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Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest & broadest of the engineering disciplines. It applies principals of engineering, physics, and materials science for design, analysis manufacturing & maintenance of mechanical systems.

It requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematic, thermodynamics, material science, structural analysis & electricity.

Overall it’s a complete technical education where planet Mars, Saturn, and Sun play deciding role here.

  • Planet Sun represents laws of physics.
  • Planet Mars represents machines, tools, heat, physical forces.
  • Planet Saturn represents manual work, provides skills to operates tools & Machines.
  • Saturn gives stability and patience for working with machines & tools.
  • Apart from mentioned planets, there should be a connection between 5th house \5th lord and 10th house \10th lord.

In short planets, Sun, Mars & Saturn should be related to each other & same time 5th & 10th house should also be involved.

Let’s check above mentioned rules with a practice chart.
D.O.B: 21/07/1988
Time: 11:45
Place: Dehradun.



This Horoscope belongs to my childhood friend who is a mechanical engineering and currently working in Maruti India Car Pvt Ltd.

He was very good in studies during our school days and did his engineering from the best college of our state.

In his chart, 10th house lord mercury is present in 10th house itself. Saturn is 5th house lord and is in 4th house aspecting 10th house and its lord Mercury.

It shows good academics performance also. Mars is in 7th house aspecting 10th house and its lord Mercury. Planets Sun is in 11th house aspecting 5th house.Therefore all conditions for Mechanical Engineering is fulfilled here perfectly.

Therefore all conditions for Mechanical Engineering is fulfilled here perfectly.
In his Navamsha Chart also, Saturn is in 10th house in mutual Kendra with 5th lord Jupiter & Sun.Mars is aspecting 5th house from 2nd house.

As per Jamini astrology,5th house from Karkamsha lagan have Saturn in it and same is aspected by planet Mars. Ketu is present in Karkamsha lagan. Ketu also represents technical education.

He joined his engineering college in Rahu-Venus period.

Rahu is in the zodiac of Aquarius whose lord is Saturn.

Saturn is in Nakshatra of Ketu.

Venus is In Nakshatra of Mars.

Where as Mars is in Nakshatra of Saturn.

Hence, on Nakshatra level too planets are indicating a career in engineering.

This particular Horoscope is easy to learn the combination and will act as a good practice Horoscope for readers.

Our next article will be on Civil Engineering where the difference between Mechanical & Civil Engineering will be shown with an example. Though both are technical in nature there is a difference in their astrological combination.

Engineering will be shown with an example. Though both are technical in nature there is a difference in their astrological combination.


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