With only one month for Jupiter transit in Virgo, many of you might be looking for Jupiter in Virgo results based on your Ascendant. I also noticed on my analytics that many people are looking for this Jupiter transit results.There finally I am giving here a detailed and to the point results of Jupiter transit for various Ascendants.

My article is based on how practical these transits gives you the result and same time I am using important factors like ashtakvarga concept which is very vital for predicting transits.

Since we are dealing with transit here, it is important to know about the Saturn Transit double transit of Saturn & Jupiter.

For your own observations, I am giving you some guidelines on how to check transits.

1. Check the lordship of the concerned planet for your Ascendant like here since we are dealing with Jupiter, you need to observe Jupiter’s lordship in your chart.

For example, Jupiter is benefic for Aries Ascendant while for Taurus Ascendant it is a negative planet.

2. Depending upon lordship of the concerned planet, its transit will affect the house of its transit and where it aspect. This effect will be negative if the concerned planet is malefic for your Ascendant and positive if the concerned planet is positive.

3. Now check ashtakvarga calculations for your horoscope.

If in the samudya  ashtakvarga concerned house from where the planet is transiting have good benefic points preferably more than 25, best is more than 30.Then transit will bring good results for that particular house and zodiac.

4. Check in ashtakvarga of the concerned planet how many points this planet is getting in its own ashtakvarga.

For example to check Jupiter transit in Virgo you need to check how much benefice points Jupiter is getting in Virgo zodiac in Jupiter’s ashtakvarga.

If it is more than 4 then no matter what Jupiter in Virgo will bring good results to you.

5. It’s a very important point and here Saturn transit should also be checked because any major event in life good or bad happens when Saturn and Jupiter together give approval.

Here I have added double transit also since Saturn and Jupiter work together for any significant event of life.

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