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India being the land of yogis and mystical things has always fascinated word with its divine knowledge and some unique rare gems which are immortal in evey sense and no other gem can or will be able to replicate their beauty or aura. Be it Pink Diamond or the famous Kohinoor Diamond which is with Queen of England now.
Gemstones are part of Indian culture and since India is birth place of Astrology, importance of gems in daily life is more important here. Fingers covered by blue,black,red,green gems is a daily view in indian public life. In Ayurveda too use of gemstone is highly effective like Praval pisthi(coral),Mukti pishti(pearl).With mordern banking and economic structure gems are being used as investment also.
Here in this article we will stick to the unethical trade going in India since decades where people loose their money on gems which are of no use in astrology. This problem is so vague here that out of 100 only 5 gems are upto mark and can be said as good for astrology use. But from where this problem is sourcing? The simple answer to this question is sheer ignorance on the part of customer who is interested in buying gems, same time equal amount of fault is from traders part who promises to provide gems but don’t have any idea on parameters of Gemtherapy.
First of all we need to think and consider the point that gems are precious commodity and lots of manual hard work goes in mining them same time lots of risk is involved in this industry,either your money will double up or it will doom in no time, so prices of gems are high.
Coming to point again,since many traders are flowing things in market like Dyed Yellow Sapphire (pukhraj), Emrald with zero clearity, glass filled Rubies etc and these fake or I should say bluff gems are so large in numbers that you will always see them around you and not to forget at local sunhar’s shop. Being born here and seeing these fake gems all around makes us believe that they are the real gems.Hardly few lucky people are aware of real gemstone.
Many time a person in distress goes to a local pundit who dont even have a sound knowledge of astrology neither gemology. Here the pundit will tell his own story regarding source of pblm and will suggests some gemstone, most probably here he will have a tie up with some local sunhar and guess wat, the person will land up in some sunhar’s shop and will get nothing but a piece of heavily flawed gemstone which cant be used in Gemtherapy. I guess we all are aware of this situation and has happened to many of people out there.
Here is one advice for you all never go to Sunhar for a gemstone,it doesnt mean he is providing something in less price and you will buy it just to save some money,here actually you are losing money. Instead wait for some time,save some money for real gemstone, at least you will get the real deal and sense of satisfaction will be there.This fake gem thing out weigh the real Gems because they are very cheap to get and their flow in market is very high and since the consumer is not aware about market pricing,quality of real Gems he or she always go for fake\bluff gems,off course the cheap price also attract them towards these trash gems.
If you value astrology and want to use it for gem therapy always target the clearity of 90% in gem not to forget ask the certificate which states that gem is not treated at all and then look for Doshas in them,if you know how to look them up.
There are few things which are mentioned in Vedic texts like agni Puran and Garurd Puran regarding flaws which should be avoided in gems at any cost.
Surprise? Yes!! Gem therapy is not that easy to implement and it can never be easy because getting ride of negative karma is not that simple and only few fortunate people get success in getting a pure Jyotish Gem,only because they are destined to get a one. Out of 100 gem therapy only 5 gets succeed because of various factors involved in it and failure rate is higher coz of sheer ignorance among consumers and unethical practice followed by traders.
So next time your if you are planning to buy a Gemstone make sure it is qualified on all parameters as listed in our Vedic texts.


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