Marriage Consultation-In Written Format

Guide On Marital Aspect

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In this report, emphasis will be over marriage aspect and following things will be mentioned in this report.

1. Timing Of Marriage- In this section I will mention the probable time of marriage for you.

2. Nature Of Spouse- In this section I will mention the nature of your spouse. If he or she is going to have a kind, compassionate nature, sense of humor, control on anger, tendency to cheat etc.

3. Quality Of Marriage- In this section I will mention the quality of marriage. If it is going to be good, bad or just normal it will be.

4. Looks Of Spouse- In this section will mention the the details on the height, body type, face type, color and other important details of the future spouse.

5. Wealth & Work Field Of Spouse- In this section I will mention the wealth prospects of your spouse and details on his or her career.

6. In Laws Details- In this section I will mention the details on the family of your spouse and all the relevant information like family background, caste and their thinking etc.

Apart from the points mentioned above, I will give timelines where issues can arise in marriage and same time will suggest the remedies also.

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What Others Say


Naveen gave me beautiful insight on my relationship and his predictions were very accurate.

Anna Olson


Naveen ji knows his craft and he is one of the best astrologer right now.

Rashmi Gupta


What can I say, he saved my marriage by guiding me in my hardships.

Raghav Goswami

Extra Benefits

You will be able to ask as many questions you want and in future you don't need pay a penny to consult me again. Astrology is not a one time reading, it is a process and clients do come back and they want to discuss time to time. This is why, I ask payment only one time.

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