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In Vedic Astrology, sages have mentioned many yogas, in general terms yoga means the union of planets or when planets get related to each other, they will create a Yoga which can be both positive or negative, depending upon the nature of planets involved in them. A good Yoga gives good things in life like success in career, wealth, happiness in family, good wife, obedient children etc. Whereas a negative yogas can cause bad health, unhappiness, and poverty in life.

Auspicious yogas are of many types and can be divided broadly into Rajyogas and Dhanyogas.

Rajyogas in astrology can be formed by many ways:

1.By placement of a single planet in a particular manner like Panchmahapurush Yoga which we will discuss here.

2.There are auspicious Yogas which happens from the position of Moon like sunapha, anapha, dhurdhura, you can add Gjakesari Yoga also to the Moon portfolio.

3.There are auspicious yogas which happen from the position of Sun in the horoscope.

4.Yoga which forms by union or relation of auspicious Kendra and Trine house lords.

5.Yoga which forms by particular alignments of auspicious house lords like Vishnu yoga.

Here, the 5th one comes under the category of special rajyoga.

Same way dhanyogas are formed by the relation of 2nd and 11th house lords with the lord of Kendra and Trine houses.

While judging yogas one should have a dynamic approach rather than static. We already have discussed the importance of dynamic analysis in “Astrology Lessons” same is mentioned here.

The importance of these yogas can’t be denied while judging a Horoscope. Some Horoscopes might appear ordinary at first glance but might have some classic yogas in them which should be checked properly.
For example ex.Prime minister of India Shri Man Mohan Singh.He had a long tenure as a PM and his Horoscope is one of the most discussed among Astrologers.


What makes his Horoscope special is that it looks not so strong in first glance and makes one wonder how he was able to retain Prime Minister’s post for long ten years.

In his Horoscope, he has “Srinath” Yoga which is a rare Yoga since it is possible in the case for Sagittarius Ascendent only.
Srinath Yoga gets formed when “7th lord is exalted in 10th house and 9th house is making a relation with 10th house”
In his chart, Mercury being 7th lord is exalted in the 10th house & 9th lord Sun is conjoining it.
As per sages, a person born with Srinath Yoga will be virtuous, long-lived, akin to a king, respected by all and wealthy.
Thus with the example Horoscope, we have seen its important to check yogas mentioned in our classic texts and proper weightage should be given to them after analyzing their benefic & malefic nature & Navamsha placement.



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