Nov 11

Happy Diwali to all,Diwali falls on new moon of Kartik month(15 Oct to 15 Nov) as per Hindu calendar. Though sun is debilitated in this month,our sages has called this month as the most auspicious of all months. Kartik month is named on God Kartikaye (represents planet Mars) and is favourite month for both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
Most of us are aware of mythology behind the festival of Diwali and it belongs to Dwapar yuga when Lord Rama(7th incarnation of lord Vishnu).Diwali  is celebrated on new moon and its quite unique since new moon(amavasya) is not considered as good due to lack of paksha bal posses by moon on this day. I guess the basic idea behind this festival was to create awareness regarding ignorance and since there is no light of Moon on this day hence people on earth lacks divine rays of mother moon,same time sun(father) is also debilitated in
this month therefore it was quite necessary  by our sages to do some special on this day. They created Diwali for this and since Lord Rama came back to his home after lots of hardship of 14 years in woods including a war with Demon Ravana,this festival inspire us to face hardships of life with bravery with keeping Dharma intact. Many times comes in our life where there is total darkness around us and we don’t know wat to do and where to go,many people take side of adharma during crises just to make them self satisfied but in that process many end up hurting nature or fellow humans. Its quite necessary to keep your moral high even in situations of crises and always follow a golden rule that time & situation changes always. If you are in pain now it doesn’t mean you need to curse someone or held other person responsible for you crises. You are the maker of your own destiny and the choices you make always have a connection with your soul progress. Our great culture had many such personality who fought against all odds to achieve glory and didn’t went to the path of Adharma while doing so. Lord Rama could have got his wife back through Lord Hanuman but his choose to fight on his own so that he could set an example for generation to come. Or he could have ended the war with in one day but he chose to stretch it upto the point where he felt satisfied on the establishment of Dharma.
Diwali is a great occasion to regain you morale and energy back,its a great point which comes in the most auspicious month where your main planet Moon & Sun are debilitated,its not a coincidence,its a divine method by our sages to inspire people even when Planetry energies are at their low. Remember Good helps those who helps themselves. So its a perfect time to wake up and to be a maker of your own destiny.
Happy Diwali.

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