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Jupiter Transit 2022 In Pisces- Effects For Cancer Ascendant
Posted in  Transit Predictions 2022

Cancer is the fourth sign of Vedic astrology and it spans from 90 degrees to 120 degrees.

It is a very feminine sign and its tatva is water.

It forms the first angle of the Moksha train along with Scorpio and Pisces signs.

Planet Jupiter achieves exaltation here whereas it is the only sign for planet Moon.

Planet Mars becomes powerless here and is considered as debilited and its very natural to understand why, Mars os total made of Fire element where as mentioned earlier Cancer is throughout made up of water element.

Cancer ascendant natives are very soft and have a superior sense of calmness .

They tend to have a very cautious approach in matters of their life.

They never show aggression and it is easy to work with them to make excellent managers and their subordinates tend to feel comfortable around them.

They excel in the field of teaching, management, transportation politics and accounts.

Their attitude towards wealth and finances is very balanced. They don’t overspend easily and keep their account book updated.

They like to know the value of the product before signing up because it is really hard to convince time via shady marketing.

In relationships they tend to face issues quite often because planet Saturn rules over the 7th house and naturally they attract mature partners but at the same time their partners tend to exhibit less emotions.

They make excellent homemakers and they like to design the house and keep things up to date in it.

It is the most naturing sign in vedic astrology and one can be very lucky if they have a partner who have afflicted cancer ascendant or moon sign

Here planet Jupiter is lord of the 6th and 9th house and has dual lordship which can confuse people on the transit results of Jupiter.

I have a written a Guide on this which you can follow and same time there are two more Guides to understand how the condition of Transit planet in Natal chart is important.

During Jupiter transit in Pisces sign planet Jupiter will be going to the 9th house which rules over the following:

  • Religion.
  • Seniors.
  • Teacher.
  • Father.
  • Government.
  • Divine grace.
  • Long distance traveling.

Transit Jupiter will aspect on the following houses:

1.12th house of abroad, expenses and spiritual advancement.

2. 2nd house of family, speech and earnings.

3. 4th house of domestic peace, assets and mother.

Let’s see how this Jupiter transit will affect Cancer ascendant natives and if you are a Cancer ascendant then this part of the prediction is for you.


Transit of planet Jupiter through the 9th house is looking very auspicious for you during 2022 luck will be on your side and anything touched by you will turn into gold.

An increase in position at work is waiting for you at your workplace or if you are looking for a salary hike then definitely here 2022 will prove lucky for you.

If you are suffering from office politics then this transit of Jupiter will prove auspicious to solve these issues.

In fact your image and value at your workplace will see betterment, people will start to value you more.

Abroad travel is in the cards and if you are looking to settle abroad then this transit will be really helpful for you.

If you are running a business then this transit will give you bright ideas for expansion and cash flow will become very good.

A favorable job change is seen and you will be moving far from your current place.

Overall a very transit for career it is going to be.

Wealth & Finances

The grace of planet Jupiter in the 9th house will lead to an increase in luck in finances.

Year 2022 can be memorable for you in terms of bank balance and prosperity.

You will be making good purchases and investment in real estate is seen.

There will be good support from your father and you are likely to gain money from him.

You will be getting lucky in trading and gains will come at regular intervals.

Overall a very good transit it is going to be.

Marriage & Relationship

Due to the specious effect of Jupiter transit to your 9th house your existing marriage issues will start to get solved there will be mutual respect and affection between you and your spouse.

Also your spouse is likely to see arise in his career and wealth you will see a positive change in the mood of your spouse.

If you are unmarried then this transit is really helpful to find an able partner and buy at the end of year 2022 you’re likely to get Saturday.

Your relationship with your parents’ siblings will also improve and your father may see good times in his career and finances.

Overall, a really good transit it is going to be.


The aspect of planet Jupiter over the 1st house will surely bring good changes in your health.

You will be taking some solid steps to improve your health.

Existing health issues will start to get better and you will be able to find a cure for your health troubles.

The aspect of Jupiter on the third house will make your interest in activities like yoga and retreats.

Food habits will become more sathwik and if you have any plans to leave food like meat or alcohol then definitely you will get the support of planet Jupiter in this endeavor of yours.

Conclusion & Remedy

Jupiter transit through the Pisces sign looks very auspicious for you.

I see all around developments and prosperity in your life.

The divine grace of almighty is going to protect you from all sorts of troubles and the malefic effects of the negative dasha which you might be running in.

In order to make the most out of this transit, you can give strength to your planet Jupiter through Jyotish quality yellow sapphire yellow beryl in silver metal or gold whichever is cost effective for you.

Result of this transit can be quite opposite and can cause a negative situation in your career if you are in mahadasha aur antardasha of Ketu aur afflicted Mercury.

So in general caution is advised for you.

I think you need to wait at least until September of 2022.

About the Author Naveen Rana

Hello all! My name is Naveen Rana and I live in Nanda Devi National Park. I am a Deck Officer in Merchant Navy but I don't go there anymore ;)
Apart from solving Horoscopes, I hike around on mountains and do photography. For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself.

Good Luck!!

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