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When there are malefics in different signs and Nakshatra they cause various disease in human body.The part of body of human beings when affected by malefics in transition on the particular sign and Nakshatra give rise to different kinds of diseases that attack and weaken the body or in mahadasha or antardasha of that planet the Disease attack that part of body which is represented by that malefic in particular nakshatra and sign.
Planets Sun,Mars,Saturn,Rahu and Ketu are known as malefics, Moon and Mercury also behaves as malefics when are combust and weak by association of malefics.
Only JUPITER and VENUS are true natural benfics in astrology.
Sometime benifics also behaves as malefics and vice versa according to their relations and position in the particular Horoscope.
Here is the short note on planets and disease associated with them:


SUN: When sun is weak,debilitated,in inimical house,inspected by benfics it causes trouble in heart,eye,lungs,fractures in bones.Sun is bilious by nature so becomes the cause of indigestion. Sun is the soul of body and is karaka of 1 st house,hence its strength plays an important role in our life as it is the master of the solar system.

MOON:Moon represents mind,hence when moon is weak the mind becomes malefic.The wanning moon causes diseases connected with blood,cold,cough,venereal diseases, nasal inflammation, mental depression etc.Insomnia,excessive sleeping,walking in sleep,idleness,cough,dysentery,malignant toumar,cold fever,dislike food are caused by Moon.Its important to note that moon being a fast moving planet,becomes afflicted very easily. Same time remains close to sun for good amount of days in a month.Hence becomes weak due to lacking paksha bala.

MARS:Diseases due to marrow are the results of weak Mars,fever,small pox,swelling, boils,jaundice, menstrual disorder etc are some of its effects.Excessive thirst is also caue by mars.

MERCURY: All diseases caused to nerves,skin, itches,eczema etc occur due to weak Mercury. Mercury controls the nervous system,speech.So when mercury is combust which it does quite frequently due to its close proximity to Sun,retrogration,bad house placement and debilitation can cause the above mention problems to the native.
Though if mercury is placed in 8th house will aspect 2 nd house of speech will give good speech to the native but there will be times when native may fumble without any reason.

JUPITER: Diseases of flabiness and diabetes are caused by weak Jupiter.When his sign Sagittarius and Pisces are occupied by malefics or Jupiter is with malefic,in debilitation,combust,inspected by benfics then it causes harm to the body.Diseases of stomach,tumours,appendicitis, coma,ear diseases are also caused by Jupiter.

VENUS:Diseases of semen,sore throat,venereal diseases, eye disease when the Sun,Saturn are in two,twelve house from ascendent or moon.Urinary diseases, STD,pimples on face,physical weakness, incapability to copulate are caused by Venus.

SATURN:Muscular pain,colds,melancholy, epilepsy,gastric troubles,disappointment,sorrow etc are caused to due placement of Saturn in different positions in birth chart.Saturn is the biggest disease giving planet and usually it gives long term problems.Since Saturn is the planet which gives you fruit of your karma,no wonder Saturn gives deep pain for long duration but same time it’s not Saturn,its our own karma which gives us these diseases.

RAHU:It is a cheating planet.It attacks at random and accidentally, epilepsy, pox,worms,suicide,leprosy,pain in the body where Rahu is seated or in which Nakshatra is posted,that part of the body represented by Rahu are affected.Diseases caused by external spirits are also caused by Rahu.Defects in mental development,illusion,poisonous disease and snake bits are caused sue to rahu.Here in my own case Rahu is in 12th and once I was troubled by a spirit and it caused me health issues.

KETU: Its is virtually the hidden and malefic among planets.Fear from aristocrats,mysterious disease or pain in certain part of body whose reasons can not be known, unnatural and sudden deaths in family,diseases due curse of deities, by unknown sins of previous lives are the handi work of ketu.All secret diseases are caused by Ketu which are not easily identifiable or curable.
It’s a short article and many diseases are not included in it since many diseases of current era are quite new and complex and is beyond scope of this article.Our great sages has given combination of diseases in their work like Phaladeepika, Jatakalankar,Jyotish shyam sangraha etc and are very helpful in determining possible health problems to the native.In next article will discuss about eye and ear disorder.

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