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Jupiter transit 2022 In Pisces sign for Virgo zodiac
Posted in  Transit Predictions 2022

Capricorn is the 10th sign in the natural zodiac scheme and it spans from 270 to 300 degrees.

It is ruled by planet Saturn with Earth element in it, a planet where Mars achieves exaltation and Jupiter becomes debilitated.

It forms one of the Artha trine along with Taurus and Virgo signs.

Saturn rules over the Capricorn sign but unlike the Aquarius sign, Capricorn is the Earth sign and it means that Capricorn ascendant natives are very grounded people, they are humble and they don't like to show off.

They believe in working hard and taking care of the family, they think about world peace and development in society, and they always look for the bigger picture.

They don't care about their own needs, they actually care more about the world.

If you have to see the real element of Saturn which is the well being of the word then it can be seen through the Capricorn sign

A native of Capricorn ascendants is generally very lucky when it comes to management and ruling over a place.

It has been seen that they rule over a place as a president or a mayor or as a chief minister of a province.

In a relationship, their attitude is usually clumsy because of the rulership of the moon over the 7th house and seeing the moon move every 2 days.

And this shows the fluctuations they feel towards the spouse and that's one area they really need to work on, like I said earlier they don't think about themselves they think about other people more.

All this leads to some carelessness in relationships and marriages on their part.

Planet Jupiter is a malefic planet for Capricorn ascendant due to its lordship over the 3rd and 12th houses and rules over the following significations for Capricorn ascendant:

  • Courage.
  • Strength.
  • Younger sibling.
  • Efforts.
  • Short-distance travels.
  • Spiritual advancement.
  • Sleep patterns.
  • Expenses.
  • Abroad matters.

During Jupiter transit 2022, planet Jupiter will be over their 3rd house and will aspect 7th, 9th, and 11th house, which will lead to the influence of Jupiter over the following significations:

  • Marriage.
  • Will power.
  • Actions (good or bad).
  • Long-distance travels.
  • Parents.
  • Seniors at workplace.
  • Gains.Friends.
  • Elder siblings.
  • Growth at work place.

Let's see how Capricorn ascendant natives will be affected by this Jupiter transit in the Pisces sign.

1. Career: During Jupiter transit 2022 planet Jupiter will be over the third house and the third house is really important for rising in career.

The third house is all about courage and effort so when Jupiter will be there, you will be making efforts to bring good changes.

You will feel like, you need to break the cycle which is running for many years.

You will feel like you need to have an upgrade and you will do hard work for it.

Your lucky planets will also support you in that and a transfer or a change is in place on the cards.

If you want to go abroad and definitely luck will be on your side.

If you are into business then surely you will be making some expansion plans and you will be including more items in your inventory.

If you are into trading then again you will be taking some risks, you will be feeling the impulse to take risks and by July you will be able to see some good results.

Around the middle of July, don't go overboard with the investment or speculations, time will be sensitive around that time.

Once July has ended you can continue to take risks and you will be seeing some good results.

Though a lot depends on the Dasha and the Dhan yoga you have.

Overall really good transit for you to straighten things out on your career front.

2. Wealth & Finances: Same as career, you will be feeling to have an upgrade in finances also and it is very natural.

Money is so important in today's era that you cannot even breathe without it, you know nowadays people are buying the air in a can from the Himalayas jokes apart.

I think your efforts to increase your gains will start to give you results.

This is the kind of transit you need right now so that you can have a good income flow in the coming years ahead.

This transit of Jupiter will make you plan for it.

It will make you think about what you need in your life and luckily due to the strength of Jupiter, you will be able to achieve your goals easily.

If you are planning to do any kind of cash transaction abroad like import-export then that will definitely give you more gains.

Surely money will be coming from abroad resources and it will be coming through properties and from siblings and through traveling also.

Overall really good transit for you to start over things and secure your future.

3. Marriage & Relationship: Now during the year 2022, there will be a continuous aspect of planet Jupiter over the 7th house. 

Planet Jupiter is technically malefic for you which means there can be some issues in your marriage and relationship.

If you are planning to get married or all looking for a spouse then there can be some delays you will have to wait until Saturn goes to your first house from 12th July 2022.

With your spouse, things will be going downhill though a lot depends on the nature of your own Horoscope or if you have those negative combinations in your Horoscope.

It may happen that due to the business plans or due to growth at work and finances, you may have to live separate from your spouse for a while which is very normal, there is no need to stress about that.

Actually, that is what can happen in the year 2022 because planet Rahu is also coming into your fourth house which means you will be going far from your family, you will be going on trips and traveling which will be related to work.

You won't be able to spend much time among your people because you will be busy to give expansion in your career.

In regard to other relationships in your life like parents and siblings, I don't see any issues or trouble. 

Things will be normal and there are not many fluctuations, if you are planning for childbirth you will be getting some support of luck, and childbirth can happen in the year 2022.

3. Health: Due to the impact of planet Jupiter over the third house of courage, you will be making some efforts in improving your health.

The aspect of Jupiter over the 7th house which is a maraka house in astrology, there can be times when you might feel off and you will be feeling restless a lot.

You need to learn to control your emotions and at the same time you need to understand that busyness is a good thing but at the same time there is a limit to exhausting your body and after a point, you will have to give it a break.

This understanding hopefully will be becoming due to the impact of Jupiter over the third house.

If you have any pre-existing health issues going on, you will definitely be able to control them. 

Now you will be able to find a solution for your existing health issues.

Conclusion & Remedy

Overall this Jupiter Transit 2022 is all about bringing changes in all areas of life.

The theme is more about breaking the old patterns which have caused hindrance in your growth so far.

In order to gain the maximum from this transit, you need to make your ascendant Lord strong through the use of gem therapy where you need to wear a blue sapphire or Amethyst of Jyotish quality in a silver pendant or ring on your middle finger.

About the Author Naveen Rana

Hello all! My name is Naveen Rana and I live in Nanda Devi National Park. I am a Deck Officer in Merchant Navy but I don't go there anymore ;)
Apart from solving Horoscopes, I hike around on mountains and do photography. For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself.

Good Luck!!

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