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Jupiter Retrograde 2018

Jupiter retrograde 2018

This article is about Jupiter retrograde 2018 and Jupiter is currently in Libra and will become Retrograde On March 09, 2018 (Friday) at 10:09 and will be progressive On July 10, 2018 (Tuesday) at 22:46.

Which means the total days Jupiter will be in retrograde motion is 124 days.

That’s a lot of days and definitely, we should pay full attention to it.

But before we go ahead, you can know the effects of Jupiter transit 2018 because it is important to understand what exactly is happening during Jupiter transit through Libra.

Retrograde motion of Jupiter has a meaning and requires special sets of rule which are different than reading its normal progressive motion same time you can look retrograde Saturn in 2018 also.

Let’s take a look at them.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Meaning

Though I have written in great detail about retrograde planets but for the purpose of this article, I will give major and important details here.

Generally, people think that a retrograde planet moves backward but in reality, it doesn’t happen.

A retrograde planet tends to go slow in comparison to its regular speed and since our speed is constant in-universe the retrograde planet appears to move backward.

For example, suppose you and your friend are going on a ride and are driving at a constant speed of 40KM/Hr.

But suddenly your friend decided to slow down to 30 KM/Hr.

So here, it will appear to you that he is moving backward but in reality, he is still going forward but at a slow speed now.

This is what exactly happening in Retrograde Jupiter 2018.

We all know Jupiter is a major planet in astrology and its position in your horoscope is only next to Saturn.

Same way Jupiter transit is also very important and many times you might have seen the sign of retrogression against Jupiter and might have thought what exactly it is.

There can be many explanations for it and it can differ from person to person.

Generally, Jupiter retrograde is associated with confusion in life especially in the understanding of religion and philosophy.

But from my experience, I can tell you that it is not true completely.

Because I also have a retrograde Jupiter in my 3rd house and I was very advanced in terms of understanding religion and its aspects.

Not to forget I learned astrology at the age of 22.

From my experience, I have learned that retrograde Jupiter makes you a firm believer and fill you up with hopes and optimism.

It also makes you go through certain events which can good or bad but are necessary to understand the higher power.

Also, I learned that Jupiter retrograde is related to your intuition also and due to high Chesta Bala, it can go to extreme level also.

Last but not the least, depending on where retrograde Jupiter is placed in your horoscope. You will gain a tremendous amount of experience in the signification of that house.

Like in my case retrograde Jupiter is aspecting my 9th house of religion and I have closely seen most of the religions(thanks to my previous job).

Same way a retrograde Jupiter can teach you a lot depending on its placement in your own horoscope.

Some Tips To Decode The Effects Of Jupiter Retrograde 2018

Here obviously you should know the basics of how to read a transit and then add additional details of retrograde motion also.

Here is the basic step will remain the same and are as follows:

1.Judge the functional nature of Jupiter

Here it is important that you judge it properly because this is the core of astrology predictions and applies to Jupiter retrograde 2018 equally.

Specifically, for this article, you need to Judge the role of planet Jupiter in given horoscope and take special cautions while doing so.

Especially for Aries, Cancer and Leo ascendants because Jupiter has dual lordship for these ascendants and if afflicted the negative significations of the malefic house can overrule the good significations of the auspicious house ruled by Jupiter.

This process is important because Jupiter in its transit will give results akin to its functional nature in your horoscope.

Which means, if Jupiter is malefic in natal horoscope then malefic results will be observed in its transit.

If beneficial then benefic results will be observed during its transit.

2. Account the additional aspects of Jupiter

We all know that Jupiter aspect on 5th, 7th and 9th house from its transit position.

Each of these aspects is powerful in nature and have the capacity to bring changes to the significations of the houses wherever they are falling.

So during Jupiter retrograde in 2018, Jupiter will be casting aspects from Virgo( previous to Jupiter) sign also.

Which means, Jupiter will be casting aspect over following signs also:


Note: Jupiter aspect over Aquarius,  Aries, and Gemini will still hold true.

Which means total 8 houses will be affected by Jupiter during its retrograde period.

3. Ashtakvarga Score of Jupiter in the sign of Libra

This is an evergreen rule and will be applicable here also.

You need to check how many beneficial bindus Jupiter is getting in sign for Libra.

If more then 4 then Jupiter retrograde period will prove beneficial for you.

If then 4 then there will be not so good events during this temporary period of retrogression.

Now since we have seen the important details on Jupiter retrograde motion and other necessary details.

We can jump into its analysis and can make predictions now.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Aries Ascendant

For Aries ascendant Jupiter is lord of 9th and 12th house and basically is a beneficial planet for them.

Though a highly afflicted Jupiter in natal horoscope tends to act as a malefic for them.

Therefore make sure you judge the role of planet Jupiter properly because as explained before, during transits planets tend to produce results which resemble to their role in the natal horoscope.

In simple words, if Jupiter is malefic in an Aries ascendant horoscope, then it will give malefic results in its transit also.

During Jupiter’s retrograde 2018, Aries ascendant native will experience auspicious events like marriage, childbirth etc.

Chances of promotion and success in business are also high.

There will be gains from many sources and your confidence level will be high.

Those who are looking for childbirth will find the support of luck during these months of retrogression.

This retrograde Jupiter can easily give you abroad travels and month of April is best to file the papers for it.

Make sure you utilize these months properly because this retrograde period will be the best time out of whole Jupiter transit through Libra sign.

This is the time where you will be feeling healthy and you will find the cure for your illness if there is any.

Overall a very auspicious time in your life where all round happiness is seen especially if you are in dasha of strong Jupiter or Sun.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus ascendant, Jupiter is transiting through their 6th house.

Here, Jupiter is a pure malefic planet but if well placed in the horoscope can allow them to max gains in good amounts.

During its retrogression in 2018, planet Jupiter will bring the drastic change in food habits and exercise regimes.

Depending upon the strength of Jupiter and running dasha in natal horoscope, these changes can be of good and bad nature.

Still considering the transit of Saturn and Mars during March, May, June, and July. It is highly recommended that you take good care of your health and physical safety.

There can be sudden gains which will come through gift’s, insurance, inheritance and even chances of loan cannot be denied.

If you have a plan to apply for a loan, I think this is the best time for that because other factors like Saturn transit through Sagittarius is favoring it equally.

Same applies to inheritance but keep in mind that you may have to fight it out and the process may not be easy.

Jupiter retrograde usually proves tough for Taurus ascendant natives and especially for their relationships.

So during Jupiter retrograde 2018 , the story will be same and you may not be able to spend time with your partner or some external events can cause a physical distance with your partner.

It is important to take good care of spouse because during retrograde period old mistakes can cause a good amount of damages.

Overall it will be a hectic period but these months of retrogression will be better than other months of Jupiter transit through Libra sign.

Gains are seen clearly but it will require a lot of hard work and constant efforts.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Gemini Ascendant

For Gemini ascendant Jupiter is a benefic planet and rules over two very important house i.e 7th and 10th.

Which means the success of a Gemini ascendant natives depends on Jupiter a lot.

Currently, Jupiter is transiting through their 5th house which is a very good transit especially if Jupiter have more then 4 bindus in ashtakvarga calculation.

So during Jupiter retrograde 2018, Jupiter will become more strong and will give its best results.

Those who are looking for childbirth will get lucky in any of these months i.e March, April, May, June or July.

Those who are waiting for exams results for their kids, luck will be on their kid side and some good news will be there for sure.

As far as personal gains are considered, there will be significant gains during this period and if you are a salaried employee then you will see a rise in your perk.

Or I suggest you to invest some money in March and you will see the profits by July 2018.

Those who are in business, it is the best time to expand and taking risks because chances are there that you will succeed on a good scale.

But make sure you check you dasha also because these predictions will hold true only when you are in dasha of strong and unaffiliated Venus, Mercury, Moon or Jupiter.

If not then take action and decisions wisely.

Overall a good transit for you and consider it as once a lifetime opportunity and make sure you take full advantage of it.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Cancer Ascendant

Just like Aries ascendant, here also you need to judge the role of Jupiter because Jupiter have dual lordship for Cancer ascendant.

Where one house is beneficial and one is malefic i.e 6th and 9th house.

And whose significations will prevail, will depend on strength of Jupiter in the natal horoscope.

During 2018, Jupiter is transiting through 4th house of cancer ascendant and have both good and bad traits associated with it.

So during Jupiter retrograde 2018, there will be an equal amount of good and bad results.

For those who are trying to go abroad will be able to make it during these months i.e March, April, May, June or July.

But make sure you do the paperwork properly so that the process goes smooth and you don’t get into any unfavorable situation.

If you are looking to change into a better job then this transit can help you in that especially when you are in dahsa of strong and unaffiliated yogakaraka Mars or Venus.

Otherwise, do not try to change job because on the long run it can ruin your progress.

Anyways, this transit can give you sudden events in your workplace which can be good or bad.

So take steps wisely and measure your actions accordingly.

For health, this transit is quite mediocre and those who are going through issues related to the chest should take proper care during these months of Jupiter retrogression.

Same applies to your mother’s health also and considering the fact that Jupiter is going to stay over you 4th house for a long time. It is best you monitor your mother health in these months because retrograde Jupiter can do some harm.

Overall retrograde Jupiter period will be full of surprises and those who are passing through dasha of afflicted Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury. It is best to lay low during these months and pass it with cautions and precautions.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Leo Ascendant

For Leo ascendant also Jupiter have dual lordship and just like Aries and Cancer ascendant, you need to judge the role of Jupiter in natal horoscope first.

If afflicted in natal horoscope then this retrograde Jupiter period can prove harmful in 2018.

Currently, Jupiter is transiting through their 3rd house and considering its aspect over most auspicious house i.e 9th house.

It is must that we look into it properly.

So during Jupiter retrogression, Jupiter chesta bala will be high which means the intensity of Jupiter will be at a high level and any effect good or bad will be of bigger magnitude.

Those who are passing through dasha of unaffiliated Mars will see a rise in their courage and confidence.

Best here is to apply your skills with all might during these months of retrograde Jupiter.

You will see how fast, you will be growing and a sense of satisfaction will be there.

Those who are passing through dasha of afflicted Mercury should not make sudden decisions and best is to stay low, no matter how good you may feel about yourself.

Jupiter retrograde period is really helpful for abroad visits especially if you are in dasha of planet Moon.

So if the visa application is pending then file it right away because I am sure you will get the approval in March to July 2018.

Regarding relationships, I will suggest you to take some cautions and same time advise your younger sibling to go slow and judge the consequences of their actions.

Same goes for the spouse because an aspect of Jupiter is falling over your 7th house and some events related to the spouse is going to happen, most likely when Saturn will also be retrograde from April 2018.

For those who are passing through strong Moon or Mars can expect the good relationship with the spouse.

Otherwise cautious are required.

Also, do not undertake any physical sports during these months because chances are high that you may injure your self.

Overall an average period is seen for Leo ascendant and both positive and negative events are seen in it.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo ascendant, Jupiter is a beneficial planet and rules over two important house i.e 4th and 7th.

Though planet Jupiter can form potent rajyoga for them especially when involved with Venus or Mercury.

And can make them successful in their life.

Still, I think, Jupiter have more say on their personal relationship and domestic peace.

During Jupiter transit in 2018, these are the main areas which are getting influenced.

Because Jupiter is transiting through their 2nd house which stands for family basically.

So during Jupiter retrograde 2018, there will auspicious events in family and peace and harmony will be observed.

Childbirth is also indicated and chances are that you will be spending quality time with your family.

Same time this retrograde motion of Jupiter will increase your wealth also.

Chances of getting inheritance are also and the same time you will be enjoying the success of spouse also.

Money wise, this period will prove great for you and money gains through rise in salary or gains in business is expected.

If you are suffering from any kind of health issues, be assured that you will get the right treatment during this period.

Though you may get tempted to overeat or may have sudden sweet cravings due to Jupiter.

Overall a good and calm period for you, make sure you make the most out of it.

Jupiter Transit 2018 Effects For Libra Ascendant

For Libra Ascendant Jupiter is dire malefic and rules over the 3rd and 6th house.

Jupiter transit should be watched carefully because usually, Libra natives get bad luck with it, especially when Jupiter is transiting over a bad house.

So during Jupiter retrograde 2018, Jupiter is going through their 1st house which is no doubt is very crucial for them.

1st house is the core of astrology and a lot depends on its strength.

During 2018 Jupiter transit is harming the good signification and especially in its retrograde period things will be more intense.

There can be bad health and physical injury to them and best is to avoid harmful activities like fast driving and other adventure sports.

Your relationships are also looking venerable during retrograde Jupiter period and it is best you take good care of it.

There will be bad relationship with spouse and health of spouse will also be a concern especially if you are a female then take good care of your husband health and well being.

Those who are in business should take necessary cautions while making investments because chances of facing losses are seen.

If losses get out of control then debt can also mount on you and try to pass this Jupiter retrogression with patience.

This period is also not looking favorable for kids and their exams result can disappoint you, I suggest you to take things positively because this time will pass soon and rather give encouragement to them.

For those who are into sports, this transit is very favorable to make it big and same applies to politicians also.

The energy of 3rd and 6th house will be on high and you will be able to crush your opponents.

Overall a bad transit especially when you are passing through dasha of Jupiter and Mars.

Relief will be there if dasha of yogakaraka Saturn or 9th lord Mercury.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Scorpio Ascendant

Jupiter works really well for Scorpio ascendant natives courtesy to its lordship over 2nd and 5th house.

Currently, Jupiter is transiting through the 12th house which is a malefic house and because of that Jupiter has lost its potency to do good for you.

But as expected, there are always two sides of a coin and definitely Jupiter retrograde will show you the other side of the coin.

I mean the good side:)

So here during Jupiter retrograde 2018, you can expect abroad travels and it is best you for you to try for it because you will get the approval in these months of Jupiter retrogression.

If you are already in abroad or doing something which makes you earn from there.

Then, this retrograde Jupiter will prove beneficial to you and definitely, gains will on rise during this period.

Those who are looking for marriage alliance should give more efforts towards it because there are high chances that Jupiter will bring the luck to you and a suitable partner will be found for you.

If any health issues are bothering you then definitely you will be able to find the cure and same time will feel energetic.

Those who are interested in taking spiritual journey will find the good support of Jupiter and there will be a good amount of spiritual growth for you.

Overall a better period for scorpion’s and once this Jupiter retrograde is over do take necessary cautions because from July Jupiter will turn weak for you due to its low chesta bala.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Sagittarius Ascendant

Jupiter is first house lord of Sagittarius ascendant native and same time rules over their 4th house.

Which means Jupiter is most important and first-rate beneficial planet.for them. Which makes Jupiter transit very special for them.

Note: Transit of ascendant lord is very important in astrology.

So, right now Jupiter is passing through their 11th house of gains and there were great expectations from this transit but I guess so far nothing special has happened and I will tell you why.

See during any retrogression, planets tend to deliver the promise as indicated by its position and strength.

So, Sagittarius ascendant native will get the desired results during this  Jupiter retrograde 2018.

Chances of sudden gains are there and definitely, promotion is on the card.

If you are looking for some unearned money via inheritance, this will be your best chance because the double transit is indicating something related to it.

There is a good indication of buying a house or car and the best time will be from April 15th to May 15th so make sure you give it an extra push during this time frame.

The best part of this retrograde Jupiter is childbirth which is going to happen in these months of March, April, May, June or July.

Same time chances of marriage are there for unmarried individuals and the best time for this is June and July.

Overall a beneficial transit for Sagittarius ascendant natives especially if running dasha is of unaffiliated Mars, Sun or Jupiter.

Whereas Dasha of Saturn, Venus or Moon may cause some issues with the magnitude of the results.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Capricorn Ascendant.

Jupiter is a malefic planet for them and rules over the 3rd and 12th house.

Both of these houses are malefic and makes Jupiter a troublemaker planet for them.

Right now Jupiter is over the 10th house of Capricorn Ascendant natives and has caused issues related to their career, status, and position in society.

Also, it is not supporting their mother health and well being.

So during Jupiter retrograde 2018, these results will intensify and you need to take cautions all the way.

There are chances of job loss and humiliation on the social front.

Also, it can cause unnecessary expense in unwanted travels and health issues.

The only beneficial aspect of this retrograde Jupiter is for those who have the combination of abroad travels because this retrograde period can easily allow you to travel abroad and earning from there.

Though that also will come after a lot of hectic events and hard work where minute details should be taken care of and paper should be fully checked.

Overall Jupiter retrograde period requires you to take full cautions and care especially for those who are passing through dasha of afflicted Jupiter, Mars or Sun.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects For Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius Ascendant natives, Jupiter is a planet which allows them to make money both in small or large scale.

It is because Jupiter is lord of 2nd and 11th house and both rules over money and gains mainly.

Currently, Jupiter is transiting through their 9th house which is an auspicious transit for them.

And  Jupiter retrograde 2018 will not be different either, in fact, this will be the time when Jupiter will deliver its results as promised by its transit through Libra sign.

There will be gains and happiness in life and chances of long-distance travel is also there.

This holds true if you are passing through dasha of unaffiliated Saturn or Jupiter itself.

Same time there can be a sudden promotion also and it will allow you to have authority in the workplace.

Health aspect is also looking good and try to keep it that way, stay away from bad habits like alcohol etc.

This retrograde period has something special for your father and during this retrogression, you may expect sudden gains and good health for him.

Faith and religion may attract you the most and you may undertake some religious travel also.

Overall a beneficial retrograde period is seen for you.

Jupiter Retrograde 2018 Effects On Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces Ascendant natives Jupiter is ascendant lord and same time rules over 10th house also.

You can understand how important is planet Jupiter for them and transit of Jupiter is supreme for them.

Currently, Jupiter is passing through a malefic house and I guess results were not that great unless you happen to run Dasha of Mars or Moon.

Now during the Jupiter retrograde 2018, you will see a decline in negative events which you were experiencing before.

The reason is simple for that and is as follows:

Any functional planet during its transit over a malefic house i.e 3rd, 6th, 8th and 12th, tend to get soft during its retrograde motion.

So same is going to happen for you.

In fact, you may have some happy events because Jupiter is a beneficial planet and will make 8th house auspicious for you.

Which means good effects of 8th house will be coming to your life.

Sudden gains will be there and if you are looking for inheritance then you may get lucky this time.

You will see a sudden exposure coming to your way during the month of May and June.

Considering transit of Saturn over 10th house and Mars transit through Sagittarius and Capricorn, I feel you are going to get lucky in terms of money and fame.

Overall a good retrograde Jupiter period is just started and make sure you make good use of it.

Because once Jupiter is out of retrograde motion things will be back to normal and you may lose the opportunity if you stay slack and lazy.


You have seen above how Jupiter retrograde 2018 is going to affect in months of March, April, May, and July.

But make sure you incorporate the running Dasha and transit of Saturn in it because a single transit can never make or break your destiny.

A holistic approach is required while decoding a Horoscope because understanding the effects of retrograde planets is not that easy.

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