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Saturn retrograde 2022
Posted in  Transit Predictions 2022

On June 5, 2022, Saturn in its transit will be going retrograde in the sign of Aquarius.

Retrograde planets are very hard to deal with, and the retrograde motion of Saturn is the hardest to endure.

Saturn is the hard taskmaster, and when it goes into a retrograde state, it causes stagnation in life and heaviness in the mind.

Nothing seems to move!! Which brings frustrations.

The whole period of Saturn retrograde 2022 will make progress slow, and the intensity of Saturn will cause issues in all areas of life.

It is essential to understand Saturn retrograde's functioning to avoid the adverse effects especially when your Sade Sati is already bothering you.

In this article I will cover all aspects of Saturn retrograde in Aquarius sign. Here is a quick overview of what I will be covering in this article.

Saturn retrograde 2022: Date and time

  1. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius 2022 will be happening on June 5 at 4:14 AM.
  2. In its retrograde state, Saturn will re-enter the sign of Capricorn on July 12, 2022.
  3. Saturn retrograde will end on October 23, 2022.
  4. The total duration of Saturn retrograde is 141 days.

 Saturn Retrograde Leads To Chaos!!

Saturn is the slowest moving planet and takes 2.5 years to cross one sign. As a result, Saturn becomes sluggish in its retrograde state, giving Saturn retrograde transit the capability to trigger massive events.

In the past also, Saturn retrograde has caused many significant events.
In the year 1939, Saturn was retrograde when the
World War-2 started. See the image given below for the conditions of Saturn on the first day of the war.

Saturn retrograde significance

In the same way, Saturn's retrograde motion triggered the cold world war between the USSR & USA in the year 1947, which actually is the reason for most geopolitical issues around the globe. See the image given below which shows that Saturn was retrograde at that time.

Saturn retrograde significance

Some very famous people have Saturn retrograde in their natal Horoscope. This is because retrograde Saturn gave them the ability to shine in their respective careers by giving them patience and persistence.

Above mentioned examples show the value and importance of a Retrograde Saturn in both natal and transit.

This year, Saturn retrograde 2022 can also create events on a big scale.

 The Effects Of Saturn Retrograde 2022 Will  Based On The Following Factors

Apart from the general rules of reading a planetary transit. It is essential to understand the effects of Saturn retrograde for all rising ascendant signs through each house.

After that following rules should be applied.

1. Functional nature of  retrograde Saturn in natal Horoscope: Depending on the lordship of Saturn in the natal Horoscope, it can be benefic, malefic, or even yoga karaka. In a retrograde state, the functional nature of Saturn will get amplified. If Saturn is malefic, then during Saturn retrograde 2022, its malefic nature will become more strong. If benefic, then its benefic effects will be more pronounced.

2. Current Vimshottari Mahadasha Of the Native: Since mahadasha controls the outcome in any situation and controls transits' effects. The running dasha in your Horoscope will matter the most. If you are in benefic dasha, then the malefic effects of Saturn retrograde 2022 will not affect you much. But if you are in a dasha of  Saturn, malefic or afflicted planet, Saturn retrograde's harmful effects will be more pronounced.

3. Condition Of Saturn In Natal Horoscope: The effects of Saturn retrograde transit will depend heavily on how Saturn is in your natal Horoscope. Saturn in planetary association with auspicious planets, or in state of Pushkar navamsha makes Saturn auspicious in a Horoscope and the effects of Saturn retrograde will be smooth in the year 2022.

4. Ashtakvarga Strength Of Retrograde Saturn: If in the sign of Aquarius, the Samudya ashtakvarga score is 28-35, then the Saturn retrograde will be favorable. These scores can override the rules mentioned above and are most important when reading any retrograde or progressive transit in astrology.

Saturn Retrograde In Aquarius: Favorable-Unfavorable For Which Signs?

Based on many factors this Saturn retrograde 2022 can be good or bad, it is essential to include other planetary transits like Rahu transit and Jupiter transit before making a conclusions. The effects mentioned below are general in nature and for accurate analysis individual's natal Horoscope will matter.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Aries

Saturn rules two key houses for the Aries sign, namely the 10th and the 11th. Both of these houses signify career, money, status, and fame. This makes Saturn retrograde very valuable for their progress in life. 

This year, Saturn will retrograde over their 11th and then the 10th house, which will bring a new wave of opportunities and the Dhanyoga can get activated. 

Sure shot betterment will be happening, especially when Saturn will retrograde in its 10th house from July 12, 2022.

Due to the aspect of Saturn over the 12th house and Transit of Jupiter, the plans for going abroad will see success.

In comparison, Saturn retrograde will give better results after July 12. The month of June may test the native due to some issues related to money. It could be associated with the expected salary raise or the money with someone.

Saturn retrograde will test the limits in the relationship, and its 10th aspect over the 7th house will surely bring troubles in marriage.

Or it can cause issues to the spouse's career or health. Therefore, it is advisable to handle the matters of marriage with patience.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Taurus

Saturn is a benefic planet for the Taurus sign. During the retrograde Saturn period from June 5 to October 23, they will see excellent results in all areas of their lives.

From June 5 to July 12, there can be gains and expansion in their career. A new position can be obtained, and their influence will rise among their co-workers. Post-July 12th, there will be a focus on future growth, and new plans will be coming on the horizon, which native will pursue.

An abroad opportunity can come in August, and with the support of Jupiter transit In Pisces, native most likely will cash the opportunity effectively.

The aspect of Saturn over the 7th house, which is a maraka house, indicates some development and initiative to resolve ongoing health issues or make health better in the long term. Sleep is likely to get affected from July to October.

There is a chance of childbirth by the end of June month. Once Saturn re-enters the sign of Capricorn on July 12, its 10th aspect on the 7th house can bring some challenges in marriage.

These challenges and changes will be pronounced if, in the natal Horoscope, there are combinations for a bad marriage.

The direct aspect of Saturn retrograde in the 4th house shows issues with the mother's health and relationship with her.

Their relationship with their Father will get damaged, or his health will see trouble.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Gemini

For the Gemini sign, the role of Saturn fluctuates between good and evil. Therefore, the impact will be primarily mild during Saturn retrograde 2022 in the 9th & 8th house; the effect will be mostly mild.

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius will lead to traveling, paperwork, and efforts to finish the pending work or projects.

Post-July 12, with the entry of retrograde Saturn in the Capricorn sign, the 3rd aspect of Saturn will influence the 10th house of career.

This can lead to stagnation in career, and progress will be halted due to an obstacle that will last until the end of Saturn retrograde transit.

Native may gain some inheritance due to the placement of Saturn retrograde in the 8th house. The disputes regarding the inheritance may last until the end of Saturn retrograde transit. The health of the native may get affected the most by this retrograde Saturn.

If in the natal Horoscope malefic Mars, Rahu, Ketu, or even Saturn is present, health will need attention. The energy will be down, and issues with focus will be experienced.

If the dasha of maraka planet is going, then the chances of hospitalization are there.

In relationships, the impact of Saturn retrograde 2022 can bring tense moments with the spouse. The ongoing issues with the spouse will get complex to handle. In addition, the spouse's health may go down especially post July 12.

Saturn retrograde's timeline in Aquarius indicates victory in current ongoing disputes and the support of Jupiter transit in the 10th house is very promising.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Cancer

Saturn is the most malefic planet due to lordship over the 7th and 8th houses. During Saturn retrograde 2022, the native will experience issues at his workplace.

Chances of getting demotion and loss of position are seen. Sudden problems can come in July, which can last until the end of this Saturn retrograde transit. Finances will also be affected due to medical emergencies and unwanted expenses, where most of them will be on account of the spouse and her family.

Even the health of the native will see some issues which will require immediate attention. The equation with the spouse can be good or bad, and a lot will depend on the condition and prospects of the 7th house.

But the time will be sensitive and can trigger marital issues, caution is required, and the whole period of Saturn retrograde 2022 can test the native.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Leo

The lordship of Saturn over the 6th and 7th house makes it a very sensitive planet that can trigger a series of bad events during its retrograde motion.

This means Saturn retrograde 2022 doesn't look good, and there will be a need to watch against enemies. Career can suffer because of politics in the workplace.

From July, marital issues can lead to a lack of mental peace. Finances will witness troubles, and a need to take debts may arise from July onwards. Health needs caution, and some issues can occur in August and October.

The best way to deal with the effects of retrograde Saturn is by keeping a low profile and passing these months with caution.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Virgo

Saturn's ownership over the 5th and 6th houses make it a benefic planet. During Saturn retrograde 2022, there will be an easy time in your career. Abroad opportunities can come, which will convert with few sincere efforts.

Work will be praised, and seniors will reward for their performance by the native. Competition is seen for a coveted position that will be gained by the native.

Saturn retrograde 2022 shows improvements by leap and bounds; a rare opportunity can come in August.

Relationships will improve, and easy times in relationships will be there. With the support of Jupiter transit in the 7th house, unmarried natives can find an able spouse.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Libra

Saturn is Yogakaraka here, and its retrograde transit is showing progress in native life. There will be a rise in career, and promotion can come before the end of July month.

Native may visit abroad for work-related matters, or he may get an opportunity to work there. Bitterness among colleagues will end now, and enmity in the workplace will end. Native may go for a short course for his skill enhancement during July or August.

Finances will improve, and investments will be made due to the blessings of Lord Saturn. The chances of buying a property are seen after July.
In relationships, things are looking well, and the eldest child will be seeing growth. Things are looking stable with the spouse, and no significant issues are seen.

This period of Saturn retrograde shows good times with family and vacations with them. Overall a full-time to make progress in life Saturn retrograde 2022 will bring you.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Scorpio

Saturn is a malefic planet and has a tendency to cause damage to the house it is sitting of aspecting. During Saturn retrograde 2022, the career will see issues, unwanted posting, and projects slapped on the native.

Pressure and tension will be created by seniors, and they would want to see the fall of the native. The month of June seems to be testing the native in this regard. From July, betterment will come, and native will know how to deal with the situation effectively. Short traveling is seen, which will serve its purpose and will benefit the native.

Finances will also improve, and native may get an urge to start a business. Relationship areas look balanced, and the spouse will act supportive during the hard times. With mother and kids, issues may arise, and caution is advised for their health and progress in life.

The best way to deal with Saturn retrograde 2022 is to not act rashly and seek advice from people; the support of Jupiter transit will serve as a cushion against the blow by this transit.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Sagittarius

Saturn is a malefic planet for the Sagittarius sign, and the house coming under the focus of Saturn retrograde 2022 can cause discomfort in career and finances. Native needs to take a step back and rethink his strategy.

During this period, there can be stagnation, and finances will be affected due to unnecessary expenditures. It is advisable to not take any kind of risk, especially in July and October.

There can be issues with the spouse's health, and the native may find it hard to deal with the mood swings of the life partner. There will be cravings for alcohol or harmful substances, which can affect the health and well-being of the native.

This period shows constraints on the mind and the ability to think wisely. Best is to not hurry in making a decision, this time will pass, and with the support of Jupiter transit, things may end up in your favor.

It all depends on the structure of the natal Horoscope and what dasha native is experiencing.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Capricorn

During Saturn retrograde 2022, the rulership of Saturn over the 1st and 2nd houses will be strengthened. The native will see a rise in energy level and undertake tasks with ample enthusiasm.

Career will become better, and the month of July-August can bring solid opportunities. The chances of success in business are relatively high, and with the support of Jupiter transit, sudden wealth can come.

The relationship can test the native in September and October, where things can reach a boiling point with the spouse.

Native need to make distance from people who can harm the harmony in his marriage and career.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Aquarius

In 2022, the retrograde transit of Ascendant lord Saturn will lead to newfound energy in you. On career, new opportunities will come because Saturn has an aspect on the 10th house. The window for this opportunity will last until the second week of July.

Finances will become better, and native will be able to identify the source of issues in their life.

From the end of July to the end of October, expenditure will rise, and coordination of mind & body will be lost. A need to regularly follow meditation is a must to endure the effects of retrograde Saturn.

Health will remain good except for issues with sleep and lack of focus. Current health issues may flare up during Saturn retrograde 2022.

In relationships, there will be tightness due to the aspect of Saturn over the 7th house.

There will be sudden issues in July, and caution is advised against impulsive reactions in an argument with the spouse.

Saturn Retrograde 2022: Effects For Pisces

Saturn's ruling over the 11th and 12th houses shows some warning signs. The retrograde Saturn can cause damage to the health and finances. Currently, Saturn and Rahu transit is hemming the ascendant of the Pisces sign.

Caution is required until July 12 in all areas of life. Unwanted transfers and posting can happen in June. The tensions in office or business will rise, and on top of that, enemies will become more active and will cause damage to the native.

Thankfully this problematic period will last for a brief period, and from July 12, when Saturn will turn 11th from transit Jupiter, relief will start to come, and things will get better.

The focus will become better, the energy level will rise, and native will see get a good opportunity at the workplace.

Relationships will also see betterment, and chances of childbirth after July 12 are prominent. In addition, existing marital issues will calm down, and the spouse's behavior will be less violent.

A Horoscope analysis should be through and should cover all area of life. It should be done via Vimshottari and at least one more dasha to validate the findings.

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Apart from solving Horoscopes, I hike around on mountains and do photography. For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself.

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