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Jupiter Transit 2018: Its Review & Effects Through Libra Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 is one of the important transit of 2018, and this article will explain you its effect on you.

Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system and is considered as the most benefic planet in Vedic Astrology.Most of the times Jupiter is associated with good and auspicious things and represents knowledge, gold, prosperity, education, and children.

Jupiter transit in one Zodiac Sign for about a year and during Jupiter transit 2018, it will stay in the sign of Libra until 10th October 2018.

Before this Jupiter was in the sign of Virgo and created various kind of results which were positive or negative depending on various factors in your horoscope.

Same way this transit will bring different kinds of results to natives of different signs:

  • Natives born with the ascendant sign as Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius will find this transit most auspicious.
  • Natives born with the ascendant sign as Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will get average results.
  • Natives born with the ascendant sign as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Pisces will get bad results of this transit.

In order to make any prediction about Jupiter transit in Libra, you need to know few basics here first where the first lesson should be on planet Jupiter and for those who started their Sade Sati recently should pay special attention to it.

About Planet Jupiter

As per ancient scriptures following have been said about planet Jupiter:

  • Jupiter is the biggest benefic planet in Vedic Astrology.
  • Jupiter is well-known for its benefic results and brings expansion in our life.
  • Jupiter is a phlegmatic planet and is a represent gurus or teachers.
  • Jupiter also represents banking system in astrology.

Transit of Jupiter through Libra sign indicates that Jupiter’s Constitution is not in synchronization with the constitution of sign Libra which means it can lead to an imbalance of Kapha and Pitta which ultimately leads to health issues in general.

Also, Venus is not friendly towards planet Jupiter which means Jupiter will be uncomfortable in the sign of Libra and it can lead to conflict within yourself especially in matters related to finances.

About Libra Sign

Quite obvious here is that we need to know a little about Libra Zodiac like its basic significations etc. Jupiter is going to stay here for a long period of time and will act in coordinance with Libra and its planetary Lord  Venus.

As per ancient scriptures following have been said about Libra Sign:

  • Ruled by planet Venus, Libra is the 7th sign in natural Zodiac scheme and is represented by the sign of a scale.
  • Libra is all about balance in your life, especially in relationships.
  • Libra is an Air sign and forms Kama Trikona with other signs which are Gemini and Aquarius.
  • Libra is a loving sign that focuses strongly on partnership and prioritizes the needs of others.

Jupiter in its transit through Libra will activate Gemini and Aquarius sign also via its 5th and 9th aspect. Which means it will provide good opportunities to generate wealth provided wealth giving combinations are already present in your horoscope and same time relationship will improve generally.

As per texts, Jupiter in the sign of Libra brings following results:

jupiter transit in 2017In Vedic astrology Guru(Jupiter) brings a different kind of results in a different zodiac and as per sages they are as follows:

  1. Jupiter in Libra in a horoscope leads to strong interest in ornaments, luxuries and wealth generation.
  2. It makes one very polite and they respect people present around them.
  3. It also makes one very faithful to God and makes one open-minded with a strong sense of justice.
  4. Gives strong moral principles and they get attracted to people who share similar idealistic views about life as they do.
  5. It also brings association or assignments in foreign places.
  6. They are also generous in nature, help those around them and also indulge in social service at times.
  7. Jupiter in Libra natives is blessed with a natural sense of right and wrong, making them very focused on trust, honesty, and fairness.

Above stated results tend to modify due to change Jupiter position in navamsa and for your information; Libra sign contains the following navamsa in it viz Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini.

And results of Jupiter transit in Libra will change depending upon the degree of Jupiter in Libra which is directly proportional to Jupiter navamsa position.

After reading all important rules there might be questions in your mind and from my own experience, I am writing these questions along with the answer.

These rules can also be applied on Saturn Transit In SagittariusRahu Transit In Cancer, and Saturn retrograde 2018.


Here I didn’t discuss Vedha which is beyond scope of this article because it will lead to more confusion.

Below I have Mention The Effects Of Jupiter Transit 2018.These predictions are general in nature and make sure you check the above-mentioned factors while analyzing it and same time keep an eye on your active planetary dasha.

Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects on Aries Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for aries ascendant

For Aries Ascendant natives, Jupiter transit 2018 will be entering in their 7th house which stands for relationships. During this transit, Jupiter from 7th house will aspect 11th, 1st and 3rd house and significations related to these houses will prosper in their life which means health and confidence will be at a top level and relationship will improve. Same time friend circle will increase and finance will be better than last year.

Libra sign falls in 7th house of Aries ascendant which means it is the most significant area which will be affected by this transit of Jupiter. Since Jupiter nature for Aries ascendant is positive there will be favorable results for them as far as the relationship is concerned.

For unmarried people Jupiter will definitely bring marriage provided marriage dasha is activated in the natal horoscope. Your younger sibling will also be doing good in his life and your relationship with them will improve drastically.

Transit Jupiter through 7th house of Aries Ascendant is going to provide financial gains and if you are in business or want to invest money somewhere then it is the right time for you. With blessings of Jupiter, you are going to gain success for sure.

If your natal horoscope have prominent Dhanyoga then it can be activated by this transit of Jupiter and making money will be easy for you during 2017-2018.

For best results of Guru transit in 2018, you should opt or a Yellow Sapphire on the index finger of the right hand.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Tauras Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for taurus ascendant

For Tauras ascendant natives Jupiter will be entering their 6th house and will aspect their 10th, 12th, and 2nd house.

Planet Jupiter is a malefic planet for them and tends to bring negative results for them.

6th house is the house of illness and enemies in general and transit of a functional malefic Jupiter can result in following negative events in life:

  1. Chances of illness.
  2. An increase of enemies.
  3. Unnecessary expenditures.
  4. Problems to maternal uncle’s and aunts.

Here if in your natal chart 6th house is occupied by malefic planets like Rahu, Ketu, Mars or Saturn, then Jupiter transit from there will lead to severe setbacks in life.

Its aspect over 10th is not much desirable and can lead to issues in workplace, transfer, and loss of opportunities.

Though Jupiter aspect over their 2nd house is supportive for wealth and money especially sudden gains or help from in-laws or unexpected gain.

Overall Jupiter transit in 2018 is  not looking much auspicious for them but if Venus is well placed and auspicious in your horoscope and if ashtakvarga bindus of Jupiter in sign of Libra is more than 4, then Jupiter won’t harm you much and depending upon the overall potential of horoscope Jupiter transit in Libra can prove good for you also.

For protection from malefic influences of planets wear a Blue Sapphire on the middle finger of right hand.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Gemini Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for gemini ascendant

For Gemini Ascendant Jupiter will be transiting through their 5th house and will aspect 9th, 11th and 1st house. Jupiter is lord of the 7th and 10th house and basically is a benefic planet for them unless severely afflicted in the natal birth chart. As you can see all houses involved here are auspicious in nature and is looking promising for Gemini ascendant natives.

Jupiter transit through Libra in 2018 will bring a love affair in their life and those who are already in a relationship are going to experience a wonderful time with their partner. There will be interest in religious and spiritual activities and support from father and teachers will be there.

You will be feeling healthy during the whole period of 2018 and there will be a sense of peace in your mind. Chances of getting a child is also high in this transit of Jupiter. provided you are

It is also looking promising for career especially for those who are on the verge of promotion and businessman also. An excellent opportunity will be there for those who are looking to start their own work.

Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Cancer Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for cancer ascendant

For Cancer, Ascendant Jupiter will be entering to their 4th house and will aspect 8th,10th and 12th house. Jupiter is lord of the 6th and 9th house and is a benefic planet for them unless afflicted in the birth horoscope. The positive position of Jupiter in their natal chart and transit can really turn around things for them.

Generally, Jupiter doesn’t do good in 4th house but considering Jupiter is benefic here and is aspecting their 10th house, one can expect some growth in career and reputation of cancer ascendant native. Health of mother will improve and she may have good growth in her career(if working).Chances of getting a house is also there but with the help of a loan. Jupiter transit will allow some inner peace and is good for those who are looking to join a spiritual center or a retreat. There will be interest in religious texts and you may start getting interested in doing yoga.If Jupiter is well placed in your horoscope along with 4th lord then you can expect some celebration in house and domestic harmony is going to stay intact for you.

Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Leo Sign

For Leo ascendant natives Jupiter will be transiting through their 3rd house and will aspect 7th, 9th and 11th house. Jupiter is a benefic planet due to its lordship over 9th house and tends to give good result especially when strong and unafflicted.

Jupiter During its Tranist in Libra will pass through their 10th house and keeping the importance of 10th house in the current era, it can prove very significant for them.Transit Jupiter over your third house from September 2017 shows lots of importance in all sphere of life. It will bring courage to you and will help you to complete your tasks and those who are looking for marriage and own business will find themselves lucky. Relationship with siblings will improve and they will lend you support whenever required.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Virgo Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for virgo ascendant

For Virgo ascendant natives Jupiter will be transiting through their 2nd house and will aspect their 6th, 8th and 10th house. Jupiter is a benefic planet for them but is maraka same time.

This transit will prove good for money especially for sudden gains and inherited money. There are chances that you may get financial support from your inlaws.

Those who are at the verge of salary raise can expect good news in 2017-2018.

Jupiter through your 2nd house and its aspect over your 6th house shows some loan processing for you and if you have applied already be ready for the approval.

This transit through may not prove good for health because of Jupiter maraka effects over 2nd house which is also a maraka house. It can also lead to overeating habits and same time can lead to issues with the eyesight.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Libra Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for libra ascendant

For Libra ascendant natives Jupiter will be transiting through their 1st house and will aspect their  5th ,7th and 9th house.

Jupiter is a malefic planet for Libra natives and will harm the houses and planets coming under contact of planet Jupiter.

There are chances of bad health and physical injuries and same time relationship with spouse will suffer. There can be misunderstanding and arguments in relationship and best is to avoid any kind of clash.

Kids health and studies can also suffer due to this transit and chances of bad health to father will also be there. Though Jupiter transit is good for traveling and people who are in sports.

A jyotish quality Blue Sapphire is must to avoid bad effects of it.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Scorpio Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for scorpio ascendant

For Scorpio ascendant natives Jupiter will be transiting through their 12th house and will aspect 4th,6th and 8th house. Jupiter is a benefic planet for Scorpio ascendant natives and does good where ever it goes.

But since Jupiter is going to malefic house here its house significations i.e 2nd and 5th house will suffer which means there are chances of financial loss and lack of concentration. This will hold true only if you are running through malefic dasha.

There will be some benefic results also especially for those who are looking for gains through abroad. Jupiter transit will be good for astrologers, historians and for those who are into movies.

For better luck and removal of bad effects of Jupiter transit in libra, a good quality Yellow Sapphire is must.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Sagittarius Sign

For Sagittarius ascendant natives Jupiter will be transiting through their 11th house and will aspect 3rd, 5th and 7th house.

Jupiter is a benefic planet for them and this transit holds a lot of importance for them.

During its stay in Libra, there will be financial gains for them, speculation will prove worthy for you. Your friends’ circle will increase and you may become popular in your circle.

Chances of having a progeny are also very high and for unmarried people, Jupiter will give them an opportunity to get a partner smoothly. A Younger sibling will excel due to Jupiter aspect on your third house.Overall a very auspicious transit for Sagittarius natives and for more better results a jyotish quality Yellow Sapphire is very necessary.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Capricorn Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for capricorn ascendant

For Capricorn ascendant, during Jupiter transit 2017, planet Jupiter will be transiting through their 10th house and being  lord of 3rd and 12th house and Jupiter basically is a malefic planet for them

Jupiter tends to give negative results for them and negatively affects the house where it is transiting.

On broad terms Jupiter signifies following aspects in the horoscope of a Capricorn ascendant native:

  1. Expenses.
  2. Mental Agony.
  3. Hospitalization.
  4. Spirit attacks.
  5. Unnecessary travels.

Same way Libra sign falls in 10th house  and signifies following aspects in a Horoscope of a Capricorn Ascendant native:

  1. Career.
  2. Father’s Health and Status.
  3. Honors.
  4. Status.
  5. Promotion.
  6. Reputation.
  7. Responsibility.
  8. Medicines.
  9. Thigh.
  10. Influence and Self-control.

Let’s see how Jupiter transit in Libra is going to affect the major areas of a Capricorn Ascendant native.

Planet Jupiter in its transit will pass through the 10th house of Capricorn Ascendant native and will aspect 2nd, 4th and 6th house from its position and will also aspect additional houses i.e 1st, 3rd and 5th house during it period of retrogression from 9th March 2018 to 11 July 2018.

These additional aspects can harm Capricorn ascendant natives because of high Chesta Bala of Jupiter during its retrograde period.

During Jupiter transit in Libra you may feel rejected and dejected due to constant bouts of sicknesses, especially during Jupiter’s retrograde period. It is very important to keep a check on your eating habits and try to make a fitness regime for yourself.

Jupiter transit in Libra is mediocre for your wealth prospects because due to its movement through 10th house your career will be affected negatively and will affect your finances. Try not to invest money in any sector and avoid speculation especially during Jupiter’s retrograde period.

As stated above this transit of Jupiter can harm your career and may lead to a demotion or loss of reputation in the workplace.

Try not to mess with your seniors and keep a tab on your ego while following orders.

Don’t indulge in unethical activities because there are chances that you may get caught in the end. Exercise all cautions during this transit of Jupiter.

This period indicates not so smooth sailing in the relationship. You may not share a good relationship with your father and mother especially. Also, with spouse things may go haywire and you may have to face the disappointments with the spouse.Give your best efforts to your relationships and try not to disappoint people.

To avoid the bad effects of Jupiter transit in 2017-2018 wear a Jyotish quality White or Blue Sapphire.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Aquarius Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for aquarius ascendant

For Aquarius Ascendant natives, Jupiter will be transiting through their 9th house and will aspect 1st, 3rd and 5th house. Jupiter is lord of the 2nd and 11th house and have a prime say in their wealth prospect.

There is no doubt that Jupiter transit is always very important for them.

On broad terms Jupiter rules over following significations for Aquarius Ascendant natives:

  1. Wealth.
  2. Family Values.
  3. Friends.
  4. Health.
  5. Paternal Uncle.
  6. Food habits.
  7. Talking Ability.

Same way Libra sign falls in 9th house whose lord Venus is Yogakaraka for them.

9th house is the most auspicious house in Astrology and broadly rules over following aspects:

  1. Father.
  2. Religious values.
  3. Guru.
  4. Long distance travels.
  5. Divine Grace.
  6. Favours from Government.
  7. Luck.

Jupiter movement through their 9th house will mark the end of unsupportive Jupiter transit through their 8th house which was leading to less financial gains and even loss of money for them in 2016-2017.

Jupiter being a maraka is responsible to physical safety in Aquarius ascendant and
its transit through 9th house is indicating a smooth health and peak physical fitness for them.

Any health issues or pain in body parts is likely to go away and you will be feeling better than before during this period.

Chances of undertaking a new health regime is also looking possible because the goodness of 9th house will make push planet Jupiter to give good results of its significations.

Overall it will prove good for your health and fitness.

As stated in the beginning that Jupiter is lord if two prime wealth houses i.e 2nd and 11th and its transit through auspicious 9th house is definitely going to increase your bank balance.

There will be new opportunities and you will gain from them, those who are pending a salary hike will finally see a raise in their income.

Those who are expecting gains from in laws will have a reason to smile because your in laws will prove helpful towards your financial needs.

Overall a exciting period where wealth will be coming to your way easily.

Jupiter transit in Libra is indicating some stable success in career especially for people in Business filled.

Teachers, Bankers, Astrologer and Priests are also likely to see growth in their work.

Jupiter transit can prove really helpful if you are running period of Venus, Saturn or Jupiter itself.

Overall a very helpful period for progress in career.

As you can see above that most of the major aspects of life is looking positive in this transit and by keeping hard work and proper planning you can grow tremendously during Jupiter transit in Libra.

Wear a Jyotish quality White Sapphire or Blue Sapphire for taking full benefits of this transit.

 Jupiter Transit 2018, Effects On Pisces Sign

Jupiter transit 2018 for pisces ascendant

For Pisces ascendant native Jupiter will be transiting through their 8th house. Jupiter is lord of the 1st and 10th house and we all know how important these houses in Astrology are.

In broad terms Jupiter signifies following for a Pisces ascendant native:

  1. Health.
  2. Looks.
  3. Thinking.
  4. Career.
  5. Success.
  6. Status in society.
  7. Father wealth.

Being ascendant lord Jupiter transit becomes the most important one for Pisces ascendant because it can either make or break their destiny.

In fact the success of a Pisces ascendant natives relies heavily on the condition of Jupiter in the horoscope.

Now, during its Transit in Libra Jupiter will be passing through their 8th house, which doesn’t seem to be promising.

8th house as we all know represents following in a horoscope:

3.Sudden Gains.
5.Spouse Money or their ability to earn.

8th house is a malefic house and any planet in 8th house becomes powerless or you can say incapable to give its best results to the native.

But in Astrology nothing can be judged that easily, you need to look other factors also.

Here, if 8th house has a samudyashtakvarga bindus more than 30 then Jupiter transit in Libra will definitely bring the good results for Pisces ascendant.

Same way if Jupiter have more than 4 bindus in its own ashtakvarga then also Jupiter will be able to bring good results in their life.

Jupiter transit in Libra is going to beneficial for astrologers, miners, gemstone traders and for those who are working behind the curtains like editors etc.

This transit can bring good results in your married life especially relationship with in-laws will improve and chances of getting financial help from them are also high.

With this transit, your spouse wealth will increase and their health will also improve with it.

Use of a Jyotish Quality Yellow Sapphire will prove auspicious and negativity of Jupiter transit through a dushtanta house can be overcome to some extent.

Final Thoughts & Remedies On Jupiter Transit 2018

Libra sign is the 7th sign in natural Zodiac scheme and Jupiter transit 2018 in it shows that relationship will become a focal point in your life depending upon other planetary combinations in your horoscope.

Those who are having Jupiter in Libra in their natal horoscope will see Jupiter return and will prove a period of transformation for them.

  • Worship Lord Vishnu daily and try to read Vishnusahatanaam whenever possible or you can hear Vishnusahatranaam it also.
  • Since planet, Jupiter governs Yellow color, It will be very useful to donate articles of Yellow color.
  • Most importantly – respect your elders, be honest and do not cheat/deceive others.

With a proper analysis of the horoscope and by using appropriate remedial measures, it will be easier to plan for the coming times.


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