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Ketu Transit 2019: Astrology Effects & Predictions For Each Ascendant

Ketu transit 2018

Ketu Transit 2019 in the sign of Capricorn is one of the major planetary transit which we should be aware of. This transit can bring major changes in our life which we can’t control much. The effect of Ketu is one of the most powerful and influential one in Vedic astrology.

Ketu stays in one sign for 18 long months and therefore its effects are going to be more prominent. These effects will be at prominent around April 2018 and if you don’t want unpleasant surprises than it is must you prepare for it now.

Ketu transit can do good also if transiting through an auspicious house of the horoscope. Especially for your spiritual process and growth as a noble human being. Ketu somewhere also affects your wealth, maternal relationships and have a major say in your overall mental health.

Below are the effects of Ketu transit 2019 in Capricorn. How this movement would influence each sign zodiac sign in 2019 is listed below.

Effects On Aries Ascendant

During Ketu transit 2018, planet Ketu will be transiting over your 10th house and can not be said as a positive transit. It can cause lack of interest in work and can expose your inability to perform at the top level. Not to forget relationship with boss or co-workers can also become bad during this transit.

On domestic front and personal relationships, Ketu transit is not showing any positive developments. Parents health will be affected by it and time to time there can be sudden arguments with the spouse.

Ketu is a hot and dry planet and during its transit over Capricorn, can lead to sudden health issues.

The most affected area will be your approach towards people around you. You may feel detached and disappointed with them, which could lead to stress and chaos in your mind.

Best is to go slow and not judge things too dramatically and wear a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire on the index finger of right hand to minimize the bad effects of Ketu transit.

Effects On Aries Ascendant

For obvious reasons transit of Ketu should be given full attention because it is the sign where Ketu goes debilitated. During 2018, planet Ketu will be transiting over your 9th house and can lead to clashes with authority, father and government.

There can be sudden opportunity to go abroad and you should try to take full advantage of it. Father health can cause some stress in your mind whereas mother will do just fine. Wealth wise there will not be much growth rather expenses may rise due to its negative effects on the house of luck.

Though being a spiritual planet Ketu will bless you with a deep insight into yourself and will give you good spiritual growth. If you are looking for a guru this is the time where you will find a good one.

Ketu transit in 9th house has mediocre results, the best thing to do right now enjoys the present and wear a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire in the middle finger of right hand, this way you will be able to minimize the bad effects of it.

Effects On Gemini Ascendant

Ketu in astrology have a deep connection with our Karmic cycle and this is where the focus will fall in your case. Ketu is transiting over your 8th house which represents obstacles, longevity and occult science.

You will see the dark side of life where the most affected area will be your health. Ketu is a malefic planet and in the 8th house can cause sudden health issues which can be hard to diagnose and can be of chronic in nature. Make sure you take a look at your running dasha and if connected with 7th, 6th or 12th house then maintaining health and physical safety should be your top priority.

Not just health, your career, and finances can also go downwards and best is to avoid any kind of risk where money is involved. Allegations and battle for inheritance is also something which can give you sleepless nights.

The only relief is seen for doctors and astrologers because such transit of Ketu tends to help in studies related to them.

Eating healthy should be on top of your list and a Jyotish quality Emerald on the small finger of the right hand can counter the bad effects of Ketu during this transit.

Effects On Cancer Ascendant

Cancer natives are quite emotional and Ketu have an old history with its ruling planet Moon. During Ketu transit 2018, Ketu is going to pass over your 7th house and definitely marriage and relationship with the spouse requires your immediate attention.

There can be misunderstanding and sudden arguments within the house. Same time spouse will face some hardship in career and finances, so it is better to understand the divine scheme early and supporting your spouse will be the best thing you will do to your relationship.

Though I doubt that you will be able to do this because that is how things happen and only a few evolved individuals can surpass the impulses of planets.

The next area which requires your most attention is your health because a direct aspect of Ketu over Ascendant is never supportive for a healthy life. Chances of nerve and knee pain are really high in 2018. If your already facing issues like back or neck pain then this Ketu transit In Capricorn can really trouble you.

On the career front, things may not go smoothly either and especially for those who are into business. Chances are high that your partner may cause discomfort to you. So keep an eye on the activity of the business partner. As far as parents are concerned there is not much to worry and things will go smoothly in their life and your relationship with them will not be affected by it.

You should be in positive stride during this transit of Ketu and same time wear Seawater Pearl on the small finger of your right hand. This will make your ascendant lord strong and this way you will be able to counter the negative effects of Ketu transit in 2018.

Effects On Leo Ascendant

The best Ketu transit is here for you, during 2018 you will be able to wipe out the competition in front of you. There will not be difficulty from enemies and if any court case is going against you then this Ketu transit will allow you to gain upper hand on it.

There will all-around success for you, especially for those who are into sports and politics. Health is going to stay fine and you will feel healthy like a horse.

If you are looking to go abroad then transit Ketu in 2018 will help in this. Career prospects look very bright and if you are looking for a promotion then consider that it will happen within 2018.

Though Ketu transit will not prove good to spouse health and some niggle will there in the middle of August month.

Relationship with mother will be better than ever and maternal relationship like uncle and aunt will support you in your endeavors.

The best way you can maximize the gains from this transit is via the use of a Jyotish quality Red Coral on the ring finger of right hand.

Effects On Virgo Ascendant

5th house is where Ketu will be transiting and Ketu gives balanced result here, though those who are holding an authoritative position should take some precautions.

Ketu transit in 2018 will allow you gain money via abroad sources and same time will make you an expert negotiator. Ketu have control over computers and latest technology.If you are in the profession where you do coding and other technical stuff then definitely this transit will help you to perform exceptionally good.

Health is looking fine except for some minor stomach troubles but they will settle down as you move forward in the year 2018.

Relationship with kids may turn sour and the same time the eldest kid of yours will face some hardship in his all aspects of life.

Those who are in love with someone may find some hard time to understand each other and planet Ketu impact is hardest in relationship because it is not in Ketu domain rather Ketu likes one to be detached and snatches the relationship out of their life especially those which are not realistic or in simple words are not that important for your soul evolution.

The best way to avoid troubles from Ketu transit 2018 is to focus on what exactly is important for you and it is highly advisable that you don’t waste time on unnecessary activities, use of a Jyotish quality Emerald on the little finger of right hand is highly recommend for you.

Effects On Libra Ascendant

Ketu in 2018 is going to transit over your 4th house and generally, it doesn’t produce good results there. In the year 2018, the most affected area by Ketu will be your domestic peace and health of the mother.

There can be sudden disharmony in your home which will cause stress on your mind. Not to forget Ketu transit in 4th house is known to disturb the inner peace.

Make sure you don’t let it go overboard because it will affect your professional life.

Anyways Ketu transit 2018 is not looking auspicious for career and you may feel dissatisfied with the progress and your achievements. Though the best part of this transit of Ketu in Capricorn is abroad travels or settlement which can happen to you also. So if papers are not fielded then it is best you do it asap, success is waiting there for you.

Those who are looking to grow spiritually will find the support of planet Ketu and there will be travels related to pilgrimage and you might feel a strange attraction towards mountains.

In order to avoid the bad effects of Ketu transit, it is best to not take sudden action in the heat of the moment and make sure you wear a Jyotish quality Blue Sapphire in middle. finger of the right hand.

Effects On Scorpio Ascendant

One of the best Ketu transit is going right now and you will be seeing all round growth and success to your all endeavors.

Especially those who are into sports and politics will find the support of planet Ketu during 2018. Business people will get a good time in patches but still, it will be enough to clock some good profits.

Ketu transit 2018 is indicating that relationships may not go that good for you and issues to your spouse will be there.

Those who are looking to marry may have to face difficulties during Ketu transit in Capricorn, its 5th aspect over your 7th is not looking favorable for it.

Traveling is something which will keep you busy and will yield good results for you. Though Ketu aspect over your 9th house shows troubles to your father’s health, make sure he does a health checkup. Ketu transit in 2018, have capabilities to disturb your health to some extent especially ears and shoulder pain can affect your productivity.

To minimize the negative effects of Ketu transit it is best you wear a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire in the index finger of right hand.

Effects On Sagittarius Ascendant

Ketu is going to one the most sensitive house of your horoscope i.e second house and Ketu transit 2018 is going to affect signification of it negatively.

Second house rules over family, earning, speech and food habits not to forget it is a maraka house in astrology. During Ketu transit in Capricorn, there will health issues to you which can result due to unhealthy food habits.

You need to make sure what new habits you are going to start because a bad one like smoking is never going to help you. Try not to speak harsh because it can lead to the bad relationship with people around you.

Especially with the spouse because there are chances that your martial harmony will be at risk. Regarding finances, Ketu never supports material things and in 2nd will cause a disturbed flow of money. So make sure you are prepared for it in advance.

The best and effective way to deal with Ketu transit in 2018 is planning and use of Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire in the index finger of right hand.

Effects On Capricorn Ascendant

During Ketu transit 2018, you will be under the grip of Ketu and every aspect of your life will be affected by it. The best things which I see happening is abroad travel for you.

Your health and physical appearance will be most affected and there could be a negative impact on them. Hair loss and joint pain can bother you during Ketu transit in Capricorn.

Those are on the verge of getting a progeny should remain careful throughout the gestation period and those who are already parents should take care of kids effectively. On the work front, there could be some tussle with co-workers and you may feel disinterested with the work you have got.

Money flow will be steady so no issues in that but still taking chances in speculation is not advisable in Ketu transit in 2018.

To minimize the bad effects it is highly advisable that you make your ascendant lord string via Blue Sapphire. Make sure it is of Jyotish Quality.

Effects On Aquarius Ascendant

Ketu transit 2018 is going through your 12th house and do not expect material growth in this period. Rather, expenses will be high and earnings will be low.

Ketu transit in Capricorn is really helpful for abroad travel and despite some hurdles, you will make it happen easily. There are some chances that you may feel restless and sleep deprived and if you are in dasha of Mars or Moon then Hospitalisation can also happen.

Career growth will be slow and you may not feel excited with the future prospects of it but it is important to understand that this phase is temporary and once this Ketu transit in 2018 over, things will be better for you.

The best thing you can do here is minimizing your needs for material things, don’t worry it is advisable for short duration only 🙂

Use of Blue Sapphire in the middle finger of the right hand can reduce the bad effects of Ketu transit.

Effects On Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces ascendant, Ketu transit in Capricorn will be passing over your 11th house of gains. Ketu is a natural malefic and gives good effects in upacahya house. There will be good earnings especially if your work is related to computer and technology. But still, you may feel not satisfied with the growth and money flow.

Relationship with spouse requires the most attention here and a constant aspect of Ketu during 2018 is not good for a healthy and happy married life. On top of that, children can cause some worry in your life and best is to pass this phase with patience.

Use of a Jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire in the index finger of right hand will allow you to gain the best effects of Ketu transit in 2018.



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