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How To Analyze Saturn Transit 2020

720TOTAL SHARESSHARETWEET Planet Saturn went in Capricorn sign in January 2020 and since then the world

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Jupiter Transit In Capricorn

Jupiter Transit 2021 In Capricorn Sign: Ascendantwise Effects

960TOTAL SHARESSHARETWEET Jupiter is the most divine and benefic planet in vedic astrology and its importance

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First House| 1st House| Ascendant In Vedic Astrology

960TOTAL SHARESSHARETWEET The first house in Astrology is  known as ascendant or lagna also and is

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Rahu-Ketu Transit 2020 In Taurus & Scorpio Sign: Effects & Predictions

1.4kTOTAL SHARESSHARETWEET September is full of changes in planetary transits and they all look important

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jupiter retrograde 2020

Jupiter Retrograde 2020: Vedic Astrology Predictions & Effects

960TOTAL SHARESSHARETWEET Jupiter Retrograde 2020: Introduction Jupiter is a divine planet and its retrograde

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Venus Retrograde 2020 In Taurus Sign

720TOTAL SHARESSHARETWEET Planet Venus will be going retrograde on the 13th of May at 12:14 PM as per

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