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Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects & Predictions [Bonus Tips]

Effects Saturn retrograde in 2019

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Saturn Retrograde 2019: A Small Introduction.

Saturn aka Shani is going retrograde (vakri) on 30th of April 2019 in the sign of Sagittarius and will continue to be in retrogression motion until  18th September 2019.

Which means the total days of Saturn retrograde 2019 are 142.



Saturn is a hard taskmaster and judges our actions minutely which in turn affects our destiny and future during Saturn retrograde 2019.

This will be the 2nd time when Saturn will be going retrograde since it entered in Sagittarius back in October 2017.

During Saturn’s retrograde period changes are bound to happen in our life, Saturn keeps the cycle of life revolving, which depends on various factors where the most important is the house where Saturn is transiting in your natal birth chart aka Horoscope.

Due to retrograde motion Saturn will become exceptionally strong and will affect that house intensely where it is transiting through.

Also, remember this Saturn retrograde period is very important because during the same time Jupiter Retrograde 2019 will also be active.

For quick shorts leads on Saturn Retrograde & Saturn retrograde dates, you can check the infographics given below & remember if you have Started your Sade Sati recently then this retrograde is going to be very important for you.

information on saturn retrograde dates

Saturn retrograde 2019 dates

Saturn Retrograde 2019 Meaning

Saturn goes into retrogression three times in each sign and this will be the first time Saturn will be going retrograde since it entered the sign of Sagittarius.

This obviously holds a special meaning in 2019 because the first retrograde period of Saturn holds a lot of significance and can shape up our future.

Though I have written in great detail about retrograde planets for the purpose of this article, I will give major and important details here.

Generally, people think that a retrograde planet moves backward but in reality, it doesn’t happen.

A retrograde planet tends to go slow in comparison to its regular speed and since our speed is constant in-universe the retrograde planet appears to move backward.

For example, suppose you and your friend are going on a ride and are driving at a constant speed of 40KM/Hr.

But suddenly your friend decided to slow down to 30 KM/Hr.

So here, it will appear to you that he is moving backward but in reality, he is still going forward but at a slow speed now.

This is what exactly happening in Saturn retrograde 2019.

We all know Saturn is a major planet in astrology and its position in your horoscope is more important than Jupiter also.

Same way Saturn transit is also very important and many times you might have seen the sign of retrogression against Saturn and might have thought what exactly it is.

Retrograde Planets are denoted like this: (R)

This is how they look like in Horoscope Calculations, check the image below.

saturn retrograde 2019

There can be many explanations for it and it can differ from person to person.

Generally, Saturn retrograde is associated with delays, denial, misery, debts & chronic health issues.

But the effects of retrograde Saturn changes from person to person because here it is important to understand that Saturn role changes and differs for all of us.

It also makes you go through certain events which can good or bad but are necessary to understand the higher power.

Also, I learned that Saturn retrograde is related to your intuition also and due to high Chesta Bala, it can go to extreme level also.

Last but not least, depending on where retrograde Saturn is placed in your horoscope.

You will gain a tremendous amount of experience in the signification of that house.

The same way a retrograde Saturn can teach you a lot depending on its placement in your own horoscope.

Some Tips To Decode The Effects Of Saturn Retrograde 2019.

Here obviously you should know the basics of how to read a transit and then add additional details of retrograde motion also.

You can learn from Horoscopes on internet i.e celebrities with retrograde Saturn.

Here is the basic step will remain the same and are as follows:

1.Judge the functional nature of Saturn

Here, it is important that you judge it properly because this is the core of astrology predictions and applies to Saturn retrograde 2019 equally.

Specifically, for this article, you need to Judge the role of planet Saturn in the given horoscope and take special cautions while doing so.

Especially for Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo & Sagittarius ascendants because Saturn has dual lordship for these ascendants and if afflicted the negative significations of the malefic house can overrule the good significations of the auspicious house ruled by Jupiter.

This process is important because Saturn in its transit will give results akin to its functional nature in your horoscope.

Which means, if Saturn is malefic in natal horoscope then malefic results will be observed in its transit.

If beneficial then benefic results will be observed during its transit.

2. Account the additional aspects of Saturn

We all know that Saturn aspect on 3rd, 7th and 10th house from its transit position.

Each of these aspects is powerful in nature and have the capacity to bring changes to the significations of the houses wherever they are falling.

So during Saturn retrograde in 2019, Saturn will be casting aspects from Scorpio( previous to Sagittarius) sign also.

Which means, Saturn will be casting aspect over following signs also:

  1. Capricorn.
  2. Taurus.
  3. Leo

Note: Saturn aspect over Aquarius, Gemini & Virgo will still hold true.

Which means total of 8 houses will be affected by Saturn during its retrograde period.

3. Ashtakvarga Score of Saturn in the sign of Sagittarius

This is an evergreen rule and will be applicable here also.

You need to check how many beneficial bindus Saturn is getting in the sign of Sagittarius.

If more than 4, then the Saturn retrograde period will prove beneficial for you.

If less than 4, then there will be not so good events during this temporary period of retrogression.

Now since we have seen the important details on retrograde motion and other necessary details.

We can jump into its analysis and can make predictions now using Vedic Astrology principles.

Throughout the predictions, concepts of Vipreet Rajyoga, Pushkar Navamsha, Neechabhanga, Parivartan Yoga, Maraka and Double Transit Theory are used. 

Same time relationships can have significant changes during Saturn retrograde 2019.


Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant Saturn is the owner of 10th and 11th house and rules over career and gains basically.

Saturn retrograde 2019 will be passing through their 9th house of father, religion, teacher, long-distance travel, etc.

Let’s see how Saturn retrograde will affect Aries natives using principals of Vedic astrology.


The best part of this retrograde period is that it can provide you with a better job opportunity or a new income source especially for those who are involved in a business.

If you are into service then this Saturn retrograde will cause clashes with bosses and authority.

This can lead to denial of promotion which can affect your career growth in the long term.

There will be an uncomfortable environment at your workplace which will affect your performance, try not to indulge in gossip and backbiting because it may harm your reputation.


Saturn retrograde has a major say in your wealth especially for those who are looking to gain an inheritance.

There could be legal issues due to that but considering transit if Jupiter high chances are there that you will be victorious in it. If you depend too much on your father money then this period of retrograde Saturn can prove bad for it.

Funds will be blocked for you and you may face money issues. If you are into Business then this transit of Saturn will make you involve September itself some process which will prove fruitful in the first week of September itself.


Here we have Saturn retrograde over your 9th house and if you are aware of the fact that 9th house rules over father and guru in your life.

Now the strong malefic Saturn there will definitely affect your relationship with your father.

There could be a strong misunderstanding or ego clashes and by the time Saturn retrograde 2019 over there could be permanent damage to the relationship also.

Your younger sibling may face some difficulty in their life and your relationship may also go sour with them, best is to keep things clear and try not to oppress your sibling.

Those who are looking for a marriage partner will find themselves lucky because Jupiter transit over your 7th house is indicating that, Saturn retrograde 2019 will provide the final push for it.

If you are in a relationship then try not to force your wishes on your love partner because there could be a misunderstanding and things may go wrong for you.


Saturn is known to cause health issues for Aries ascendant whenever it goes retrograde, which means this year also you need to watch out a few things.

Your ears and shoulders are looking vulnerable to me and same time cautions while driving is also required. You may injure or may face some situations which can pose dangers to your physical safety.

If you are under treatment for any kind of Health issue then you may need to put extra efforts to see any kind of positive developments.


Overall Saturn retrograde 2019 is looking medium for you, where both positives and negatives will happen in equal amount.

Saturn is going to test you on various fronts especially your trust in your God or Religion will be tested and by the time Saturn retrograde gets over you may have a new outlook towards life and people around you.

The best way to gain the maximum of this Saturn retrograde is via the use of a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire.

By use of Yellow Sapphire, you will be able to make your Jupiter strong and it is must to do because Saturn is transiting over your house of luck which is ruled by Jupiter itself.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant Saturn will be retrograde in their 8th house. Saturn is Yogakaraka for them and despite in 8th house things won’t be that severe as projected everywhere.

Let’s see how each area of life will be affected by this.


This retrograde period of Saturn will prove better than the rest of the Saturn transit 2019 but still, I will not say that you should lose your guards and take risks with Career during this phase.

Depending on your personal horoscope and running dasha it can prove good and some sudden promotion or rise in status can happen to you.

Those who are facing hurdles from seniors or are facing issues with the colleagues will get some temporary relief in this Saturn retrograde period.

This period is more about planning on what you want to ahead with your Career, so best is to stay relaxed and plans things because as soon as Saturn turns progressive in September you will a change in your mind regarding your current status of Job.


Wealth wise this Saturn retrograde can prove extremely good for those who are looking to get an inheritance. Some sudden events will turn things in your favor and best is to prepare for it accordingly.

There could be a sudden opportunity to make money but they will not be related to your regular source of income. Something unusual and different is going to happen for you.

Those who are into Banking, Minning, Research will get the benefits from this transit.

If you are into business then take necessary cautions and don’t go overboard while making a new deal.

Overall finances will improve during Saturn’s retrograde 2019 and you will be able to save some amount for spending in the future.


For relationship, this Saturn retrograde will not prove much helpful especially with father.

His health and your relationship with him can go in a downward direction and best is to communicate better so that misunderstanding can be avoided.

As far as the relationship with the spouse is concerned, some stress is bound to happen due to bad events with the spouse’s family like with brother, father or mother.

Same time, Spouse may face negative issues in the workplace which can affect your relationship.

This retrograde Saturn brings an element of secrecy in your married life and if by chance you are into an extramarital affair then this is the time your deeds may go unmasked.


Healthwise Saturn retrograde 2019 will be average and nothing significant is seen in it.

Though if you are in Dasha of Jupiter, Rahu, Ketu or Mars then you need to be careful of injury or health complications.

If you are facing some issues already then this is the time you will go deep to find a proper treatment and you may opt for alternative healing also.

Lower body parts may get affected and especially your legs may feel tiredness on a regular basis.

For the females, this period can lead to issues with the monthly cycle and hormones related trouble can bother them.


Overall  Saturn retrograde 2019 period will prove good for money especially for those who are looking for inheritance whereas caution is required in health, career, and relationships.

This retrograde period of Saturn can also prove good if your horoscope has a strong 8th house especially when the ashtakvarga score of 8th house is around 30.

In order to minimize the bad effects of Saturn retrograde, you should start your Gem therapy where a combination of Blue Sapphire and Emerald should be used in middle and small finger respectively.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant Saturn is a beneifc planet in general and will be retrograde over their 7th house. 7th house is a very important house and our happiness relies on it especially if you are a married person.

Let’s see how the various area of life will be affected by this.


Career-wise this period will prove very good for you and there will be overall growth and opportunities for you.

You will notice the positive outcome of your efforts and a change in the attitude of your seniors and boss towards you.

Those who are looking for a change in Job will find the right direction for it.

Chances of abroad placement are also there provided you have combinations for it in your horoscope.

Your influence in your workplace will grow and people will start to seek your advice.

If you are into Business then this transit is going to be very helpful for you, you may get a profitable idea during this period and around August 2019 you may execute it.

Sure shot success is seen for you and there could be sudden gains.

For wealth also this period seems to be very good and definitely there will increase in your finances during this period.

If you have dhanyoga in your natal horoscope then this is the time it will get active because parallel Jupiter transit is also supporting some good gains for you, together they can make a good fortune for you.

Since this retrograde is happening over your 7th house, your spouse may get some financial gains which will reduce the load from your shoulders.


7th house is the house of marriage and spouse and this is the area where the main focus of Saturn retrograde is falling.

If you are unmarried then there will be good chances for you to get married, provided marriage timing as per dasha is active in your Horoscope.

Those who are looking for love marriage is the right time to initiate the marriage talks.

If you are married already then this period shows some good time in your relationship, you will be able to please your spouse and mutual respect and love will keep you happy.

Saturn aspect over your 9th house shows that your father will play an important role during this phase, if you don’t share a good bond with him then things will improve because of extra strength acquired by Saturn.


Saturn will be aspecting over the 1st house of your Horoscope, which means Saturn is able to affect your Health in a big scale. Saturn has dual lordship which means the negative aspect of Saturn can show up during this phase.

You may feel lazy & tried in most of the times, and best is to stay active to take advantage of good aspects of Saturn retrograde.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Cancer Sign.

For Cancer, Ascendant Saturn tends to act as a malefic planet and rules over following significations in their Horoscope.

  1. Hurdles.
  2. Setbacks.
  3. Longevity.
  4. Sudden Gains & Rise.
  5. In-laws.
  6. Regular earning of the spouse.
  7. Private parts of the body.

Saturn will be retrograde over their 6th house which stands for illness, debts & enemies mainly. Saturn retrograde is not looking auspicious for you and let’s see how the major areas of your life will be affected by this transit.


6th house have a very important role for those who are in service and I think 95% of the world population works for someone else.

So this retrograde motion will put a pressure on you to perform and you may feel trapped under the huge workload. Promotion is not looking possible and you may have to enter a stiff competition which unfortunately you may lose.

The environment in the workplace will not be suitable and this will add extra misery to your ongoing issues.

Do not try to play politics and backbiting should be avoided at any cost. Those who are working in Banks should stay careful while dealing with people. You can make a mistake which could lead to legal troubles also.

Sportsmen and Politicians will also see the unfavorable events happening in their career.

Those who are into business this transition of Saturn is not helping much for profits. Though if you are looking for fundraising or applying a loan application then this retrograde transit of Saturn can help you in that.


Saturn doesn’t play much role when it comes to wealth for Cancer ascendant native.

Rather Saturn tends to block money and creates financial trouble. This retrograde transit is going to do the same. The expense will rise and may cause stress due to that.

If your Horoscope lacks wealth combinations then this transit can cause major money problems in your life.

Try not to overspend now so that you can have something as a backup in this difficult period of Saturn retrograde


Saturn retrograde 2019 shows a difficult time in the relationship and you should take out the most care of it. Saturn will case misunderstanding and conflicts with the spouse.

Spouse will face health issues and problems in the workplace. If you have marital disharmony combinations in your Horoscope then Saturn retrograde 2019 can ignite it to the full extent.


The 6th house where your Saturn retrograde 2019 is occurring will pose various kind of health troubles for you. There can be sudden bouts of sickness and issues which will demand your full attention.

Spine issues like lower pain can affect your productivity and expenses will occur due to that.

Overall Saturn retrograde 2019 seems to be very negative for Cancer ascendant natives and they should exercise every possible caution in all areas of their life.


The Best way you can minimize the bad effects of Saturn retrograde is via the use of Jyotish quality Red Coral on the ring finger of the right hand.

This will activate the Yogakaraka Mars which in turn will protect you from the bad effects of this temporary transition of Saturn.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Leo Ascendant

For Leo ascendant Saturn is Lord of the 7th and 8th house and is a malefic planet for them.

During Saturn retrograde 2019 their 5th house is going to get affected severely. Let’s see its impact on Career, Wealth, Relationship and Health via Vedic astrology methods.


Saturn retrograde over your 5th house shows that your position will be at stake and there could be a downfall in your life.

Saturn in 5th house transit can lead to flawed communication which will attract troubles from all sides.

Be careful what you speak in your workplace. If you are into business then this Saturn retrograde 2019 can cause low income and may create issues with your business partner.


During this Saturn retrograde 2019, there will a strong malefic aspect of Saturn over your 11th house of gains.

Which means money flow will be less and profits will go down for you. If you are expecting a salary hike then you may feel disappointed with the final outcome.

Try not to overspend on unnecessary things and keep a track on your expenses during this period of Saturn retrograde.

Those who are expecting money via inheritance may feel lucky this time because being 8th Lord Saturn aspect over the 11th house is fully capable to do that.


Here the first and foremost warning is for lovers who want to convert their relationship into a marriage.

Saturn retrograde over your 5th house can cause a misunderstanding with your love interest and if you are running through Venus Dasha then it can even break also.

For those who are into parenthood should also take out most care because chances are there that your kid may suffer health complications.

They may not perform well in their studies and may suffer from personal issues also.


Regarding your health, this Saturn retrograde is not much support and you may get issues related to your stomach or abdomen areas.

5th house is the house of digestion and looks like you may have to make few adjustments in your eating habits to have a smooth one.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Virgo Ascendant

Saturn has lordship over 5th and 6th house and a lot depend on strength of Saturn in your Natal Horoscope.

Saturn retrograde 2019 will be passing through the 4th house of your horoscope which is considered as a very important house in Vedic Astrology and usually a malefic transit is not welcome here.

Let’s see how the important aspect of your life will be affected by it.


Saturn transit over the 4th house is going to bring some changes in your job and career.

There will be some unfavorable events in your workplace and conflicts with coworkers and Boss is likely to happen.

If you are looking for a promotion then you may feel disappointed with the final verdict.

If you are unemployed then there are chances that by the end of Saturn retrograde 2019 you will have job letter in your hand.

If you are into business then try not to take risks because being 6th lord Saturn aspect over the 10th house is not desirable for Business. Delay all of your plans and wait for this transit to get over.


Just like career, wealth is also going to get affected this retrograde Satun, precaution is required while dealing with money matters.

Make sure you read the papers a few times before you sign anything which is related to the money.

There could be a plan for buying a new car or even a house or land. Saturn retrograde 2019 can fulfill your dream of own house but make sure you calculate every aspect of it thoroughly.

There could be an unnecessary expense on account of spending on luxury items and even traveling can drain your money.

Those who are looking to gain control over the family business will find some positive development in this regard.

The mother may help you to gain some extra money or her ideas will help you in the long run.


Saturn influence over your 4th house of domestic peace and marriage indicates that these areas will be at your center of focus.

If Moon is well placed in your horoscope then the relationship will improve with the mother otherwise not.

Moon is karaka of mother and if Saturn is connected to it in your natal Horoscope then you should watch her health and well being.

Saturn aspect over the 10th house which is maraka for father indicates some health troubles to him and especially around mid-July you should take good care of him.

Chances of getting an injury to him are highly possible and these kinds of unfortunate situations can take cause stress in your mind.

Regarding your relationship with the spouse, I think the bond between the spouse will remain good through external factors like your career and money problems can cause some unsettlement in your relationship.

Try not to stretch things over and pass this phase with patience.


Health is the areas which require your most attention.

Saturn carries significations of 6th house and its strong aspect over your 1st house during Saturn retrograde 2019 is not desirable for your physical safety and general health.

If you are a sportsman or do actives which puts your body in line then you should try to take cautions during this phase of the Saturn retrograde period.


So seems like Saturn retrograde 2019 is not much support for you and can affect your health and wealth in a negative manner.

Especially if you are in Dasha of Mars or Ketu these negative effects will be more pronounced.

The best way to counter the bad effects is via the use of Emerald in your gemtherapy, this will make your ascendant strong and you will be able to pass this period happily.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Libra Ascendant

Saturn is yogakraka here and rules over the 4th and 5th house and usually Saturn retrograde proves good for them. During Saturn retrograde 2019 their 3rd house is coming under the scanner of Saturn.

Let’s see how Saturn is going to affect them and how they can take advantage of it.


Saturn retrograde motion over your 3rd house seems to be very auspicious and there will be all-round growth in career and business.

If you are looking for a promotion then this is the period where you will get it in your hands. Your performance will be appreciated by everyone and praises will be there for you.

If you are into Business then there are chances that you will undertake a new venture where success will be visible from August 2019 itself.

Try to take the full advantage of it and do not get overconfidence during this period.


If you are into Dasha of Mercury or Saturn itself then this time you will be able to gain a good amount of money.

Saturn influence over your 3rd house will make your courageous and your efforts will yield you financial gains.

If Dhanyoga is present in your natal chart then Saturn can activate it and you will start seeing its effects from June 2019 itself.

Father may step up to help you in case you feel stuck with money and his help will prove very significant for you.


Saturn will be trine to your 7th house of marriage which means auspicious events with your spouse can occur during this phase of Saturn retrogression.

There will be mutual love and understanding between you two and you may spend quality time with your spouse on some exotic location.

Those who are unmarried will find the right match during this period and your love can convert to marriage if the 5th house in your natal chart is unafflicted.

The younger sibling will do good in his/her life and there will be an improvement in your relationship.


Seems like Saturn retrograde 2019 is going to prove fruitful for you and if you are running the Dasha of Saturn or Mercury then you will see the effects at a high level.

A use of Saturn’s gemstone i.e Blue Sapphire will certainly help you to gain the maximum results out of this transition of Saturn retrograde.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Scorpio Ascendant

Saturn is a malefic planet for Scorpio natives and tends to produce difficult situations whenever it goes retrograde.

Though a lot depends on factors like ashtakvarga score, the position of Saturn in natal Horoscope & most importantly over which house Saturn is getting retrograde.

During 2019, Saturn will be retrograde over their 2nd house and considering the importance of 2nd, it is must that we take a look at it.


Career-wise Saturn transit will produce some difficult situations for you because during retrograde motion Saturn will aspect the 10th house from you 1st house also( remember in the beginning I mentioned the special aspects of Saturn retrograde).

So this will affect your career growth and will put you a few steps back. The promotion will be denied and your workability will be reduced because of that.

There could be some argument or unnecessary rivalry with your co-workers and best is to ignore such challenges because you won’t gain anything out of that.

Those who are into business will see the gains going down and lack of ideas and innovation will take your business in the downward direction.


As you can see above that career is not looking much supportive which means wealth is also going to affect by this retrograde transit of Saturn.

But still, a good scope of inheritance is visible for you. Saturn’s strong aspect over your 8th house will generate the possibilities of gaining unearned money for you.

If you are into dasha of Mercury, Jupiter or Moon then chances are high the by end of August you will get your share in the family property.


Retrograde Saturn through your 2nd house is not looking auspicious for relationship and marriage.

There will be sudden issues within the family because 2nd house rules over your family where Saturn is transiting whereas the 4th house which rules over domestic peace will be having the malefic aspect of Saturn i.e 3rd.

Relationship with the spouse will not be much harmonious and you may have to put extra efforts to maintain the peace.

The health of the spouse will also be a concern and at the same time the professional life of the spouse may also suffer.


This area also requires the immediate attention of yours, Saturn transit over the 1st house can cause body pains and health issues.

Driving should be done the minimum and at a safe speed. Saturn aspect over 3rd house indicates troubles while traveling and dangers from vehicles, so always have a good look at traffic wherever you are going.

Those are suffering from chronic health issues will find a hard time dealing with it and there will be delays in getting the solutions for it.


As you can see above that Health and Relationship will be most affected by retrograde Saturn 2019 and you should pay your best efforts to avoid ugly situations.

Try not to be rough and lazy in when it comes to health and relationship.

The best way to avoid the bad effects is the use of Mars gemstones in your gemtherapy, this will make your ascendant string and you will be able to handle situations effectively.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Sagittarius Ascendant

Saturn is Lord of the 3rd and 4th house and is basically a malefic planet for them. Saturn retrograde 2019 is occurring over their 1st house.

1st house is the pillar of a Horoscope and is the most important house in astrology.

Let’s see how various areas of their life will be affected during the retrograde Saturn period.


Saturn during its retrograde period is going bro aspect your 10th house very strongly.

Which means you need to be careful during this period.

There could be a downfall or change in the job due to the malefic aspect of Saturn over your 10th house.

The environment in your work areas will not be good and this will lead to disinterest in work.

Professional life is going to suffer for sure and it is up to you how you are going to deal with it. I suggest, just stay low and pass this Strom with patience.

Those who are unemployed should try hard during this period especially from 22 July to 1st of August.

Saturn will reward you for your hard work and a job will be at your hand around this period of time.


In most of the cases, wealth is directly proportional growth in career and since the growth is absent during Saturn retrograde 2019.

Do not except a rise in your wealth, better is to pass this time with cautions without overspending on things.

If you make money via speculations then don’t invest any money from 16th April 2019 to 1st of September 2019.

If your money has stuck somewhere then you need to apply tactics to gain it back because on its own Saturn will not allow any recover.


Saturn will be aspecting your 7th house of marriage during this whole time and you should take good care of partner because chances are high that spouse may face difficulty and health issues in his/life.

There could be a misunderstanding also and if combinations for bad marriage is present in your horoscope then this retrograde motion of Saturn can activate them.

Saturn is going to aspect your 3rd house of younger siblings which means the relationship with siblings may also turn sour and same time sibling will face difficulty in their life.

Saturn retrograde 2019 is bringing good news for unmarried individuals because Jupiter aspect over 7th house and Saturn aspect over the 7th house is indicating marriage as per Double Transit Theory.

Though astrological factors for marriage should also support in that.


Saturn will be retrograde over your ascendant which is definitely going to cause you health troubles.

Same time Rahu transit over the 8th house is fully supporting it.

There could be physical injury to you due to that. You may indulge in bad habits like smoking or drinking due to malefic influence over your 1st house.

You should take precautions while driving and doing dangerous work because Saturn aspect over your 3rd house can cause mistakes due to in coordination.


Saturn retrograde 2019 seems to be very negative for you and you should take precautions and follow discipline in your life.

The best way you can counter the negative effects of Saturn retrograde 2019 is via a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire on the index finger of the right hand.

This will make your ascendant strong and this is what you will need the most.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Capricorn Ascendant

For Capricorn ascendant Saturn is Lord of the 1st and 12th house and basically is a beneficial planet. In their Horoscope, Saturn rules over following important aspects of life.

  1. Physical Appearance.
  2. Their overall well being.
  3. Is like Pillar of the Horoscope.
  4. Resistance to sickness.
  5. Ability to handle success and defeats.

Saturn retrograde 2019 is happening over the 12th house of your Horoscope which is a cause of concern, let’s see how different areas of your life will be affected from 16th April to 6th September.


Career-wise it seems to be positive only if you are trying to go abroad or works there already.

Otherwise retrograde Saturn is going to bring difficulty in your life.

You may not like the salary or work which is given to you which in turn will affect your performance.

During this time it is best to stay low and pass this testing time with patience.

An unwanted transfer can also happen to you which would lead to a stressful time for you.

If you are planning to go abroad then this is the time you should file the papers because there is an indication that you will get the approval of Visa by August end.

If you are into Business then this transit can provide you an opportunity to make connections from abroad sources.

Though if you are into Dahsa of Mars, Jupiter or afflicted Ketu then there could be losses also.

For Sportsmen and Politicians, this transit is favorable because the aspect of strong Saturn over your 6th house will help you to perform better against your competitors.


Moneywise this transit is going to prove tough for you, there won’t be sufficient income rather expense will be higher.

If you possessDhanyoga in your Horoscope then you can expect some relief and with the help of Venus Dasha (if you are running through it), you will be able to make new income sources from abroad places.

Though many of you reading this article right now are running through Venus Dasha which means wealth wise this transit can disappoint you.


This transit of Saturn can make you go far from your friends and family which means there will be a lack of physical or I would say contact with important people in your life.

This can lead to issues in your relationships especially with the spouse, see Saturn retrograde is over your 12th house which is 6th from the 7th house.

All this means that verbal fights and ego clashes are also seen during retrograde Saturn.

Your spouse may also suffer from health issues and may suer from enemies in the workplace. Overall not a good time for relationship and marriage.


Saturn is your ascendant lord and in 12th house is never desirable for health, there could be weakness and pains in the body. If you are running through Dasha of 6th lord then hospitalization is also indicated.

Laziness will be all over you and will affect your performance in all areas of life.

Stress due to work and relationship will take a toll on your body.

Best is to adopt a healthy regime because Saturn being ascendant lord in 12th house can make you interested in Yoga and Health-related activities.


Overall retrograde Saturn over your 12th house is not looking much supportive for most of the areas of your life.

Which mean you need to perform serious remedies from April to September 2019.

The best remedy is to wear a Blue Sapphire of good quality on the middle finger of your right hand.

This will make your ascendant lord strong and you will be able to counter the bad effects of this period.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Aquarius Ascendant

Saturn is Lord of the 1st and 12th house and despite one the house is malefic here, Saturn still tends to perform as a beneficial planet for them.

Saturn rules over following important significations in the birth chart of Aquarius ascendant native.

  • Personality.
  • Physical appearance.
  • Health.
  • Wealth.
  • Abroad matter.

Depending on individual Horoscope above significations can be extended to a few more points.

Saturn retrograde 2019 will be happening at their 11th house where Saturn performs very well.

Let’s see how key areas of their life will be affected by this.


There will glory and success on the career front.

You will be getting praises and responsibilities in equal measure and due to the auspicious effect of retrograde Saturn, you will be able to mark your identity.

Those who are into an important project will find the support of Saturn where the following weeks looks very supportive:

  • .From 30th April to 23rd April 2019.
  • .From 2nd May to 9th May 2019.
  • .From 15th June to 21st June 2019.

If you are awaiting a promotion then do not worry because Saturn retrograde period in 2019 will help you in that.


Since in their horoscope Saturn is going through their 11th of gains, this retrograde period by default becomes most important for them.

You will be able to make some extra money and depending on the dhana yoga in your horoscope, there can be some large gains also.

If your money is trapped somewhere then this is the time you will recover it.

It is highly recommended that you make an investment during this phase because chances are high that you will make most out of it.


As such no worry is seen on the Health part. You will be feeling better then before and there will speedy recovery if you are going through any health issues.

You will gain interest in bodybuilding or other health-related activities which will prove good in the long run.


Since Saturn in 2019 is transiting over Sagittarius zodiac, it is casting its aspect over your 5th house of children’s and during this Saturn retrograde period, you will see you improved relationship and bonding with your kids.

There will be mutual love and affection and the same time they will perform well in their respective areas.

If they are marriageable then this is the time you will be seeing them getting hitched.

On another hand, you will see marked progress in your relationship with the spouse. Those who are unmarried will find the extra support of luck and will be able to find a suitable spouse.

Overall an auspicious transit and nothing major bad is seen for you.


The overall crux is that, you will have a good time during this phase and to make it more benefic you should wear a Blue Sapphire on the middle finger of the right hand, this will allow you to gain the maximum benefits from this transit.

Saturn Retrograde 2019: Effects On Pisces Ascendant

Saturn is Lord of 11th and 12th house and is considered as a malefic planet for them.

Generally, Saturn rules over following significations for Pisces ascendant.

  • Gains at large scale.
  • Friends and their Social network.
  • Father elder brother.
  • Their immediate elder sibling.
  • Achievements in life.

These above-mentioned significations are general in nature and a lot will depend on your own Horoscope and placement of Saturn there.


Saturn will be retrograde in the house of career and will be a very important phase for them.

There are chances that you will start a new project and will do hard work for it.

The results will come when Saturn will become direct.

Though there will be some obstacles in your path and you may get frustrated because of that.

There will be clashes with seniors and co-workers which can make you feel dejected.

Considering Jupiter will be over your 8th house during the same period, it is a must thing that you take most care of your reputation.


Wealth and Career go hand to hand unless you are supposed to get an inheritance.

Considering the retrograde period of Jupiter in 2019, there are chances that you will get a sudden amount out of now where and disputes regarding inheritance will be solved.

First and last week of the Saturn retrograde period will be the best when it comes to finances and it is highly recommended that you plan for it accordingly.


Saturn will be casting its strong aspect over your 7th house which is a Maraka house.

During this period there are chances that you will be bothered by some kind of sickness especially if you are running through Dasha of any afflicted planet.

Those who are going through any kind of health ailment will find this period tough to deal with.

Overall you need to take care of your health and certain cautions are required while dealing with Saturn retrograde 2019.


This retrograde period of Saturn can bring various kind of challenges in your relationship.

Saturn’s strong aspect over the 7th house of marriage will lead to physical distance and miscommunications with the spouse.

Those who are going through Dasha of Venus, Ketu or Sun should exercise the maximum cautions.

You can indulge in Extramarital affairs also because Jupiter retrograde through the 8th house is showing some kind of secrecy in your life.

Overall you should take care of your spouse and best is not to criticize in any kind of matter, this period will be over sooner then you think.


The best astrological remedy to counter the bad effects for Saturn retrograde 2019 period is the use of Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire on the index finger of right hand where the weight should be 2 to 2.5 carats.

This will make your ascendant strong and you will be able to fight the negative effects of retrograde Saturn.

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