Jupiter Transit Is Important

Planet Jupiter is significant in Vedic astrology and its importance is only next to plant Saturn.

You haver seen how I do the analysis and same can be done on your horoscope also. The analysis will be done using 3 dasha viz Vimshottri, Yogini and chardasha of Jaimini.

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Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021 In Taurus & Scorpio Sign: Effects & Predictions
Posted in  Transit Predictions 2021

September is full of changes in planetary transits and they all look important to me.

From end of retrograde state of planet Saturn and Jupiter to starting of Mars retrograde motion.

We will see all kind of movements which are going to affect us in major ways.

Rahu and Ketu are going to change signs after 18 months

On 23rd September Rahu will enter Taurus and Ketu will enter Scorpio sign which is their respective exalted state.

Though there is a school of thought which says Rahu is exalted in Gemini and Ketu is in Sagittarius, but look around do you see any exalted results??

I completely bet on exaltation of Rahu and Ketu to bring relief from Corona situation to stabilization of economy to new modern invention in next 18 months which will change the way we live.

This will be one of the most important transit in year 2021.

And this Rahu transit 2021 & Ketu transit 2021, is looking very significant because just like Saturn and Jupiter, Rahu- Ketu are slow moving planet, in fact are second slowest among all planets and they can complicate our life easily.

Those who have difficult planetary alignments like Parivartan Yoga, Afflicted planets, weak Maraka or if their Sade Sati is going on.

Then I am sure that this transit of Rahu-ketu can complicate matters more.

Rahu-Ketu changes sign in every 18 months and naturally this coming transit becomes  very important for all of us.

As far as my knowledge is concerned Rahu-Ketu transit is concerned, they are almost equivalent to transit of Jupiter.

In this article I will cover following aspect of Rahu transit 2021 & Ketu transit 2021  along with predictions in the end of it:

1. About Planet Rahu-Ketu.

2. Significance of Taurus & Scorpio sign.

3. How to analyse Rahu transit 2021 & Ketu transit 2021.

5. Rahu-Ketu transit impact on all signs.

About Planet Rahu-Ketu

Rahu-Ketu are two shadow planets and are considered as nodes of planet Moon and that is why they have a deep impact on our subconscious mind. In vedic astrology they are malefic planets which causes issues of many kinds.

Total Vismshotrri Dasha period of Rahu is 18 years whereas for Ketu it is 7 years.

Rahu and Ketu can also act as Yogakaraka when placed in trine house and under aspect of auspicious planets.

As per legends they are originated from the events of Churning of ocean, you can check out the whole mythology behind it using this link.

Rahu and Ketu moves backwards and are represented by sign (R) in planetary calculations.

You can check the image given below to see how they look like in calculations.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021 In Taurus & Scorpio Sign: Effects & Predictions

Rahu-Ketu don’t own any sign and their effects depends on many other factors.

For sake of this article we will focus on their transit in Taurus and Scorpio sign respectively.

About Taurus Sign & Significance Of Rahu In It

Taurus is the second astrological sign in the zodiac. It falls between 30° to 60° of zodiac circle and is represented by a bull. An element of this sign is Earth. It is quadruplicate and is a fixed sign that has a feminine or negative polarity, It is ruled by planet Venus which is the planet of Love, Beauty, Music, Arts, Money and romance, Perfumes, and alike. 

Taurus is the 2nd house in Astrology and it spans from 30-60 degrees and its sign is "Bull". Taurus is a Earthy sign and is fixed in nature with negative polarity.

Taurus is the sign of wealth and earnings. It is one of the best sign for wealth creation and Rahu achieves exalation here. Planet Rahu is most comfortable in sign Taurus and many prominent individuals have Rahu in Taurus in their natal Horoscope for example USA President Donald Trump.

Taurus sign is ruled by planet Venus itself which is giver of wealth and natives ruled by sign Taurus loves comfort, luxury, wealth, lust and all kind of material things in life.

About Scorpio Sign & Significance Of Ketu In It

Scorpio is the 8th sign in natural zodiac scheme and it spans from 210 to 240 degrees.

Scorpio sign shows is your darkest desires and is a sign of myth, mystery, death and everything which is hidden and is underground.

Natives ruled by Scorpio sign tends to be very mysterious and sensitive and they can be great healer. They have ability to dignose things and can be gentle or horrid depending on how situation demands.

Ketu in Scorpio is very powerful and works in full force and it can be either good or bad depending on the core nature of the native and his tendencies.

How To Predict Rahu-Ketu 2021 In Taurus & Scorpio Sign

For Rahu & Ketu Transit effects see which house they are going through and then see the Samudya Ashtakvarga score of that house.

If it is above 28 then the transit will be better. Rahu-Ketu don't have seperate Ashtakvarga calculations though in Sambhuhora Ashtakvarga calculations for Rahu is mentioned.

Readers can make that calculation for their own Horoscope and then check how many Bindus Rahu is getting in sign of Taurus.

If it is more then 4 then the transit will give good results.

Since Rahu-Ketu are malefic planets we do need to see if they are going to transit through 64th Navamsha.

Transit of malefic planets through 64th Navamsha can be very harmful hence it should be watched carefully.

Their nature is mysterious and it is always hard to predict on them because being shadow planet they tend to produce effects in following manner and additionally you have to stick to basic rules of reading a transit.

  1. The house they are sitting or transiting in.
  2. The sign they are sitting or transiting.
  3. The Nakshatra they are passing through or placed in.
  4. The aspect they are receiving from other planets especially from Jupiter, Saturn and Mars.
  5. Same way, the planets they are making conjunction with.

So you can see how mysterious they are and there is no standard formula to predict on them.

You need to carefully measure all factors so that you can make conclusions on Rahu transit 2021 & Ketu transit 2021.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions On Aries Sign

Aries are naturally Hot-Headed people and Mars rules them thoroughly.

They have a straightforward approach in life and are not manipulative.

In this new Transit Rahu will be going through their 2nd house and Ketu will be going through the 8th house.

2nd house is of family, salary, speech, food intake and same time is a maraka house also. Whereas the 8th house is death, occult, legacy and is maraka for the spouse.

Let's see how Rahu-Ketu Transit in year 2021 will affect you.


If you are in a salaried job then time won't be much supportive for your career progression but that doesn't mean there will be a downfall. 

You are likely to stay where you are and your efforts to bring rise or promotion won't yield results to you.

Don't get involved in may kind of office politics but same time watch you back also, from November 2021 the other major Transit of Jupiter through your 6th  house can cause issues at career and issues with enemies.

So be careful that is all I can say though remember your running mahadasha and antardasha will decide the final outcome.

If you are in business then this transition of Rahu-Ketu in Taurus and Scorpio sign will lead to planning and arrangement of fundings.

Then from the end of year 2021 you will start to see good effects of your actions.

Speculation should be avoided by you unless you have a strong Jupiter and unafflicted 5th lord planet Sun.


The area of wealth looks tricky since a exalted Rahu in 8th house shows promises of sudden gains but most likely it will be through inheritance only.

Don't expect much salary rise unless you are in supportive dasha for same.

You need to be careful to invest money and don't risk your savings on someone's false promises.

Regarding your worries on savings, I think there is a indication of spending on house construction or you may buy some expensive gadget.

Though remain careful because something may not fall in your favour.


If you are looking for a bride or a groom then this transition of Rahu-Ketu in Taurus and Scorpio sign is not supportive much.

Unless you have a strong Marriage dasha going on then only expect event of Marriage.

If you are already married then your spouse can feel some health issues and there can be difference in opinion between you two.

This kind of Transit tends to bring rifts which can become bigger if not checked on time.

With in laws things won't be that great with them they can suffer from Health ailments and same time you may not share much of a great bond with them.

But I think your love life will be able to survive but best is not to make any mistakes in it.

Those who are in a love affair and want to convert it into marriage then there will be some chances for it in 2021.


Health wise this transition of Rahu-Ketu 2021 is looking weak and you will find slowness in body and thoughts.

If you are having health issues then you will have to stay careful because discomforts will be there.

November transit of Jupiter in debilitated state is not going to help you either.

Overall not so good Transition of especially of Ketu who is going to be exalted in 8th house.

Remedy wise you should make 9th lord Jupiter strong via Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl or Yellow Sapphire of 2 carats on right hand index finger or on Pendant in silver metal.

Rahu-Ketu Transit  2021: Effects & Predictions On Taurus Sign

Taurus natives are simple and look for comforts wherever they go, they are hardworking and want results quickly.

For Taurus ascendant Rahu  over their 2nd and Ketu is over their 8th house which is not a good at all.

But now on 23rd of September 2020 Rahu will transit to Taurus and Ketu will transit to Scorpio sign and this will bring good amount of relief.

Let's see how this new auspicious Transit will bring effects in various walks of your life.


Impact of exalted Rahu over your 1st house will lead to confidence and focus with in you.

The negative transition has bothered you a lot in past but this new Transit brings high hopes for sure.

Though Jupiter will be debilitated in your 9th house from November and that can cause some disturbances especially in your relationship with your Boss and seniors at work place.

Still you can expect a rise in your rank at work place provided Dasha is supporting the same.

If you are planning to go abroad then this is the time you hit it hard because chances of going abroad and earning money there is quite high.

Exalted Rahu in first house is going to open new doors for you so stay hopeful.

Rahu and Ketu transit in Taurus and Scorpio sign will lead your way towards growth and by the time Rahu-Ketu transit is over you will be in very good position.


The impact of Rahu over the 1st house will lead to desires and same time will give you abilities to fulfill them.

There is a salary rise in cards and business will flourish for you.

Efforts to bring more cash will convert easily.

If you are into speculation then aspect of Rahu over the 5th house will give you a new way to look at things which can make you better profits then ever.

Your spouse career is also likely to see a boost which means more gains coming in house.

Overall a really good transit for money and the kind of one which you have been waiting.


If you are looking to get married then exalted Ketu can actually help you provided you are in marriage giving dasha.

If you are already married then expect some issues between you and your spouse.

But these issues won't be severe ones rather they will be related to physical distances between you two.

The reason for same will be career progression which both of you will be experiencing.

If you are trying for child birth then give it some time so that you can understand the priority because good things are seen on career & wealth and most likely your focus will fall on that only.

With Father and Mother there will be stable emotional ride whereas with siblings some rift can arise.


Most likely few Health issues were bothering you from past some time and now they will be start to disappear.

Don't expect magic but you will start to see betterment in health and vitality.

Rahu transit in exalted state will make your outgoing and will bring a new fitness regime for you.

Very good time to start a new lifestyle which will lead to health and wealth.

Overall a very auspicious transit for you which can allow you to finally have some good time in your life.

You should wear a Jyotish Quality Green Peridot or Emerald of 3 carats on right hand smallest finger.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions For Gemini Sign

Gemini natives are analytical and tend to show dual nature a lot. There is no set pattern in their behaviour and can surprise others on daily basis.

For Gemini Rahu & Ketu will transit over 6th & 12th house respectively in their exalted state and shows good promises.

Your subconscious mind will focus on material and career progression.

Let's see in detail how it will affect you.


Exalted Ketu in 6th house will bring a competitive streak in you and is a good transit to bring success and crush your completion.

This can be helpful in getting a promotion or clearing exams and interviews.

I do see rise in rank and salary for you.

Abroad chances are most brightest and your efforts will take you there and you will be able to flourish beautifully.

Exalted Rahu transit over your 12th house will bring a exposure on you and expect a good amount of lime light on yourself.

Rahu-Ketu 2021 will bring more better chances of you are in politics, sports or cinema.

Though Business person should stay careful while making a new investments or signing a new deal.

Enemies are bound to come in this transition but you will be able to overpower them.


I do see wealth coming but I see expenses also but on good causes only.

You will spend on your own self like luxury items, car or even decorating the house.

Travel expenses will also be there and you will be taking a trip with family.

You will be able to compensate the expenses pretty well and I don't see any sort of worries on this regard.


Relationship wise this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 will bring physical distances from spouse and some minor discomforts on her health.

Both physical and mental health will be affected but your spouse will be able to overcome it.

If you are looking for marriage and there has been delays then this transit will turn a bit supportive and dasha of marriage giving planets will be able to give you a chance.

With Parents this transit looks normal and things will be the same as they were before.

To childrens there can be some adverse effects which will cause sudden tensions.


Health wise I see a supportive time for you and old Health issues will start to see betterment.

You will be able to recover from old illness if there is any.

Impact of Ketu in 6th house will lead to a robust Health.

Overall a very progressive Rahu-Ketu transit it will be, hectic but you will be able to do just fine.

You should give strength to planet Mercury via a Jyotish Quality Green Peridot of 2 carats on right hand smallest finger or on Pendant.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions For Cancer Sign

This new transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 over Taurus & Scorpio sign will pass through your 11th and 5th house respectively.

Last 18 months are tough due to impact of Rahu transit over the 12th house and caused heavy expenditure and losses for you.

But now there a ray of hope for you and let's see in detail what is in store for you when these nodes moves in their exalted state.


The entry of Rahu in your 11th house in exalted state will lead to some really good effect and there will be gains from a directions and a rise in your position at work place is seen for you.

Sources of income from abroad will become more strong and you will be able to live your dream now.

I understand so far things were a bit tight and you did experienced a lot of losses and there were tensions in almost all spheres of your life.

But now things will change for you and you will be able to progress finally.

For businesses and specualtion this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 will lead excellent results for you and you will be able to witness some would growth due to that.


Exalted Rahu will be over your 11th house of gains so money will be on your mind.

Your efforts will give results and gains will come to you easily.

There can be a luxury buy and you may invest in a house or a real estate deal.

A thoroughly smooth period for money it is going to be.


Married couples will see better bond and affections towards each other and those who are unmarried will be able to find a partner.

There will be some doubts initially but you will be getting married in the end of 2021.

You will be able to convert your current relaltionship into marriage.

With childerns this transit can pose some issues but things won't be going much severe for you.

With parents and siblings no unusual indications are seen and things will be smooth and normal as they are right now.


Health wise there can be some stomach related issues and in that Jupiter transit in Capricorn sign will have a major say.

If any health issues is bothering you right now then be careful from end of year 2021.

Apart form that things are looking quite well and you will be able to make a good mark for yourself during this Rahu-Ketu transit.

You should wear a Jyotish Quality. Red Coral in right hand ring finger in silver metal.

Rahu-Ketu Transit  2021: Effects & Predictions On Leo Sign

Leo natives are daring and they have an aggressive yet calculative approach to solve any kind of situation or difficulty in their life.

Rahu will be to 10th house in exalted state and Ketu will be over 4th house.

This change looks a way lot better then the current Transit.

This will be transit which will bring complete change for Leo ascendant.


The presence of planet Rahu over your 10th house will give a solid kick to your career.

You will be able to get what you are looking for and I do see a rise in your rank and a promotion.

Prospects of abroad placements are very good and you will be able to make it abroad easily.

Your status in society will increase and if you are in politics or social work then your name will be highlighted among masses.

Your business is likely to flourish and if you are planning to start a new business then luck will be on your side.

A major deal is going to come in year 2021, though transit of Jupiter in debilitated state for November can cause some hindrance.

A supportive Dasha can easily help to deal with Jupiter transit and for the your own Horoscope analysis will matter.


Wealth is looking quite strong due to Rahu in 10th house and exalted Ketu in 4th house will allow you property and accusation of a new gadget or a car.

Gains from multiple sources are there provided you have a Dhanyoga in your Horoscope.

Money from insurance, pilgrimages, oil, alcohol, gambling, speculation and precious gems will be there.

You should try to gain most from the transit because after this it will be coming after long 18 months.


Your married seems to go well and there will be mutual harmony and you will be able to spend good time with your spouse.

Unless you are a female because Jupiter debilition from November will lead to some indifferent attitude from your husband.

So there will be issues in marriage.

But the growth I see in your life can compensate that because growth and money can keep you excited despite issues in personal life.

If you are looking for a Marriage proposal then this transit of Rahu-Ketu in 2021 will give you a very good news.

The match will be very ideal and you will be happy with prospects of newly married life ahead.

Regarding kids there is indication of child birth and relationship with child will improve.

With parents I see issues and it may happen that you won't be able to spend time with them.

Same time you will be having difficulty in relationship with them.

With other members of family like siblings you will be seeing positive repo and there will be progress in their individual life.


Health wise Rahu-Ketu 2021 will give a solid energy level with in you.

You will be taking and walking differently and there will be confidence oozing from your behaviour.

Any old Health issue will be solved or at least there will be relief in it.

I see very good and may be the best results among all signs in Astrology for you.

You should give strength to Mars via a Jyotish Quality Red Coral in right hand ring finger or on Pendant.

Same time read Vishnu Sahatranaam whenever possible.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions For Virgo Sign

Virgo natives are very down to earth people and are also very determined in work and life.

This year and in 2021, Rahu will be over their 10th House and Ketu will be over their 4th House.

This means two very important Houses are going to get affected and let's see how things will fare for them.


We all know the magic of Rahu over the 10th House and especially for Virgo natives, Rahu works very well there.

So during 2021, you will see a rise in your career, status, and influence.

Your performance will achieve perfection and people will praise your work and you may be able to get an important project in your kitty.

If you are into Business, Sports or Politics then this transit will surely bring all-around success for you.

I don't see any major issues in Career unless you are in Dasha of Mars or afflicted Ketu itself.


Despite progress in Career, there may be issues in wealth for you. Not in earning but in savings because you may end up spending on health of your near ones and same time there will be expenditures on house, car or property.

You need to make sure you balance things out because the expenditures will make you worry.

My idea is that during 2021 you won't be able to save much despite a surge in your wealth.


The transit of Rahu transit 2021 is going to keep you very busy and physical distance from Spouse is seen.  Though relationship and mutual aspect with spouse will be there.

You may spend a lot on your spouse and will try to keep your spouse Happy by all means.

Those who are thinking of marriage year 2021 is supportive for same.

With father, you will find some coldness in his approach towards you and don't take it that seriously because it will pass.

With mother, you need to be most careful because Ketu transit over the 4th House will cause some health issues or relationship issues with her.

With Kids, I think they are going to be super busy and if they are looking to go abroad then it is the right time you take action for it because things will work in your kid favor.

With siblings, this will remain usual and you will see a good relationship with them. Apart from this, they will be seeing a lot of progress in their life.


For you, the year 2021, will be very auspicious for Health and will be excellent shape.

Your energy levels will be high and there will be a lot of positive actions you will be taking for your Health.

You may start a new diet plan and will adopt good habits which will prove good on the long term.

Those who are having some health issues will be able to figure out the right kind of treatment for yourself.


The best remedy for you is to make your Ascendant Lord Mercury strong via a Jyotish Quality Emerald on the smallest finger or right hand.

Apart from this you should devote yourself to Lord Ganesha and do the ritual for his appeasement.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions For VIRGO Sign

For Virgo ascendant Rahu and Ketu transit usually gives favours unless they are the debilitated like in year 2013.

This time they are exalted and will be going through your 3rd and 9th house respectively.


The biggest impact will be over your career and abroad prospects which seems to be happening as soon as Rahu will enter your 9th house in exalted state on 23rd September 2020.

Then effect of Ketu over 3rd house will make you very courageous in there will be new found energy with in you.

I see excellent results in your career unless Venus is afflicted in natal chart.

Business is likely to see gains and new venture can be taken by you.

Frequency of traveling will increase and you will be enjoying your life which will see more excitement now.

A really good transition for you and if dasha is supportive then expect a terrific rise for yourself.


Rahu gives good results in sign of Lord Shukra and in house of luck exalted Rahu will bless you with stroke of luck.

When it comes to money luck is what you need and the rise in career will lead to gains also.

In business also as mentioned before there is a rise which means money and cash for you will be available easily.

Gains from Father and authority is also seen and any property matter under disputes will resolve fast.


Marriage wise this transit will lead to a travel in abroad with spouse.

You will be seeing a good relationship period unless there is severe affliction in your 7th house and other marriage related aspects.

On children aspect there is a excellent opportunity for child birth especially from November 2020 when both Saturn and Jupiter will be over your 5th house and as per double transit theory child birth is seen for you.

Your eldest child is likely to see sudden good events in his or life and is likely to go far from home for good reasons.

With parents things will be good again and your Father and younger sibling will see positivity in their life.


I don't see much Health issues though discomfort in digestive system can be there.

The energy levels will be up and your beliefs will be strong.

A new perception on life will be there and the immense spiritual progress will be there for you.

So both mental and physical health is seen very good for you.

You should wear a Jyotish Quality Green Peridot in right hand smallest finger or on Pendant in silver metal.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions For Libra Sign

Libra sign is the most sensual sign and they are filled with Love & Harmony. They want an easy life and usually are lucky to get them.

Rahu will be transiting through their 9th House and Ketu will be over their 3rd House in 2021.

Let's see in detail how various areas of life will be affected by it.


Ketu will be over your 3rd House where it does good where's Rahu will be over your 9th House which also supports career progress.

So I think the year 2021 will be good for the career but if you add effects of Saturn and Jupiter transit on you.

Then I think this transition will help those more who are in the beginning stages of their career and are making the foundation.

Whereas those who are already established will find few things tough and they may feel frustrated due to obstacles in their path.

If you are waiting for a promotion then this is an auspicious time which will give you one of the best results you can expect in your life.

Your relationship with coworkers will improve though some seniors will try to put pressure on you in the end, you will be able to cool it off.

If you are into Business then this transit is helping for expansion and make investments.

If you make money via speculations and investments then this transition of Rahu is very helpful for you.

Overall a very good transit for your success and improvement in the career.


Wealth is surely going to improve and you will see a rise in your wealth during 2021.

As mentioned in the Career section, you will be seeing a rise in Career. And naturally, money will also improve with it.

You will be making investments and they will give returns in the future. Also, the old investments are going to deliver now.


The relationship is something you value a lot and this transition will make you better in it.

Marital harmony will be good and you will spend good time with your spouse. Those who are looking to get married can hold their plans because 2021 is looking more auspicious in this regard.

With Father, things may become cold to some extent but with Mother, your relationship will improve.

With children's, things will be as usual and no such changes are seen.

With siblings, there is an indication that they may get very busy in their life and you may not be able to spend time with them.


Ketu in 3rd House is considered as good for physical fitness and you may indulge in a new health routine.

General vitality will be good and you will be more active in this period.

But if you having some issues going on then you should take the best care and cautions because chances of having wrong treatment are high.


For you giving strength to yogakaraka Saturn via a Jyotish Quality Blue Sapphire is must.

Same time read Vishnu Sahasranamam whenever possible.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions On Scorpio Sign

Scorpio natives are mysterious and have a tendency to keep things secretive and no one can judge them correctly.

They are swift yet calculative in their approach and knows secrets for success.

For Scorpio ascendant finally things are going to be better after long time.

Scorpio sign is bothered by many negative transits since year 2011 and now finally all transits will be getting in their favour.

Ketu will be exalted in their 1st and Rahu will be exalted in their 7th house.


There will be solid growth in your career and you will get what you are looking for.

Your promotion and rise which is due from long time will finally come to your doorstep.

Abroad chances are also high and your efforts will finally take you to a nice progressive place.

Business wise also a very good Transition of Rahu-Ketu 2021 it will be.

There will be expansion in your business and association with affluent people will be there.

You will have to see more possibilities in any situation because this is the time to shine and you should not miss it.

These 18 months should turn tides in your favour provided you have required Raj and Dhanyoga.


Wealth wise this transit is going to give a solid growth and your old investments will also yield results to you.

You have any plans then execute them and make some investments because they will turn profitable for you.

Wealth will come naturally to you and you will develop a confidence and knack to make money.

Stuck money will come back and you will be able to use your money for further progress.


Now since Rahu will be exalted in your 7th house, marriage and spouse will come under focus.

Your married life see improvements and progress to spouse will be there.

Rahu there in exalted state in sign of Venus will bring shipping and traveling with spouse.

If you are unmarried then there is a good chance that you will be getting married and chances are there that love Marriage will happen with someone from a different caste or even nationality.

With childrens things will remain good and if you are planning to produce a child then luck will favour you.

With parents and siblings things looks good and I don't see issues.

Issues were in past and if any remains in their respective life , they are going to resolve.


Health wise a new found energy will be there with a good spiritual bent of mind.

You will be optimistic about things and positivity will there around you.

Any old Health issues will start to resolve and you will be able to have a good health routine.

A very good tea sit this is going to be, you should wear a Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl of 3 carats on index finger or on pendant in Silver metal.


The best remedy here is the use of a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire or a Yellow Beryl.

Same time fasting on Mondays will prove helpful to you.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions For Sagittarius sign

Sagittarius people are noble and kind like to enjoy their life with freedom. They are quite empathic and want positivity around them.

Now Rahu-Ketu will be in better place for Sagittarius sign and for you also transits are going to be better now.

Ketu will be over your 12th house and Rahu will be in 6th house which is comparatively better then what you have been going through so far.

Let's see how Rahu-Ketu 2021 is going to help you ahead.


This new transit of Ketu 2021 in Scorpio sign will bring in change in Job and place for you and is very good for working in abroad.

Though until May 2021 you will still be overcoming your older issues and solutions will be in your slight.

From August to October 2021 you will see a good news at work place and a small promotion can come your way.

Relationship with seniors and co-workers will improve and there will be confidence with in you.

Business wise this will be a good transition and combined effects of Rahu-Ketu 2021 will lead your ways to better growth in business.

Speculation will give you gains and a good career is seen for you.


Wealth wise there is a new dawn waiting for your ahead.

There will be rise in income and you will be making good savings.

Gains from business will allow you to enjoy money and there is a indication you can buy a house or a car.

A very good transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 it will be.


This areas seems to be complicated and I see physical distances between you and your spouse.

Your spouse is likely to go abroad in this Ketu transit 2021 through Scorpio sign.

If you have combinations which causes issues in marriage then this period can cause issues between you two.

If some court case is going on related to divorce then it will start to fall in your place.

With parents and siblings things will be quite ok but material relationship like material uncle and aunt may have some issues to transit of Ketu in 6th house.


Ketu in 6th house in exalted state can really make you a live wire and there will be high energy level.

You will be able to heal yourself if there are any current health issues.

Things like back or neck pain can bother you in middle of year 2021.

But it will pass with time.

Overall a Rahu-Ketu 2021 will prove very beneficial for you considering the transits in last few years.

You should give strength to your ascendant lord Jupiter via a Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl of 3 carats on right hand index finger or on Pendant in silver metal.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions For Capricorn Sign

Capricorn natives are the most down to Earth people and believe in Hard Work. They don't do daydreaming, rather they make things work by proper planning and execution.

Capricorn ascendant is affected by very severe transits in past especially Ketu which was going through 12th house of expenses.

Now Ketu will move to your 11th and Rahu will move to your 5th house.

This seems very promising to me and let's see how things will be getting for you.


Exalted Rahu in 5th house can bring fire in you, there will be confidence and increase in abilities.

A promotion is seen for you and your reputation will increase.

You will be able to find solutions very fast and people will respect your abilities.

Very good transit if you are in programming.

If you are in business then this is the time for expansion and increase in profits.

You will be able to see beyond which will help you make gains from speculation.

Rahu in 5th house will help your acting skills and will lead your way in entertainment industry.

This is once in a life time transit considering Saturn is already in your 1st house since January 2021.


Career progression will lead into wealth creation also.

This means your wealth will rise and you will be able to enjoy your new found financial position.

There will be a new investment by you and you will be able to secure your family future.

Ketu position in 11th house will bring good position for freelance writer and developers and a lot of more work will come you way.


5th house is of emotions and passion, it also rules over your intellect and have final say in children birth.

Now this means that you will be able to have kids now and your plans to have one will see positive light in year 2021.

Relationship with spouse will improve and if you are looking to find a match for marriage then you will be able to have success in it.

With parents and siblings I see good events and your relationship with them will flourish.


Just like other areas health will also remain solid point.

You will feel energetic and will have a new point of view about life.

Old health issues will resolve and you will be healthy as ever.

This is one the best Rahu-Ketu transit and I think your wait for 23rd September 2020 is worth every penny.

You should give strength to your Yogakaraka Venus by wearing a Jyotish Quality White Sapphire in Pendant in silver metal for more better results.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions On Aquarius Sign

Aquarius is the 11th sign in Astrology Zodiac scheme and Aquarius people are sharp, thoughtful and usually very organized in their life.

For Aquarius ascendant the transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 will be going through over 4th and 10th house.

4th house is of house, luxury, mental peace, birth place and mother mainly.

This transition will be very important for Aquarius ascendant.


10th house is house of career and status and Ketu will be exalted in it.

So some sort of change is going to happen for you in area of career.

I job change is seen and most likely it will be a positive change.

Or you will be able to see a rise in your position or a salary hike.

You won't be getting the best results though yet.

This transition of Rahu-Ketu will build up a process for you mainly.

The transit of Saturn is supportive but transit of Jupiter looks weak for you.

There can be some tough goals at work place and you may have to work over hard but in the end you will be able to complete your goals.

It is a transit which can take you abroad also and if you are waiting for residency permit of something similar then luck will be on your side.

If you are a doctor, astrologer or in any kind of healing process then this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 seems very useful for you.

Business wise this transit a bit tough for you and I do see a loss for you in year 2021.

Try best to not let it go over hand.


The best part of this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 is exaltation of Rahu in 4th house.

Rahu in 4th house will make you achieve luxury like house or a car.

Or a expensive gadget.

This means you will be making expenses but same time you will be able to compensate it.

There will be a kind of race in your mind to reach your financial goals and you will be able to learn few new things.


Relationships won't be much affect in this transit.

Your relationship with your spouse will remain good unless you have negative aspects which can give marriage related issues.

If you are looking to get married then luck may not be that favourable for you.

With parents and siblings your Father may see some issues in his life whereas Mother will be seeing good things in her life.


Health wise you will be seeing some issues in your knees and back.

Apart from that this transit is not going to bother you much.

You may start to get attracted towards natural medicine and may change your perception on health and fitness.

There will be a clarity in mind and you will seeing things differently.

Overall a good transit this is going to be for you.

For best results you should wear Jyotish Quality Green Peridot or Emerald in right hand smallest finger.

Rahu-Ketu Transit 2021: Effects & Predictions On Pisces Sign

Pisces natives are ever dreamy and are the jack of all trades. They tackle situations after giving a lot of thoughts.

For Pisces ascendant Transit of Rahu-Ketu will be through their 3rd house in Taurus sign and through 9th house in Scorpio sign.

This looks very promising and for Pisces ascendant the best place where Rahu and Ketu can be is in their 3rd and 9th house.

Let's see how this transit will affect Pisces ascendant natives.


Transit of Rahu over the 3rd house in exalted state seems to bring new opportunities to you and there will be new found energy and courage in your to take best advantage of it.

If you are in Job or service sector then you will see enhancement in your work ways and routine.

You will be able to impress people around you with your performance and you will be feeling motivated to push your limits.

3rd house is of courage and Valor and Rahu in exalted state can do wonders for you.

If you are related to sports or politics then surely you will see a great rise for yourself provided Dasha is promising the same.

For Business also this movement of Rahu-Ketu in Taurus and Scorpio sign looks very promising and you will be able to execute your plans which were on hold for long time.

Abroad travel is also seen for you and is supporting for giving abroad residence.


Wealth wise also this transition of Rahu-Ketu from 23rd of September looks awesome to me.

You will be able to make good income and there can be a new source of income for you considering next Jupiter Transit which will be going through your 11th house.

Especially your Business which seems to rise beyond your own expectations.

Your spouse will also see a rise in income and if both of you are working then consider that Rahu will bless you more income in the house.


Rahu aspect on 7th house of Marriage will allow you to have Marriage especially when you are trying to go for a love Marriage.

If you are already married then equation between you two will be more about financial management and plannings.

Still I see mutual admiration and respect for each other despite of the miscommunication and disagreement.

Unless presence of negative combinations for Marriage are not there.

With sibling you will see competitive behaviour and it may happen that your sibling might beat you in that.

For children this transit of Rahu-Ketu 2021 can bring some complex equation and if you kid is trying to go abroad then this period of 18 months is looking very supportive.

If you are planning for child birth, period of October and November is looking supportive for conceiving.

With Parents this transit is not showing good signs, there can be issues to father Health and same time you may go far from them and may not meet them for quite long time.

For in laws this transit looks good and they will see progress in their respective lives but relationship will remain tight.


The amplifier effect of Rahu will lead to a new found energy to make a new Health routine and you will be more aware about your well being.

There will be a good routine where you will undertake new exercise regime and will watch over your health.

Current health issues will start to resolve from May 2021.

Overall a very Auspicious Transit of Rahu-Ketu it will be.

Their exalted state can really bring new positive changes for you.

Wear a Jyotish Quality Yellow Beryl or Sapphire on right hand index finger in silver metal

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