them are as follows:

  1. Education.
  2. Children.
  3. Creativity.
  4. Passion.
  5. Past life good karma.
  6. Abroad matters.
  7. Expenses.
  8. Isolation.
  9. Sleep.
  10. Dreams.

Mars will be getting retrograde in their 7th house which rules over spouse, marriage, health and partners in business, etc.

Now this transit is going to affect their relationship badly. 

Especially for those who are already having issues in their married life. 

Even for those who are doing well in their marriage, there is a word of caution for them because the retrograde transit of Mars can test their relationship. 

At the same time, the health of the spouse will need some attention.

On the career and financial front, things will be steady and progressive. An opportunity for a job change can come and if Dasha permits then the native can have a better opportunity somewhere else. 

The new opportunity will come with a good salary package and more privileges.

This transit will be more supportive for those who are into a business or have sources of income from abroad.

There will be an opportunity to go abroad and the native may take a trip to abroad for buying raw materials etc.

Those who are looking to go abroad for their education will find luck on their side.

Health-wise, this transit seems normal, and the native may involve in a fitness regime.

Though caution is advised around the middle of November, there can be some chances of a minor injury around that time.

Overall it is going to be a fruitful transit for career and wealth.

The relationship part needs some attention and the following remedies are advised.

1. They can make their ascendant lord Jupiter strong via the use of a Jyotish-quality Yellow Sapphire of 2 carats on the right-hand index finger.

2. Donate Hanuman smagri in Lord Hanuman temple for 21 Tuesdays.

Effects For Capricorn Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 4th and the 11th house and is an important planet when it comes to wealth and luxury.

A strong Mars-like in an exalted state can be potent for Capricorn ascendant natives.

For example, Queen Elizabeth had Mars in the exalted state in her 1st house.

As per Vedic astrology Mars rules over the following significations for Capricorn ascendant natives:

  1. Mental peace.
  2. Domestic environment.
  3. Mother.
  4. Basic education.
  5. Immovable assets.
  6. Large gains.
  7. Wealth.
  8. Elder sibling.
  9. Networking.
  10. Fame.

Planet Mars will be going retrograde over their 6th house which rules over the following significations:

  1. Enemies.
  2. Debts.
  3. Maternal uncles.
  4. Theft.
  5. Health issues.

During the retrograde transit of planet Mars, the native will experience various kinds of issues in life.

The first impact will be on health, native may experience issues like cuts, burns, or an accident.

The native needs to take care while driving or doing something which involves risks.

Those who are going through any health issues must be careful during this retrograde Mars transit.

The other area where issues can happen is the career and enemies.

The native can face troubles from opponents at the workplace and it can affect their current position and reputation.

It is best native keep a low profile during this time.

The 8th aspect of planet Mars over the first house can make the native aggressive.

The native won't be able to have much control over emotions and can overreact to a given situation.

Due to this, there can be issues in the relationship between the native. Especially when there are combinations of marriage issues in the Horoscope.

One more negative indication is there and native fathers can through some troubles over their health.

Moneywise also the native will need to exercise precautions and there can be a loss of money due to a bad investment or unnecessary spending.

The aspect of Mars on the 12th house can make natives bleed money.

It is advised that native take cautions all the way and take the best care of their health.

Remedy-wise, the native can recite Hanuman Raksha Stotram daily until this transit is over.

Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 3rd and the 10th house and is a malefic planet for the Aquarius ascendant natives.

Mars rules over the important significations for them and are as follows:

  1. Siblings.
  2. Short-distance travel.
  3. Courage.
  4. Strength.
  5. Efforts.
  6. Career.
  7. Status.
  8. Father's wealth.
  9. Knees.
  10. Position in society.

Planet Mars is currently transiting over their 5th house and will be going retrograde in it.

The 5th house is very important and rules over important significations like kids, education, past life good karma, passion, creativity, etc.

The retrograde transit of Mars will be good for those natives who are looking to change their career line. 

This Mars transit can bring courage and a situation where they will be able to take the bold step.

In normal circumstances, this will bring promotion and native efforts will be appreciated by people at the workplace.

Business wise also it will prove good and the native may put more investments and will take some important decisions regarding the expansion.

Wealth wise the native will see a rise in their bank balance and the native will be gaining from the investments made in past.

Relationship wise the native will be seeing troubles in their love life, and there can be chances that the native may through a breakup. 

Naturally, there will be more aggressiveness and it is advised the native don't be harsh on their partner.

The spouse of the native will be more irritated with the habits of the native and there can be arguments about it.

The 5th house stands for stomach and digestion and Mars in a retrograde state can cause stomach-related issues to the native. 

If Dasha is related to the 6th house or maraka, then the native may go through surgery.

Effects For Pisces Ascendant

Planet Mars is lord of the 2nd and the 9th house and is a benefic planet for Pisces ascendant natives.

Mars rules over the following significations for them:

  1. Family.
  2. Food intake.
  3. Speech.
  4. Salary.
  5. Savings.
  6. Father.
  7. Teacher.
  8. Religion.
  9. Long-distance travel.
  10. Luck.

Planet Mars is transiting over their 4th house and will become retrograde in it.

The 4th house in Vedic astrology stands for mother, mental peace, assets, luxury items, basic education, etc.

Planet Mars doesn't do well in the 4th house and is known to cause issues in the life of the native.

But due to the positive nature of Mars, its transit in the 4th house has given good results largely.

But retrograde transit has its features and a planet in retrograde motion can behave strangely.

Here, as soon as planet Mars goes into retrograde state there can be some events at the career which may look tough to deal with in the beginning but the native will be able to understand the dynamics and will gain from it.

The direct aspect of Mars over the 10th house will bring good results for the native for sure.

A rise in career can happen provided that Dasha is supportive of the same.

Natives are willing to take a transfer and will get lucky, Mars in retrograde motion can bring good results in this regard.

Wealth-wise, as we can see the planet Mars has an aspect over the 11th house where Saturn is transiting from.

This can click good material gains for them, a promotion will bring more money and the natives who are in business will see more sales and gains.

The native can buy a property or may get gains from a real estate deal.

It is a good time to make investments.

For relationships, there is a need to exercise caution. 4th house is the house of domestic peace and during the retrograde transit of Mars, there can be a disturbance in it.

Native may face communication issues with people in the family and it is important they don't exercise anger at home.

Health wise all looks good but the feeling of restlessness will be there. Native may see a rise in blood pressure and those who are not healthy, need to make sure to keep calm and composure.


As you can see above despite the negative nature of Mars in retrograde state there are signs which will be getting benefits from this retrograde transit but those signs which are negatively impacted by it will be seeing tremendous pressure on themselves.

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