Saturn is a major planet and without its analysis we can not make any predictions in astrology. You saw how I approach astrology principals and I can do the same for your Horoscope.

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Learning astrology is a matter of interest for some & for some its a passion. Every serious student of astrology faces a lot of problems during course of their studies. Astrology scriptures are long & difficult to understand especially when your just starting to learn.Then there are lots of misinformation available on internet & sometime easy information available on one click can be the most dangerous one. Every beginner of astrology should read the right material to make sure so their foundation & approach is right,otherwise it can cause problems in long run.

Most of the information on internet are copy paste stuffs from others or just plain translation of classic astrology literatures.
Though there are many Good books by some great writers like Late B.V Raman,Late C.S Patel & K.N Rao to name a few. But their books are helpful only when you know the right approach to analysis astrology rules & yogas.

For example consider the example of planet Mars in marriage.
The first thing which comes in mind of most of students from India is Manglik yoga caused by Mars,which most of the time create fears in mind,though nobody consider role of Mars for different ascendents while judgeing so called Manglik Yoga cause by Mars.For most of them, its just Mars placements in few houses which makes a person Manglik & unfit for marriage.
Indians have a tradition to follow astrology in their daily lives hence we all have a basic knowledge of things like Manglik,Saadesati & so called Kaal Sarp Yoga,whose name it self is enough to create panic in ones life. But these half cooked traditional terms which are part of our daily life now is a very dangerous thing &.Such a half hearted approach should be avoided by serious astrology learner.I have seen a case in past, where a girl remained unmarried despite trying hard for many years and the sole reason was placement of Mars in 7th house which made her eligible for being a Manglik person,to whom no body wants to marry. Her problem will remain unsolved till she finds a suitable match with Mars in 7th house. Here people should  study a bit more, so that they can find that for few ascendent Manglik yoga can be a blessing instead of a curse.
So huge is the problem now that many times, new comers of astrology have a default faulty approach towards analysing astrology rules,they don’t want to be flexible in approach rather their approach is filled with laziness where extra effort to put a holistic analysis to every astrology rules is avoided by them.

Here now,I will elaborate the necessity of holistic approach in Vedic Astrology, lets take an example of famous Gajakesari Yoga which is blindly applied by many astrologers without paying attention to many other important points.
Here i will show,how Gajakesari Yoga should be analysed and then readers can see the difference between plain approach & dynamic approach towards astrology,which is very necessary to learn in beginning of their course of study in astrology.
As per Sage Parashar,he have mentioned the formation of Gaja Kesari Yoga as follows:
1.Jupiter should be in Kendra from Moon.
2.Jupiter should not be aspected by malefics.
3.Jupiter should not be retrograde.

Here Gaja stands for elephant & Kesari stands for Lion.Both are powerful & are symbol of authority & intelligence.

As per sage Parashar, following good results will be felt by the native due formations of Gajakesari Yoga.
3.Respected by all.
4.A good speaker.
5.Good in debates.
6.Noble person.

Now most of the time when  beginners of astrology and even some professional astrologers sees Jupiter in quadrant to Moon,they directly jumps into conclusions. They declare all good results to the native, but in reality good results of Gajakesari Yoga never happens or sometimes native gets results which are completely opposite of Gajakesari Yoga results.

What happens here is a result of faulty approach to astrology,since nowdays every information is just one click away,no one wants to do research on charts and wants to join the bandwagon of budding astrologers,whose numbers are increasing day by day mostly on Facebook groups & pages.

Jupiter being quadrant to Moon is the first condition of Gajakesari Yoga,if we do some rough calculation,we will find that Moon joins Jupiter for round figure of 2 days,moon will be present in 4th from Jupiter for round figure of 2 days,it will be present on 7th from Jupiter for 2 days and finally again moon will be present on 10th from Jupiter for same period of time.
Here, we can see that every month 30% of people are born with Gajakesari Yoga & the number of people born with this Yoga is very high,though results associated with it are not evident in their life.
Concepts of astrology are not simple as they appear to be,without proper study & cross examine counters or negatives of yogas, results should not be declared.

Coming back to application of Gajakesari Yoga on practical grounds,we can find few counters which are mentioned in astrology scriptures.
1.Jupiter should not be aspected by malefics.
2.Jupiter should not be retrograde.
Though there are only few counters given about Gajakesari Yoga,there are still many points which needs to be consider by every astrologer.

From above situation a very important point arises,our ancient astrology scriptures are filled with numerous yogas & rules but their applications are not fully elaborated by them.
Just like counters for Gajakesari Yoga good effects,every yoga or rule in our classics have a very few information regarding their applications.Its a astrologer’s duty to interpret them properly using other mentioned techniques given in classic.

Wat are the other counters for Gajakesari Yoga?
First of all our sages have mentioned use of Navamsha in their work exhaustively. Every yogas of astrology need to be consider in navamsha for its proper functioning on actual grounds.
The use of Navamsha to check applicability of yogas seems very  practical, how?
In natal birth chart all aspects changes within two hours due to change of Ascendent and the minimum stay of a planet in a zodiac is of approx two days which is of moon. Therefore many times Planetry position remains same for approx two days,which means all babies taking birth in those two days will be having same Planetry placements in  zodiacs, though none of them is living same life i.e some are born in Kings family while some in Servants family.
Here comes the role of Nakshatras,Navamsha & other Divisional charts.Moon remains in one Nakshatra for one whole day & changes to other Nakshatra on other day and while doing so moon travels in 4 pada or quarter of each Nakshatra every day.
Each pada of a Nakshatra crossponds to one Navamsha. Hence each day moon changes to 4 different Navamsha hence affecting the result of Gajakesari or any other Yoga,same applied to all planets  though speed of each planet through zodiacs or Nakshatras is different, here we will stick to Moon & Jupiter only.

Now, coming back to counters of Gajakesari Yogas.
Apart from retrograde motion of Jupiter & aspects of malefics following points need to be consider while judgeing strength of Gajakesari Yoga.
ould not be present in 6th,8th & 12th house.
6.In navamsha Moon & Jupiter should not fall in signs which are present in 6th,8th & 12th house in main natal birth chart(D-1).
7.Moon should be atleast 4 house away from Sun.
8.Moon should not be in Kemadruma Yoga.
9.Moon should not be in Gandata.
10.Weather Jupiter or Moon are in Puskhar Navamsha or Bhaga.

Moreover if in Navamsha Jupiter & Moon are again making Gajakesari Yoga then result will be effective.

In my own case, Moon is debilitated in Scorpio & retrograde Jupiter is aspecting it from Tauras.Hence I  know, Gajakesari Yoga is not applicable in my case though many astrologers in past declared Gajakesari Yoga effective in my case,which is not correct. In my Navamsha Chart Jupiter is in Pisces & is in Puskhar Navamsha & Moon is in Sagittarius therefore Gajakesari Yoga is repeating in navamsha,here I can say In my Navamsha Gajakesari Yoga is present though due to Debilited moon & retrograde Jupiter only partial results will be there.

From above we can conclude that these counters are not  mentioned by sages though they are present in their whole work itself. Its a must for a serious student of astrology to learn,adopt & practice these ways of interpetation in their reading.

Since we have seen the basic rules of  interpetating a yoga and rule with  example of Gajakesari yoga,other important aspect is yet to mentioned by me. Which is role of planets for different Ascendents.
Role of planets changes from ascendent to ascendent & ascendent changes within two hour, hence on a particular day when Jupiter & Moon are forming Gajakesari Yoga,the result of it will change from person to person depending upon their Ascendent,in other words results will change due to lordship of Moon & Jupiter. Hence bringing ascendent factor in it will bring more dynamic approach to one’s analysis, which is most of the time is not adopted by astrologers while judgeing Gajakesari,Manglik, Saade saati or any other yoga.They like to Jump into conclusions without giving thoughts to many important aspects of astrology.
Coming back to role of Ascendent in Gajakesari.
1.For Aries ascendent Moon rules over 4th house & Jupiter rules over 9th house hence Jupiter is a benfic planet for Aries ascendent. Unafflicetd Gajakesari Yoga without any counter will give them all good qualities of Gajakesari Yoga like wealth, health, peace,status and good life for mother.If afflicted then domestic peace will not be there & mother health can suffer.

2.For Tauras Ascendant Moon rules over 3rd house & Jupiter rules over 8th,Gajakesari Yoga formed even without counters won’t bless them with good effects of it.In other situation Gajakesari Yoga with affliction over Jupiter and Moon will result in serious problems in their life because affliction over Jupiter & Moon will distrub their house significations,forcing them to to give bad result of inauspicious 3rd,8th & 11th house

3.Same way for Gemini Ascendant Moon rules over 2nd house & Jupiter rules over 7th & 10 house.Unafflicted Gajakesari  Yoga will result in good financial gains along with good business opportunities.Though both Jupiter & Moon are marak here hence it will bring some health issues too.
4.For cancer ascendent Moon is ascendent lord itself hence a first rate benific for them while Jupiter lordship is over 6th & 9th house.Here if Jupiter is weak,its 6th house qualities will be more pronounced and can result in health problems.Though there will be good effects of Jupiter due to its lordship over 9th house.Here if Gajakesari yoga is unafflicetd then it can make them rise very high in their life.If afflicted then it can give shy timid nature,low energy,health issues & debt too.

5.For Leo ascendent, Moon is lord of 12th house,hence is not auspicious for them though Jupiter is a benfic planet despite having lordship over 8th house.For them unafflicetd Gajakesari Yoga can give good life in forigen countries & lots of traveling for good causes.If afflicetd then it can result in problems to children’s,education & in laws.

6.For Virgo Ascendent, Moon is lord of 11th house hence a  becomes a planet for financial gains,Jupiter is lord 4th & 7th hence a auspicious planet though same time marak too.If unafflicetd Gajakesari Yoga is formed here then it will result into good financial gains & happiness to elder brother,though some health issues will be there. If its is afflicted then problems with house,domestic happiness,friends & disturbed married life can happen.

7.For Libra ascendent,moon is lord of 10th house & Jupiter is lord of 3rd & 6th house hence Jupiter is most malefic for them
Unaffiliated Gajakesari Yoga formed here will result into gain through services,lots of traveling & good position for younger siblings.In afflicetd then it can result in loss of reputation, problems from authority,health issues to native & their mother.

8.For Scorpio Ascendent, Moon is lord of 9th house hence a benific planet for them.Jupiter rules over 2nd & 5th house hence a positive planet to them equivalent to Yogakarka. Unafflicetd Gajakesari Yoga will result will make them reach great heights & all good results mentioned by sages will be there.If unafflicetd then there will be reduction in good results of Gajakesari Yoga,problems to Kids & father will also be there.

9.For Sagittarius ascendent, Moon is lord of most 8th house,which is the most inauspicious house in astrology. Jupiter is ascendent & 4th house lord.Here unafflicetd Gajakesari yoga will result into inherited property & sudden financial gain though some health problems will be there.If afflicted then it will result into severe health issues,lack of domestic peace ,loss of property & health problems to mother.
10.For Capricon ascendent, Moon rules over 7th house,while Jupiter rules 3rd & 12th house,hence Jupiter is a malefic planet for Capricon ascendent.Unafflicetd Gajakesari Yoga will result in travelling for good cause,business in foreign countries though natives & spouse health can suffer.If afflicted then it will result in severe marital discord along with problems to younger siblings.

11.For Aquarius Ascendent, Moon is lord of 6th house and is a malefic planet, while Jupiter being lord of 2nd & 11th house is also not completely  benific. Unafflicetd Gajakesari Yoga will result in gains from service & success in compitions.If afflicted it can result in severe health issues,problems in family, loss in finance & debt.

12.For Pisces ascendent, Moon is lord of 5th house and is benfic planet for Pisces.Jupiter being lord of Ascendent & tenth house is first rate benific.Unafflicetd Gajakesari Yoga will result into high authority, good status,good finance & all good results associated with Gajakesari Yoga.If afflicted it will result into problems to children,overconfidence,problmes in job & health issues.
After considering all these mentioned factors Mahadasha and Dasha should be checked to see the  time of activation of Gajakesari yoga, if present in chart. Dasha’s are like postman who delivers your parcel of good or bad karma’s.

Now after going to each para of this write up I hope readers can see the difference of results of Gajakesari Yoga, it can give bad results also due to  lordship of Moon & Jupiter in birth chart. Same approach should be adopted while giving a reading,its a time consuming process but there is no shortcut in it. We cant jump into conclusions without giving weightage to each & every possible factor which can alter the final outcome.
In case of Gajakesari,some good results will always be there because both planets are benfic in astrology,where Moon represents mind while Jupiter represents divine grace. So a person with this combination is always a noble person to some extent & likes to help others.
Method adopted here should be followed by every beginners of astrology, to make their appraoch right towards analysing astrological rules.

Here at,every day a new lesson will be posted under “Astrology Lessons” section with elaborate explanation about them.
Topics like use of Navamsha,Use of Divisional Charts,Jamini Astrology, Yogini, Kaal Chakra dasha and many other will be explained thoroughly. For Asthvarga there will be a separate section, since I will feel in coming age Asthvarga techniques is going to gain more popularity,due to its easy features.
It’s is aimed for learners & beginners of astrology, here they will get the right material to study,which will deal with many branches of ASTROLOGY.You can visit daily to see new material for your astrology studies.


You have seen my approach & how I do the Horoscope Analysis and same will be used on your Horoscope.

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