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Jupiter Transit 2022 In Pisces: Effects For Libra Ascendant
Posted in  Transit Predictions 2022

Libra is the 7th sign in the natural zodiac scheme and spans from 180-210 celestial longitude.

It is an Airy sign and forms a Kama trikone with Gemini and Aquarius signs.

Libra ascendant is one of the most money-attractive ascendant in whole Vedic astrology.

Libra is one of the brightest signs in astrology that people desire to have because they know how to deal with situations at the workplace effectively. 

They know the secret to being prosperous.

They tend to achieve really good success in the fields of arts, cinema, management, and politics.

The rulership of the moon on the 10th House is very significant for them and actually, they are open to almost any kind of field, they are not like Aries or Pisces ascendants where there are certain likings rather, they are able to choose any field where they see money fame and exposure and that's what makes them unique and successful.

That's what all the current world works for. 

It is one of the most successful Signs.

Though in a relationship their approach is a bit complex because the first house is ruled by planet Venus and the 7th is ruled by Mars, so there is always tension and struggles with the better half.

Planet Jupiter is most malefic for Libra ascendant due to lordship over the 3rd and 6th house and the following significations are ruled by planet Jupiter for them:

  • Courage.
  • Abilities.
  • Talents.
  • Younger sibling.
  • Strength.
  • Short travels.
  • Debts.
  • Enemies.
  • Health.
  • Maternal uncles.

During Jupiter transit 2022, planet Jupiter will be over the 6th house and will cast aspect on the 10th, 12th, and 2nd house which will lead to Jupiter's influence over the following significations for them:

  • Debts.
  • Health.
  • Enemies.
  • Status.
  • Career.
  • Abroad matters.
  • Expenses.
  • Income.
  • Food habits.
  • Speech pattern.

Let's see in detail how Jupiter transit 2022 will affect their life.

1. Career: The transit of Jupiter through the 6th house will lead to newfound energy for you.

You will feel more aggressive and assertive due to that and there will be more frustration than ever.

Your desire to excel in the workplace will bring pressure on your own self.

It is not the best time to create a rivalry with co-workers, you will need to create a boundary beyond which you should not step.

Though old rivalry within your workplace will start to heat up more.

One of your friends can backstab you so be careful while disclosing your secrets to others.

You will be fighting for a promotion this year and most likely you will be rewarded with one by the end of the year 2022.

If you are looking for an opportunity abroad this transit is looking very helpful.

Most likely around the middle of July, you will be getting the opportunity to go abroad and start a new life there.

If you are in business then this transit of Jupiter is showing a loan that you will be taken for expansion and due to the help of Saturn transit you will be able to execute your plans successfully.

If you are in sports or politics then this transit of Jupiter seems to be very effective.

There will be a rise in your aura and people will start to follow you more and more.

Also, it is a very good time for you to work for humanitarian causes.

This year's transit of planet Jupiter is more about new developments and your efforts to bring changes in your career.

2. Wealth: Jupiter transit 2022 will lead to expenditures for sure but at the same time, your income will be better than in earlier times.

But that doesn't mean that you will be having smooth sailing when it comes to finances in the year 2022.

Most likely you will not be able to save much though new ideas and new approaches to finances will be there.

All this will help you to make new income sources ahead in future years.

Loan and debt is something that will be your point of concern and a major part of your plans will be around this.

It is important you take guidance from people with experience especially if you fall in the age bracket of 25-30 years.

3. Marriage & Relationship: The year 2022 is going to throw some challenges in your marriage and relationships.

If you have a certain combination that can lead to shoes in marriage in your native horoscope then this Jupiter transit can Ignite them.

Also, the presence of Rahu in the 7th house and Ketu in the first house can act as a catalyst here so you have to be careful in this regard.

If you are unmarried and looking for a marriage alliance then definitely the year 2022 can bring some good opportunities for you.

Though I doubt you will be able to get a breakthrough, only in the year 2023 marriage is looking possible but don't lose hope because you will be busy dealing with career and financial advancement.

The presence of Jupiter in the 6th house and Saturn in the fifth house is showing the birth of a child so if you are planning for it then you will find the support of the stars effortlessly.

With regard to relationships in other areas of your life like parent sibling and friends, there are positive indications that you will be able to get their support and will be able to spend some quality time with them.

4. Health: During the transit of Jupiter in Pisces, the 6th house is going to come under focus and we all know that the 6th house is the house of illness and a major factor in overall general well-being.

During the year 2022, you will be taking positive steps to improve your health and your appearance.

Most likely you're gonna bring some major reform in your food intake and your habits and they all will lead to the opposite result where you will be feeling more energetic and confident.

We all know Jupiter is karaka of Ayurveda and yoga and other forms of holistic healing so most likely within this period you are going to enroll yourself in one of these programs.

Really good transit for you to bring things in a positive direction when it comes to health.

Conclusion & Remedy

Libra natives are going to get affected by this transit in a very different manner, this transit is more about starting a new process in all walks of their life which will give them good results in the coming future.

It is more about correcting the mistakes from the past than continuing with them. 

The wisdom of Jupiter is on your side so make sure you make some good decisions.

To get the best out of this transit you need to make your Mercury strong which can be done via a Jyotish quality Emerald period in silver metal on a pendant or on the ring.

About the Author Naveen Rana

Hello all! My name is Naveen Rana and I live in Nanda Devi National Park. I am a Deck Officer in Merchant Navy but I don't go there anymore ;)
Apart from solving Horoscopes, I hike around on mountains and do photography. For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself.

Good Luck!!

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  1. Thank you so much! This really helped me with a new perspective! Peace and blessings to you!

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