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It is a complete package and is the most demanded request.

In this report, all aspect of your chart will be discussed and a good amount of information will be given like how planets are acting in your Horoscope.

The analysis will be done via methods Parashari, Jaimani, Ashtakvarga and Yogini.

Here all aspect of life will be analyzed and results of probable dasha results will be mentioned.

Your specific questions will also be answered in this report, no matter how many they are.

Overall a complete solution for your Astrology Horoscope.


Sample Report


How To Pay

For Users Outside Of India: I have a Paypal verified account & Our PayPal id is For users from India, I will send the Payment gateway link or Direct bank deposit on our bank account or even Paytm can be used.




This report will cover everything about your career like Up’s & Down and Why?

Also, depending on the horoscope, I may guide you regarding the career choice.

In this report, your 10th house will be analyzed and special yoga will also be checked, just in case if you are destined to Touch the skies 🙂

Special focus on the dasha will be given here because, in the end, dasha rules over promotion or setbacks in life.

This report is also very good for parents where I can give some hints on their kid’s Career and they can plan it accordingly.




In this report, emphasis will be over marriage aspect and following things will be mentioned in this report.

  • Timing Of Marriage.
  • Quality Of Marriage.
  • Nature Of Spouse.
  • Looks Of Spouse.
  • Work Feild Of Spouse.
  • In-laws Description.

Overall everything will be covered in this report.

Depending Upon the combinations in the Horoscope, I will mention the times when good or bad events are likely to happen.

Overall a complete marriage guide for you.

They say I am a relationship expert 😉




This service caters the need of those who want an answer to their specific questions like job timings, marriage timing etc.

The method used here will be same and I will look into all parameters in your horoscope.

To make you sure, there will not be any shortcuts in my analysis.

Usually, I will answer your question within a day.



To make your Gemstone Therapy successful, I will analyze the whole Horoscope along with the current situation of yours.
The recommendation will be done using standard astrology principles like lordship, aspects, current dash-Antar Dasha and natural malefic/benefic nature of planets.
You can ask for Gemstone recommendation for specific desire like to remove obstacles in marriage/carrier and any other area where you’re struggling.


Best for those who believe in horoscope match making before selecting a life partner.
In India still, many people prefer to arrange marriages and have to examine a number of proposals before saying yes to one.
Here I must tell you that matchmaking is not limited to Guna Milan only, any software can do that for you.
For proper matchmaking, you need to analysis health, character, wealth aspects of a marriage proposal.
Same time need to analysis relative positions of planets in both the charts and it should be done to assess mutual love between girl and boy because marriage itself sustains on Love, rest of the parameters comes later



We all know how important transits can be and here in this report, I will help you to know how transits like planet Saturn, Jupiter or Rahu-Ketu is going to affect you.This report will be prepared using

This report will be prepared using ashtakvarga, vedhas, navamsha and many other techniques which you won’t find available on the general internet predictions.

Here I will also be using double transit since Jupiter works with Saturn to materialize things in life and to know more about Double Transit Theory, just google and you you will see it.



If you have an interest in learning then I am ready to teach.

Classes will be online via video chat and may involve other students also. It can be done through emails also where notes will be sent to you along with astrology techniques.

It can be done through emails also where notes will be sent to you along with astrology techniques. The advantage of doing it via

The advantage of doing it via email or text form is that you always have a record with you.

Also during video classes, there is always a time factor associated with it, I prefer to be available from morning to the evening where you can always ask your doubts at any point of the day and it’s quite possible with me.

Anyways choice will be yours.



    review rating 5  Thanks to Naveen ji for in-depth analysis of my horoscope and answering all my questions instantly and sincere guidance.He focuses on minute details of horoscope, which leads to great analysis and perfect guidance.I would Highly recommend him for any type of astrological readings.

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    review rating 5  Naveen ji is a very knowledgeable person in this field. Best thing is he does not direct you into superstitions. He guides you sincerely

    thumb Amit Chikersal

    review rating 5  Excellent interaction with Naveenji. His views were spot on, well thought through, Astro analysis was very detailed yet to the point. He is obviously a very knowledgeable and caring person and I am looking forward to remaining in touch with him. I wish him the best of luck.

    thumb Bhupendra Jain

    review rating 5  I live in U.S. and I had found him online. I gave him a call and he was very polite. He looked at everything thoroughly before making any predictions. He showed me what my career would look like, my relationships with my S.O. and other family members, and other things that I am so amazed by knowing. Some of the things he said about my future are turning out to be true. I know everything else will just fall into place, like he said. It’s just so thrilling to go through this and getting to know more about my future is a unique experience. He is so meticulous and thorough. I would recommend him to everyone.

    thumb Bina Patel

    review rating 5  This man is inexplicably amazing at readings into the future. He was on point with his astrological readings into my future. Without him knowing anything about me or my life, he out right predicted what my career, relationships, family and emotional health looks like. He also provided remedies and solutions to prevent things from going south in my future. He also provided an overview of what my life would look like 5-6 years from now. It was an astonishing yet refreshing experience and I cannot wrap my head around how amazing he is with his astrological readings. I would recommend him to everyone. He is personable, knowledgeable and very helpful.

    thumb Nili P

    review rating 5  Naveen sir can provide an in-depth analysis and reading and I found his prediction very accurate. He gives good guidance and has good personality. Thank you for your help Sir.

    thumb Sandeep Bholah

    review rating 5  I requested horoscope analysis few years back. Surprisingly, the ongoing life events are happening very closely as mentioned in the astrological report. We will keep seeking Naveen Ji's future support and guidance by considering him as our family astrologer. Thanks for providing such accurate and precise service. God bless.

    thumb Sangitaben Oza

    review rating 5  He is amazing! I came to him without a birthtime and within 2 days I had a full report! Thank you so much... truly amazing

    thumb Karen Heckel
I met him through the reference of my sister and we had a pretty long session where he pointed out many things about my horoscope which I did not know before.

It was a great experience for me and he helped me a lot through his predictions. I think it is because of him, I am able to make some decent money and hopefully, his positive predictions for me will come true. Best of luck!

MADHAV , Script Writer


I am a student leader and my mother always told me that more than anything “luck” is supreme, so I googled on astrology yoga and found his link. He clarified all of my doubts regarding all the positive and negative yoga present in my horoscope and it helped me a lot to understand life in a better way. I always call him whenever I am up to something important.


From my first impression I knew Naveen is a relationship expert and as I was in stress due to my delayed marriage, I contacted him and got some good ideas about the astrological reasons of my unmarried status. He assured me that it will take some time and despite all the lost hopes I got married smoothly. Highly recommended if there is any relationship issues in your life, all the people whom I referred to him are very satisfied with his work.
Soonita , DENTIST