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October 1, 2016


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Sade Sati is associated to planet Saturn and is considered as bad period in someone life and whole theory of Sade Sati revolves planet Moon. It makes sense also since Moon is karaka of mind and adjacent house to Moon are very important and there are Yoga which are related to these position of Moon. Sade Sati is also a Yoga which is related with planet Moon and usually considered as very negative period. Sade Sati is divided into three phases where each phase is of 2.5 years.


Sade Sati actually means seven and half years and Sade Sati starts when planet Saturn comes in 12th from natal Moon in your horoscope and stays there for approximate 2.5 years. This phase of Sade Sati is considered as first phase of Sade Sati.

Saturn’s next transit shift over planet Moon will also be of 2.5 years and is considered as second phase of Sade Sati.

Saturn’s next transit shift to 2nd house from planet natal Moon will also be of 2.5 years and is called as last or third phase of Sade Sati.

Currently, Saturn is in Scorpio therefore Sagittarius,Scorpio and Libra moon sign natives are under Sade Sati.


The mere name of Sade Sati enough to send chills in your spine. The fear of dreadful 7.5 years can give u sleepless nights and expenditure on its remedies. Reality and practical experiences of Sade Sati is different though. Before going more into details following points should be note down.

Currently Sadi Sati of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius signs is going on. By end of 2017 Sade Sati will end for Libra sign and will Start for Capricorn sign.

♦ Here, strenght of Planet Moon and it’s strenght is paramount and a strong Moon in a horoscope will protect the native from bad effcects of Sade Sati.

♦ 12th and 2nd house from Saturn should be strong and since Sade Sati is a transit and it is very important to check benefic asthakvarga bindus in these houses including the house which contains planet Moon.

♦ If above mentioned house contains more than 30 asthakvarga bindus than Sade Sati will be beneficial.

♦ Operating Dahsa should be check and if operating dasha is strong and benefic in nature than even if Moon and adjacent houses are weak in strength, you will not feel much bad effects of Sade Sati.


Here are few examples where Sade Sati proved beneficial to native.

1. Jawhar Lal Nehru has his moon in cancer sign.He became first prime minister of India in 1947 when Saturn was over his moon.

2. Indria Gandhi the daughter of Jawahar lal Nehru became prime minister of India when she was running Sade Sati.

3. Morarji Desai Sade Sati was a amazing period for him.

During his second Sade Sati Morarji Desai  became cabinet minister and during third Sade Sati he became prime minister of India.

Here are examples where natives went through rough patches during their Sade Sati.

1. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated on 30th January 1948 during his Sade Sati.
2.Indira Gandhi lost her mother in her first Sade Sati. She also lost her husband and father during her second Sade Sati.

Now with these examples you can see there were good happenings in Sade Sati and the dreadful results were absent. In astrology a lot of importance should be given to Dasha and transits works secondary to it. Sade Sati is a transit itself and works according to Dasha.

Since here we are taking about transits an important tool ashtakvarga should be used here.

As stated above Jawahar Lal Nehru became first prime minister of India during his Sade Sati.
In Jawahar Lal Nehru horoscope Moon is in Cancer in first house where total saraashtakvarga point is 30, same 30 points can be seen in 12th to it. Where as second house from moon have 31 points.

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You can see that all houses where Saturn causes Sade Sati are strong. No wonder Sade Sati proved beneficial for him. Same way following points should be judges before giving verdict on Sade Sati.

1. Operation of positive/beneficial Dasha don’t allow Sade Sati to give bad results.

2.In ashtakvarga check how many points Saturn is getting during your Sade Sati if more then 4 then results will be extremely good.If 4 it will be equally good and bad if less then 4 then bad results will pass.

For example currently Saturn is in Scorpio and if Saturn have more then 4 points in        ashtakvarga then Sade Sati will be good. Same way Saturn’s benefic points should be checked in other zodiacs also.

3.For ascendant like Taurus, Libra , Capricorn and Aquarius Saturn is a first rate positive planet and gives good results where it is placed.

Saturn for these ascendant will not give much bad results during Sade Sati.

4. Sade Sati will not be bad if Saturn is transiting through own or Friends sign.

This is how you can gauge your Sade Sati and most importantly check ashtakvarga.

I want you guys to share these kind of article, here iam not giving any false information and gave you examples which shows how things should be judged in astrology. This article in not ranking high on google search due to less key words which for some reasons are in negative for this topic,  like other people have posted in their articles.


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