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jupiter transit in 2017


Predictions For Jupiter Transit in 2017-2018

With only one month for Jupiter transit in Libra, many of you might be looking for Jupiter in Libra results based on your Ascendant. I also noticed on my analytics that many people are looking for this Jupiter transit results. Therefore finally I am giving here a detailed and to the point results of Jupiter transit for various Ascendants.

Planet Jupiter in its transit is going to change into the Libra zodiac on 12 September 2017 for next 12 months.

During its course of transit in Libra sign, Jupiter will become retrograde on 9th of March 2018 and will become progressive on 10th of June 2018.

Before this Jupiter was in the sign of Virgo and created various kind of results which were positive or negative depending upon various factors in your horoscope.

My article is based on how practical these transits gives you the result and same time I am using important factors like ashtakvarga concept which is very vital for predicting transits.

Since we are dealing with transit here, it is important to know about the Saturn Transit double transit of Saturn & Jupiter.

  • For your own observations, I am giving you some guidelines on how to check transits.
  1. Check the lordship of the concerned planet for your Ascendant like here since we are dealing with Jupiter, you need to observe Jupiter’s lordship in your chart.

For example, Jupiter is benefic for Aries Ascendant while for Taurus Ascendant it is a negative planet.

  1. Depending upon lordship of the concerned planet, its transit will affect the house of its transit and where it aspect. This effect will be negative if the concerned planet is malefic for your Ascendant and positive if the concerned planet is positive.
  2. Now check ashtakvarga calculations for your horoscope.

If in the samudya  ashtakvarga concerned house from where the planet is transiting have good benefic points preferably more than 25, best is more than 30.Then transit will bring good results for that particular house and zodiac.

  1. Check in ashtakvarga of the concerned planet how many points this planet is getting in its own ashtakvarga.

For example to check Jupiter transit in Libra you need to check how much benefice points Jupiter is getting in Virgo zodiac in Jupiter’s ashtakvarga.

If it is more than 4 then no matter what Jupiter in Virgo will bring good results to you.

  1. It’s a very important point and here Saturn transit should also be checked because any major event in life good or bad happens when Saturn and Jupiter together give approval.

Here I have added double transit also since Saturn and Jupiter work together for any significant event of life.

In order to attain a good position in life, Saturn and Jupiter should simultaneously affect 10th house or its lord in your chart.

Now it doesn’t mean that it’s a key to unlock the mystery of promotion or salary hike. Same time you should be running career supporting dasha backed by good combination in your chart.

  1. Here during Jupiter Libra transit keep an eye on Saturn transit in Sagittarius. You will notice Scorpio sign is getting hemmed between Saturn and Jupiter and see where Scorpio is falling in your chart. That house will be very prominent in your chart and your life will revolve around significations of that house during 2017-18.

After reading all important rules there might be questions in your mind and from my own experience, I am writing these questions along with the answer.

These rules can also be applied on Saturn Transit In Sagittarius and Rahu Transit In Cancer.

Q.What if my 6th house have 32 points in asthakvarga and Jupiter have 5 on its own. How this transit will bring results for me since 6th house is considered as a bad house.

Ans: First of all, each house has its own merits no matter if its 6th, 8th or 12th house. Here 6th house though is a bad house in general terms but a strong 6th house keeps you disease free and free from enemies.

Now such transit of Jupiter will bring you positive signification of 6th house like getting a loan, recovery from illness and will help your maternal relations also.

If your 6th house is weak and Jupiter is having less than 4 points in own ashtakvarga then is a warning sign and best is to keep patience.

Q.My Jupiter is in debilitation in my natal chart does that mean Jupiter won’t give me good results ever.

Ans: It is not like that, no matter how your Jupiter is in natal chart its transit will always be of different strength. Life is very dynamic in nature and Jupiter debilitation in your chart is a very static observation while Jupiter yearly change of zodiac is a dynamic observation which decides the course of our life.

More important is Jupiter stays in debilitation for one year and best is to look its navamsa position to know exactly how powerful is Jupiter in your natal chart.

Q.Jupiter and Saturn are not touching my 10th house or its lord but I am running a carrier supportive dasha does it mean that I won’t get an upward kick in my career.

ANS: Check Jupiter and Saturn retrograde motion also and it can happen that during their retrograde motion this condition can be fulfilled. If not then don’t worry, you will progress as promised by dasha but when Saturn and Jupiter will simultaneously affect your 10th house or its lord, along with career supportive dasha some major achievement will happen for sure.

Q: What if Saturn and Jupiter both are aspecting my 8th house which is most malefic in the whole chart.

ANS: As said earlier that each house has its own merits now here you need to check your running dasha very closely and if you’re running bad dasha’s and same time the 8th house is weak in you ashtakvarga and Jupiter is also not giving many benefic points to Libra then take all precautions and delay your important decisions too.
Having said all these checking a horoscope requires a holistic approach and many points require attention. Here I didn’t discuss Vedha which is beyond scope of this article because it will lead to more confusion.

About Planet Jupiter

In order to make any prediction about Jupiter transit in Libra, you need to know few basics here first where the first lesson should be on plant Jupiter.

As per ancient scriptures following have been said about planet Jupiter:

  • Jupiter is the biggest benefic planet in Vedic Astrology.
  • Jupiter is well-known for its benefic results and brings expansion in our life.
  • Jupiter is a phlegmatic planet and is a represent gurus or teachers.
  • Jupiter also represents banking system in astrology.

Transit of Jupiter through Libra sign indicates that Jupiter’s Constitution is not in synchronization with the constitution of sign Libra which means it can lead to an imbalance of Kapha and Pitta which ultimately leads to health issues in general.

Also, Venus is not friendly towards planet Jupiter which means Jupiter will be uncomfortable in the sign of Libra and it can lead to conflict within yourself especially in matters related to finances.

About Libra Sign

Quite obvious here is that we need to know a little about Libra Zodiac like its basic significations etc. Jupiter is going to stay here for a long period of time and will act in coordinance with Libra and its planetary Lord  Venus.

As per ancient scriptures following have been said about Libra Sign:

  • Ruled by planets Venus, Libra is the 7th sign in natural Zodiac scheme and is represented by the sign of a scale.
  • Libra is all about balance in your life, especially in relationships.
  • Libra is an Air sign and forms Kama Trikona with other signs which are Gemini and Aquarius.
  • Libra is a loving sign that focuses strongly on partnership and prioritizes the needs of others.

Jupiter in its transit through Libra will activate Gemini and Aquarius sign also via its 5th and 9th aspect. Which means it will provide good opportunities to generate wealth provided wealth giving combinations are already present in your horoscope and same time relationship will improve generally.

As per texts Jupiter in sign of Libra brings following results

jupiter transit in 2017In Vedic astrology Guru(Jupiter) brings a different kind of results in different zodiac and as per sages thery are as follows:

  1. Jupiter in Libra in a horoscope leads to strong interest in ornaments, luxuries and wealth generation.
  2. It makes one very polite and they respect people present around them.
  3. It also makes one very faithful in God and makes one open-minded with a strong sense of justice.
  4. Gives strong moral principles and they get attracted to people who share similar idealistic views about life as they do.
  5. It also brings association or assignments in foreign places.
  6. They are also generous in nature, help those around them and also indulge in social service at times.
  7. Jupiter in Libra natives is blessed with a natural sense of right and wrong, making them very focused on trust, honesty, and fairness.

Above stated results tend to modify due to change Jupiter position in navamsa and for your information; Libra sign contains following navamsa in it.


And results of Jupiter transit in Libra will change depending upon the degree of Jupiter in Libra which is directly proportional to Jupiter navamsa position.

Since I just talked about a factor i.e navamsa which will create a variation in effects of Jupiter transit in Libra.

Same way there are other factors which will affect the outcome of this Jupiter transit in 2017-2018.

Year 2017 is a special year where major transits are happening.Especially in mundane astrology where Jupiter role in Government and Economy can not be denied.

Jupiter Transit 2017: Effects On Horoscope Of India

Jupiter transit in 2017 will pass through the 6th house of India and is not beneficial for the relationship with neighbors country. Same time we will see a huge expansion in Arms and War weapons.

Also, the medical sector will see some significant changes due to new rules laid by the government. Most likely it will be helpful to common people but may not like well by Doctor’s. There will be religious disharmony and a question on the religious integrity of India will be there.

I guess you already have applied above-mentioned parameters in your horoscope, so let’s see if your readings matches with mine or not.

Jupiter Transit in Libra 2017-2018, Effects on Aries Sign

For Aries Ascendant natives, Jupiter will be entering in their 7th house which stands for relationships. During this transit, Jupiter from 7th house will aspect 11th, 1st and 3rd house and significations related to these houses will prosper in their life which means health and confidence will be at a top level and relationship will improve. Same time friend circle will increase and finance will be better than last year.

Libra sign falls in 7th house of Aries ascendant which means it is the most significant area which will be affected during this transit of Jupiter. Since Jupiter nature for Aries ascendant is positive there will be favorable results for them as far as the relationship is concerned.

For unmarried people Jupiter will definitely bring marriage provided marriage dasha is activated in the natal horoscope. Your younger sibling will also be doing good in his life and your relationship with them will improve drastically. Transit Jupiter through 7th house of Aries Ascendant is going to provide financial gains and if you are in business or want to invest money somewhere then it is the right time for you.With blessings of Jupiter, you are going to gain success for sure.

Transit Jupiter through 7th house of Aries Ascendant is going to provide financial gains and if you are in business or want to invest money somewhere then it is the right time for you. With blessings of Jupiter, you are going to gain success for sure.

If your natal horoscope have prominent Dhanyoga then it can be activated by this transit of Jupiter and making money will be easy for you during 2017-2018.

For best results of Guru transit in 2017, you should opt or a Yellow Sapphire on the index finger of the right hand.

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