Jupiter Retrograde Is Ending Soon!!

 Jupiter is going to end its retrograde state today. With this some major and drastic events are likely events are likely to happen.

You haver seen how I do the analysis and same can be done on your horoscope also. The analysis will be done using 3 dasha viz vimshottri, yogini and chardasha of Jaimini.

Get a copy of your analysis today!!

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Jupiter Transit In Capricorn
Posted in  Transit Predictions 2021

Jupiter is the most divine and benefic planet in vedic astrology and its importance is so strong that without its kind rays one cannot expect prosperity in life.

Same planet Jupiter will be entering sign of Aquarius on 06th of April 2021 around 01:50AM IST Delhi.

Now a question might arise here on why Jupiter transit in Capricorn was so short?

Usually Jupiter stays in a sign for one year and so far Jupiter has spent only 6 months.

So just to clear your confusion here, Jupiter will re-enter Capricorn sign again in 2021 and the actual full on transit of Jupiter in Aquarius will be happening on November 2021.

See it happens a lot of time that a planet goes into other sign for Temporary time and it does have some significant impact on the native and the world around us.

I will explain in this article how to read such  transit shift later in this article.

But before that plz note down the timelines and dates of this temporary shift of Jupiter in sign of Aquarius.

Jupiter Transit 2021 Dates:

1. Jupiter will be  retrograde on June 20, 2021, at 08:35 PM in Aquarius sign.

2. In its retrograde state Jupiter will enter sign Capricorn on September 14, 2021, at 11:43 AM.

3.Jupiter will become progressive on October 18, 2021, at 11:00 AM in sign of Capricorn.

4. Jupiter will re-enter Aquarius sign on
21st November 2021.

5.Total days of retrogression will be 120 days where Jupiter will be retrograde in Aquarius for 85 days.

Now above timelines and data seems messy and complicated and you will have to apply these dates in your natal Horoscope.

The good thing is that now Jupiter will be out of debilitation and will be leaving planet Saturn who is in Capricorn sign since January 2020.

In this article I will cover following aspect of Jupiter transit 2021 along with predictions in the end of it.

1. About Planet Jupiter.

2. Significance of sign Aquarius.

3. How to analyse Jupiter transit in Aquarius.

5. Jupiter Transit Impact on all signs.

About Planet Jupiter

Jupiter is a divine beneficial planet that rules over Sagittarius and Pisces sign.

In Vedic astrology, no planet is more beneficial than Jupiter, in fact in any horoscope importance of planet Jupiter is supreme.

If Jupiter is afflicted or weak in your Horoscope then the overall strength of the Jupiter gets affected, those who have Jupiter as benefic planet they tend to have an advantage because the aspect of which are 5, 7, 9 from its position will give positive influence to the house where its falls.

Jupiter rules over two signs viz Sagittarius and Pisces. Jupiter represents knowledge, famer, wealth, success and kids. Jupiter rules over constellation of Punarvasu, Vishaka and Poorva Bhadrapad. Jupiter have 5th, 7th and 9th aspect from its position.

About Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is the 11th sign of zodiac scheme and is ruled by planet Saturn. It is last of the Airy trine and is odd and fixed by nature.

Aquarius have two Padas of Dhanista, Satbisha and three pads of Poorva Bhadrapada.

Its symbol is of a Man with a pot with water flowing through it

Aquarius is a barren sign and is Mooltrikone sign for planet Saturn.

No planet is exalted or debiliated in Aquarius and Venus performs very well in it apart from Saturn and Mercury.

Aquarius is the sign of innovation and is loved by shadow planet Rahu, Infact as per many texts Planet Rahu is co-owner of Aquarius sign.

A person which unaffiliated Aquarius ascendant will be tall, handsome, deep voice, well built and will have sharp nose and beautiful lips.

The best example of that is Shri Amitabh Bacchan.

Same time Aquarius sign is very intelligent and economical sign and represents latest technologies which we see around us.

In future a fully functional A.I will be given by Aquarius sign only.

Native having Jupiter in
Aquarius sign tends to be very intelligent and are innovative. Their work style is always unique with deep philosophical nature.

How to judge effects of Jupiter transit 2021 In Aquarius Sign?

I have written a separate article on this but for the purpose of this article you can check the following points:

1. Judge the role of Jupiter in your Horoscope: This is by far the most important one because Jupiter like any other planet will change its role, which will depend on the lordship of planet Jupiter.

For example, Jupiter is benefic planet for Aries ascendant whereas a malefic for Taurus ascendant.

You can check this guide which will explain you lordship of Jupiter and other planets that too ascendant wise.

2.The condition of Jupiter in Natal Chart: As mentioned in my guide on how to read a transit, the condition of a certain planet in the natal chart matter a lot while judging its transit effects.

The best way to explain this is as follows:

Suppose Jupiter have very close degrees to your ascendant, for example Ascendant is at 18 degrees and Jupiter is around 17 degrees then in most of the division chart Jupiter will fall in same house like natal chart.

And, this will make Jupiter the most important planet for you and will play an important role in your destiny hence its Transit can be very vital.

3.Ashtakvarga bindus of Jupiter in Aquarius sign: As mentioned in most of my articles that while judging the effects of a planetary transit, we need to see how many bindus that planet is getting in the sign of its transit.

So here you need to see how much bindus Jupiter is having in the sign of Aquarius, if more then 4 then you can expect good results even if Jupiter is a functional malefic.

4.The number of total bindus in the sign of Aquarius sign: This is again a Ashtakvarga rule, and here you need to see that how many bindus Jupiter is getting in the sign of Aquarius.

If more then 28 then you can expect good results from Jupiter transit in Aquarius.

Though there is always a contradiction, like Jupiter may have less than 4 bindus in Aquarius sign but the total score in Ashtakvarga may be more than 28.

So here one needs to take decisions wisely and make the right conclusion based on other factors.

It comes with practice 🙂

5. Running Dasha: Naturally, Dasha is most important in any kind of predictions and here if you are running into Dasha of Jupiter itself then Jupiter transit in Aquarius will become most important for you.

So you have seen how many factors are there, and actually, there are more than what I have explained above.

Making prediction is an art and one needs to use more than one Dasha system.

6. Transit Of Other Planets: All transits work with each other like double transit theory, the same way you need to consider the followings transits also because they will be affecting the final outcome of Jupiter transit in Aquarius.

Jupiter is a important planet and tends to create negative results if afflicted.

On another hand, Jupiter can produce Rajyoga when in a planetary relationship with the benefic or yoga karaka planet.

Not to forget that Jupiter is a slow planet and making a prediction on Jupiter transit in Aquarius can be tricky therefore the predictions of these predictions are general in nature and for accurate predictions, other factors in Horoscope will matter.

Jupiter Transit 2021: For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant planet Jupiter is lord of 9th and 12th house and is a benefic planet for them. A well placed Jupiter in their natal Horoscope can give very benefic results.

During this transit Jupiter will be going through 11th house of gains and networking.

Lets see how their life will be affected by it.

1. CAREER- Impact of Jupiter in 11th house will lead to success, victory and promotions which will bring gains.

This can be a game changer for Aries ascendant provided they have suitable dasha and good Rajyoga in their Horoscope.

Your status will rise and people will give you value. Movement to abroad is also possible with in year 2021.

Jupiter in Aquarius will benefit speculation and business by a good range.

Politicians and Sportsmen will also see rise in their career, there will be events in 2021 which will help your all life ahead immensely.

2. WEALTH- Jupiter is going in 11th house of gains which will lead to money and rise in income level for you. Probably it can be the best Transit for Aries ascendant since Saturn the 10th lord is already in their 10th house of career.

Speculation will lead to large gains, business will flourish and expansion will happen.

For students a scholarship is looking as a good possibility which will further fuel their dreams.

3. MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP- Jupiter in Aquarius will have aspects on 5th and 7th house which means love life will flourish and marriage prospects are seen.

If already married then things will get better and happy times will be there between couples.

Prospects of childbirth are very bright and year 2021 will lead birth of a child. In general kids will behave and related very well with their parents and  happiness will prevail in house.

4. HEALTH- Jupiter is ascendant lord here and have biggest say in their health and vitality. Transit of planet Jupiter in Aquarius sign will lead to issues like laziness, over indulgence and issues with shoulders.

If any health issue is going on then there will be minor complications in it but no serious issues are seen.


This can be a very bright transit for Aries ascendant natives and if Dasha is supporting then a huge rise can happen.

All depends on individual Horoscope.

For best results Jupiter should be given strength via Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl of 3 carats on Pendant.

Jupiter Transit 2021: For Taurus Ascendant

Jupiter is lord of two malefic house here i.e 8th and 11th and is most malefic planet.

Jupiter will be entering to their 9th house which signify following:

  1. Father.
  2. Teacher.
  3.  Seniors
  4.  Luck.
  5.  Grand parents.
  6.  Religious travels.
  7.  Prosperity.
  8.  Abundance.
  9.  2nd Child.
  10.  Law

Let’s see how it is going to affect their life.

1. CAREER- Jupiter transit is happening over their 10th house which will lead to direct impact on career and their position in society. The first indication is negative in this regard and some event can happen at work place which will lead to stress and rivalry with people around you.

Promotion is delayed and will come around August 2021 and that will lead to sunken feeling in them.

Relationship with boss won’t be smooth either and

2. WEALTH –Jupiter is natural karaka of wealth  and its aspect on the 4th house shows a desire to buy a car, house or change in residence.

If dasha is allowing then purchase of one expensive item can be there.

Chances of change in residence is very high and their abroad prospects are looking good which will lead to better financial prospects in future.

3.MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP- For Females Jupiter is Karaka of Husband and its debilitation is not good for relationship with Husband. There can be issues with husband and to husband also. Possibility of Husband facing issues in his work life is there though here individual Horoscope of spouse will matter.

This entry of Jupiter in 10th house can lead to marriage and also movement to far place after it.

Mother can see issues in her health and relationship with her can go sour, whereas Father definitely need to watch his finances.

With children’s things will be fine and major issues are not see.

4.HEALTH- Jupiter here is lord of the 8th and 11th house and both negative for Health and transit of Jupiter in 10th house can lead to issues in Knees.

If in natal Horoscope malefic like Rahu or Ketu is placed then issues can be there.

5.CONCLUSION- Overall this Jupiter transit 2021 is going to test Taurus ascendant natives on few fronts but on long term there will be benefits also. Year 2021 will be of process and as per Double Transit theory something good will happen once this transition reaches midway

Jupiter Transit 2021: For Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant Jupiter is a auspicious planet and is lord of the 4th and 7th house. Jupiter have a huge say in marriage & domestic matters.

During this transition of Jupiter in Aquarius impact will be over the 8th house which signify death, obstacles, chronic health issues and in laws.

Let’s see how it is going to affect Gemini ascendant natives.

1. CAREER- Entry of Jupiter in 9th house can be a good and bad thing for career. Govt employees need to be careful on their work style and there can be a transfer on a mistake.

It can further lead to strain in relationship with people at work and seniors.

The desire to go different can lead to mistakes and pending promotion will be delayed throughout 2021.

Best is to wait and action done in haste can lead to mistakes.

For businesses this transition seems to be better and expansion plans will start to take off.

For politicians and sportsmen there will be support from planets and excellent will be there.

2. WEALTH- Early month of May can lead to sudden gains but that will be linked to Saturn transit

Whereas the impact of Jupiter in Aquarius will lead to a new process where gains will come in mid of year 2021.

Gains from speculation is quite possible and old investments will give benefits now.

Money which is stuck for long time can come to you though your own individual Horoscope will matter here.

3. RELATIONSHIP & MARRIAGE- Presence of Jupiter in 9th house will boost your marriage plans.

With married people this transition can lead to issues especially with in laws and other members in spouse family.

Younger sibling of spouse can cause issues in your married life.

With children’s there will be good event and there is a chance of childbirth in year 2021.

Where with parents things looks normal and smooth relationship is going not be though Health of the Father is a matter of concern and month of June will be tough in this regard.

4. HEALTH- There will be new found energy  and new Health regime will start which will lead to good fitness. Any existing issues will find cure and a glow on skin will be there. Other Transits like Saturn and Nodes are in your favour.


Jupiter Transit 2021 is supportive in most of areas and increase in courage and Valor will lead your way to success.

Jupiter Transit 2021: For Cancer Ascendant

Jupiter is lord of the 6th and 9th house and have dual lordship which can confuse people on the results of Jupiter.

I have a written a Guide on this which you can follow and same time there are two more Guides to understand how condition of Transit planet in Natal chart is important.

During Jupiter transit in Aquarius sign Jupiter will be going to 8th house of Cancer ascendant.

8th house mainly rules over longivity, chronic health issues, inheritance and some very negative things.

During 2021 Jupiter will lead to different kind of results which are as follows:

1. CAREER- Transit Jupiter over the 8th house can lead to issues in career and progress in life.

Some sudden negative event is expected and depending on dasha and individual Horoscope there can be loss of Job also.

Chances of getting a rise in salary and rank is not seen.

Though luck factor will favor in abroad matters and pending cases on Visa approval will see success.

Be very careful at work place and lordship of Jupiter over the 10th house of career is showing weak prospects at job during 2021.

2.WEALTH- This area seems good in getting inheritance mainly. Chances of sudden gains are there but it will come with some complexity.

Expenses can rise on account of Health and money will be wasted in this matter.

Management of money will be need of the hour and year 2021 will bring complex situation in this regard.

Speculation is strictly not recommended and trusting anyone with money is not advisable at all.


The current issues in marriage can rise due to weakness of Jupiter in 8th house in Aquarius sign.

Any unnecessary conversation need to be avoided because no results of such actions will come.

Court cases related to divorce will take shape now and most likely Jupiter in Aquarius will bring stamp on separation.

Issues in childbirth is seen and year 2021 will pose challenges in this regard.

With parents things are looking quite normal though with in a laws situation will be tight and their Health can suffer due to impact of Jupiter in Aquarius.

Siblings are likely to gain in this transition and may move to a different place then they are in right now.

4.HEALTH-Jupiter is lord of the 6th planet here and its weakness in 8th house is a worry factor. This can lead to health issues and same time current ones can turn big.

Proper care and cautions are required in this regard.

Diabetes is something which should be taken care of though presence of Saturn there is able to protect but still a need to be aware on health is required.


Giving strength to Ascendant lord Moon is the key here which can be done via Jyotish Quality Sea water Pearl of 2 carats in smallest smallest finger of right hand or on Pendant in silver metal.

Jupiter Transit 2021: For Leo Ascendant

Leo ascendant natives are royal and have showoff tendencies in them. Planet Jupiter is lord of the 5th house and 8th house and when strong in natal chart it can lead to good results.

For example Shahrukh Khan have Jupiter in 11th house making mutual exchange with Venus which gave him immense popularity.

During year 2021 Jupiter will Transit through 7th house and will have direct aspect on 1st house.

Let’s see what those are.

1. CAREER- Jupiter Transit over the 7th will lead to aspect of Jupiter over the 1st house which is good for hopes but in practical scenario things won’t be going in favour all the way.

But still you can expect some good changes and better results on career front.

Thou there will be enemies at work place and it can lead to back stabbing of which native won’t be aware at all (that is why it is called back stabbing).

Business will run better now and debts will start to reduce and assistance from loans will be there. Speculation related work will suffer and ups and downs will be there.

2. WEALTH- Jupiter is Karaka of wealth and its   aspect on 1st house is good for wealth.

There will better finances and you will be able to save money.

There will be smart investments and on long term they will give good results.

If any dispute is going on like a lawsuit then I can say that you will gain from it.

3. MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP- Jupiter will be over the 7th house and can affect Marriage related prospects but Marriage will happen for sure.

It can cause issues in married life hence care is required and nothing should be done which can affect the mood of the spouse.

With parents and siblings relationship will be normal and no such major events are seen.

4. HEALTH- Direct aspect of Jupiter over the first house can help you to recover from current issues on Health.

But there can be injury since Jupiter is lord of the 6th house.

If dasha of malefic is going on then instantly rules should be kept for own safety.

Current health issues will need more attention and whole 2021 should be passed with cautions.


Sun the ascendant should be given strength via Jyotish Quality Ruby  of 3 carats on right hand ring finger or on Pendant in silver metal.

The final conclusion here is to not make haste and don’t have false hopes about 2021 though Transit of Rahu and Ketu are in favour but they will work only when right mind set is achieved by the native.

Jupiter Transit 2021: For Virgo Ascendant

Despite of lordship of Jupiter over two Kendra houses which is considered as not so good. Jupiter is still a benefic planet here.

In Horoscope of M.S Dhoni Jupiter is in Ascendant itself and gave him immense success.

Hence we will consider Jupiter a benefic here.

During 2021 planet Jupiter will be over 5th house of children, speculation and past life karma.

Its impact will be important considering Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn.

Let’s see how.

1. CAREER- Transit of Jupiter through 6th house will lead to enemies at work place and luck may not favor in competition with them.

So careful and systematic approach is required during 2021.

Promotion will be delayed and loss of Job can happen though new opportunities will also come parallely.

Abroad prospects are bright and is the best things about Jupiter Transit in Aquarius because combined aspect of Saturn and Jupiter will fall on 12th house.

2. WEALTH- Debts is what I see here and Leo natives should not try to  over spend.

Loans for house or car is understandable but on unnecessary things is a strict no.

Old investments may not perform well and gains from speculation is definitely not there.

3. MARRIAGE & RELALTIONSHIP- Jupiter is karaka of Husband for females and is lord of the 7th house  and in 6th house will lead to issues with spouse

Divorce proceedings won’t be going anywhere and things will be stuck at one place.

With kids there will be stress and efforts for child broth won’t yield results.

With parents and siblings not much is to worry for but maternal uncles and aunts will suffer during 2021.

4. HEALTH- 6th house is house of illness entry of Jupiter there can lead to health related issues.

If diabetes is there then it can go bad and will need proper check.

Health area needs the most attention and all kind of cautions are required from eating right to driving safe.


Mercury is ascendant lord for Virgo ascendant natives and should be given strength via Jyotish Quality Emerald or Peridot of 4 carats in Pendant in Silver metal.

The conclusion for Virgo ascendant natives is to stay safe and avoid confrontation as simple as that.

Jupiter Transit 2021- For Libra Ascendant

For Libra ascendant Jupiter is malefic planet due to lordship over the malefic planet due to lord ship over the 3rd and 6th house. In Fact Jupiter is most malefic for them.

The entry of Jupiter in Aquarius will be over the 4th house of metal peace, family, mother and property.

Let’s see in detail how it will affect Libra ascendant.

1. CAREER- This transition of Jupiter seems very good for business and new ideas and current business will see a sharp rise in gains.

A idea can lead to gains in future so be sure to keep eyes and ears open.

On Job front promotion is seen but with some delays and last moment urgency can be there.

Relationship with workers and bosses will improve and old issues will die down.

2. WEALTH- Jupiter in Aquarius will lead to gains due to aspect over the 11th house of gains.

Speculation can put your finances on track and business will lead to gains.

Old investments will give results now and same time new investments will be made.

Which is stuck for some time will come finally and if wealth yoga is present in Horoscope then surely this Jupiter Transit in Capricorn can activate it.

3. RELATIONSHIP & MARRIAGE- The prime focus on this Jupiter transit is over the 5th house of kids and that’s why childbirth looks very promising.

Love affair will blossom and chances of getting married to partner is very good.

Old marital issues will start to solve down now and only if Horoscope have severe negative combinations for marriage then things can go bad.

With parents and siblings things will be quite ok and no major issues are seen with them or in there life.

4. HEALTH- I believe some stomach issues can be there since Jupiter is maraka planet and is in house of stomach.

But it won’t be severe, though a increase in appetite will be felt.

Be careful on overindulgence in food because weight gains is very much possible in year 2021.


Remedial measure can be very effective in Health matters and here considering all aspects of Jupiter transit 2021 there is a need of making ascendant lord Mercury strong via Jyotish Quality Emerald of 2 carats in right hand smallest finger or on Pendant.

The overall assessment shows some good possibilities and with determination and will good results will come.

Jupiter Transit 2021: For Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant Jupiter is lord of the 2nd & 5th house and is very important planet here.

Jupiter basically rules over the following for them:

1. Family.

2. Speech.

3. Food habits.

4. Assets.

5. Kids.

6. Past life punya.

7. Talents.

8. Passion.

9. Mantra Sadhna.

10. Your speculative abilities.

Jupiter will be over 3rd house of courage and valor mainly where Saturn is already present and it means this is one of the important transit for Scorpion ascendant natives.

For them Rahu-Ketu are exalted in 1-7 axis already.

Let’s see how they will be affected by all of this.

1. CAREER- Jupiter in 4th house will boost the 4th house and direct aspect of Jupiter on 10th house of career will give wonderful results.

Promotion or salary hike is very much expected and old issues at career front will start to resolve.

A solution with enemies at work place and competitors will come and peaceful environment will be there.

se someone can hamper the bright prospects here.

Speculation will give good results and same time Business will give profits.

2. WEALTH- For wealth and income Jupiter transit will affect very positively and there will be gains and finances will improve by a big margin.

Family business if you have then expect a very good rise in it.

You will be making investments in year 2021 and they will be quite solid also.

Sudden gains from share market is seen though it is important that running dasha is supportive for same.

I feel events in 2021 will be important for your coming years ahead so best is not to do research on to make investments.

3. RELALTIONSHIP & MARRIAGE- Presence of Jupiter in 4th house will bring good results on Marriage and relaltionship.

Marriage plans will work out and a able spouse will be found by you.

Current health issues, if any, will improve and equation with spouse will get better.

Mother Health need attention though and Father earning source will be affected which will cause him mental pains.

Siblings and other members will be fine and no big negativity is seen.


Giving strength to Jupiter seems to be a good idea here.

This can be done via Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire of 3 carats in right hand middle finger or on Pendant.

Jupiter Transit 2021- For Sagittarius Ascendant

Jupiter is lord of the 1st & 4th house and is most important planet for them.

Jupiter will be over 3rd house of courage, sibling,  mental strength and short travels.

3rd house is a very important one and transit of ascendant lord from there means a lot.

Let’s see how it is going to affect Sagittarius ascendant natives.

1. CAREER- By grace of Jupiter in 3rd house there will be good courage and will power to reach goals and ambitions.

Then at work place things will be quite supportive and a abroad related opportunity can happen.

Promotion or a salary rise is seen and same time relationship with people at work place will be smooth.

Business wise a very supportive Transit for expansion and there will be life defining moments in it.

This transition will support journalist, writers, traders and travel business which will pick up from June 2021.

2. WEALTH- There will be rise in savings and the gains will be there of large sum especially when the native is involved in a Business.

Gains from sibling is also there and same time siblings will be seeing good rise.

There is a indication of getting wealth from Father also and same time there will be gains from government also like selling of land etc.

3. MARRIAGE & RELATIONSHIP- Aspect of Jupiter over the 7th house shows good Marriage promises for unmarried natives.

For married one’s there will be smooth experiences in relationship and at same time current disharmony in marriage can be solved unless there are severe negative combinations for marital issues.

Children related matters looks good and childbirth is seen in year 2021.

With parents and siblings there will be good event and relationship especially with the Father. Younger sibling is going to  do extremely well during Jupiter Transit in Capricorn sign.


The best remedy here is to make Jupiter strong so that it can boost its significations, in two of my guide I have written how to analyse Transits and always remember concerned planet in transit strength also matters in natal chart.

Overall a very pin natal chart.

Overall a very progressive Transit it is going to be.

Jupiter Transit 2021- For Capricorn Ascendant

For Capricorn ascendant Jupiter is most malefic planet and will be in debilition throughout year 2021.

Lordship of planet Jupiter over 3rd and 12th house signify following for them:

1. Losses.

2. Siblings.

3. Shorts journeys.

4. Courage.

5. Writing abilities.

6. Hospital visits.

7. Isolation.

8. Spirits.

9. Abroad prospects.

10. Vitality.

Let’s see how in detail it is going to affect them:

1. CAREER- Transit of Jupiter in 2nd house will definitely boost 2nd house and sharp rise in income will be there. If dasha is allowing then rise in salary and rank is seen.

Abroad placement is very much possible and by middle of 2021 you will be there.

For business it seems that around May 2021 something will happen which will lead to good gains.

If other members of family is involved in business then a bit of caution is required though in the end all will be well.

2. WEALTH- During whole 2021 money will be on mind and a constant urge to make money will be there will be plans and ideas to become big in life.

Best prospects are seen from inheritance which is looking very promising.

Month of May, June and July will be best for money so accordingly plans need to be made.

3. RELATIONSHIP & MARRIAGE- 2nd house is house of family and is 8th from the 7th house of Marriage. Jupiter here seems tricky to analyse and if I am not wrong then sudden Health issues to spouse can be there which will be of minor in nature.

With parents and siblings things will be very normal and younger sibling can move to abroad or a far off place.

4. HEALTH- Health area looks ok to me as such no major issues are seen. Rahu transit is in exalted state in 6th house and is boosting Health area.

Still we can’t ignore malefic Jupiter in your 2nd house during 2021 and if you are already having some issues then be careful on it.


The best remedy here is making Saturn strong via Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire of 2 carats in right hand middle finger or on Pendant in silver metal.

My conclusion here is that year 2021 seems promising and with proper planning and judgements great results in wealth is seen for Capricorn ascendant natives.

Jupiter Transit 2021- For Aquarius Ascendant

Jupiter is lord of the 2nd & 11th house and have major say in their wealth. Any Dhanyoga can’t be formed unless Jupiter is well placed in natal Horoscope.

During this transit, Jupiter will be transiting through the 1st house and will bring major relief for Aquarius ascendant natives.

Let’s see how it will be affecting them.

1. CAREER- Presence of Jupiter over the 1st house will lead to good confidence, high energy and optimistic attitude which will directly affect career and prospects.

Parallely things at work place will be going great and luck will be on your side.

Bosses and co workers won’t be supportive and peaceful environment at work place will there.

Promotion or raise in salary can be expected and best is to give 100% to gain full benefits from this transit.

Natives in politics and sports have slight edge and last moment win will be there.

2. WEALTH- Transit of Jupiter through Aquarius will be very good for money and financial matters.

Business will pick up and partnership will give good results.

Savings will be there and old investments will give good returns.

Court case related to finances will take up time and resources though victory is seen in the end.

3. RELATIONSHIP & MARRIAGE- Direct aspect of Jupiter over the 7th house can lead to marital disharmony or bad Health to spouse.

Though for unmarried people double transit of Jupiter marriage event is seen in 2021.

Progeny matter shows promises but same time issues will be there in it.

With parents and siblings things are looking normal and as such no worries will be there.

3. HEALTH- Even though no major incident will happen on Health since Saturn is giving protection but Jupiter transit will lead to laziness and lack of energy and passion in you.

Mind will be wavery and focus will be lost so both physical and metal Health need attention here.


The best way to counter Jupiter transit effects is via making planet Saturn strong via a Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire on middle finger or right hand.

Jupiter Transit 2021- For Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant Jupiter is lord of the 1st & 10th house and is a benefic planet for them.

During transit of Jupiter in Aquarius sign, Jupiter will transit through 12th house of gains and achievements.

During Jupiter transit 2021 Jupiter will be going in their 12th house whose significations are are as follows:

1. Losses.

2. Seperation.

3. Hospital visits.

4. Loneliness.

5. Poverty.

This need attention because Jupiter whose role is very important is going to be debilitated that too in 12th house.

Let’s see how it will be affecting them.

1. CAREER- Career wise Jupiter transit can bring abroad opportunities that too with lots of efforts and obstacles. Here Rahu-Ketu transit is going to play as a catalyst and I do see good possibilities for abroad settlement.

Now this is for those who have such placements for abroad in their natal Horoscope.

In general this transition is looking to bring downfall and worries in life and things like losses in business and demotion can happen.

Be very careful in year 2021 regarding all aspects of your career life.

Even enemies will be active and will try to harm you.

2. WEALTH- Weakness of  Jupiter is showing bad financial prospects. I see over expenses and loss of income which is a cause of concern.

Year 2021 is all about working for future and wait for Jupiter to come in Ascendant in your 1st house.

3. RELATIONSHIP & MARRIAGE- Aquarius ascendant natives will see tension with their spouse and if already there are issues then this transition of Jupiter can lead to complex situations in it.

Even Health of spouse is not seen as good and there can be issues and few hospital visits in this regard.

For young lovers marriage prospects are seen late and best is to not think of Marriage in year 2021.

With parents and siblings things are looking well and any major indication of bad event is not there.

4. HEALTH- Jupiter is ascendant lord for Pisces natives and its placement will lead to issues in Health.

Bills on hospitals will be there and  caution is need for the hour for Pisces ascendant natives.

All these possibilities will only be there if such negativity is already there in your natal Horoscope.


The best remedy here is to make ascendant lord Jupiter strong via Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl of 3 carats in index finger or on Pendant.



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