Venus Retrograde 2020 In Taurus Sign

Planet Venus will be going retrograde on the 13th of May at 12:14 PM as per Indian time and Venus will remain retrograde until 25th June 2020.

The total days of retrograde Venus 2020 are 44.

This is not a common occurrence because Venus doesn’t go in the retrograde state for such a long time duration.

The month of May has other retrograde also.

On May 11th Saturn has already gone retrograde and Jupiter will be going retrograde on 14th May 2020.

Venus Retrograde Meaning & Its Significance In The Year 2020

Planet Venus is karaka of beauty, luxury, rejuvenation, and wealth also. For a male person, Venus is karaka of the spouse and rules over the event of marriage.

Retrograde Venus is never considered as good in any natal chart and It can make one like outcaste in society. From their clothing sense to perception of looking at the world. Everything tends to be extreme and different especially when mercury is also involved with venus.

During 2020 this retrograde state of Venus can bring some intense changes within us and is very important for India also.

For India Venus is the ascendant lord and same time 8th lord Jupiter will be going retrograde which means huge changes are about to come here and let’s see in days of this Covid-19 how things are going to turn out.

Some Tips To Decode The Effects Of Venus Retrograde 2020

Here obviously you should know the basics of how to read a transit and then add additional details of retrograde motion also.

Here are the basic step will remain the same and are as follows:

1.Judge the functional nature of Venus

Here, it is important that you judge it properly because this is the core of astrology predictions and applies to Venus retrograde 2020 equally.

Specifically, for this article, you need to Judge the role of planet Saturn in the given horoscope and take special precautions while doing so.

This process is important because Venus in its transit will give results akin to its functional nature in your horoscope.

This means, if Venus is malefic in natal horoscope then malefic results will be observed in its transit.

If beneficial then benefic results will be observed during its transit.

2. Ashtakvarga Score of Saturn in the sign of Taurus

This is an evergreen rule and will be applicable here also.

You need to check how many ​beneficial bindus Saturn is getting in the sign of Taurus.

If more than 4, then the Venus retrograde 2020 period will prove beneficial for you.

If less than 4, then there will be not so good events during this temporary period of retrogression.

Now since we have seen the important details on retrograde motion and other necessary details.

We can jump into its analysis and can make predictions now using Vedic Astrology principles.

Throughout the predictions, concepts of Vipreet RajyogaPushkar Navamsha, Neechabhanga, Parivartan Yoga, Maraka.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Aries Sign

Venus will be retrograde on your 2nd house of family, speech, food habits, and salary.

There is an indication that you will indulge in sweet and sour food and will have cravings.

Some minor discomfort on Health will be there due to Maraka qualities of Venus in your case though it won’t be serious or severe.

You may get gains from a female member of the family and your relationship with your spouse will be smooth.

But the same time you and your spouse may unearth some secrets from your past but they will be harmless in nature.

For career, this Venus retrograde 2020 will bring positive news for you but I don’t think that it can surpass powerful Saturn retrograde over your 10th house.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Taurus Sign

Venus is the most important planet for you and will be retrograde over your 1st house itself.

Out of all signs, Venus retrograde 2020 will be most significant for you and your future prospects.

You will be making a self-assessment and analysis of your progress, current situation, finances, and health status.

I think you won’t be much satisfied with your current status and during these retrograde days of Venus, you will be pushing your boundaries to attain a desirable level.

The very first thing you will be doing is changing your looks and appearance and will take a healthy diet for your overall well being.

Your strategy will be to the point and you will be able to do reach your goal by the time Venus goes direct.

Overall an auspicious transit this one is going to be.

A huge transformation is guaranteed!!

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Gemini Sign

For Gemini ascendant Venus will be on your 12th house in the retrograde state and that means a direct relationship with abroad place and influence of abroad culture on you.

If you are looking to go abroad then this transition will help you a lot.

Due to Covid-19 a lot of people are in complex situations due to their job abroad and this Venus can help you with that.

There will be situations where you will have to face resistance to your promotion or salary hike.

You will be indulging in luxury, shoes and will want to have alone peacetime also.

This Venus retrograde 2020 will make you think a lot and will give a positive direction to your life.

Relationships with wife will be exotic and you will be having a good amount of intimacy and old grudges will be going away.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Cancer Sign

Venus will be retrograde in your 11th house and what else you can ask for now?

Venus is 11th lord and in its own house, its retrograde state will bring a good potential for gains and attainment of luxury for you.

Sudden gains are bound to happen and if you are in speculation then a perfect time to hit big gains.

Relationship with spouse will also improve and you will be getting gains and gifts from the spouse.

Children will also be doing well and will gain new achievements around the end of this Venus retrograde 2020 period.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Leo Sign

For Leo ascendant Venus will be retrograde in 10th house which means a change is about to happen and you may worry a lot about your career trajectory and your current place.

I think the assessment of your career situation will be quite accurate and you will be making new plans to gain more success.

Any due promotion is likely to happen around the end of this Venus retrograde 2020.

The relationship with the spouse will be smooth and the spouse will be having a good time in his of her career.

Health will remain good and people will see you having glow in your face and you will be paying attention to your appearance a lot.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Virgo Sign

For Virgo ascendant Venus will be over your 9th house in the retrograde state and this will make you want questions on religion and the same time will increase your faith in free will.

You will be going into natural healing methods and will be learning new subjects.

Career-wise Venus retrograde looks smooth though some creative conflicts with bosses which will be harmless.

Same time if you are looking to go abroad then Venus retrograde 2020 is very supportive of the same.

There will be gains from Business and speculations, Venus is almost like a Yogakaraka for you and can do wonders during this Venus retrograde 2020.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Libra Sign

Venus will be retrograde in the 8th house and it means huge transformation is waiting for you.

From head to toe, you will be making upgrade in your life.

A new lifestyle, new clothes, and new thinking will be embraced by you and in the long term will give you good results.

There will be a change in job and a better job will be coming your way.

With Spouse, you may have some minor indifferences though they will lead to a better understanding later.

In-laws will be nearby and they will be visiting you in this Venus retrograde 2020 and old issues will resolve with them.

If you have the possibility of getting inheritance then this Venus retrograde 2020 will clear your ways in this regard.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Scorpio Sign

For you, Venus will be retrograde over your 7th house or spouse and marriage.

If you are planning to marry soon or looking for a spouse then this period will be very helpful for you.

By the end of Venus retrograde 2020, you will be able to find a match for yourself.

If you are married then your relationship with spouse will improve unless you have severe combinations for marital disharmony.

Your spouse will be seeing positive growth in his or her life.

For your career, you will be seeing the possibility of a good rise and you will be working hard to get it.

With support of Venus retrograde 2020, you will be able to achieve it also.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Sagittarius Sign

For you, Venus retrograde 2020 will be happening in your 6th house of illness and enemies.

Here I think you need to be careful of Health issues.

Any bad habits during Venus retrograde 2020 period will bring health issues around the end of it.

If you are going through any health issues then you will be able to find a cure in this period of Venus retrograde 2020.

If you have any plans to get a loan then this Venus retrograde 2020 will allow you that.

Though pilling up debts is not suggested right now.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Capricorn Sign

The Yogakaraka Venus will be retrograde over your 5th house of wisdom, passion, and kids.

This looks positive to me but not right away, their new tricks you will be using will give you results at the end of Venus retrograde 2020.

Your kids will be getting benefits in most areas of their life and chances for them to go abroad is good.

If you are thinking to take a course in education then also Venus retrograde 2020 is looking very helpful.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Aquarius Sign

For you, Venus is Yogakaraka planet and will be retrograde in your 4th house. Which is going to bring wealth and luxury for you especially around the end of June.

You will be very interested in getting a new house or land and there will be a good time for house renovation also.

Your career will see a rise and chances of having a promotion or a salary hike are also seen, you will be able to take Bull by its horn this time and your competition won’t have a chance against you.

Your relationship with your spouse will improve and there will be a good romance between you two, health will also improve by a good margin and you will be looking healthy and glowing due to Venus retrograde 2020.

Venus Retrograde 2020: For Pisces Sign

Venus is technically the most malefic planet for you and will be retrograde over your 3rd house of courage and effort. During Venus retrograde 2020 you will be able to make better decisions and will be making plans to bring best from you.

Career-wise is see a transfer for you and you will be able to get the place of your choice.

For marriage, this transit seems to be very good and you will be making some short trips with your spouse. Healthwise this transit is not that great especially if you are of old age and this can actually affect longevity in your case. 


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