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2020 Horoscope – Find out what 2020 has in store for you

Why read your horoscope?

Astrology can help people choose the best possible life path. It allows you to identify the trials experienced in your life and to interpret them in the best possible way, in order to evolve “spiritually”.

Astrology contributes to the happiness of the individual. The advice it can give you is precious. It will move you forward and improve your contacts with others.

2020 Horoscope - Find out what 2020 has in store for you

First step in astrology: his birth chart

In order to get the most out of your horoscope, there are several steps to follow. First, develop your natal diagram.

It is an illustrated map of the heavens at the time of your birth (be careful, the time of your birth is important) with astrological figures.

On the internet it is possible to find some free applications allowing you to build your birth chart based on astrology, including Vedic astrology if you prefer Eastern wisdom.

Then ask a professional to make you a personalized horoscope, it will be much more precise than the horoscope that you can read in the newspapers.

Because it will be written taking into account your personal data: dates of birth, time of birth, planets, etc. This horoscope will be specific.

Then consult a professional astrologer to discuss the issues that are bothering you. Thanks to your natal chart, it will be able to enlighten you.

With an hour, date and place of birth an astrologer can analyze everything.

Astrology: a relationship between Heaven and Earth

2020 Horoscope - Find out what 2020 has in store for you

Astrology studies the relationships between the movements of the sky and earthly events. The influence of astronomy events is verifiable, if only by observing the physical influences of the moon or the sun on Earth.

If the movement of the stars influences our planet, it influences living beings just as much.

Astrology is now focused around a zodiac, the twelve signs, two lights (moon, sun) and the planets. It is important to know that there is a relationship between astrological symbolism and mythological symbolism.

It is therefore part of our heritage and our unconscious … We cannot deny its existence and what is your level of knowledge in Astrology

The whole point of astrology lies in the fact that it remains neutral, it does not pass judgment. Its role is to observe the constant relationships between things visible in nature. It is knowledge based on observation.

The observation begins with the vision of repetitive cycles: day and night. One would not exist without the other. Then the astrologer will establish connections, at night silence reigns, nature rests, while during the day everything comes alive again.

Then comes the symbolic approach, the night is assimilated to a phase of inactivity while the day is compared to a more shifting phase.

We therefore realize that the influence of the movements of the heavens on the Earth, cycles, etc. punctuate our daily life.

A year 2020 full of promise to predict new beginnings! Don’t miss yours! We recommend you to get your personal astrology readings at Kasamba.

Consequently, we can easily understand that astrology only becomes interesting if it is applied on a daily basis.

Hence the interest to read your horoscope every day or to request a personalized horoscope regularly.

Indeed, the influence of the planets is permanent, suddenly, if one wants to obtain advice always current, then one should not hesitate to practice astrology daily.

Or at least, seek the help of a professional astrologer to put us on the path and make us understand certain signs.

Now you have realized how important it is to know astrology or horoscope in your life. Astrological situation is always changing and every year, the forecast is always changing.

We have entered the beginning of 2020 and knowing the situation of the horoscope will help you through this year.

What do the signs of the horoscope expect for the New Year? What signs are going to be lucky and what are the signs that departures will not smile in 2020?

If 2019 was a hectic and delicate year for most of us, 2020 seems much more disconcerting. So you can breathe a sigh of relief … and say thank you to the 2020 horoscope or your daily horoscope.

Yes, for the coming year, the stars are sending positive signs for all signs. After 3 chaotic years, we can finally speak of a real improvement.

However, the first quarter of the year will still be a bit unsettling under the influence of Uranus and Pluto.

The position of these planets announces individual and collective changes, it will rock!

Fortunately, Jupiter joins the battle and protects us with the event of Jupiter in Sagittarius, which suggests that this last phase of change will be liberating or at least much more positive.

Pluto in Capricorn will encourage the natives to turn to what is really important and help them find a way to balance their financial problems.

The influence of Mercury in 2020

Mercury will become retrograde 3 times in 2020:

    March 5 – March 28 (in Pisces)
    July 8 (in Leo sign) – August 1 (in Cancer)
    October 31 – November 20 (in Scorpio)

Each step with Mercury in retrograde position is a period of recalibration, of review of our actions and our intentions of the last months (since the last demotion period) and helps us to perceive the other perspectives of life from this moment.

Love horoscope 2020

In 2020, we will find love more easily, but we will have to look at things with more optimism and detachment.

The most important astrological event concerning love will take place on November 9, 2020, when Jupiter, the great benefactor in astrology, will enter Scorpio, which governs, among other things, relationships and marriage.

Professional 2020 horoscope

Saturn is the planet which symbolizes, on the natal chart, the career and the professional achievements. Saturn moved to Capricorn on December 20, 2019 and will remain there until December 18, 2021.

Capricorn governs the governmental structures of society: politics, church, monarchy, big business, monetary system and macroeconomics.

Saturn in Capricorn will put a strong emphasis on these structures, either by contesting them, or on the contrary by consolidating and empowering them.

Socially, the horoscope predicts a three-year work phase, social affirmation, reconstruction, public image, new roles within the family and society, an orientation towards change and progress.

Financially, in 2020, the natives of Capricorn, if they plan to get rich, will find immediate solutions, because they are serious, responsible and that they do not avoid hard work.

The natives of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces are willing to work, they are serious and have a very developed practical sense which will help them enormously financially throughout the year.

Health Horoscope 2020

Increased attention to diet is recommended for all signs of the zodiac, as well as a healthy, balanced diet, which can help them heal and achieve good health. The planets give them the opportunity to turn to alternative treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy and music therapy.

It is a great time to reconnect with nature and to heal spiritually. In conclusion, the year 2020 will be an example of stability and balance from an astrological point of view.

The movement of the planets will eliminate the signs of the zodiac from the comfort zone to which they have become accustomed in 2019 and will bring new air to all aspects of life: money, career, love and health.

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