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Mars Transit 2020 In Capricorn sign

Mars Transit 2020
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Introduction: Mars Transit 2020 Through Capricorn sign.

During 2020 planet Mars will be entering in the sign of Capricorn on 22nd of March & Mars is going to stay in Capricorn until 4th of May 2020.

Capricorn sign is the tenth sign in natural zodiac scheme and is the sign where Mars achieve exaltation.

Capricorn sign lord is Saturn and Mars is its enemy. 

In astrology, Saturn represents hard work, obstacles, diseases, misery, and pains whereas Mars is prime karaka of war and anger.

Saturn is already present in sign of Mars since 24th January 2020.

This means Mars transit there is directly going to affect our lives in deeply manner and if Mars is afflicted in your horoscope then Mars transit in Capricorn can cause issues in your life.

NOTE: Mars transit in Capricorn is very important this year because Mars will be in Capricorn at very crucial stage when world is already dealing with Corona Virus and soon Jupiter will also join Mars on 30th March 2020.

Mars in medical astrology represents blood, physical injuries, anger, and violence.

In sign of Saturn Mars will be very powerful this time and right around that time Jupiter will be going in Capricorn on 30th March 2020.

Mars is a natural malefic planet and tends to create negative results if afflicted.

On another hand, Mars can produce Rajyoga when in a planetary relationship with a benefic or yoga karaka planet.

It is very important to understand that Mars rules over Aries and Scorpio zodiac in a Horoscope.

Which means we have to consider the lordship of Mars and other basic points which are stated below.

  • Mars achieves exaltation in Capricorn zodiac.
  • Mars is enemy to the lord of Capricorn zodiac lord Saturn.
  • Mars will tend to destroy the house where it is sitting.
  • Mars have additional aspects which are 4th, 7th and 8th.

Generally, Mars gives good results in 3rd, 6th, 10th and 11th house but still we do need to see other factors also.

Most important here is that we should look into ashtakvarga calculation of Mars and while decoding this transit results a good weightage to the ashtakvarga bindus in the house where Mars is transiting should be given.

If these bindus are more than 28 than results will be favorable and if more than 30 then the results will be fabulous.

Also, check if retrograde Mars transit in Capricorn is going over 22nd Drekkana or 64th Navamsha.

Any malefic planet like a retrograde Mars over these sensitive points results in injuries or health issues.

Mars is a hot and dry planet in astrology and making a prediction its transit in Capricorn can be tricky therefore the predictions of Mars transit 2020 are general in nature where I have focused Career, Wealth Marriage & Relationship and Health mainly.

For accurate predictions on your horoscope email me on [email protected]

Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant Mars is lord of the 1st and 8th house. Mars will be transiting through their 10th house, which rules over career and position in society mainly.

Let’s see how various aspect of Aries ascendant native will be affected by this:


During Mars transit period there are chances of a good events at career, you are either going to get promoted or can get some sudden appraisal.

It can also lead to sudden unexpected traveling related to work also.

Make sure you don’t get overconfident for any kind of project and best is to go slow and observe the minute details because that is what will help you from negatives of this Mars transit.


I have a strong institution that during Mars Transit you will be able to make some sudden gains.

And most likely it will be unearned like inheritance; gambling or even insurance money.

Though depending upon the planetary yoga in the horoscope, there can be court proceedings during this period which will be related to inheritance directly.

If you are planning to buy a new car or a house, I think it will be possible during this Mars transit.


During Mars transit in Capricorn ; you will have high temper and chances some minor injury is also likely to happen.

Jupiter transit in Capricorn is going to protect you with major illness and injuries. Also Jupiter retrograde is going to be retrograde at end of March which will be having additional influence.

Overall I think it will be positive, though some minor issues will be there for sure. Mars is your ascendant lord and a lot of things are happening with it.

You might try to transform your physical and may have some weight loss.

Marriage and Relationship

Mars transit period will have a deep impact on your relationship and your life may get tensed by it.

There can be sudden arguments and misunderstanding with the spouse.

The good news here is that your spouse is likely to progress especially when the ascendant of the spouse is Gemini, Virgo, Scorpio or Pisces.

Mars aspect over your 4th house can result in bad health and relationship with Mother.

Same time your father can also experience some health troubles and issues in his workplace. Regarding your kids, there are some slight indications of success but their health may bother you.

Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant Mars is a malefic planet but still rules over two very important house i.e. 7th and 12th. Mars will be transiting through their 9th house which stands for luck, religion, and father mainly.

Let’s see how each area of Taurus Ascendant native will be affected by Mars during this Mars transit period.


Since Mars is going to transit over the 9th house which rules over your seniors in the workplace like your Boss 😉

So there is a possibility that your boss may not like you during this period and you may commit a mistake which can make your life hard at your workplace.

As such no promotion or elevation is seen unless you possess Vipreet Rajyoga in your horoscope and even if you have Vipreet Rajyoga then the most positive impact generated by it will be related to abroad posting or abroad travel due to work.


During this transition of Mars expense will be high on account of unnecessary traveling and health issues.

If you are dependent on spouse wealth, then this transit will lead to some argument because of that.

This transit can prove volatile for finances and there will be variations in your earning especially if your main income comes from abroad sources.

Marriage & Relationship

During Mars transit period relationship with the spouse may turn sour, there are chances that your spouse will not share a good relationship with your parents, especially with the mother.

Spouse is likely to travel far distance and may get involved in some religious activity.

Your parents may experience some health issue and the same time you may not experience the smooth relationship with them.

There won’t be any negative effect on your kids and if your kid wants to pursue higher education in abroad then this transit looks very supportive for it.


This Mars transit in 2020 indicates that you need to take good care of health and physical safety.

There are indications of health troubles and hospitalization.

Best is to drive slow and carefully during the whole period of Mars transit in Capricorn.

Gemini Ascendant

Mars is the most malefic planet for them because of its lordship over two malefic houses i.e. 6th and 11th.

During Mars transit in Capricorn, Mars will be affecting their 8th house of longevity, obstacles, inheritance, and delays.

Below I have mentioned the effects which you will be experiencing during this transition of planet Mars.


This period can provide you with a breakthrough in your career especially if your work in research or medical field.

There will be a sudden new opportunity for you which you will be able to cash in instantly.

Mars Transit can also lead to some unfavorable events at your workplace which will prove good to you in the last week of March.

Your experience through this will like Vipreet Rajyoga where a bad situation leads to good in the end.


Being 11th house lord Mars will be aspecting the other house of wealth i.e. 2nd house.

Which means a boost to your finances will be there. There will be sudden gains and profits which will bring relief to you.

If by chance you are going through disputes regarding inheritance then this is the time you will be able to solve it and things will be in your favor.

Marriage & Relationship

This Mars transit will have a huge impact on your marriage (8th house is 2nd from 7th house).

There will be health troubles to your spouse which and this can affect your relationship with your spouse.

Those who are unmarried will get many chances in 1st week of April.

There are high chances that you will find a suitable spouse during this phase of Mars transit in Capricorn sign bwith the support of double transit of Saturn and Jupiter marriage is sure for you.

There will be some unfavourable events in your family and domestic harmony will be at stake.

The immediate younger sibling will face difficulty and chances are high you may not share a good relationship with him/her.

Father is likely to travel abroad and will face some issues during these days of Mars  transit in Capricorn sign.


Mars transit in Capricorn is not favorable for health and physical safety and things will be more intense when Jupiter will join Mars at end of March.

There can be chances of health issues which will be hard to diagnose or may require extensive scans to figure out the roots cause.

If you are already going through health problems then this transit of Mars will the effect the treatment negatively.

Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer ascendant Mars is a Yogakaraka planet and gives them a good result. During Transit of Mars in Capricorn sign, Mars will be exalted in their 7th house of partnership and marriage.

Let’s see how their fate will respond during Mars Transit in Capricorn zodiac.


In their Horoscope, Mars rules over their career and status and Mars transit through 7th house  will prove very auspicious for them.

There will be an increase in their position and status and promotion will be there for sure.

Though those individuals who are into business can make a important decision in March before Jupiter join it, avoid any kind heavy investment after March.

There can be some bad incident with your business partner or you may have some indifference with him/her.


Mars plays an important role in their wealth and finances and during its transit, they are going to see a rise in their assets.

If you are involved in family business then there will be growth and new opportunities in it.

Chances of getting inheritance are also very high and it is highly advisable to give your best shot during this phase.

Marriage & Relationship

Marriage comes under the 7th house of the Horoscope, since transit Mars is going through your 7th house it is highly recommended that you pay attention towards it.

There are high chances that you will be blessed with progeny during this transit of Mars in Capricorn sign.


Health is something which bothers Cancer natives time to time and during Mars Transit in Capricorn sign it is highly recommended that you get your health checkup done.

There are chances of physical injuries to you, especially if you are into sports or adventure.

Leo Ascendant

Mars is Yogakaraka for Leo ascendant and usually gives good results to them unless highly afflicted in birth Horoscope.

Retrograde Mars will be travelling through their 6th house which is a malefic house.

Let’s see what kind of experiences they will be having during this Mars retrograde 2018.


During this phase of Mars retrograde period, you will be facing a tough completion at your workplace and chances of success are very high but that will to you at the end of retrogression around 25th of August.

Those who are involved in any kind of business will have to go through hardships and unfavourable events due to the slow and intense energy of Mars.


There are high chances that you will be applying for the loan during the first week of retrograde Mars i.e. 27th June to 3rd July.

Those who have already applied for it will get the approval as soon as Mars goes retrograde.

Chances of problems from debts are seen and best is to solve the matter peacefully. Mars can also damage your reputation in financial aspect and you may need some help from your father.

Marriage & Relationship

Mars retrograde this year will cause some issues in your marriage and there will be disputes with your spouse.

The spouse may suffer from health troubles and may travel quite frequently during this phase of retrogression.

Your father will see progress in his career your relationship with him will improve. Mother, on the other hand, will not be affected by this and her life will remain same.

Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo Ascendant natives Mars is the most malefic planet because of its lordship over malefic houses i.e.3rd and 8th house. Retrograde Mars will be going over their 5th house which a Trine house in a Horoscope.

Let’s see effects of retrograde Mars using principles of Vedic Astrology.


Mars retrograde over your 5th house is not desirable for success and promotion.

Your reputation may get damaged and there could be downfall also.

If you are into business or speculations then Mars is not going to support that either and your calculations and decision will not yield any results.

If you are still unemployed then you may have to wait till Mars goes directly on August 28th.


Taking a risk with wealth and finances is not advisable during Mars retrogression in Capricorn. There are chances of losses in speculation and business.

You will feel that money is blocked during this phase and best is to stay low pass this period with cautions.

If you are running through Dasha of Venus then there will be relief from negative effects of Mars.

Marriage & Relationship

Mars negative effects over your 5th house can cause lack of emotions in you which could lead to issues in your marriage and relationship.

If you are in love with someone then Mars can provide obstacles in your path and can break your relationship also.

The biggest impact of Mars retrogression will be over your kids and it is highly advisable to take care of them.

There are chances of bad health to them and they may suffer setbacks in their life.


5th house in astrology rules over stomach and Mars will affect this part of your body during its retrograde motion.

Chances of having an illness related to abdomen area are very high and if you are already suffering from it then it things may aggregate further.

Blood pressure is also something which you should be monitoring during this phase of Mars. For females, their menstrual cycle can also bother them to some extent.

Remedies: In order to avoid the bad effects of retrograde Mars it is highly advisable to make Ascendant strong via a Jyotish quality Emerald on the small finger of right hand where the weight of the Emerald should be around 2 Carats.

Libra Ascendant

Mars is a malefic planet here and to be more precise is a Maraka planet. Mars will be retrograde over their 4th house which is the house of domestic peace and luxury.

Here is how Mars retrograde will affect the various aspects of their life.


Mars direct aspect over their 10th house cannot be considered as positive and there be a downfall in the position.

Seniors at workplace and boss may not like you for peculiar reasons which can lead to stress at workplace.

If you are into business then chances are high that you will see a drop in sales and gains.

This period should be passed carefully and keeping an eye on the business partner is highly advisable because he/she can try to deceive you.


Mars is retrograde over a very important house i.e 4th house and due to its negative effects on it, your wealth will be affected by it.More then wealth I would say your assets will be at stake.

There can be damages to your cars and phone and stealing of valuable can also put a financial load on you.

Marriage & Relationship

For Libra ascendant Mars rules over marriage and family which means its retrograde period is really important for them.

During 2018, from June 27 to August 28, you will get troubles in your marriage and your spouse may not understand you properly.

Your mother may feel health trouble and she will get physical injuries if proper care is not taken with her.Mars aspect of the 10th house which is maraka for father also shows health issues to father.

Scorpio Ascendant

For Scorpio Ascendant Mars is lord of the 1st and 10th house and will transit through their 3rd house.

Mars is a very important planet for them and it is very important for them to pay attention to effects of  Mars transit in Capricorn sign.


During this transition of Mars in Capricorn there are high chances that you will travel a lot due to work-related projects.

No matter if you are salaried or into business, this transit of Mars will make you work hard where you will clueless of what you are doing.

Though it is sure that the final outcome of all the work done during this phase will be good and effective for your career progress.

It can be said as an auspicious transit for sportsmen and politicians but still, there will be a delay in getting results for them also.


This period can prove good for those who earn their bread and butter through business.

Mars transit will give them strength to expand and explore their financial horizons.

Losses are seen if you stretch your luck beyond possible limits.

Marriage & Relationship

This period of Mars is not looking auspicious for marriage and relationships and if you are looking for the match then you have to wait until it is over.

Those who are a relationship with should exercise cautions because chances of confusion and misunderstandings are very high.

Immediate younger sibling will suffer due to excessive workload and expenses in his/her life.

This Transit of Mars can also affect your relationship with father and chances are high that you may not like some of his decisions.


This is the area where Mars transit will give its biggest impact and you should take maximum cautions against physical injuries and trauma to your body.

Lower seems to be vulnerable during this period and if in your natal horoscope, Ketu or Mercury is present in 6th house then high chances are there that you will suffer from nerve related problems.

Remedies: The best remedies for you is to start Gemtherapy where Yellow Sapphire of 2 carats should be worn on the index finger of right hand.

Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius ascendant there is a wide confusion over its inherent functional nature, it is best you read this article for it.

For purpose of this article I am considering Mars as a benefic planet for them and during its transit in Capricorn sign Mars will be transiting over their 3rd house.


For Career, Mars Transit in Capricorn seems to be negative to me. There will be a hindrance to your growth and success.

You may feel overburdened with work and responsibilities.

It is best you take a break during this period because Saturn, Rahu and Ketu transits are not looking auspicious either.


The second house in a Horoscope rules over wealth and since Mars is going in Capricorn here it is best you keep a check on your expenses.

Your earning will decline to die this period and no efforts for the increase in it are going to help you.

Family assets may go under disputes and you may find yourself fighting for your share in inheritance. Though chances of success in it are quite low and may end up wasting your time, efforts and money into it.

Marriage & Relationship

The second house where Mars is going is 8th from 7th house and Mars generally does not give good effects here.

Which means you may face unhappy with your spouse during this period. Marital disharmony will be there which will affect your work abilities. Those who are looking for marriage may find the support of luck on their side.


Again second house is a maraka house and being 12th house lord Mars is not welcome here. You may indulge in smoking and drinking and this could affect your health in the long run.

There are chances of physical injuries also especially around last week of August.

Remedies: The best way you can protect yourself with the bad effects of Mars transit is the use of Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire of 2 carats on the index finger of right hand.

Capricorn Ascendant

Here Mars is a malefic planet and will Transit over their 1st house itself. Below you can check how it will affect the various areas of their life.


Usually, the exaltation of Mars works good for Capricorn ascendant but since we are dealing with a hot dry planet here, it is highly advisable that you keep a check on your temper at the workplace because it can land you in troubles.

Your seniors may not like you and even your workmate may conspire against you.

A mistake done in past can come and haunt you during this time.

You should try not to hold enmity with anyone in your workplace and try to pass this time with caution and patience.


Technical exaltation of Mars brings the condition of Ruchaka Yoga but due to retrograde motion, good effects of it will not pass.

Instead, I see some troubles for you, especially against your property, vehicles and valuable assets.

You should try to keep them safe and guard them with utmost caution.

The only good thing I see is help from mother and maternal relations which you will be getting in this period.

Marriage & Relationship

Mars will be casting a direct aspect over your 7th house of marriage and relationships which means you should stay cautious during this transit of planet Mars.

There could be health troubles to your partner and also a bad relationship with him or her will bother you.

If you are in a relationship with someone then this period is not looking auspicious for romance, those who are unmarried may not find the support of luck during this period.


Since Mars is over the 1st house this transition of Mars is not looking auspicious for you may suffer from physical injury or illness.

There could be troubles from blood pressure and chances acute fever is also there.

Driving may posses risk for you so staying cautious and safe should be the top priority.

Remedies: To counter the negative effects of  Mars transit it is must that you use Blue Sapphire in the middle finger of right hand.

Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius ascendant Mars is a malefic planet which rues over the 3rd and 10th house.

Mars is going to transit over their 12th house and 12th house rules over following aspects in Vedic Astrology.

  • Sleep Pattern.
  • Aboard matters.
  • Expenses.
  • Your shoe collection.
  • Feet.
  • Your quest for spiritual progress.
  • Hospital visits.

Let’s see the Mars transit 2020 effects on important aspects of their life.


Those who are working in abroad may face unexpected troubles in the foreign land and there will be an improvement once Mars comes out of Capricorn.

If you are related to entertainment industry then this transit of Mars is looking auspicious for you.

If you are into business then this Mars transit 2020 will put you into a process where the final outcome will be beneficial for you. You may have to spend time far from family due to your projects.


If your income comes from abroad sources then Mars transit 2020 will affect your finances but you will be able to bounce back.

Not a favorable period for investment because you may end up doing mistakes in your calculations which can result in losses.

Marriage & Relationship 

Marriage will be a concern for you during whole Mars transit 2020 period. There can be violence on your part which you should avoid at any cost.

There can be a misunderstanding between you and your spouse and this could result in a legal matter.

Your sibling is likely to travel far place to an abroad place and will gain success there.

You will be very supportive towards your sibling which will lead to love and affection and respect towards you.

Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant, Mars is equivalent to Yogakaraka and Mars will be retrograde through their 11th house.

11th house rules over following aspects in Vedic astrology:

  • Gains of the large sum.
  • Achievements.
  • Networking.
  • Friends.
  • Father’s elder brother.

Above mentioned aspects of the 11th house are not limited to these only, there are many other significations of the 11th house but above-mentioned aspects are fully applicable to Mars transit in Capricorn.

Let’s see how Pisces ascendant will be affected by this transit of Mars.


There are indications that you might have to face some stiff competition at your workplace. Your position may be in danger and chances are high that you may lose your authority.

Despite of that, a good period is seen for sportsmen and politicians where enemies despite many tries will not be able to harm you.


Wealthwise this will be amazing transit for you, being 2nd house lord Mars is going to transit over 11th house in sign of Capricorn where 11th lord Saturn is already placed.

Family assets will increase during this transition of Mars and you will gain inherited property.

If you are looking for loans then high chances are there that you will get success this time.

Really a good time for wealth and achievements for you.


This time you should be aware of whom you are hanging out. A bad company people can land you in troubles.

Spouse will be the only support you are going to get whereas father or mother may turn their back on you.

Children’s health can bother you and their performance in competitive exams will not be up to mark.


Health requires a attention during this Mars transit 2020 period.

You may feel energetic but same can lead to mistakes which may hurt you physically.

Blood pressure is going to shoot up and avoiding stress is the best remedy for it.

So you have seen how Mars transit through Capricorn sign is going to effect you.

But in the end your Natal Horoscope is most important and depending on yoga and running Dasha things will be different then this general predictions.

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