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Jupiter Transit 2022 In Pisces For Taurus Ascendant
Posted in  Transit Predictions 2022

Taurus is the second sign in vedic astrology zodiac scheme and it spans from 30-60 celestial longitude.

It is ruled by planet Venus and is a Earth sign which forms Kama trikone along with Virgo & Capricorn signs.

It is one of the most powerful and successful sign and it has been seen that Taurus ascendent natives tend to reach on higher position faster than the other signs.

Taurus is represented by Bull and here despite the rulership of Venus they take things aggressively when it comes to their growth they don’t joke around the believe in hard work and smooth executions of their plans.

Planet Saturn is yogakraka for them where as Mercury is lord of the second and fifth house, these two planets if well placed in natal horoscope, than magic is bound to happen.

For Taurus ascendant, planet Jupiter is considered as most malefic due to lordship over the 8th and 11th house.

Planet Jupiter rules over following significations for them.

  • Death.
  • Chronic illness.
  • In laws.
  • Spouse health.
  • Inheritance.
  • Unearned income.
  • Gains of a large sum.
  • Paternal uncles.
  • Friends.
  • Influence.

Despite the tag that planet Jupiter is most malefic nature for Taurus ascendant, transit of Jupiter is always very significant for Taurus ascendant natives.

During Jupiter transit 2022, planet Jupiter will transit over the 11th house which looks very auspicious and the 11th house rules over following in Vedic astrology.

  • Gains.
  • Friends.
  • Networking.
  • Uncle.
  • Elder siblings.
  • Fame.
  • Rise.
  • Influence.
  • Victory.
  • Ability to interact with large group of people.

From the 11th house planet Jupiter will be casting aspect on the following houses:

  • The 12th house of sleep, abroad and expenses.
  • The 4th house of mother, peace and family.
  • The 7th house house of marriage, partnership and health (maraka).

Let’s see how Jupiter transit 2022 is going to affect the life and dynamics for a Taurus ascendant native.

1. CAREER– Transit of planet Jupiter in 11th house will lead to success, victory and promotions.

This can be a game changer transit for you provided a suitable dasha and good Rajyoga are present in your natal Horoscope.

Here, transit Jupiter in Pisces will bring abroad connections and gains.

If you are in politics or sports than a rise is seen your career, there will be sudden events which will help you in these fields especially when Vipreet Rajyoga is present in natal Horoscope.

Overall a very good transit for Career and the stagnation from the previous transit of Jupiter in Capricorn will be gone with it.

2. WEALTH-  We all know Jupiter is prime significator of wealth in Astrology and this Jupiter transit in Aquarius through the 11th house can really do some wonders for you.

There will be gains for sure and depending on the individual Horoscope and placements sources of income will vary.

Probably it can be the best transit for you since Saturn the 10th lord is already in their 10th house of career.

Speculation will lead to large gains, business will flourish and expansion will happen.

Any tussles or old issues with current business partner will see betterment in it.

The key is to keep focus and try as much as hard you can.

3. MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP– As we know Jupiter have total three aspects from its position i.e 3rd, 5th and 7th.

And planet Jupiter 9th aspect will be falling in your 7th house of marriage directly.

Which means the influence of 8th and 11th house will directly be falling on your marriage we can decode it in many ways but that will depend on the structure of the natal horoscope.

In general terms I can say that there is going to be transformation in your marriage and you will be making adjustment to solve the existing issues in it.

You will be making compromises and same time your spouse will be able to understand the hour of the need in order to save the marriage.

There will be peace and positivity in general and if your are already married then things will get better and happy times will be there between you and your spouse.

If you are unmarried then here 2022 will bring opportunity for you to settle down with your spouse.

I can say that planet Jupiter transit in Pisces sign is like a beginning of your domestic life.

Prospects of childbirth are very bright and year 2022 will lead to birth of a child.

With parents and siblings things are looking well and no major issues are seen.

4. HEALTH- If any health issue is going on then there will be minor complications in it but no serious issues are seen.

Rather you will be more aware about your physical and mental well being and will be taking steps to strengthen it.

New diet plan or a new excersice regime will be taken by you.

The aspect of Jupiter over the 3rd house shows your courage to change things and make new beginning when it comes to health.


The precise conclusion here is that Taurus ascended need a going to have a supportive Jupiter transit after a long time they will be able to solve their existing issues and will be on path of prosperity.

Remedy wise the best option here is to give strength to planet Mercury who is lord of the 5th house and a key planet for you. This can be done via use of Jyotish Quality Peridot of 3 carats in right hand index finger or on Pendant in silver metal.

This can be a very bright transit for you and if Dasha is supporting then a huge rise can happen.

About the Author Naveen Rana

Hello all! My name is Naveen Rana and I live in Nanda Devi National Park. I am a Deck Officer in Merchant Navy but I don't go there anymore ;)
Apart from solving Horoscopes, I hike around on mountains and do photography. For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself.

Good Luck!!

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