Daily diary of an Astrologer


Feb 12


Hello all this is the first post on my daily diary of an astrologer, I was thinking to do this for a long time but now finally I’m starting it. Most likely the timing for these post will be night 10clock every day and I’m looking forward to making it as good as possible.

It’s spring season now and I’m staying in Dehradun until summer comes here. Just like any other cricket lover I am keeping an update on cricket series between India and Bangladesh, I saw a huge traffic on Virat Kohli article on my website where I keep posting about his performance and recently I predicted a temporary slump in his performance from 26th of January and same happened during T-20 series with England. Now Virat has gained his mojo back and is doing good in the first test against Bangladesh. This temporary slump due to Saturn shift in Sagittarius looks solved now and especially retrograde Jupiter on his ascendant helped him to recover early. For your future astrology practice, you can keep a track on Virat performance which goes down during every movement of  Saturn, be it retrogression, change in another zodiac etc.

Another sports events which happened a few weeks ago and attracted everyone’s attention was wining of Australian open by Roger Federer. I predicted for him in this article and it came true, though I am always a fan of Nadal but Destiney doesn’t look for favorite, people get what they deserve. Now here I want to do a follow-up analysis on why he won.

Roger Federer as you can see is of Leo ascendant and made his fortune in Saturn mahadasha, though Saturn is malefic for Leo natives but its rulership over 6th house have a very important say in sports.


As you can see Saturn is well placed in the 2nd house with 5th lord Jupiter and aspected by Yogakaraka Mars. Here the benefic aspects brought the best out of his Saturn and made him an iconic tennis player. You can read the whole article on him.

Now in my article, I didn’t mention why he will win one more title one more time and now you can see what made me predict his win. First, we will look it into with the most popular parashari method.

You will notice that two artistic planets Venus and Moon are in his ascendant and 3rd house which makes his game swift and shots he plays are very elegant and delightful to watch. Current mahadahsa is of Mercury and subperiod is of Mars. Mars is yogakaraka in his chart and is aspecting Saturn-Jupiter from 11th house. Jupiter transit is from his 2nd house itself. In navamsha Mars is in the own sign Aries and In D-10 it’s in Sagittarius.

All these indicates at least one major win for him, same event can be seen from Jaimini method and for that first, you need to know what are his char karakas are:


The current period is of Aquarius –Cancer char dasha and  Cancer is holding Putrakaraka Mercury and Bhartukaraka Sun, Bhartukaraka represents 3rd house features and with yogakaraka Putrakaraka Mercury, he gave his best efforts on the field which made him a winner. Also from Cancer 10th house is aspected by both Atmakraka Moon and Amatyakaraka Venus. This was the main and sole reason for me to predict his win. Both Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka whenever makes a connection with the 10th house, can easily give best of professional success to someone. Here I am not going into many details but I have given enough hints so that you can workout it by yourself. Remember practice is all you need in astrology, so why not from today itself you start doing it, my current personal reading for my client requires my more attention but I will try to be more expressive whenever possible.

Here in Jaimini astrology you need to consider sign aspects which are different then parashari astrology and though both Jaimini and Parashari have some similar features but a method of working is entirely different from each other. Currently, iam learning on website building and hosting and needless to say its very necessary if you’re into blogging. I will be posting my updates on whatever I am learning nowadays and if anyone out there knows on safe methods to migrate a WordPress site on different host plz email me on [email protected].