Saturn is a major planet and without its analysis we can not make any predictions in astrology. You saw how I approach astrology principals and I can do the same for your Horoscope.

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Whenever one try to learn astrology he or she always take the help of internet to find articles and lessons available there. Every day I get dozens of email stating how they got benefited by my articles.

This procedure is certainly helpful but still, there are some flaws in it and have its own limitations.


Many of you know this already so to overcome the block from your learning many of you want to learn astrology where actual interaction is possible with the teacher.

There are many benefits of doing this and the first and most important is that you get the full attention of the teacher and the same time you can learn more than what one have written in their astrology blog.

Usually, I try my best to put maximum through my articles but due to certain factors like ranking in google I tend to skip few parts from my articles.

Yes!! This is a truth which one should know.

Just like any other astrology teacher out there I also want to give share the knowledge which i have gained over the period of time.


For past few years, I am doing astrology classes and trained many students from all walks of life. It is really an enjoyable process/journey where I get to interact with a different kind of individuals. Many of them are still my good friends and we do interactions quite frequently.

So far I guess I have interacted with people from all most every professional sector like Engineers, Homemakers, Government Employes etc. Such classes can provide you with an opportunity to interact with different kind of people which helps a lot in your own learning.

In my past teaching years I have encountered some naturally talented individuals and sometimes they were ahead of me in terms of astrological abilities and my enthusiasm remains the same with every batch because I know by the time a particular batch will finish, I will be at a better level than before I ever was.

Overall I think I am blessed by God that  I am able to do to such thing in my life and I am looking forward to it.


How It Is Done?

It is very easy and usually, one batch have 4 people and we interact through Skype most of the times. Duration of one class is 1.5 hours and frequency is 4 days in a week for Two months. I try my best to keep things simple yet informative during the classes and keep myself open to suggestions.


Astrology can not be mastered fully and each brain works differently than other. Same astrology rule can be interpreted and executed in a different manner based on individuals analytical abilities.

Actually, this is the core of my classes where I never impose myself and I listen to each of my class attended carefully. My job is to guide an individual to classical astrology where correct application of rules is my top priority.

Also, you might be thinking that what happens when our batch will finish. I can assure you that you can interact with me anytime in future for any doubt and as a teacher, I will give my best to guide whenever you will need me.

What To Expect

My specially designed course material covers every aspect of astrology where Parasahri method is focused heavily. Other methods like Jaimini and Yogini astrology are also touched quite frequently.

Though I don’t want to disappoint you but learning astrology requires few years of practice and 1 or 2, of course, will not make you an expert but it can give you a start and a certain path which you can continue until you become an expert.

Remember, as stated earlier I will remain associated with you during your learning phase all the time even after your batch is finished.

Your Special Requirements Will Be Fulfilled

OK, this will be interesting for you to know but many of students in the past had their special requirements. I still Rember Mr Mahesh Gupta wanted to extend the relationship astrology lessons for few more days and because his batchmates did not want the same. I gave Mr Mahesh extra classes for one hour separately.

The Same way Miss. Alka wanted to attend the classes alone and we did that easily and today she is quite successful.

So all I want to say is that, if you have any particular requirement then I will try my best to fulfil it.


Your Preferred Language

Almost 30% of my students are from English speaking countries and quite obvisouly I can’t teach them with Hindi speaking candidates.

To overcome this difficuilty I keep my english speaking students seperate from Hindi speaking one’s.  Even in india people from the ceratin part like South and East prefer English over Hindi.

So I guess  your doubt regarding the language is eliminated here 🙂


Fees For My Astrology Classes

I have tried to keep the fees as less as possible and for a two month of course you need to pay only 14000 INR which is around 250 USD.

So I guess most of the basic questions are cleared here and in case if more questions are burning in your mind you can always email me on


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